Li Yundong and Su Chan went all the way down the mountain. When they left Mount Longhu's sphere of influence, Su Chan breathed a sigh of relief. She patted her chest and said in shock, "It was all in vain! I was almost scared to death. I thought I was going to be caught!"

Li Yundong laughed before saying, "You have me! Who would dare to get you? No way!"

However, Su Chan said worriedly, "But I'm afraid I'll get you into trouble!"

Li Yundong pinched the tip of Su Chan's nose with a doting expression and said with a caring smile, "Fool, you have to be confident in yourself. You are a Seven-Tailed Fox!"

Su Chan grimaced. "I've been a burden for too long. I'll never get used to it!"

Li Yundong laughed, patted the girl's firm butt, and said with a smile, "Don't be ridiculous. Come on, let's go back. How about this trip? It's been so fun and exciting, hasn't it? "

"Ah!" Su Chan covered her butt and pouted, saying, "It has been quite exciting, but not exactly fun. Also, we came all this way for nothing!"

Li Yundong smiled slightly before saying, "All in vain? I'm not sure. At least I know that there is such a powerful jinshen master!" He thought for a moment before saying in a deep voice, "But... what did that guy mean by the real jinshen battle method?"

Su Chan said disapprovingly, "He must have been playing tricks. Just tune him out."

However, Li Yundong shook his head and said, "No, there must be something wrong with it. Maybe after a cultivator reaches the jinshen realm, their method of fighting will change, but I can't guess what changes will happen in a short time. It's better to figure it out in advance, otherwise, the fight will end in a big loss."

Su Chan thought for a moment before saying, "Let's go back and ask my master. She should get it."

Li Yundong nodded. "Alright, sounds good."

After they left Mount Longhu, they flew all the way to Mount Tianlong. It only took them one afternoon to get there and back. By the time they arrived at the secret chamber of the Linghuchan Sect, the sky had just darkened.

When Li Yundong and Su Chan's spirit bodies returned to the practice room, they found that Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin had already woken up from meditation.

Zi Yuan looked at Li Yundong and Su Chan curiously. She vaguely felt that Li Yundong's strong Yuanyang Qi had a little more Yuanyin Qi. For a moment, she couldn't help but think of something that was not safe for work. She couldn't help blushing and ended up forgetting to ask where Li Yundong was.

Zhou Qin had only been cultivating for a short time, so she couldn't detect Li Yundong's change. She asked curiously, "Master, where did you go with Su Chan?"

Li Yundong told them about everything that had happened on Mount Longhu with a smile, but he omitted to mention his intention of going to Mount Longhu to get justice for Zi Yuan. After that, he asked Zi Yuan, "Ziyuan, do you know the real jinshen Fighting Method?"

Zi Yuan seemed not to have heard what he said and just stared blankly. Her mind seemed to drift away to nowhere. It was not until Li Yundong called her twice that Zi Yuan blushed and said as if she had just woken up from a dream, "Ah? What did you say?"

He looked at her strangely and wondered in his heart, "What was this girl doing? Why does she look like she has lost her mind?"

He had no choice but to repeat what he had just said.

Zi Yuan composed herself. She shook her head and said, "A true Jinshen fighting method? I don't know. I have never seen two Jinshen experts fight each other. It's already very impressive for cultivators to cultivate to the Yangshen phase. Jinshen is just too rare. When cultivators reach this realm, they all look after themselves and will not fight with others easily. It's really unusual to see two Jinshen Realm experts fighting each other. Not only have I not seen it, but my master has also never mentioned such a thing to me. Therefore..."

She looked at Li Yundong apologetically and said, "I'm really sorry, I don't know."

Li Yundong chuckled and said, "So there's something you don't know? Haha, it's okay. I'll ask Ao Wushuang when we go back. Let's see if she knows."

Zi Yuan nodded with a smile and said, "Ao Wushuang is sophisticated and knowledgeable. She should know about it."

Li Yundong thought for a moment before saying, "Although this is not the time to end the meditation, I still want to know what the real Jinshen Fighting Method is now. If I can't figure it out, I won't be able to concentrate on meditation. Why don't I go back and ask? And you can continue to meditate in seclusion here."

Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin nodded smilingly. Although Su Chan really wanted to go back with Li Yundong, when she saw that both Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin were staying, she was too embarrassed to carry on being by Li Yunyang's side. She grabbed Li Yunyang's arm before saying pitifully, "You have to go back quickly!"

Li Yundong laughed at her behavior. "You're acting like I won't return. Idiot! If it's smooth, I'll be back in two or three hours."

Only then did the girl's expression change from one of worry to joy, and she giggled.

After bidding farewell to Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin, Li Yundong returned to Tiannan City with his Yang Spirit body. He flew very fast along the way and soon returned to his home in Tiannan City.

It was rare that Li Yundong didn't enter from the back door, but this time he was choosing the front door. When he got to the door and wanted to get the key out, he realized that he had come out with his Yang Spirit body. Not only did he have no money, but also he hadn't brought his key.

