Just when Saionji Tsunekatsu thought that he had already won, Shen Wancai suddenly hit the deadliest blow.

At this moment, Li Yundong suddenly remembered the Pacific War between the United States and Japan from Pearl Island to Midway Island during World War II. However, at first, everyone knew that Japan was bound to be defeated, but since the battle of the midway island where Japan had been retreating. But all the way negative corner resistance, the trapped beast still fight, launched the bloody fight.

Even the Mikado -- the emperor of Japan and the crazy army headquarters were ready to mobilize the whole country to fight against the landing Americans, all jade broken. But at that time, the American knew that they would suffer heavy losses if they landed in Japan, so gave the Japanese the most terrible blow: atomic bombing!

Although bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed far fewer men than the Japanese had ever killed in front of them, when the Japanese prepared for bloody melee to fight the other side of the final attrition, Americans suddenly gave them the most unimaginable blow.

As the saying goes, fighting law such as soldiers, Shen Wancai had been fighting with Chang Sheng of the West Garden Temple in close quarters. but at the last minute, in Saionji Tsunekatsu thought he had won, suddenly threw out the atomic bomb!

This sudden huge increase in price finally defeated the will of Saionji Tsunekatsu and completely destroyed his idea of victory.

700 million!!! This was an auction price that shocked the world!!

"Wow!" Almost everyone on the court was screaming!

The laughter of Saionji Tsunekatsu suddenly stopped. as if he had been hollowed out of his chest, his body shook, his face turned pale, and he stayed in place as if he had lost his three transcendent components and Qi-Soul.

The auctioneer was also stimulated by this price and almost had a heart attack again. He roared hoarsely, " 700 million!! Is there a higher price than this? 700 million once!! 700 million twice!!! 700 million third!!!"


The gavel finally knocked down heavily . Everyone took a deep breath, involuntarily shook his head, and sighed.

Oh my god, 700 million!! What concept is this? Are almost refreshing the world auction price!!

The auctioneer's face was red and his heart was pounding. He knew that no matter what the result was, their Tianai auction house would be famous all over the world!

Shen Qian and Shen you sat beside Shen Wancai, staring at their father, without the joy of victory, but looking at Shen Wancai with an inexplicable blank look, as if they didn't know this man at all.

Saionji Tsunekatsu like a dead person standing in the same place, the side of Dongmu such as mourning mother, he smiled at Saionji Tsunekatsu said, " Changsheng Jun, we failed, forget it, go back !"

Saionji Tsunekatsu if not heard, his eyes fixed on Shen Wancai, in his eyes Shen Wancai auction success, but not a victory of pleasure and joy, but slightly frowned, as if there is something unhappy.

Saionji Tsunekatsu couldn't help but think, "Is he also close to his limit? Or, if you insist again, the other side will give up?"

Thinking of this, Saionji Tsunekatsu couldn't help but a bite, towards Shen Wancai.

The side of Dongmu saw the situation, hurriedly pulled him, in a Japanese low voice, "Chang Shengjun, calm down! What are you going to do?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu did not look at him, a push him away, he went straight to Shen Wancai, eyes gloomy and horrible staring at him.

Seeing this, Shen You stood up and shouted, "What do you want ?"

Chang Sheng of the West Garden Temple turned his head and glared at him. Shen you felt like a knife in his heart.

At this time, Shen Qian stood up and said angrily, "lost want to hit people ?"

At this time, Li Yundong and the others also came over. Li Yundong smiled slightly, "Li Yundong, see where you stand under your feet, this is China! Not Japan !"

After he finished speaking, Du Fei from the Quanzhen Dragon Gate Sect also stood up with a smile. Soon, Wei Qing beside him also stood up and stared at him with unkind eyes.

Then, all the spiritual practitioners on the court stood up for a time, stared at him with hostility.

The fierce look on Saionji Tsunekatsu's face suddenly dissipated a lot. He took a deep breath, respectfully bowed to Shen Wancai, said, " I would like to ask your name !"

Shen Wancai nodded gratefully to Li Yundong and others nodded. He smiled slightly and said, "Shen Wancai!"

A respectful expression appeared on Saionji Tsunekatsu's face as he said, "Shen Jun! Why do you have to rob me of this medicine ?"

Shen Wancai smiled and said, "Because everyone can take this medicine king Ding, only you Japanese can not !"

This sentence immediately caused the crowd to cheer loudly, for a while on the field applause such as thunder, color bursts.

At this time, there was a flash of ferocity in Saionji Tsunekatsu's eyes when he was bending over. But when he raises the body, it was a face of humility, he said, " so it is! Then congratulations on getting this medicine king Ding!"

Li Yundong also whispered to Su cicada at this time: "I haven't realized that Mr. Shen is quite patriotic! How dare you."

Su Chan chuckled, "He's not young !"

Li Yundong giggled and said, "Have a young heart, all be regarded as a young person."

The side of Ziyuan listened to the two of them, smiled, meaningful look at Shen Wancai, smile but not speak.

However, Rong Guofa was laughing at other's troubles. Although he didn't bid for this Medicine King Tripod, what made him happy was that neither did Li Yundong!

