Li Yundong frowned and turned back to have a look. This look was prestigious without anger, which made the policeman's heart beat disorderly for no reason. He swallowed all the following words at once.

Medicine King TripodZhou Qin was entrusted by Li Yundong to take care of Shen Wancai, however, Shen Wancai was knocked out under her eyes, Medicine King Tripod wrested. She had no way to vent her anger. At this time, when she saw someone coming to make trouble for her, she immediately turned her head and shouted at the policeman, "If you have the ability, you can try to make us stay here! Call your director, and see if he dares to say such a thing to me!"

The policeman was shocked by Zhou Qin's tone, but he soon became furious. He was paid a lot of money to be responsible for the public security of the auction, but a problem that happened was unexpected. At present, he was looking for someone to undertake the blame, and he didn't expect that someone would come to and offend him.

He was about to lose his temper, but a policeman immediately came over and whispered in his ear, "Hey, Captain Sun, she seems to be the daughter of Governor Zhou! Don't provoke her!"

Captain Sun was startled and asked in a low voice, "She is the daughter of Governor Zhou, Zhou Keqiang?"

In China, if one wanted to become a qualified public servant, in other words, if one wanted to get promoted successfully, he must have a clear understanding of the names, positions, and the situation of some of their immediate families.

They could have all kinds of misunderstandings and conflicts with the common people countless times, but they couldn't have any misunderstandings or conflicts with their leaders.

Because if he offended the common people, no matter how serious the consequences were, he would at most be transferred to another position. When the situation calmed down, he could be promoted and transferred back secretly.

But if they offended the leader, they would never be able to be promoted again for the rest of their lives.

Captain Sun looked at Zhou Qin carefully, only to find that the girl in front of him was full of heroic spirit, and her eyes were tough and overbearing. Obviously, she had been raised the demeanor of a master in a high position for a long time. No matter how good an actor was, he couldn't show this kind of temperament.

Captain Sun's anger disappeared. He smiled apologetically and said, "Oh you're the daughter of Governor Zhou. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry that I've rushed to the Dragon King Temple!"

Seeing that he had admitted defeat, Zhou Qin no longer wanted to pester him, snorted and turned around to leave.

However, at this moment, Zhang Ling and Zou Ping also came out. Zou Ping sneered and said, "How imposing! If you were half as powerful as you are now, how could the Medicine King Tripod be taken away by others?"

Zhou Qin's face immediately flushed. She was furious in her heart and wanted to refute, but on second thought, she realized that was indeed the case!

The arrogant lady was so angry that she couldn't speak for a while. She stood rooted to the ground and arrogant, and her eyes were full of unwillingness and anger.

Li Yundong took a deep look at Zou Ping, and then turned to Zhou Qin and said softly, "It's my fault! It's none of your business that I didn't arrange it properly! Since this person could steal the Medicine King Tripod under the eyes of you and Senior Ao Wushuang, it means that this person must not be an ordinary person! Moreover, anyone who dares to steal the Medicine King Tripod in such a situation must have a very deep background!"

As Li Yundong spoke, he glanced at Zou Ping intentionally.

Zou Ping immediately jumped up like a rabbit whose tail had been stepped on and shouted, "What are you looking at! What is your meaning?"

Zhang Ling reached out to stop Zou Ping. She snorted and said, "Perfected Immortal Li, there is no need to say such words. Yes, in terms of strength and background, the most suspicious person here is indeed our sect, but we are upright and have a clear conscience! This King Medicine Tripod is a supreme magic treasure of our Taoist sect, and it is also a treasure left by our ancestors. As juniors, we didn't cherish it very much, and we lost it. This seems to be a little bad, isn't it? In my opinion, every cultivation sect should find it back. What do you think?"

Li Yundong saw that Zhang Ling's words were high-sounding, but none of them mentioned whether or not it would belong to the original owner after he got it back. What she said was, "Now that the King Medicine Tripod has become an owner, then whoever gets it will naturally belong to whom!"

