Tachibana Wakako said innocently, "The bucket and the water tank fill, you can fill it up soon, and then you can go out! Don't you feel uncomfortable staying here all day? You've been here for more than ten years!"

Tachibana Wakako's grandmother laughed and said with a smile, "It has been more than ten years. Do you still care about this? Lord Yuanshan asked me to fetch water, which must be testing my willpower and endurance. He must think that my endurance and willpower in cultivation are not enough, so I will lose to him."

Tachibana Wakako said angrily, "Nonsense! He must be playing a trick on you. How can he test your willpower and endurance like this! There are five loopholes in a wooden barrel. No matter how powerful you are, you can't fill a water tank!"

The grandmother of Tachibana Wakako was once an extremely high-level goddess of high cultivation in the Truth Sect. Her status was extremely high and highly respected. But since she was defeated by Wang Yuanshan in private more than a decade ago, She returned to the deep mountains where Li Gaoye lived with a bucket full of water. Because of her awe, others didn't dare to ask her, so they didn't dare to say anything.

As the saying goes, the onlookers see clearly, and the fans are in charge. Tachibana Wakako 's grandmother has been trapped in the mystery Wang Yuanshan gave her for more than ten years, and has never jumped out to see the problem.

At this time, Zhou Qin and Tachibana Wakako repeated this question repeatedly at the same time. She had subconsciously repeated the word "bucket of five leaks" with Zhou Qin's words before, but she didn't pay attention at that time. At this time, she was stunned and murmured: "five leaks? Why not more, but five loopholes? "

She took the wooden barrel from the Tachibana Wakako and looked at it carefully. The more she looked at it, the more light comes out in her eyes. Her voice gets excited and says in a low voice: "yes, the Buddha said: men have seven treasures, women have five leaks! Do the five holes in the barrel refer to my own five holes? "

Tachibana Wakako's grandmother was also a great practitioner. Although she is the goddess of the true word Tantric school, she has read all kinds of practice classics since she was a child. She is very knowledgeable. She just got into the dead end and couldn't turn around. At this time, she was inadvertently pushed aside to see the bright moon.

The practice of Buddhism is quite different from that of Taoism. In the beginning, Taoism, just like Buddhism, only talks about the cultivation of "nature", that is, the cultivation of one's own spiritual world, and does not pay attention to the cultivation of "life", that is, the cultivation of one's own body. However, since Zhang Boduan advocated "double cultivation of life and soul" in the Northern Song Dynasty, almost all Taoist schools accepted his view and began to cultivate both spirit and body.

In the beginning, Zhang Boduan and a monk made an appointment to travel in Yangzhou in the way of Yang God. When they came back, the monks talked about the blooming scene of Qionghua in Yangzhou, but Zhang did not speak with a smile and took out a Qionghua from his sleeve.

The monk was shocked. His Yang God couldn't touch things, but Zhang Boduan's Yang God could. So he broke a Qionghua and came back. When the monk asked him why, Zhang Boduan said: you don't cultivate your life, but I only cultivate my life.

Because of this, more and more Buddhist schools began to practice the same way after the Northern Song Dynasty, but the methods and concepts of practice were different.

The magic and practice idea of Zhenyan Tantric school originated from the tantric School of Tang Dynasty, so they also pay attention to the cultivation of "nature" rather than "life". Moreover, for thousands of years, the ancient righteousness School of Zhenyan Tantric school has been occupying gaoyeshan and constantly fighting with the new righteousness school. Although it is powerful, in order to emphasize the difference between the practice idea of Zhenyan Tantric school and the new righteousness school, they have always been self-confident. In addition, Japan is a country with an obvious hierarchy The relationship between subordinates is very strict, and all kinds of rules and regulations are as strong as steel and concrete blockhouses, and almost no one can shake them.

This situation has led to the steady development, deep foundation and huge influence of the Japanese spiritual circle, but it also makes them unable to be like the Chinese spiritual circle: amazing talents emerge endlessly, and the land of China is full of dragons and tigers.

Tachibana Wakako's grandmother unintentionally understood the forbidden area of suspicion that no one had tried to touch for thousands of years. She was ecstatic and said to herself, "yes! It must be! In the world, only the Taoist School of practice pays attention to repairing the five leaks. He must have seen that I didn't repair the five leaks, so he used this to warn me! This bucket refers to my five leaky body, and this big water tank refers to my accomplishments! Although the water tank is very big, because of the five leaks' own defects, it can't be filled with water all the time. No matter how much water is pumped up, it will leak clean! Yes, yuanshanjun must mean that! Alas, when I first met this girl, she was very angry. I wanted to enlighten her according to her wishes, but she turned her around. It's ridiculous

The grandmother of the finally couldn'Tachibana Wakakot help but raise her head and laugh out loud. "I understand, Yuanshan, so that's what you mean. "

She burst out laughing. Her voice penetrated through the dark region and soared into the sky, which made the mountains resound with her smile. The mountains vibrated and thousands of birds came out of the forest.

Zhou Qin didn't know that she accidentally realized a hidden practice goddess of the true word Tantra from the difficult mystery, and she didn't know what would happen after she realized the grandmother of Tachibana Wakako.

Zhou Qin followed Tachibana Wakako grandmother's instructions all the way inside. After walking for two hundred meters, She saw a black and white wall in front of her eyes. Inside the wall was a maple tree. Although it was in the cold season of spring and winter, the maple tree grew red leaves. Although it was beautiful, it was strange compared with the withering scene around.

