Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and Ao Wushuang accompanied Shen Wancai to the inner hall of the auction. When they were about to enter the door, the head of security of the auction stopped Zi Yuan and others. He looked up and down at Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and Ao Wushuang, and then his eyes flashed with matchless amazement. He turned to Shen Wancai and asked, "Excuse me, who are they? Mr. Shen, you are the only one who can go in with us."

Shen Wancai didn't know who Ao Wushuang was, nor did he know what skills Zhou Qin, the daughter of a rich family. But he knew the ability of Zi Yuan. Moreover, Li Yundong valued Ao Wushuang so much that he had to defend her out of consideration for her. He chuckled and said, "They are the ones who protect me. Let them come in with us."

The person sneered in his heart and thought to himself, "Do you think you are Gaddafi? Do you have a large group of beautiful bodyguards? I think they are your kept women, right?"

He shook his head and said, "No, Mr. Shen, you can only go in alone."

Shen Wancai frowned secretly and looked a little unhappy. When he was about to speak, Zhou Qin asked, "The King Medicine Tripod is such an important thing. If it was lost or robbed, can you bear the responsibility?"

The person in charge sneered and said, "Do you know what we used to do? If we can't control it, can you just do it?"

Zhou Qin raised his eyebrows. When he was about to lose his temper, he suddenly heard a huge bang coming from the inner hall, followed by several screams.

The head of security's face suddenly changed. Lgnoring Zhou Qin and others, he turned around and rushed to the inner hall behind him.

Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin looked at each other and quickly followed in.

As soon as the two of them rushed into the inner hall, they found that several uniformed security guards had collapsed in the corner. It was unknown whether they were alive or dead. There was an obvious dent in the wall behind them. It was apparently thrown like an Earthbag and smashed against the wall.

At this time, the King Medicine Tripod was stored in a stand. It was covered with a thick bulletproof glass cover. It was safe and sound.

Just as the head of security was about to let out a sigh of relief, he suddenly heard a loud crash. The hard and thick glass cover was instantly shattered, as if an invisible hand had slammed on it.

As soon as the glass cover was smashed, the Medicine King Tripod floated up in the air. The head of security was shocked when he saw this and pulled out the pistol at his waist and was about to shoot.

But his eyes were empty, and the King Medicine Tripod was also floating in the air. Where was the person?

While he was hesitating, he suddenly felt a strong wind, as if he was pushed by a giant hand. Then his whole body flew out horizontally and hit the wall heavily. He fell to the ground softly with a mighty bang.

Zhou Qin immediately widened his eyes and shouted in a low voice, "What about the Goddess Nayan Mudras?" She quickly pulled out the Vulcan's Whip that was wrapped around her waist and flicked her wrist. With a swoosh sound, the long whip pierced through the air and struck in the direction of the Medicine King Tripod.

With a crack, the Vulcan's Whip suddenly hit something. The tip of the whip instantly reflected a faint crease, so that Zhou Qin and others could vaguely recognize that it was an invisible person who was about two meters tall.

But as soon as Zhou Qin hit him, the invisible man disappeared instantly and rushed toward the window with a howl.

"Not good, he wants to steal the Medicine King Tripod!" Zi Yuan immediately shouted, "Stop him!"

A purple light flashed beside Zi Yuan instantly, and the silk of the Ninth Heaven Purple Garden instantly appeared in front of the invisible person like a big net.

"Puff!" With a muffled sound, the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan silk seemed to be hit heavily by a huge palm. In an instant, it formed a terrible claw print.

Zi Yuan only saw that this hand was tightly wrapped by the Ninth Heaven Purple Garden silk, so it showed its trace. The fingers of this hand were thick and long, and the nails were as sharp as a bayonet. The muscles on the arms were also full of knot, like a sack filled with potatoes and did not look like a human arm at all.

With a stir of his mind, Zi Yuan quickly controlled the Ninth Heaven Purple Garden silk to quickly stretch out and wrap itself around the invisible human-shaped monster.

With a 'swoosh' sound, the Vulcan's Whip in Zhou Qin's hand was also thrown out. It immediately wrapped around his ankle. As soon as her Vulcan's Divine Whip wrapped around it, with a 'boom' sound, it started to burn a raging fire on top of the Vulcan's Whip's head. It continued to burn towards the invisible monster.

The monster seemed to know that he was doomed. He took a deep breath and roared in the direction of the glass window!


The invisible monster suddenly released a blast wave from its mouth. This huge roar immediately shook the whole building violently!

Shen Wancai was knocked unconscious without saying a word. The first to be affected glass window was made of hard tempered glass, but it was still shattered by the strong blast wave with a crash.

The invisible monster held the Medicine King Tripod with the other hand and threw it out.

The moment he threw it out, his upper body was wrapped by the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk, and the ankle of his lower body began to burn with a raging fire.

For a moment, the monster let out a horrific howl. In the blink of an eye, it turned into black smoke and disappeared.

Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin's faces changed greatly, and they said in unison, "Oh no, the King Medicine tripod!"

At the moment when Medicine King Tripod was thrown out, a figure beside them flashed, and Ao Wushuang chased after them like lightning.

