It was yet another sunny day.

As it was a southern city, although spring had not begun approaching yet, the temperature in Tiannan City had begun to rise. Especially when the sun came out, the sky would be clear and the sun bright. There were girls in short skirts and stockings everywhere on the street, which made people feel as if a warm spring and hot summer had already come.

The scene was even more vivid on the pedestrian street of Tiannan City, which was full of people rubbing shoulders. Ling Yue and Xiao Hui were led by Su Chan to the Disanxian.

Due to a lot of trivial things before, Li Yundong had not paid attention to the Disanxian for a long time. Especially over the past two days, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin and the others had been busy raising money, and they had been even more helpless.

However, after all, as the Disanxian was being rented in a golden area, they would be losing money every day if they didn't open it. At Li Yundong'ss request, Su Chan took the little foxes to the store, ready to start the business of dealing tea again.

Before coming, Su Chan hadn't wanted to care about these things anymore, especially because she was really scared after what had happened last time. She was afraid that she would get into trouble again and cause another big problem for Li Yundong.

But Li Yundong just smiled mysteriously and told the girl that he had found a good partner for her who could help her manage the premises.

The tea shop was not like a restaurant, a hotel, or even a coffee shop. In addition, it had been closed for a few days, which had made the customer traffic unstable. Some officials and nobles who had wanted to come to support them had lost their patience. They had shown up three times, only to find that the shop was always shut. How could they do that? They cared about their own reputations too!

Especially for guests who were planning to try high-grade teas, when they saw that the door was closed every now and then, they had to go to the Tea Shop of Zao next-door.

As a result, the business of the Disanxian was growing bleaker and bleaker and languished. The little foxes were like a group of free little girls, sitting in a semi-circle or scattered around the tea tables in the hall, doing their own business in boredom.

"Who could it be?" Su Chan held her chin and sat at the tea table in the hall. Bored as she was, she scanned the crowd outside.

"Who is it, hm?" Ling Yue, who was standing to one side, leaning over curiously and asked.

Su Chan played with her braid with one hand and sighed, "A helper for me found by Yundong."

Ling Yue became more and more inquisitive and said, "Su Chan, don't you have a good relationship with Leader? Why is he still finding someone to serve you? What you two said yesterday moved me to tears."

Su Chan rolled her eyes at Ling Yue and snorted coyly, "You know nothing! Just because we have a good relationship, he decided to find a helper for me. Otherwise, am I supposed to count on you guys to give me a hand? You are even more troublesome than me! I'm afraid that if I rely on you, the Disanxian will close its doors permanently sooner or later!"

The little foxes also came over one after another and said, "Senior Sister Su Chan, we don't agree with you. What's wrong with us? How do we get into trouble?"

"Right, every time, it was you who took the lead!"

Su Chan slapped the table and stood up. She glared at them and said angrily, "What does that sound like? If a guest comes and sees us in such a clamor, they'll never come again!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw two well-dressed young girls walking in from outside the door.

Ling Yue immediately clapped her hands and laughed, "We have guests!"

Before Su Chan could even turn her head, she urged the little foxes, "Hurry up and greet the guests. Don't just sit there, you useless lumps."

But as soon as she finished speaking, a little fox suddenly pointed at one of the girls and said strangely, "You look so familiar!"

Su Chan turned her head and saw that although the two girls standing in front of her were wearing cartoon-stamped sweaters, they could not hide their magnificent breasts. One girl had a slim figure and a round face and looked quite sweet. Who else could it be but Cheng Cheng and Feng Na?

A look of surprise appeared on Su Chan's face. "It's you guys! What are you doing here? Come in and sit down! Please! Are you here for tea?"

Feng Na laughed and said, "Didn't Li Yundong tell you? He called me this morning and asked us to come to the store."

"Ah!" Su Chan suddenly understood and said, "So it's you!"

The girl giggled and continued, "I was wondering why he was keeping it a secret. It turns out that he's invited an acquaintance to help me!"

Cheng Cheng waved his hand at Su Chan, who seemed to be holding a kind of resentment and was feeling neglected. She said angrily, "I'm still here, you know!"

Su Chan walked over with a smile and took their hands. "I'm relieved that you're here!"

Cheng Cheng asked curiously, "Su Chan, aren't you afraid that the two of us will cause trouble for you?"

Su Chan looked at Ling Yue and the little foxes. She giggled and said, "Well, you can't be worse than us. Heehee!" The girl then turned her face and said to Feng Na with a smile, "Sister Feng Na, since you're here, I will teach you how to manage things in the store. Anyway, I myself know nothing about managing a store like this. Just do what you want."

Feng Na smiled and said very politely, "Su Chan, you're too polite. I'm just a lowly little worker while you're the owner's wife. Tell me what to do and I'll do it."

Su Chan shook her head and said, "No, no, I don't understand many things. In the past, I pretended to know everything, but in the end, I caused a lot of trouble and got Yundong into a pickle. I don't want to stir up trouble anymore, so... Sister Feng Na, just do me a favor!" As she said this, she took Feng Na's hand and shook it gently.

Feng Na felt sorry for Su Chan when she heard her sincere and polite words, especially her delicate and pitiful appearance. No one had the heart to refuse her. Even if Feng Na secretly liked Li Yundong, she couldn't hate Su Chan when she was faced with such a rival in love as her.