"It doesn't matter if I don't have a good life, but if I see you, I'll be happy!"

Rong Guofa at this time is this mentality!

Rong Guofa hugged his girlfriend, he smiled, "See? Mr. Shen is the real rich man! What is momentum? What is overbearing? He is different from some young upstarts!"

Hearing his words, Su Chan turned her face unhappily and asked, "What do you say?"

Rong Guofa looked up and hit a haha. "I didn't say anything. But before I heard some people praise the sea mouth, but now empty-handed return ."

Su Chan was furious and she was about to quarrel with him, but Li Yundong pulled, laughing at her and said, " Cicada son, do not tell him, meaningless ."

Seeing Li Yundong give in, Rong Guofa thought that he was afraid to fight, so he immediately had a kind of exuberant pleasure. He sneered at them and said, "Young man, learn more, you are still tender !"

Li Yundong smiled and did not speak.

Seeing Li Yundong flinch again, Rong Guofa wanted to continue to ridicule him unforgivingly, but also wanted to continue to speak ridicule, but saw Shen Wancai at this time straight over, he immediately smiled to meet up, stretched out his hands, " Lao Shen, you can fight for us Chinese today ah !"

Shen Wancai saw him at a glance and shook hands with him with a humble smile. He smiled noncommittally and said, "Never mind. It's just a child's game."

Rong Guofa flattered him beaming with a smile all over his face. "Mr. Shen total overbearing, 700 million sky price is actually regarded by you as a child's game! Great! Worthy of being a bully in the south !"

As he spoke, he turned his head and looked at Li Yundong intentionally or unintentionally, smiling sarcastically.

Seeing this, Su Chan was so angry that her cheeks were bulging. Just as she was about to lose her temper, she saw Shen Wancai nodding at her with a smile. "Miss Su, meet again!"

Su Chan had no choice but to swallow the words that rushed to her lips. she generously extended her hand and Shen Wancai shook, said," Shen, congratulations ah !"

Shen Wancai smiled slightly. He turned his face to Li Yundong, said, " Mr. Li, I have an unkind request, but also ask you to agree ."

Before Li Yundong could speak, Rong Guofa, who was beside him, was stunned. Some unbelievable looking at Li Yundong, the heart of the dark way: this guy in the end what? Why is Shen so polite to him?

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Mr. Shen, you say, just to you that sentence, I will..." Before Li Yundong could finish his words, he heard Zi Yuan secretly transmitting a voice message to him. "Li Yundong, don't hurry to promise him!"

Li Yundong's heart skipped a beat. he words to the mouth and change the way and said, "... According to what you just said, I will also think about it carefully."

Shen Wancai didn't doubt him and laughed. He turned around and walked to the auction platform,and said two words in private with the auctioneer, the auctioneer suddenly looked shocked, unbelievably carefully asked Shen Wancai a few times, until Shen Wancai some impatience, he picked up the microphone, dry cough, to everyone on the court said, "Ladies and gentlemen, now I'd like to announce a piece of shocking news! Mr. Shen Wancai, who just won the Medicine King Tripod at a sky-high price of 700 million yuan, has decided to give such a high-priced treasure to Mr. Li Yundong! Let's witness all this!"

As soon as the auctioneer finished speaking, there was an uproar on the court.

Almost everyone in the cultivation sects was stunned!

"What?!" Zhang Ling could hardly believe his ears!

"Seven Hundred Million yuan! Give it to him at will?" Zou Ping was tongue-tied and stunned.

Li Yundong was also shocked, but he quickly reacted and looked at Ziyuan.

Li Jiandong immediately chuckled and thought to himself, Chen Wancai really has a good trick! I told him to spend all money so as to cultivation, now he actually did it! I have no choice but to take him as my disciple! Hey, what a good trick!

Su Chan and Zhou Qin were not fools, they soon also reacted, looking at Li Yundong, eyes hidden worry.

They were all very clear about Li Jiandong's character. He was eating soft and not hard, talking and doing things frankly and forthright, like to go straight, do not like winding around. Although Shen Wancai had put in a lot of effort, it happened to violate Li Jiandong's taboo.

If he wanted to use this matter as a reward for wanting to acknowledge Shen Wancai as his master, then Shen Wancai can make the wrong idea!

Where did Rong Guofa know the winding, he seemed to see aliens staring at Li Yundong, stammered, " you, who are you ?"

Hearing his words, Su Chan turned her head and said in an extremely serious tone said, "you do not remember what I said to you? You remember, his name is Li Yundong! I once said, in less than two years, he will certainly become a famous figure in the world! And you can never compare with him !"

After saying that, Su Chan hum a turn face, full face exuberant.

At this time, Dong Mu, who was not far away, whispered to Saionji Tsunekatsu, " Changsheng Jun, what should we do now? This medicine king tripod falls into this Li Yundong's hand !"

Saionji Tsunekatsu turned his face and stared coldly at Shen Wancai, who was holding the Medicine King Cauldron with two hands in front of the cameras of various media on the auction platform. He sneered and said, "since the auction can not, then it seems that this matter is really not good, can only use strong! Dongmu Jun, you prepare, I want to Chinese practitioners under the nose of the medicine Wang Ding stolen!"