When Tobaku heard Saionji Tsunekatsu's words, he was astonished. He claimed, "Tsunekatsu! Are you crazy? There are several jinshen masters here!"

Saionji Tsunekatsu laughed grimly and said, "When the enemy thinks that they have won, it is the beginning of their failure! Do you think I don't know that there are jinshen masters here? Hum, later you use the shikigamito make a little noise in the vicinity,. As long as there is chaos, the auction house will certainly immediately put away all these bids! And the practitioners here should not be allowed to follow in. As long as this Medicine King Tripod can get out of the sight of these cultivators, I will have a way to get it away!"

Tobaku was surprised for a moment, and then he said worriedly, "But Tsunekatsu, if you do this... will it cause hatred and conflict between the cultivators in the Chinese and Japanese cultivation world?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu turned his face, with a ferocious looking, glaring at him, suppressing his anger, and growled, "Tobaku, come on!"

Tobaku was so frightened by Saionji Tsunekatsu's appearance that he took a step back. However, he quickly lowered his head and said, "Yes, Tsunekatsu!"

Saionji Tsunekatsu came to a bathroom with Tobaku. After he confirmed that there is no one in this, he turned around abruptly. one hand holding a Vajra, the other hand holding the index fingers were touching of Mantra to Dongmu in front of a fierce push!

Tobaku was about 1.75 meters tall, and he was not weak. However, he was suddenly pushed into the air by Saionji Tsunekatsu, even he wasn't touched, his whole body heavily hit the wall behind,denting the tiled wall, for a moment, the white tile clatter down.

Saionji Tsunekatsu growled angrily, "You are such an idiot! From now on Li Yundong defeated Ms. Masako Tachibana, the two sides have become enemies! Now Masako Tachibana has been between two fires by the new meaning school and the ancient meaning school. She must defeat Li Yundong in public to save her face. Otherwise... We'll crawl down on our knees in the hands of those morons who change their teachings! Can't you afford to lose the chief executive position! "

It was as if Tobaku was pressing against the wall by an invisible hand. He was so tearing that he almost couldn't speak. He could only say on and off, "I, I understand. Tsunekatsu, let me go, go down! I'll do what you say!"

Only then did Tsunekatsu withdrew his hand slightly. his face slightly less angry, cold humming way, "If you know, go and do it quickly! Get out there and make some noise !"

As soon as he finished his words, he frowned. Pinched his fingers of index fingers were touching, the door of the bathroom slammed shut automatically.

By accident, a man was about to rush to the bathroom, but he couldn't open the door.

Tsunekatsu's eyes gloomy staring at the door for a while. When he saw that the man who tried to enter in had left and no longer tried to open the door, he turned his face, staring at Tobaku.

Tobaku rubbed his chest and did not dare to neglect. He quickly took out a few talismans from his pocket. One hand holding the tips, the other hand with the index finger and middle finger with the talisman, placing them in front of his chest and reciting spells in a low voice.

As soon as he recited the incantation, the two talismans burst into flames. Black smoke rose from the talismans and went out through the gap between the door.

Just as they were hiding in the bathroom and plotting tricks, Shen You surrounded Shen Wancai like a fly , chattering, "Dad, the company doesn't have much working capital now! Where are these 700 million yuan?"

"Dad, Seven hundred million to buy such a thing, you can buy it yourself! Why did you give it to this..To an outsider?"

"Dad, I'm talking to you. Please, I'm your son, your only son. Would you look at me? I have a share of this family's property, too. Can't you mess with it like this ?"

Shen You's last sentence stimulated Shen Wancai. He reluctantly came around to congratulate him. The people who complimented him smiled, then turned around and pulled Shen you to a deserted corner as usual. He suddenly changed his face ." you know! Everything in this family is my Shen Wancai alone fight out! Without me, there would never be you in this world! Without me, you would never have the extravagant life you have now! Don't think that you're a big deal just because you've done deals of a few million!"

"Well, I tell you, without me, you wouldn't even be worth a fart! If it wasn't for my sake, and for the sake of the achievements that I've made, would they cooperate with you, a good-for-nothing?"

He mercilessly scolded his son who hated iron and steel. He ground one's teeth in anger and said: "Do you think you're strong now? How dare you talk to me like this? I'm telling you, even if one day all my property is gone, I will not leave you a penny! When you start from scratch, lay down such a large area of Jiangshan base industry, and then say to me, 'this family property you have a share' this kind of words! !"

Shen You was face-breaking scolding silly, he stayed in place for a time. For a moment, he was stunned and could not come to his senses.

In his mind, it was incomprehensible: why his father would rather spend 700 million to buy an inexplicable Medicine King Tripod than leaving himself a penny? Why did his father rather give what is worth 700 million yuan to an outsider than give more money to his son? Wasn't he his own son?

He trembled all over and unbelievably looking at his father, as if he were looking at a stranger. He couldn't help but take a few steps back. All of a suddenly, he turned around and looked at Li Yundong ferociously.

Seeing this, Shen Wancai immediately shouted, "If you dare to mess around, I will cut off my father-son relationship with you immediately!"

