In the early morning of the next day, Zhou Qin went out early. Since she went into the dangerous place and the new world of cultivation, Zhou Qin had prepared all her preparations that night. For her safety, Li Yundong handed the colorful brocade pouch and the Liuhe to Zhou Qin and together with her.

In order to emphasize her official background, Zhou Qin did not fly to Mount Kōya with Yang Spirit body. Instead, she chose to take the bullet train to Shanghai first, and then transferred to Osaka with non-stop flight.

Mount Kōya was located in Gaoye Town, Yidu County, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. After arriving at Osaka, Zhou Qin took a train to Mount Kōya, and finally took the cable car up the mountain.

Because it was the transition time of late winter and early spring, there was heavy snow in Yidu County. Mount Kōya blanketed by the clean snow. In addition, the altitude of the mountain was so high that the temperature of the mountain was more than ten degrees lower than that of the flat ground, which makes you feel particularly frigid.

The Mount Kōya was closed down by heavy snow. As a result, there were very few people on the huge Mountain when Zhou Qin went up, only a few monks in brown frocks and yellow bamboo hats were walked slowly at the foot of the Gaoye Mountain.

At a glance, Zhou Qin saw these people holding heavy Devil-subduing Vajra. Although the weather was cold, they were all walking barefoot with straw sandals in the snow.

The Vajra in the hands of these monks was shockingly long, about 1.6 meters high. A copper ring hung on one of the Vajra. Every time the monks took a step, the copper rang and gave out a definite crisp sound. This sound echoed in the empty and gloomy mountains, making it particularly ethereal and mysterious.

These monks were like patrolling the mountain. When they saw Zhou Qin at first sight, they walked straight over. The leading one formed a palm with one hand and said a few words in Japanese to salute.

Zhou Qin's English is excellent, but she can't understand Japanese. Her expression was polite and said in Chinese with a hint of sarcasm, "I have something to ask for your master Masako Tachibana."

The leading monk was stunned for a moment, as if he did not imagine that the woman in front of him was not Japanese. He turned his head and glanced at a monk behind him. Then, a monk looked at Zhou Qin with a strange look and stepped forward, holding the Vajra in one hand and making a salute with the other. He said in standard Chinese, "Amitabha, I think you have made a mistake. On one hand, there is no Masako Tachibana. On the other hand, everyone is equal in front of Buddha, so there is no master or a villain."

Buddhism originated in China and was deeply influenced by it. Most of the scriptures collected in Japanese temples were original Chinese works, also, some of them had Chinese-Japanese bilingual translation versions. In the past, if a Japanese wanted to be a real eminent monk, one must understand Chinese. In addition, Mount Kōya was a famous tourist spot, a large number of Chinese tourists would come to appreciate it every year. Therefore, many monks in the temple learned Chinese well. Zhou Qin even felt that the Japanese monk's Chinese was more fluent than many Chinese.

But he denied the existence of Masako Tachibana. Zhou Qin couldn't help but stunned and asked, "Aren't you monks from Kongobu-ji Temple?"

The monk smiled slightly and answered, "This is Kongobu-ji Temple, and we are all monks here, but Mount Kōya has been closed for the heavy snow today. If you want to enjoy it, I'm afraid that you will be disappointed today."

Only then did Zhou Qin realize that she came here all the way hidden her Aura. The other party regarded her as a mortal so they asked her to leave.

With a faint smile, Zhou Qin glanced at the Vajra in the monk's hand and said, "How long is the Vajra in your hand? Sixteen fingers? Twenty fingers? It's one end is in the shape of a circular drum, and the other is in the shape of a triangular with a sharp point. There are three Buddha statues in the middle of the Vajra. One is in the shape of a smile, one an angry eye, and the other a scolding. Hey, if guess correctly, this should be the Vajra for defending evils and protecting Tao, right?"

With an astonished expression, the monk sized up Zhou Qin carefully and asked in confusion, "How do you know this?"

Zhou Qin laughed and touched her waist with her hand, then a silver light flashed quickly in front of her. The Chiyue instantly appeared and floated in the air.

The spinning chakram was particularly stunning under the snow-white light, emitted a dazzling silver light, and the exquisite engravings on it glowed with waves of silver ripples. How extremely beautiful it is!

Zhou Qin said with a smile, "Because I also have such a treasure!"

Only then did the monk come to his senses," she was also a cultivator!"

He asked in a deep voice with the facial expression alteration, "Who the hell are you?"

The other monks dispersed with vigilance slowly and quietly surrounded Zhou Qin in the middle, eyeing up.

Zhou Qin knew that she was single-handed, so she definitely couldn't fight with them. After all, this was the General Base of Zhenyan Tantrism not a place for fun. If she fought with them, she would not only humiliate herself but get Li Yundong into trouble to save her at that time. That's too embarrassing.

With a faint smile, Zhou Qin waved her hand, then the Chiyue instantly flew into the colorful brocade pouch of her waist. At this moment, she said, "My name is Zhou Qin. I would like to see your master, Masako Tachibana!"

With a cool expression, the monk said, "Do you think you can see our master if you want?"

Zhou Qin couldn't help laughing. "Just now, you said that everyone is equal in front of Buddha, but now you have changed! Since everyone is equal, why can't I see her?"