Feng Na sighed to herself. She smiled weakly and said, "Alright then. I'll take care of it."

Although Feng Na hadn't majored in management, she had her own unique understanding of operation and management. Soon, she produced a well-prepared marketing plan from her carry-on bag, which listed all of the variables of the teahouse, the division system, the salary distribution for every employee, the management system, and the scope of work clearly and neatly.

After a short discussion, the little foxes finally understood that they were about to be free of the past chaotic situation. In the past, when there had been a guest, they had all ganged up, causing the guest to be scared away. Without a guest, they would just idly bum around. It seemed that their busy days with lots of guests would never come back.

Su Chan saw that Feng Na was taking charge of all this in an orderly manner. She wondered in her heart, "Yundong is really awesome. He really has the best talent and makes the best use of things. Everyone around him is amazing too!"

While the little girl was sighing with emotion, she suddenly heard an old man's hearty laughter from the door. "Oh, so the shop has finally opened. How incredible!"

Su Chan, Feng Na, and the others turned their heads and saw Shen Wancai standing at the door, wearing a gray Tang suit and looking at them with a broad grin.

Su Chan surely knew Shen Wancai. She stood up with curiosity and surprise and said with a smile, "Shen, why are you here?"

Shen Wancai chuckled and walked in. "I've been eager to come for a long time, but why has it been shut so much since the opening ceremony?"

Su Chan smiled embarrassedly and said, "Well... it opened sometimes, but it's just that it's been closed intermittently in the middle."

Shen Wancai looked around the shop with a smile and said casually, "Is that so? Every time I come here, I have to eat a big bowl of shut-in soup. In my opinion, you should change the Disanxian into a porridge shop!"

Feng Na had seen Shen Wancai at the opening ceremony. Knowing that this man's background was quite powerful, she didn't dare to behave sloppily. She stepped forward and said with a smile, "Mr. Shen, you're a sharp wit. Please sit down. If you want to have some tea, I'll make it for you right away!"

It seemed that Shen Wancai had come here for other purposes. He looked around and asked, "What's wrong? Are Young Master Li and Zi Yuan not here?"

Su Chan smiled and said, "They are busy! They don't have time to come to the store."

Shen Wancai asked curiously, "What are they busy with?"

Su Chan thought for a moment before responding, "Nothing, just some small errands."

Shen Wancai saw that she was unwilling to speak directly, so he only uttered a resigned, "Oh." He was very sensible and did not continue to press her.

Shen Wancai had always wanted to take Li Yundong as his master and learn the skills of good health cultivation. Even if he couldn't live forever, it would not be bad for him to live another hundred years.

Especially after seeing Li Yundong's divine skills last time, he had come to regard him as an omnipotent Celestial Being in his heart.

However, Li Yundong refused to accept him as his apprentice. He had always hinted that he would be willing to give up all his family wealth and his wife in order to become his apprentice. However, as a member of such a big family and an owner of such a huge property, could he abandon all of it so easily?

Shen Wancai had been working hard in the business world for many years and had tempered his character to the extreme. Naturally, he was not the kind of person who would give up easily. Seeing that Li Yundong did not seem like a greedy man, he began to think about a way to save the country.

In the beginning, he had aimed for the Disanxian. He had thought that since Li Yundong had opened the Disanxian so ostentatiously, he must be chasing money. Even if he didn't want money, he hoped that his business could be prosperous.

After all, no one wanted to open a tea shop in this expensive area where every inch of land was worth an inch of gold just to lose money every day, right?

No matter how rich he was, he wouldn't do such a thing!

As long as he wanted the business of the store to be good, he could promote it! At that time, Li Yundong would have to accept his favor!

However, for the past few days, Shen Wancai had been quite discomfited every time he had come, as the door had been firmly closed!

This had caused Shen Wancai's judgment to waver. He thought to himself, "Could it be that he's just opening this tea shop for fun? He doesn't care about business at all?"

But today, Shen Wancai immediately knew that his speculation was right: Li Yundong surely cared a lot about the business. Otherwise, there was no way he would have sent his most beloved girlfriend to the store.

Although Shen Wancai couldn't see Li Yundong and Zi Yuan, whom he wanted to see the most, he sat down calmly. After ordering, he leisurely sipped the tea that Su Chan had made for him.

At first, the little foxes took care of him carefully, but gradually, they became a little bored. They began to whisper beside him.

As for Shen Wancai, he was really strong-willed. He sat there for a full two hours.

In other people's eyes, this kind of behavior was simply inexplicable, but from Shen Wancai's point of view, it was a matter of course. When he had been handling business in the past, he had relied precisely on this strong determination and perseverance to secure a plenitude of opportunities.

The reason he was refusing to leave was that he wanted to have more contact with them and talk with them more. He wanted to find something out from them.

Moreover, with his understanding of women, especially of young girls, when they gathered together, it would be a waste of their talent not to gossip about work.

As long as they started chatting, Shen Wancai couldn't believe that their topic would never change to what he wanted it to be.

Sure enough, the little foxes couldn't stand it anymore and began to gossip about all sorts of trivial things.

In the beginning, Shen Wancai had been sleepy listening to the little foxes chattering about entertainment news and soap operas on TV, but he quickly became sober and the sleepiness utterly disappeared when he heard a certain sentence. He listened carefully and attentively.