Shen You's body shook violently. His eyes desperated to look back at Shen Wancai, the corner of his mouth twitched, he revealed a sad smile, he ha-ha laugh, turned and smiled, while rushed out of the auction hall.

Shen Wancai's eyes were fixed on Shen You's figure, trembling slightly. At this time, Shen Hui also came over and said be watchful and reverent, "Old man, don't be angry with brother, he..."

He said in a tired and low voice, "Don't mention him, if you still have a little filial piety ."

Shen Hui obediently shut his mouth and did not speak.

He seemed to have aged dozens of years in an instant, and his face was full of haggard and wrinkles. He covered his chest with his hands, face pain, a little back.

Seeing the situation, Shen Hui immediately held him up and shouted, "Come on, come on, help, help!"

As soon as She finished speaking, he saw a steady and magnetic voice ringing next to her, " Do n' t worry, I'll see ."

She turned her head and saw that Li Yundong was holding Shen Wancai's hand and talking calmly to herself. She knew that Li Yundong was a strange man with a divine skill, and that he had saved Shen Wancai's life. Therefore, he dare not play in front of Li Yundong big sister temper.

She asked with an anxious face, "How is he?"

As Li Yundong slowly transferred his Zhenqi into Shen Wancai's body, he whispered, "Mr. Shen is fine. He just angry attack heart, the body qi and blood are not enough ."

Shen Hui asked puzzled, "But, after you saved the old man last time, he is not very good? I think he was as young as a teenager. Why would he suddenly do that ?"

Li Yundong sighed gently and said, "Mr. Shen is now a dead body, all parts of the body and organs have been relatively weak, and then go down, is the stage of death. At this stage, people can rely on elixirs of life to keep them alive for a while, but it is unlikely that a single medicine can make him youth, let alone a drug to completely change his physique ."

She looked at him with half understanding. She remembered the magic of this boy, and at the same time, she remembered her father did not hesitate to spend his blood to buy the medicine Wang Ding. She suddenly had an idea, as if to understand something, and the eyes were a little more enlightened.

His Zhenqi was pure and rich. After a while, Chen Wancai looked better, he took a deep breath quite grateful to Li Yundong smiled, said, " Mr. Li, you saved my life again, I really do not know how to thank you !"

Li smiled slightly. "It's no easy work, it's my pleasure. What's more, Shen from the hands of the Japanese back to the medicine Wang Ding, I should thank you!"

Shen Wancai's hands tightly holding Li Yundong, a face nervously asked, "Mr. Li, you haven't answered my presumptuous request yet!"

Li Yundong pondered for a while, sighed lightly, and said, "Mr. Shen, your present is too expensive, I can not receive it."

Shen Wancai had experienced vicissitudes of life and experience. He saw Li Yundong's hesitation and immediately understood it. He sighed and said bitterly ." Mr. Li, you saw it just now. I was such a son. I expected him to become a talent. Inherit my family business in the future. Didn't think... Oh, I can't help you !"

At this time, he seemed to put aside the heart of the knot, regardless of the presence of Shen Vera, very sincere to Li Yundong said, " Mr. Li, I know that you must not be a mortal. I also know that you will certainly be unhappy in the heart. But I really have no choice! My only son is so useless. How can I rest assured if the family business is handed over to him in the future? I am already half dead. The only thing I expected in the past is that my son can become a talent, but now I only hope... Even if you can teach me the art of immortals, I can not live forever, but also can live a few more years! Is such a request too much ?"

Shen Wancai said, could not help but tears, the side of Shen Hui also looked sadly, weeping and whispering words of relief to him.

Li felt uncomfortable, but at this time, it dissipated a lot. He sighed, smiled and said, " I see. Can I think about it for two days? Two days later, I will give you an answer ."

A hopeful look appeared in Shen Wancai's eyes. his body slightly straight, trembling way, " Mr. Li, I wait for your news !"

Li Yundong smiled. When he was about to speak, but heard a loud bang not far away, followed by a sharp cry, " kill, kill !"

Some of the cultivators in the Auction House, who had not left yet, looked in the direction of the voice in surprise. Su Chan curiously approached Li Yundong and whispered, "which guy is impatient and making trouble here ?" Said, the little girl looked up to blink his eyes, " cloud east ah, do you want to see what is going on ?"

Li Yundong smiled lightly and said, "Okay..." He was about to continue talking, only to see the auction house nervous, around the security guard to the medicine Wang Ding to the backstage, and they shouted to Shen Wancai to let him go.

Shen Wancai said to Li Yundong, "Mr. Li, why don't you come with me?"

Li Yundong looked around and saw that the cultivators of various sects were looking at him intentionally or unintentionally. He knew that he was at the top of the storm at this time, so he did not want to be so ostentatious ." No, if you're worried about insecurity, Let Ziyuan and Zhou Qin accompany you. They're there. It's okay ."

Ao Wushuang, who was standing aside, also said, "Leader, you go, I help will be fine ."

Li Yundong originally wanted Ao Wushuang to stay as well. at this time to see her volunteer, immediately happy way, "That's great! I can rest assured with Ao Wushuang-qiánbèi's help!"