The monk's expression changed. He paused the Vajra in the snow, and shouted coldly, "What a sharp-tongued woman! Are you here to make trouble in the Mount Kōya?"

The surrounding monks also paused their Vajra in their hands. The bronze rings at the top of the pestle collided with each other, making an ear-piercing sound so that the surrounding air vibrated, revealing a fierce murderous intent.

Zhou Qin glanced at them and sneered, "I think you made a mistake. It's your master, Masako Tachibana, who begged to see me... It's not that I want to see her!"

As the head of the Masako family, Masako Tachibana is the great offering to sacrifice Buddhas, although she is not a member of the Zhenyan Tantrism. Besides, the branch of the Masako family had a very close relationship with the Monks of each generation. Strictly speaking, the Masako family are not cultivators of the Zhenyan Tantrism, rather, they are women hold great power and are highly respected by the Zhenyan Tantrism.

In Japan, the upper and lower classes were extremely strict, men are superior and women are inferior. It is rare that the Masako family has great power among Japanese women. Even after the Masako family had been united with monks of the Mount Kōya for several generations, the cultivators of the Zhenyan Tantrism had respected and worshipped the members of the Masako family as the patron saints them.

"How dare you! You are quite rude to master, Masako Tachibana!" the monk became furious and shouted after Zhou Qin's words, he raised the Vajra and pointed to the foot of the mountain, shouted, "Please leave immediately, or don't blame us for being rude to you!"

Zhou Qin was not angry, but smiled. She glanced at the monk and sneered, "You want me to leave? Well, do not regret it later!"

She turned her head and left as she spoke.

Seeing her leaving, the other monks did not intend to stop her but stared at her back with vigilance.

When the monk who understood Chinese saw that, he was stunned and quickly turned around and whispered a few words to the leading monk in Japanese with a foxy look on his face.

The leading monk pondered for a moment and whispered something to him. Soon, the monk shouted at Zhou Qin in Chinese, "Please wait a minute!"

Zhou Qin turned around with a sneer at her mouth. "What's wrong?"

The monk walked to the front of Zhou Qin and bowed to her, saying, "If you are really a guest of Masako Tachibana, please give your name!"

Zhou Qin smiled and turned around. "You tell Masako Tachibana that Li Yundong is coming."

The monk looked more confused, but he did not dare to be careless. After saying a few words to the leading monk in a low voice, he rushed to the Kongobu-ji Temple.

Zhou Qinying stood in the snow fairly. About ten minutes later, the monk ran all the way here and made a palm with one hand, bowed respectfully, and said, "Zhenren Li. Please come in, please!"

Zhou Qin knew that they regarded herself as Li Yundong, but she didn't say anything and walked inside with a smile.

After a few steps Zhou Qin arrived at the entrance of the Kongobu-ji Temple and saw yellow shrineS on both sides of the gate, in which there was a wooden barrel filled with water.

Zhou Qin walked up along the stone steps at the entrance. She saw old trees on both sides of the road. The shade of the trees was dense. "It is just like entered another world." What surprised her most was that wherever she went, there would be a white light on both sides of the stone steps, as if there were countless white paper lanterns hanging in the forest.

Although it is daytime, Zhou Qin still felt a bright light enveloping her, which made her have an inexplicable feeling that she was stepping into the fairyland of the temple.

Zhou Qin was about to take a step when she suddenly saw Li Yundong standing not far away, looking at her with a smile, as if he had been waiting for her for a long time.

Zhou Qin was surprised and blurted out subconsciously, "Master? Why are you here? When did you come? You..."

Li Yundong walked to Zhou Qin with a gentle smile and said softly, "I was worried about you, so I followed."

Zhou Qin felt warm in her heart and said with a smile, "I'm fine. They don't dare to do anything to me for my official background. But Master, aren't you afraid that they will arrest you?"

Li Yundong walked up to Zhou Qin and held her hand mildly, said, "I am more concerned about your safety compared with myself."

Zhou Qin's heart went pitter-patter. She couldn't imagine that Li Yundong would say such words to her.

Li Yundong had been mild to her before, but that was mostly for special circumstances. Zhou Qin was keenly aware that Li Yundong had a vague fondness for her, however, he always stuck to the certain line and treated her with courtesy.

Zhou Qin had repeatedly dreamed of that scene one night after another but could not get. Li Yundong's came was so unexpected and surprise!

Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong in a daze with so happy heart. Her whole body was trembling uncontrollably.

In front of her, Li Yundong seemed to know what Zhou Qin was thinking. He reached out to hold her slender waist and took her into his arms. Then he lowered his head and wanted to kiss her soft lips.

Zhou Qin felt that her whole body became soft and hot. She reached out her hands to block Li Yundong's lip subconsciously and asked him a sentence hidden in her subconscious mind "What about Su Chan?".

Li Yundong, who was standing in front of her, smiled mildly and said, "In fact, you are the one I love most!"

Zhou Qin was suddenly shocked!

Zhou Qin's trembling body calmed down gradually, and the ecstasy in her eyes settled. She pushed Li Yundong away, and said slowly with a cold voice, "The Li Yundong I know is the most affectionate and righteous man in the world. He will never say such a thing! Who the hell are you?"