By the time Li Yundong returned to Mount Tianlong, it was already the morning of the next day. In the secret room of Fox Zen School, Li Yundong was thinking about what Ao Wushuang had said.

"There is no way out of this body. 'Dao gives birth to one, one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to all things; For I am abstracted from the world, the world from nature, nature from the way, and the way from what is beneath abstraction.' What kind of meaning do these things have in the cultivation of fighting with jinshen? What do they refer to?"

Li Yundong thought hard about it, but he still couldn't figure out the meaning of these words. When Zi Yuan, Su Chan, and Zhou Qin woke up from their meditation, Li Yundong couldn't help but pose these questions to Zi Yuan.

However, she was also puzzled, and she soon fell into deep thought. Even so, Su Chan and Zhou Qin starred at each other. One of them was a young fox who had little to offer in the way of skills, and the other was a rich girl who had only been cultivating for a few months. It was even more difficult for them to say something useful in a short period of time than for Pushkin to write a seven-character quatrain in Chinese!

Looking at Ziyuan, who was thinking deeply, Zhou Qin with her straight eyes, and the little girl scratching her ears and cheeks, Li Yundong knew that this problem would have to be solved by him alone.

The old days, when there had been people assisting him with cultivation, were gone and would never return!

Seeing Li Yundong's frowning brows, Ziyuan couldn't help but try to persuade him: "You shouldn't always be struggling with this problem, you have to know how to let go of some things before you can understand it. Cultivation is also a principle. If you cling on like this, be careful that you don't fall into Zouhuo Rumo."

Li Yundong thought for a moment before saying with a relieved smile, "What you said makes sense, but what I'm most worried about now is not this matter, but the Medicine King Tripod."

Su Chan asked curiously, "Have you found the Medicine King Tripod?"

Li Yundong shook his head and smiled, as if he was very emotional about the fickleness of the world. He said with a smile, "Yes, but actually it was found by a villager in Mount Huangshan. Now it's been sent to the auction house, and it will be sold in two days."

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin were all goggling and exclaimed in unison, "What? The Medicine King Tripod is going to be auctioned off?"

Seeing that the three of them looked as if they had seen a ghost, or as if aliens were about to attack the earth in the next second, Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "It's very strange, isn't it? When I heard it, I had the same reaction as you guys. It's incredible, but it's the truth! Moreover, this news was spread via TV. I'm afraid that the cultivation world is in an uproar now."

Zi Yuan said with a worried face, "If such a powerful magical weapon were to fall into the hands of a villain, the consequences... would be unimaginable!"

Compared to Ziyuan’s great benevolence and mercy, Zhou Qin was obviously more practical and utilitarian. She frowned and said, "The most important thing is that we can't let it fall into the hands of enemy sects, otherwise..."

Zhou Qin was not only the person who had benefited from the Renyuan Jingdan, she had also benefited from the Diyuan Jindan. Naturally, she knew the value of the Medicine King Tripod. Just one Renyuan Jindan was enough to make her, a new practitioner, able to fight to the death with Yangshen masters who had been cultivating for many years. Once an enemy sect obtained the Renyuan Jindan, even if it hasn't been produced in great quantities, just three or four, it would still pose a great threat to them.

Su Chan, on the other hand, was much more innocent. For the little girl, the importance of the Medicine King Tripod depended entirely on Li Yundong's opinion. If he wanted it, then this powerful magical weapon could not fall into the hands of others. If he didn't want it, then she couldn't give a fig for its whereabouts. Anyway, she didn't care about asking as long as she could accompany Li Yundong

The little girl blinked her eyes, turned her face to her lover, and said, "Yundong, are we going to bid?"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly. "And where would we get the money to bid?"

Zhou Qin opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she soon realized that her money was not at all sufficient!

Zhou Qin thought for a while before saying tentatively: "Or, let's all pool out resources to see how much money we can make?"