There was a trap in this sentence. If Li Yundong followed Zhang Ling's words, he would immediately fall into the trap and suffer a great loss. But with a thought, Li Yundong understood the key points. He smiled slightly and said in a high-sounding tone, "Perfected Immortal Zhenren Zhang, you are right! The King Medicine Tripod is the supreme magic treasure of our Taoist sect, and everyone has the responsibility to find it back. But since the King Medicine Tripod was lost under our noses, our sect should find it. What do you think?"

Zhang Ling saw that Li Yundong had resolved his trap and a deep pit in an instant easily. At the same time, he kicked a rubber ball over. There was a hidden meaning in his words, which was very difficult to deal with.

Zhang Ling stared at Li Yundong for a long time. Suddenly, she put on a fake smile and said, "Perfected Immortal Zhenren Li, you'd better conduct yourself well!"

Li Yundong also smiled and cupped his hands. "Perfected Immortal Zhang, see you again." After that, he turned around and left with Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, Ao Wushuang, and Kris.

Zhang Ling stared at Li Yundong's back. After a long while, she sighed secretly, shook her head, and said, "Amazing, really amazing!"

Zou Ping also looked in the direction that Li Yundong and the others had left in and said with a sneer, "The Medicine King Tripod could be stolen. What's so amazing about it?"

Zhang Ling shook her head and said, "No, the other side is also a master! When masters fight, they must seize the opportunity! Whoever gets the first chance will win! So it is not the fault of the battle! If it were us, we would also be hit!"

Zou Ping asked delusively, "Master, what do you think he's capable of?"

Zhang Ling looked at Li Yundong's departing figure and sighed. "This Li Yundong came out of nowhere half a year ago. He was very young when he first stepped out of the sect. When he talked to me just now, he already had the demeanor of a real sect master! Hey, it's not strange that he has such a high cultivation quotient such a young age, but it's strange that he reacted so fast just now. He could perceive my intention so quickly and fight back! For a young man of his age, it's incredible that he can talk and act so flawlessly. It's inconceivable!"

Zou Ping pursed her lips in disapproval and said, "So what? Isn't he just a leader of a group of a monster sect? Thousands of years later, the world will only know how our Zhengyi School is, and no one will know how Li Yundong is."

Zhang Ling made a laugh and said meaningfully, "You fool! He is still the head of the Fox Zen School. You should be happy!"

Zou Ping was tongue-tied. "Master, what do you mean by this?"

Zhang Ling said, "No matter how powerful he is, Li Yundong can't turn the Fox Zen School into a cultivation sect that can be on the same level as us! Because the Hu Chan Sect has a bad reputation for thousands of years. It's not something that can be reversed by personal strength! But if this Li Yundong created his own sect... Hey, I'm sure that he will become a Grand Master and a great enemy of ours!"

Although Zou Ping had also heard Zhang Ling's some comment on Li Yundong, this was the first time she had heard her master speak so highly about this cultivator who had a deep grudge with her sect.

Zou Ping opened her mouth wide and wanted to refute, but she didn't know what to say. After a while, she snorted and said, "Just wait and see!"

After Li Yundong and the others returned to their home in Tiannan City, as soon as they entered the door, Li Yundong's face was immediately pulled down. Someone dared to steal the King Medicine Tripod under his nose! This really made him feel ashamed!

When the little foxes at home saw Li Yundong and others coming back, they also gathered around curiously.

Just as they were about to chatting and ask about the situation of the auctions, they saw that Li Yundong's face was so ugly that it looked like dark clouds were about to burst out at any time.

All of a sudden, none of them dared to speak and all hide aside in a low voice.

Zhou Qin, who was watching from the side, immediately bent his knees, being about to kneel down to admit his mistake.

Li Yundong immediately stopped her and said in a deep voice, "Zhou Qin, I've said that it's not your fault. It's my fault!" With this, Li Yundong turned his face and said to Ao Wushuang, "Senior Ao Wushuang, do you know who stole the Medicine King Tripod? "

Ao Wushuang hesitated for a moment and said, "I'm not sure, but based on my deduction, it's very likely to be someone from the Zhenyan Esoteric Sect!"

