Standing in front of Zhou Qin, Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin in surprise. He took a step forward and stretched out his hand, wanted to hold Zhou Qin's, said, "I am your master! Don't you know me?"

Zhou Qin took a step back immediately. Her voice was cold covered with grief and indignation. She shouted, "No, you are not Li Yundong!! Who are you?"

Li Yundong, who was in front of Zhou Qin, looked more surprised, she said, "Are you crazy? You don't even know me?"

Zhou Qin had deep-set and black eyes. However, they were full of tears with a sense of deep sadness at that time. She smiled bitterly and said, "No, you are not Li Yundong! The real Li Yundong will not talk to me like this! He is a gentleman, and he will never go beyond the line! You are not him. No matter how much you pretend to be him, it is not him!"

Li Yundong sighed and said, "But isn't this what you dream of? Isn't my gently hug what you want?"

Zhou Qin immediately shouted with great angry, "Shut up! Who wants to be hugged by you! You are not Li Yundong! But just an illusion, an illusion of mine! I was just controlled by Illusion Spell!"

Li Yundong heaved a long sigh and said, "Whether it's an illusion or reality, the most important thing is that you're happy, isn't it? Why don't people want to live in a happy illusory world, but in a painful real world instead?"

Zhou Qin raised his hand, and the Chiyue instantly appeared on her palm. She smiled bitterly and said, "You don't understand why am I willing to live in a painful and disappointing reality?"

While she was talking, the spinning chakram began to spin rapidly, surrounded by a silver light. The light was becoming brighter and brighter and the speed faster and faster with ear-piercing sounds.

Zhou Qin pointed at Li Yundong with her slender hand, smiled sadly and said, "Because... my master is still waiting for me to go back! I don't want him to worry about me!"

In an instant, the Chiyue rushed out like lightning and tore Li Yundong into pieces.

Zhou Qin watched the scene with a sharp pain in his heart, almost piercing his heart. There was nothing crueler than that in the world.

Then the world around Zhou Qin suddenly shook violently. After a while, she found that she suddenly returned to the snow land where she had gone up the mountain before with the echoing bell of the Vajra.

And the monks in front of her were still standing in front of her, keeping the posture of holding the Vajrain in their hands. The copper rings still colliding with each other.

Only then did Zhou Qin understand that when the monk in front of her shouted "How dare you! You are quite rude to Masako Tachibana!", he paused the Vajra. At that time, monks behind him also paused. It is the moment they released their Illusion Spell and made her fall into a trap.

The Vajra itself had the Buddhist spiritual energy of "killing the inner devil of the wishful thinking". In addition, Zhou Qin had never thought it at all what made her controlled.

The monk who could speak Chinese, standing in front of Zhou Qin in the course of dissipating anger. He shouted, " You are just a guy who is trapped in the sea of love, how dare you come to Mount Kōya to ask for trouble! Leave here! The master of Masako Tachibana will never see someone like you!"

Zhou Qin lowered her head with her slightly trembling body without any word. After a long while, she slowly touched the colorful brocade pouch that was pouched on her waist.

Zhou Qin opened the colorful brocade pouch slowly and took out the Vulcan's Whip, the Chiyue, and the Liuhe one by one. She held the Vulcan's Whip in one hand, and the Chiyue protected her left side like a crescent, while the Liuhe protected her right side with the ringing sound. It was divided into two parts, and soon into seven, which were exactly the same as the number of these monks.

Seeing Zhou Qin's posture, the monks suddenly shocked as if he couldn't believe his eyes, said, "Are you crazy? How dare you show off your powerful magical weapons on Mount Kōya?"

Zhou Qin seemed to hear nothing with tears in her eyes and said slowly, "I've only loved one person when I lived now. Although he is my master and doesn't love me, I still love and respect him. He is my god and master. I will sacrifice my life without regret if he needs it!"

The Vulcan's Whip in Zhou Qin's hand began to burn fiercely from the edge of the whip and spread constantly to the tip. She choked and said, "But you... you forced me to kill the person I beloved! Although it was just an illusion. You forced me to smash the best thing in my heart! You... are going to! Death!!!!"

Suddenly, Zhou Qin raised her head full of madness and anger eyes. Her voice became extremely angry and fierce. The Vulcan's Whip was thrown out and slammed heavily on the monk in front of him!

The monk saw that the Vulcan's Whip had arrived in front of him. It was so fierce that seemed to tear the space and time apart, producing a strong suction force that almost made him unable to move.