Ao Wushuang rushed into the Medicine King Tripod in the blink of an eye. When she was about to take it, a terrible force coming from behind her. This force was not only fierce, but it was also full of powerful Buddhist power pressure, which happened to restrain her demon power. She was shocked and quickly dodged.

Ao Wushuang's figure flashed, and a golden light immediately flashed in her original position. This golden light kept moving, passing through the Medicine King Tripod in an instant and pulling Medicine King Tripod to fly to the sky.

Ao Wushuang was furious. She gritted her teeth and was about to chase after her, but she suddenly had an idea, as if she had thought of something. She hesitated for a moment.

When experts competed, it only happened in an instant!

After Ao Wushuang's hesitation, the King of Medicine tripod and the golden light disappeared in an instant. At this time, it was too late to chase after them.

Ao Wushuang's eyes flickered as he looked in the direction of that the Medicine King tripod disappears. With a cold snort, she flashed back to the inner hall in an instant.

Seeing that Ao Wushuang had returned in the blink of an eye and his hands were empty, Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin's hearts suddenly thumped. At the same time, an ominous thought flashed across their minds.

Zhou Qin was shocked and asked, "Senior Ao Wushuang... Where's the medicine king tripod?"

Ao Wushuang shook his head and sighed. "I didn't catch up with her!"

Zi Yuan couldn't help but be moved. "Even you didn't catch up with him? Who is he?"

Ao Wushuang's expression was a little unnatural. She was about to speak when she saw many people rushing into the room. Some of them were cultivators from various sects, including Shen Wancai's daughter, Shen Hui, Li Yundong, and Su Chan.

"What happened?" Li Yundong looked at the mess in the room in shock.

Su Chan glanced around and asked in surprise, "Have you been robbed?"

When Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin saw that Su Chan's subconscious words had hit the nail on the head, they looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

Ao Wushuang walked up to Li Yundong and said with shame, "Master, I failed to live up to your trust and let someone steal the Medicine King tripod in front of me!"

"What? The Medicine King tripod has been stolen?" Hearing this, the others in the room almost jumped up and shouted in astonishment.

Some cultivators from cultivation sects pointed at Ao Wushuang and took the chance to attack him. They said, "What are you doing? The medicine king tripod is so important but you can't protect it!"

"Ao Wushuang, say it! Do you want to take it all by yourself?"

"Ao Wushuang, are you under Li Yundong's instigation?"

Ao Wushuang's face was as cold as frost, and the anger showed between his eyebrows was getting stronger and stronger. She was about to lose her temper, but Li Yundong suddenly turned his head and shouted angrily, "Shut up!"

Although Li Yundong's voice was not loud, it contained the power of the Buddhist club. Everyone only felt a buzz in their ears, as if tens of millions of bells were ringing at the same time, shaking their Essence, Qi, Blood in their chests.

The people who had been noisy earlier were shocked and shut their mouths.

Zhou Qin, who was standing to the side, also said angrily, "You fools. Just now, Mr. Shen sent my master the Medicine King tripod, but my master didn't immediately agree. What reason does he have to snatch it?"

This question made everyone speechless for a moment. Some of the people who wanted to find fault deliberately with him also groaned and did not speak.

Li Yundong was as calm as water. He took a deep breath and asked Zi Yuan what had happened in a low voice. After thinking for a while, he said angrily, "Damn it, we fell into the trap of diversion tactic!"

Zi Yuan asked in a low voice, "Did someone deliberately make it on your side just now?"

Li Yundong nodded. "The commotion there just now attracted the attention of almost all the cultivators. When we went over to take a look, we saw an invisible monster wreaking havoc. After we subdued it, we heard movement from your side. Then, we lost the medicine king tripod!"

As Li Yundong spoke, he gritted his teeth and said, "There are so many cultivators here, but they can steal things under our noses! Good means, good means! How bold you are! Who is so bold?"

At this time, Ao Wushuang also came over and whispered, "I know who it is."

Li Yundong immediately looked up and asked in a deep voice, "Who is it?"

Ao Wushuang shook his head. "Let's talk about it when we get back. It's not convenient to stay here."

Li Yundong nodded. He walked to Shen Hui and whispered a few words to her, asked her to take good care of Shen Wancai. Then he took Su Chan and the others out.

At this time, when Zou Ping saw this, she couldn't help whispering to Zhang Ling, "Master, let them go? This is very strange!"

Zhang Ling raised her hand and said in a low voice, "Let them go! They didn't do this!"

Zou Ping was taken aback. "Why?"

Zhang Ling stared at Li Yundong with bright eyes and said with a sneer, "With Li Yundong's current strength and the situation just now, there is no need for him to put on such a show."

When Li Yundong heard Zhang Ling's words, he turned his face to look at Zhang Ling, nodded, and then turned to leave.

Zhengyi School was not only powerful in the world's Taoist cultivation world, but also had a great influence in the Buddhist cultivation world. As soon as Zhang Ling spoke, the cultivators of all sects and schools in the field no longer stopped them and made way for them.

When Li Yundong and his men came out one by one and were about to leave, the police who were arranged around the auction house rushed over. A leading policeman shouted at Li Yundong, "Hey, you can't go. You are all suspects. You have to stay and make a statement!"