Zhou Qin watched as one Bodhisattva after another appeared quickly on the huge tower "GenBen". These statues of the Bodhisattva were surrounded by golden Buddhist power. Each of them looked like a god, mighty and unstoppable. Under the tower, there was a sea of people, all of them are Monk Gaoye Shan. He was so shocked that he didn't even have the thought of confronting them head-on. A thought flashed through hIS mind quickly, "It's like poking a hornet's nest!"

At the bottom of the tower, a monk in a purple cassock, with two grey and white eyebrows, shouted at Zhou Qin in Chinese, "How dare you, Kuangtu! You should surrender at now!"

However, Zhou Qin was tough and stubborn, so he was not willing to admit defeat.

Zhou Qin gritted his teeth, and the spinning chakram next to him madly chopped at a statue in front of him. At the same time, the Liuhe Sword around he began to split wildly, and in the blink of an eye, it was divided into countless Liuhe Sword.

The Bahuang and Liuhe Sword was an extremely powerful Taoist Dharma treasure and divine sword. The Bahuang Sword was best at one-on-one combat. It was almost invincible under the spinning and churning of the Lotus Throne. As for the mother sword, the Liuhe Sword, it was best at one-to-many combat. The more people there were, the more powerful it would be.

Yan Fang had once held the Liuhe Sword in her hand, and there was more than one pair on the Mount Gezao, which made the crowd fall into chaos. That was because she was only at the top level of the supreme Yang Spirit.

And now, the Liuhe Sword was already Li Yundong's personal magic weapon. Li Yundong had also entered the Jingshen phase, so the power of his personal magic weapon naturally rose as well. Therefore, although he borrowed it from Zhou Qin, the Liuhe Sword was really a little horrible in front of the vast sea of people.

Although this Gaoye Koya was the General Mount of Shingon, with a large number of cultivators and a deep foundation, not every cultivator was a master. There were even many monks who had not even reached the level of Zhuji phase.

However, these monks, who had not reached the Zhuji phase, had to face the Liuhe Sword, which was equivalent to the Jingshen phase. When this flying sword fell down, they were immediately killed crying heart out.

Zhou Qin saw that the Liuhe Sword was split apart, and the field was immediately engaged in a fierce battle. It seemed that the Genben tower had turned into a sea of swords in an instant. Almost every monk was fighting with the Liuhe Sword.

Among them, there were some monks who were extremely powerful. In a one-on-one fight, they could definitely win against the Liuhe Sword. However, because many monks were not strong enough, they had to spare no effort to protect them. Therefore, there was a deadlock between the two sides. For a time, the field was in a mess.

When the monk in the purple cassock saw this scene, he was so angry. He shouted in Japanese, "Form the formation!"

When these monks with lower cultivation heard his shout, they quickly gathered together, sitting or standing. With index fingers were touching, they chanted the scriptures loudly.

In an instant, a shining golden radiance magic circle appeared around them. The surroundings of the magic circle were full of shining golden radiance Sanskrit characters. The chanting of the monks shook heaven and earth, bringing with it a huge pressure, like a tsunami.

Every one of these monks is weak, but when they gather together, it was as if countless small drops of water had gathered into a sea of mountains and rivers, forming an extremely powerful force. Even the Liuhe Sword did not dare to move forward.

In the cultivation world, no matter which sect or sect they were from, they basically had a common understanding. That was, magic arts were easy to learn, magic weapon were hard to find; magic weapon were easy to find, and magic circle was rare.

All kinds of magic arts from different sects represented the most basic power of the Cultivation World, which was the most fundamental manifestation of different cultivators and ordinary people. A cultivator who didn't know magic was too embarrassed to say that he was a cultivator. Otherwise, what was the difference between him and an ordinary person?

Above the magic arts, there were magic weapons. These magic weapons were all refined from the essence of heaven and earth by many cultivators. Compared with the magic arts, magic weapons had the ability to fight alone, so they were ranked above the magic arts in the Cultivation World.

Because of this, magic weapons were what every cultivator dreamed of the most. There was even a powerful magic weapon, which could make an ordinary cultivator become a famous figure in the world.

However, magic weapons were not omnipotent. When there was a big sect in the Cultivation World, this sect would collect and monopolize a large number of magic weapons. In order to fight against the condition, some smaller sects would turn to study the development of the magic circle.

The most powerful thing about the magic circle was that it could gather everyone's strength and exert more than two times the power of one plus one. Even Jinxian masters did not dare to take risks in the face of some exquisite and powerful magic circles.

At this time, Zhou Qin was entangled with the Genben tower-like Arhat Bodhisattva with the Vulan's Whip and the Chiyue. At the same time, he kept observing the situation on the spot.

When she saw that these monks had formed a magic circle, Liuhe sword only dared to do some small-scale testing around her, no longer dared to launch a large-scale attack.

At this time, those powerful monks also freed up their hands and launched a fierce counterattack against the Liuhe Sword in front of them. The monk in purple even grabbed the lithe Sword with one hand. He quickly bit his wrist and spat out a mouthful of blood toward the Liuhe Sword.

The Liuhe Sword had been broken by Li Yundong with the Tongzi Yuanyang blood twice in a row. It was originally a psychic magic weapon. How could it hit the third time at this time?

In the blink of an eye, the flying Liuhe Sword disappeared in an instant. It turned into a sword and quickly returned to Zhou Qin's side. It floated in the air and made a humming sound, as if it was frightened by an old monk in a purple cassock. For a moment, it did not dare to attack again.