"People from Shingon?" Li Yundong was stunned. He soon clenched his fists and said angrily, "Yes, it must be them! I think it's Saionji Tsunekatsu! They robbed the Medicine King' Tripod. Do they want to lure me to Japan?"

Zi Yuan also nodded slightly and said, "It's very likely! From a logical point of view, it makes sense! Moreover, before and after the incident, Sanonji Tsunekatsu and Tobaku were nowhere to be seen."

Zhou Qin was full of anger before. At this time, she couldn't help but shout angrily, "Master, let's go to burn this Gaoye Mountain!"

Zi Yuan burst into laughter and shook her head repeatedly. "No, no! Zhou Qin, don't be impulsive! Mount Koya is not a place for fun. In Japan, the status of Mountain Gaoye in the Japanese cultivation world is equivalent to that of the Taoist sect in Mount Longhu. As for the Buddhist sect in Mountain Wutai, you can't act recklessly. Otherwise, you will be in danger!"

Zhou Qin said angrily, "Then can you just swallow it?" As she said this, she turned her head and said to Kris on the side, "Kris, you judge it. If it were you, could you swallow it?"

Seeing that the group of people was excited, Kris felt that she was an outsider, so she didn't dare to say anything. She just forced a smile and didn't say anything.

Zhou Qin saw that she couldn't get any help from her, so he turned to Su Chan and said, "Su Chan, what is your meaning?"

Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked at Li Yundong. Her eyes seemed to say, "I'll listen to Yun Dong. If he says so, then what I will do."

At this time, everyone's eyes were on Li Yundong. Li Yundong's face was gloomy. When he was about to speak, he suddenly saw a letter floating in from outside the balcony slowly.

"Hey, there's a letter!" Su Chan soon discovered it and cried out curiously.

The letter slowly floated onto the table in the living room as if it had been held by someone. When everyone looked at it, they saw that the letter was exactly the same as the challenge letter sent by Saionji Tsunekatsu. The paper was full of cherry blossoms.

Zhou Qin quickly walked to the table and picked up the envelope. She sneered and handed it to Li Yundong. "Master, I bet that it is another challenge letter!"

Li Yundong calmly took out the letter. Only after reading a few lines, he felt an explosion of rage. He crumpled the letter into a ball and shouted angrily, "Little Japanese has gone too far!! How dare you use such despicable means! Do you really think I'm weak and easy to bully?!"

Seeing this, Zi Yuan squatted down and picked up the paper ball. As soon as she spread out the letter, Su Chan, Zhou Qin, Ao Wushuang, and the little foxes also came over curiously. They saw that the handwriting on the letter was domineering, and the lines were full of pride.

The letter read, "Li Yundong Sir, I've long heard of your great Perfected Immortal name. Unfortunately, I haven't seen you for a long time. I had no choice but to take the risk and come out of such a bad strategy to see the true face of Perfected Immortal Li! However, I didn't expect that none of the Chinese cultivators present could stop me. On top of being shocked, I was really disappointed. I didn't dare to imagine that the cultivation world of the nation, which came from all directions, was so incompetent? Although I'm a young monk of Li Ye, I'm deeply ashamed of the cultivation world of your country!"

"Is this the reason why I failed to get Spiritual Master Li's help?" If Spiritual Master Li thought that there was no hope of winning, he could say it bluntly. A fake title was an external matter, so why should he care? If Spiritual Master Li still had a little courage, you could go to Mount Koya seven days later to retrieve the Medicine King Tripod in the cultivation world of your country. No matter who won or lost, I would return the Medicine King Tripod to Spiritual Master Li! But if Spiritual Master Li was timid and did not dare to come, then the Medicine King Tripod would be my greatest magic treasure and divine weapon from then on!

As soon as the crowd saw it, anger rose in their hearts, and evil grew in their hearts!

It wasn't a challenge, it was clearly provocation!!