He couldn't help but smile bitterly before saying, "It seems that I'll still have to go in by the back door in the future."

Li Yundong raised his hand and knocked on the door. After knocking twice, the door suddenly opened and a girl shouted, "Hey, you little devil, are you done..."

In the middle of the scolding, the girl immediately stopped. She stared at Li Yundong with her eyes wide open before saying in surprise, "Leader? Ah, Leader is back!"

This girl was Ling Yue. As soon as she shouted, all the people from the Fox Zen School rushed out. Kris also ran out of the room and looked at Li Yundong in surprise. It seemed that she didn't understand why he was suddenly back.

Ao Wushuang also came out of her room and looked at Li Yundong strangely. She instinctively felt that something was wrong and asked, "Leader, what's happened?"

Li Yundong looked at the crowd curiously, then turned his eyes to Ling Yue. He said strangely, "I should be the one asking you this question, right? What happened to you? Ling Yue, who were you scolding just now?"

Ling Yue smiled at Li Yundong and said, "Leader, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scold you. There were two Japanese who were blocking our doorway and saying that they wanted to see you. But weren't you in cultivation? It was impossible for you to see them, right? I told them the truth, but they didn't believe me and kept shouting in front of the door that they wanted to see you! I was annoyed by them, so..."

Saying this, she curiously poked her head out of the door and muttered, "It's strange, why haven't we seen those two? They finally figured it out and left?"

Li Yundong was getting more and more confused. "They were looking for me? Why?"

At this time, Ao Wushuang continued, "Didn't you receive a challenge letter from Zhenyan Tantrism before?"

Li Yundong nodded. "Yes, I did. Does it have anything to do with this?"

"That's right," Ao Wushuang said. "One of them is called Saionji Tsunekatsu. He insisted that you go to Mount Koya with him immediately."

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "It's my own business whether I go or not. Don't tell me that if I don't want to go he will tie me up?"

Ling Yue quickly nodded and said, "Yes, yes, that's exactly what they mean!"

Li Yunyong's face darkened, and he said with some displeasure, "Really?"

At this time, the little foxes also began crying one after another, "Yes, Leader, these two Japanese people's words were really offensive! We were about to explode when we heard them!"

Li Yundong frowned secretly before saying lightly, "Humph, I hit the little one. The big one was angry. If she wants to take revenge, let her come to me herself. I won't go to her!"

Ao Wushuang also said with a smile, "I feel similarly. But there's another important thing, Sect Leader. We wanted to tell you immediately, but we were afraid that it would affect your meditation."

Li Yundong asked curiously, "What's up?"

Ao Wushuang said seriously, "The king medicine tripod was found by a local villager of the Mount Huangshan. Now he's sent it to an auction house and is ready to auction it."

Li Yundong was shocked. "Ah? The Medicine King tripod? Being auctioned? No way! What about the other sects? Do they know?"

Ao Wushuang shook her head and smiled helplessly. "We saw this news on TV. Do you think they know nothing about it?"

Li Yundong suddenly stood stock still with his eyes wide open. He couldn't come back to his senses for a while. After a long time, he sighed bitterly and said, "It's about money again, right?"

At this time, everyone nodded in unison. "Yes, yes!"

As soon as Li Yundong thought of their finances, he felt a headache coming on. He had thought that he could finally be self-sufficient after opening the Dishanxian Shop, but he hadn't expected that there would be more and more places to spend money, and it would get scarier and scarier!

When he went down the Himalayas from the Zhuji Realm, he had met Wu Hao and Lyu Fengping, who had wanted to grab the Fan of Seven Treasures. At first, Wu Hao had even offered 20 million yuan to buy it. Clearly, magical treasures were frighteningly expensive.

Although the fan was also a powerful magic weapon, there were tens of thousands of magic treasures used for fighting in the cultivation world, including hundreds of high-ranking magic treasures of the first grade.

The Medicine King Tripod was the only top-notch magic treasure that could be used for refining pills!

Whoever possessed the Medicine King Tripod would have the potential to refine the Renyuan Jindan, Diyuan Jindan, and even the Tianyuan Jindan!

It could even be said that the Medicine King Tripod was a powerful magic treasure that could change the structure of power in the cultivation world!

Who wouldn't be jealous of such a magic treasure? Who wouldn't want it for themselves?

If all the sects and schools heard this news, they would definitely flock over. On the day of the auction, there would be a fierce financial skirmish!

At that time... Li Yundong didn't even dare to think about the sky-high price the medicine king tripod might go for!

"The Five Elements of Cultivation Taoism, ah, money, money..." Li Yundong couldn't help sighing in his heart. "Why am I so poor?"

Sure enough, it was like the saying: "Those who don't know Tao worry about the Way, those who know Tao worry about money!"

Li Yundong was extremely depressed and thought, "Am I going to give up on the Medicine King Tripod? Shall I shrink back from these difficulties? But watching the Medicine King Tripod being taken away by others makes me feel so uncomfortable.

"The Medicine King Tripod, go after it or not? This is a matter worth considering.