Zhou Qin took a look at the maple tree and walked along the stone road to the gate of the yard. After pushing the door, he saw a large wooden house full of Japanese architectural style. There was no tombstone beside the wooden house. There were red maple leaves scattered on the ground, showing a sense of tranquility.

Zhou Qin knew that she had entered the heart of Li Gao Ye Ao's courtyard, where the goddess Masako Tachibana lived. Although she had always been brave and calm, she could not help beating violently in her heart.

At this moment, a woman's voice came from the cabin, which was also in standard Chinese: "just now I was so bold, but now I'm as timid as a mouse."

Zhou Qin took a deep breath and quickly adjusted her mind. After calming down, she walked to the inside.

When she came to the door, she saw a woman in a white witch's dress and a red belt on her waist kneeling on a tatami, making tea gracefully. Next to her sat an old monk in a red and white cassock. The old monk had a solemn face and a string of rosary beads in his hands. He was looking at his nose and his heart and reciting scriptures in a low voice, It's like turning a deaf ear.

Before Zhou Qin's tatami, as soon as he was about to step forward, Masako Tachibana, who was wearing a White Witch Dress, did not lift her head, and said slowly, "please take off your shoes and come in again."

Zhou Qin saw that Masako Tachibana was almost the same as orange. When she was making tea, she was worthy of the word "Ya". Her whole body was full of elegant and artistic atmosphere. At this moment, she seemed to be more like an elegant and beautiful tea mother than a famous goddess.

Beauty and beauty meet each other, always spark, dark waves, especially the two beauties stand against each other.

Zhou Qin saw that although Masako Tachibana was elegant and dignified, But the tone of her voice revealed a condescending atmosphere, which made her feel very uncomfortable, and her heart was full of knots.

Zhou Qin frowned secretly. She didn't want to follow what Masako Tachibana said, soHe stood at the door and said, "I'll send a letter, and there's no need to go in."

At this time, Masako Tachibana raised her head and looked at Zhou Qin leisurely, he said with a smile, "Oh? Show me the letter? "

Zhou Qin also smiles and raises his hand and threw the letter in his hand to Masako Tachibana.

This letter is flying in the air under her control, flying quickly toward the face of Masako Tachibana.

As soon as she raised her hand, the castrated letter stopped in front of her. She said with a smile, "is that how you send letters? Is that your etiquette? "

Zhou Qin also smiled and said, "That's how you sent the letter, so I'll give it back to you. ."

Masako Tachibana frowned slightly and did not continue to be entangled with Zhou Qin. When she picked up the envelope, she saw that it was the simplest ordinary letter envelope. There was not a word on it, not even a seal on it. It was very solemn, and her brow wrinkled deeper.

When she opened the letter paper inside and looked at it, she saw six murderous cursive books springing out.

These six characters contain murderous, aggressive, as if ready to bow, as if at any time out of the sheath of the sword.

Even the red robed monk on one side could not help but slightly open his eyes and look at the letter, but he only glanced at it and soon closed his eyes again.

Masako Tachibana looked at the reply in front of her meaningfully and laughed. There was anger in her laughter. "Good, good word, good momentum! You are indeed an expert who defeated Masako Tachibana! I really want to meet this Li Yundong at once! " Then she looked up and said to Zhou Qin, "who are you?"

Zhou Qin said, "I am his apprentice."

Masako Tachibana nodded and said, "Understood!" She then continued to make tea leisurely and leisurely, and put Zhou Qin aside.

When Zhou Qin saw that she didn't respond, she wanted to have an attack, but there was no place for the attack. She couldn't breathe out, so she said displeased: "since there is nothing else, I'll go back first!"

At this time, Masako Tachibana raised her head. Looking at Zhou Qin in surprise, he said, "are you going to leave?"

At this time, Zhou Qin had already turned to leave. Hearing this, she also turned back and asked, "why don't you stay?"

As if she was looking at an idiot, Masako Tachibana stared at Zhou Qin and said in surprise, "You hurt our monks in Mount Koya, make a big noise in Mount Koya, and break into the Okunoin without authorization! You want to go? What do you think of Mount Koya? "

Zhou Qin's heart was tight, and his voice became cold. He said in a deep voice, "do you want to detain me?"

"You have to give us an explanation. Otherwise, if the news gets out, how will others think of our Gaoye Mountain?" the girl said.

Zhou Qin said, "It's you who are disrespectful!"

Masako Tachibana also said coldly, "Then can you do such a cruel thing to me?"

Zhou Qin raised his eyebrows and was angry in his heart. "What do you think about the illusion that forced me to kill my master?"

But at this time, Zhou Qin had calmed down. She knew it was useless to say such words, so she swallowed them back. She sneered, "if you want to detain me, it depends on whether you have the ability."

Hearing her words, Masako Tachibana suddenly burst into laughter. The voice was full of disdain and irony, as if mocking Zhou Qin's overconfidence.

Zhou Qin's heart was so proud that she could not bear such ridicule. Her two willow eyebrows were standing higher and higher, and her hands slowly touched the whip of fire god around her waist.

However, as if she didn't notice what she was doing, she still laughed out loud and opened the empty door in an unscrupulous manner.

When Zhou Qin saw that she was so big, she was even angrier. After holding the handle of Vulcan's Whip, she was about to exert her strength, but suddenly she heard a cry from behind her, "Stop, don't fight!"