Zi Yuan pondered for a while, and then suddenly asked, "By the way, I found a lot of destroyed antique calligraphy and paintings in a secret room before, Li Yundong, do you know what happened to it? If that art had been better preserved, you wouldn't have to worry about money now."

When Li Yundong heard this, he immediately complained in his heart, "Well, a girl who is so energetic in her daily life. Why isn't she mentioning it now?"

Before he had time to speak, he felt Su Chan gently tugging on his sleeves. Without needing to turn his head, he knew that the girl was hiding behind him and making faces. He said with feigned regret: "Oh, I don’t know which darn wretch burned all these antique relics. I'm livid about it!"

Su Chan stuck out her tongue behind Li Yundong and pretended to be heartbroken. She shook her head and sighed, "Yes, I don't know who crushed all these antique relics... I'm so angry at them!"

Zi Yuan asked with a puzzled face, "It's strange... How did you know that these cultural relics were burned? And how did you know that they were broken?"

Li Yundong and Su Chan stiffened and couldn't help but look at each other in embarrassment. Li Yundong reacted very quickly by pressing on. "What's so strange about that? I saw it in that stone room, okay?"

Zi Yuan still looked confused. "But... how did you know that it was broken?"

Li Yundong’s smile suddenly froze, and his laughter stopped abruptly, looking like a strangled duck. His expression was stiff for a while, and he suddenly turned his face and stared at Su Chan. "Yes, you! How did you know it was crushed!"

Seeing that Li Yundong was making trouble for her, she pulled a face at him, and her mischievous eyes seemed to be saying, "You can't scare me!"

Su Chan said with a smile, "Of course I'd know. I saw it with my own eyes! Sister Zi Yuan, I'll tell you..."

Seeing that the situation was worsening, Li Yundong quickly said in a righteous tone, "Do not talk about this useless affair now. Let's continue to cultivate! What's the use of saying these things? Can the antiques and paintings be restored?"

Seeing that the situation was not good, Li Yundong quickly said with a righteous tone, "Do not talk about this useless thing now. Let's continue to cultivate! What's the use of saying these things? Can these antiques and paintings be restored?"

After that, Li Yundong sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes before Zi Yuan could ask anything.

Zi Yuan felt more and more strange, but she was keenly aware of Li Yundong's own bizarre behavior. Especially when she saw that Su Chan wanted to laugh but wasn't daring to. She couldn't help but laugh, which made her more puzzled.

Zi Yuan gave Su Chan and Zhou Qin a look. Then three women quietly stood up and walked into another stone room.

Seeing that they had left, and Zi Yuan had finally stopped asking, Li Yundong suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and thought to himself, "It's so embarrassing. I almost became the biggest sinner in the antique world! If Zi Yuan finds out the truth, won't my reputation be ruined?"

After entering the stone room, Zi Yuan said to Su Chan in a soft voice, "Su Chan, is there something Li Yundong is hiding from us? Did he break the antique in that stone room?"

Su Chan laughed with her head shaking, and said mysteriously, "Sister Zi Yuan, I won't tell you!"

But Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin were not fools. They looked at each other and guessed almost everything. Seeing that neither of them was willing to speak out, and as things had already come to this point, it was meaningless to mention it again. So they changed the topic and said, "In my opinion, Li Yundong still wants this Medicine King Tripod, but he just doesn't have enough money."

Zhou Qin hesitated for a moment and said softly, "Well, I do have some money..."

Zi Yuan thought for a beat before asking, "How much?"

"500,000 in cash that can be used at any time, and another 2 million that can be transferred within two days..."

Su Chan couldn't help but open her mouth wide and gape at Zhou Qin in amazement. "Sister Zhou Qin, you are so rich!"

The girl turned her face to Zi Yuan, and asked curiously, "Sister Zi Yuan, how much money do you have?"

Zi Yuan thought for a moment before saying, "Zhengyi School froze the assets of our Linggong Sect. I don't know if they've thawed yet. If it's usable, it should be about six million yuan."