Seeing this, Zhou Qin became more and more frightened. She didn't dare to pester him anymore. At the moment when Chiyue split the statue of the Bodhisattva in front of her, she shook her wrist and threw the Vulcan's Whip at the nearest ancient tree trunk. With a kick of her feet, she quickly fled into the depths of the forest.

When the monks under the tower saw that Zhou Qin had escaped, they all shouted and chased after him.

Unexpectedly, at this time, the Liuhe Sword suddenly returned to its original position. In an instant, it was divided into countless Liuhe Swords. They stared at the monks with eager eyes.

When these monks saw this condition, they were shocked and stopped immediately. They quickly formed a formation and began to recite the scriptures again.

However, the Liuhe Sword made a gesture of attacking. After scaring these monks, it immediately turned into a sword and chased after Zhou Qin like lightning into the deep mountains.

The monk in purple kasaya was furious and shouted, "The monks below the Great Monk Capital, stay in the same place to protect themselves. The others, follow me!"

The monks of the Zhenyan Tantrism were divided into 16 levels. They were the teachers' trial, the lawyer, the lawyer, the lawyer, the leader, the young monk, the young monk, the young monk, the middle monk, the great monk, the young monk, the middle monk, the young monk, the middle monk, the middle monk, the great monk, and the senior monk.

There was more than one great monk in the Zhenyan Tantrism, so there was a supreme level above the great monk, which was the Taoist Seal!

If a monk had always wanted to take over the position of Shingon, he had to have heaven-shaking spiritual energy and supreme virtue in order to be qualified to inherit it.

Among them, the teachers were tested to be at the lowest level, which was equivalent to the primary level of the first level of the nine dens in the Chinese cultivation world. The monks in purple cassock said that the monks were at the top level of the highest phase of Yang Spirit in the Nine dens in the cultivation world of China.

After these monks, who were below the highest phase of Yang Spirit, stayed in the same place to protect themselves, although the number of people chasing them had been reduced by more than half, the fighting capacity of these monks had increased by more than one level.

Zhou Qin saw that these monks were not willing to give up. Almost everyone was holding an eight-finger-long Vajra Pestle in their hands. Each of them was strong and powerful. Their eyes were like knives and swords. Just by looking at their faces, one could tell that they were not easy to deal with.

For a moment, she gritted her teeth in her heart. When there was no way out, she saw a darker path in front of her. At the entrance of the path were two stone shrines full of Japanese classical characteristics. On both sides of the shrine hung a black banner with white characters. Zhou Qin had no time to look at it, so he rushed in.

When the monks behind her saw her rushing in, they immediately stopped and turned their heads to look at the monk in the purple cassock.

When the monk in purple cassock saw Zhou Qin rush into Okunoin of Mount Kōya, he immediately sneered. "You reckless guy! We'll wait for her here. If she comes out, we'll catch her! If she goes inside, humph... she's already a dead person!"

Zhou Qin was in a panic and rushed into the core courtyard of the hinterland in the deepest part of Mount Kōya. At first, she didn't pay attention to it, but as she went further and further, she found that the light around her was getting dimmer and dimmer. Looking around, she found that there were towering trees everywhere. Almost every single one of them was a thousand-year-old ancient grass that could only be held by several people.

These ancient mountains covered up this place, which was called "Rigoino" by the Japanese cultivation world. The deeper they went, the less light they could cast in, as if this place had become an isolated world.

These ancient mountains that covered the sky and the sun had already made this place feel very cold. However, what made Zhou Qin even more horrified was that there were all kinds of tombstones on both sides of the stone steps. Each tombstone was engraved with a person's name. Almost all of them were Chinese and traditional Chinese characters. At a glance, Zhou Qin saw some famous big shots among them: Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and so on.

When Zhou Qin saw it, he immediately complained in his heart, "Damn it, how did I get here?"

Because he had seen the magic skills of Tachibana Wakako, Zhou Qin went back and read a lot of information, so he had a certain understanding of Zhenyan Tantrism. When she saw this scene, she knew that she was in a panic and did not know what to do, so she sneaked into Rigoino place.

It could be said that Mount Koya was particularly high and Rigoino. Gaoye was an ordinary monk. Basically, the one with the highest cultivation was a young monk, who was qualified to wear a purple cassock.

However, Rigoino was a place where eminent monks cultivated. Only the most powerful monks were qualified to enter.

At this time, Zhou Qin could only see the gloomy air around him, and the light was so dim that he couldn't even see her fingers. There were many tombstones on both sides of the stone steps, as if she had entered a world of death, and the air was extremely cold.

Although there was no one here, Zhou Qin felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at him on every densely packed tombstone, which made her feel a chill in her heart.

At this time, if it was anyone else, they might immediately turn their heads and leave this horrible and gloomy place: Rigoino had a hundred thousand tombstones here to worship him for thousands of years. How could he be joking?!

However, Zhou Qin was a stubborn person. He would never turn back until he hit the wall. She made up her mind and went inside, gritting her teeth.

Along the way, the more Zhou Qin walked inside, the more spacious and gloomy it became. After walking hundreds of meters along with the stone steps, Zhou Qin found that his eyes suddenly lit up. On a relatively empty land, there was a Japanese-style hut. This hut was entirely black, and the eaves were arched in the shape of cornices. The roof was covered with black tiles. In front of the hut were two stone shrines, where two gods were worshiped. They were Immovable Wisdom King and the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva.

There was an old well not far from the door of this hut. A woman in a kimono and with a wooden basket on her feet was standing in front of the old well, sipping the water slowly.

When Zhou Qin saw the woman, he was startled. "Who is she? Why is she here? Is she an Masako Tachibana?"