He took a deep breath and made a horizontal gesture with the Vajra. Just as he was about to protect himself, but a silver light suddenly flashed in front of him. The Vajra was instantly cut into three pieces by the Chiyue. The two ends fell into the snow with a dull thud.

The monk was subconsciously stepped back with great shock. However, Zhou Qin's Vulcan's Whip shook and wrapped around his ankle. He threw him into the air like a sandbag by Zhou Qin's wrist!

Zhou Qin was so angry, her eyes just like the burning fire. She shouted, "I'll let you use Illusion Spell!" As she said this, the Vulcan's Whip in her hand immediately whipped at the monk who was thrown in the air like a storm.

Almost at the same time, when the monk's companions saw this, they immediately shouted and rushed up together. However, as soon as they moved, the Liuhe arrived in an instant and turned into a ball of silver light, enveloping all of them.

Without aid, the monk, who was thrown into the air by Zhou Qin, was instantly burned by the Vulcan's Whip like a burning fireball.

After fiercely slapping the monk, Zhou Qin threw him to the ground like a shabby cloth bag, and then went to make trouble with others.

The other monks saw there was no well skin on their companion's body after being slapped by Zhou Qin. Although falling into the snow, he was surrounded by grey smoke and could not move at all. No one knew whether he was alive.

This monk's Cultivation Quotient was outstanding among them, but just a few moments, he was slapped by Zhou Qin without vitality. They were so frightened and retreated. The leading monk shouted in Japanese in a panic, "Someone is breaking into the mountain. Come on, someone is breaking into the mountain!!"

Seeing that they were shouting and melting away, Zhou Qin didn't know which one she should catch. So she whipped the monk on the ground again and spat fiercely. "Let you use Illusion Spell!!"

It seemed to make the monk came back to life again. He suddenly let out a shrill howl, which echoed in the mountains for a while, stirred up a flock of mountain birds.

Then, a loud bell sound came from Mount Kōya. A monk in a bright yellow frock and a bamboo hat stood at the entrance of the Mountain. He shouted in Japanese, "Who dares to offend the Mount Kōya! Tell me your name!"

As soon as his words finished, Zhou Qin rushed to him like a bolt of lightning and shouted angrily, "Great barkers are no biters. Get out of the way!" After that, the Vulcan's Whip smashed the air and came in front of his door.

The monk was shocked and shrank his head subconsciously. His bamboo hat was immediately blown away by the Vulcan's Whip, burned in the air and instantly turned into ashes.

Zhou Qin flew up and kicked the monk away. She didn't stop to rush up along the stone steps and quickly rush to Mount Koya.

Zhou Qin ran up the mountain all the way. However, before she could run more than two hundred meters, many monks in frocks rushing out on the mountain. Among them, some monks were holding six-finger-long Vajra with index fingers of chanting scriptures, blocking her way like a tight city wall.

Zhou Qin looked around quickly and sneered, "A group of fools, do I have to climb the stairs?" She swung the long whip and threw it on the trunk of an ancient fir tree. As she pulled hard, her whole body flew up easily and plunged into the jungle in a moment.

After Zhou Qin got out of the stone steps on the mountain road, she became faster. She jumped up and down like a monkey for times and rushed to a very high Buddha Tower in the Kongobu-ji Temple.

Zhou Qin looked over and saw that this reddish tower was 48 meters high, surrounded by 16 pillars. Each of the pillars was painted with a statue of Bodhisattva, which symbolized the Gods’ soul of the Esoteric Sect Manluo world.

She knew that this was the main tower of the Kongobu-ji Temple as one of the core and important places of Mount Kōya. She had already gone deep into the interior of Mount Kōya.

As soon as Zhou Qin landed on the ground, crowds of monks were surging around her.

They roared angrily at Zhou Qin, like a raging torrent.

Although Zhou Qin had already entered the primary level of the Jinshen, she didn't dare to be entangled with so many people. What's more, she didn't know who was in the Yang Spirit body and the Jinshen Body.

Zhou Qin waved the Vulcan's Whip in her hand and tied a corner of the tower. She pulled herself to the roof of the tower and looked at the monks commandingly.

Although these monks could fly, they didn't dare to be as disrespectful as Zhou Qin. Therefore, they all pointed at Zhou Qin and scolded her in anger, or quickly recited incantations for magic.

At this time, a monk in a purple cassock walked out of the tower slowly, whose face was full of wrinkles. He glared at Zhou Qin angrily and recited a few extremely short incantations as his fingers' gesture.

In an instant, Zhou Qin saw that the Bodhisattva statue painted on the base tower had come back to life and pounced on her with ferocious eyes together!