Then Su Chan said in a loud voice, "Yes, I forgot what you said last time!"

Su Chan looked at Zhou Qin and then at Ziyuan with envy and admiration on her face, but she was very sad in her heart. "Sister Zhou Qin and Sister Zi Yuan are so rich, they can help Yundong, but I am too poor to do anything!"

At this time, Zhou Qin was focused on raising money. She did not notice the thoughts of the girl Su Chan at this time and just commented, "Although I can only transfer about two million yuan myself, I know a few reliable businessmen. I can ask them to transfer the money. I should be able to gather ten million in total."

"Ten million..." Zi Yuan thought for a while and asked, "So do you mean we'll make a total of 10 million together, or you alone can make a total of 10 million?"

Zhou Qin smiled and said, "I can get ten million yuan alone. Actually, I can get even more than that. With my father's background, it would be ridiculous to say that I could only get ten million yuan. But... if I get the money in a short period of time, it will cause a lot of trouble and bring a lot of inconvenience to my father. Besides, these other men who can borrow money from me are all male..." As she said this, Zhou Qin looked in the direction of Li Yundong next door and whispered with a smile, "I am afraid that he will be unhappy if he finds out about this, so I don't want to go to them."

Zi Yuan also smiled slightly and said, "Ten million is nothing to sneeze at. In this way, we can raise sixteen million... It may not be enough, but if we can make up sixteen million... we can find one or two sects to bid together with. When the elixirs of life are refined, it can be divided according to the proportion of funds provided by each sect."

Zhou Qin frowned and hesitated for a moment. "So, when the time comes, we'll have to give the elixirs that we've worked so hard to refine to someone else?"

Zi Yuan laughed and said, "It's inevitable for the Medicine King Tripod to go for an amazing price. The best outcome we can hope for is to ensure that it won't fall into the hands of the bad guys."

Zhou Qin nodded and said, "You're right. Let's make sure we can get it before we talk about anything else."

Zi Yuan thought for a moment and said, "Why don't we go back now and make some preparations first?"

By this time, Zhou Qin was no longer in the mood to cultivate. She nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go back with you."

Seeing that both of them were about to leave, Su Chan also yelled, "I'll go back too. I... I also have money!"

Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan both turned their heads curiously and said in surprised unison, "You?"

Feeling their gazes on her, Su Chan immediately felt ashamed and said in a low voice, "Of course, I, I also have some money. Don't look down on me!"

Zhou Qin and Ziyuan had spent considerable time with Su Chan, and they knew that this girl was an out-and-out pauper. They believed that she could suddenly use some powerful magic, but for her to suddenly become rich... they would never believe it.

Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan couldn't help laughing. Zhou Qin said with a smile, "Su Chan, you'd better keep the money for yourself. It won't be enough at all."

Zi Yuan also smiled and said, "Su Chan, Li Yundong will know of your kindness, but your money really won't help."

Su Chan was agitated by their words. She was indignant and said, "Don't you believe me? I'll go back and show it to you! I can guarantee I have plenty of !In the past, my teacher... ah, no, I was just saved back then!"

Zi Yuan saw that Su Chan seemed to have spilled the beans, so she spoke of it further. She just smiled and said, "Well, let's go back first."

Su Chan had blurted a few words, but when she flew back, she couldn't help regretting it. "I really don't have money, but... Master does! When Master was going to marry Wang Yuanshan, he prepared a large sum of money for her dowry! I've seen the money before. If I go back, I can be shameless and ask Master for it!"

However... would Master hand over the entire dowry?

Su Chan felt uneasy, but she had already said it. She couldn't rescind her words in front of Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin.

When the girl saw that she was about to arrive back home at Tiannan City, she suddenly remembered what Ao Wushuang had said to her: "They won't give it to me? Won't we go and get it ourselves? This is the tradition of our Fox Zen School!"

The girl's eyes lit up like crescent moons, and she became excited immediately. "Yes, I can steal it... Bah, I'm going to get it! Master, I'm sorry again this time!