Li Yundong's laughter was so loud that it shook the sky. The tourists in the Tianlong Taoist temple all looked in his direction curiously.

At this time, Li Yundong was full of excitement about comprehending the Cultivation. He did not care about whether his behavior is shocking. His figure flashed, and rushed out of the Taoist temple instantly like a wild horse. He jumped over the wall in a few leaps and rushed toward the secret room of the Fox Zen School, leaving the stunned tourists staring at his back in a daze.

After returning to the cave, Li Yundong rushed to the wall engraved with the "Heavenly Jindan Technique". He stretched out his hands, pressed his fingers of one hand against the wall, took a deep breath, and thought to himself, "The earth element of the five elements corresponded to the spleen of the five Zangs in human body. If I am right, the Qi of the spleen in human body's small universe can mobilize the earth element of the world's big universe!”

Thinking of this, Li Yundong closed his eyes and tried his best to activate the Qi of the spleen in his five Zangs. Because the Qi of the spleen is yellow, So Li Yundong's face became sallow in an instant, and the tips of his fingers quickly condensed into a mass of flowing yellow light.

Why did cultivators have spiritual energy? Why could they use magic?

Because they have trained their internal organs, Three Dantians, and their Yuanqi and Spirit through special methods, so that the five Qis could be used in the morning, and the three kinds of Qis could gather at the top.

Human beings are the intelligent part of the universe. Only people could sense the universe of heaven and earth by their own small universe. In China, almost everyone who believed in Buddhism, Confucianists, or Taoists attaches importance to the harmony between man and nature. They could reach the supreme Cultivation of the Great Cultivator by combining their small universe with the universe of heaven and earth.

This was the reason that for thousands of years, even if legendary creatures wanted to learn the art of Cultivation, they had to first cultivate into a human body in order to reach the best Cultivation.

Although the granite was hard, it is just a stone with a very tight structure. All the stones in the world belong to the earth system, and Qi in human spleen corresponds to the five elements of Qi in earth. In addition, Li Yundong had reached the Jinshen phase at that time, so the Qi in five Zangs was incredibly strong. He penetrated into the granite with the earth Qi of his small universe, which stirred up the earth system inside the granite, almost breaking into pieces in an instant.

Li Yundong only felt as if he was pressing on a soft sponge. The hard granite under his palm was flowing like running water, even with waves.

As soon as Li Yundong moved his hand away from the rock, the waves on the surface disappeared instantly. But when he pressed it again, the wave-like patterns were reappeared on the surface of the rock.

Li Yundong smiled slightly. He exerted a little strength with his fingers, and the surface of the rock turned into a pile of fine powder and fell as if what Li Yundong dug out was not hard granite, but just dry bread.

Li Yundong had figured out the art of settle a score, and his heart was filled with delight beyond words. He thought for a moment and a smile appeared on his face. He wrote a few crooked and big words on the side of the wall, which read, "Li Yundong has visited here!"

After finishing writing, Li Yundong stood back and saw that the characters of Mystical Silver Fox were lively and beautiful. They were vigorous and powerful, with each stroke was majestic, showing a profound foundation of calligraphy. While his own characters were crooked and twisted, like chicken claws. It would be alright to look at it alone. But when it was put together with the characters of Mystical Silver Fox, it was really unsightly to the extreme.

Li Yundong laughed in a self-mocking way. He reached out his hand and wiped the words on the wall as if he was wiping a blackboard. There was almost no trace of it, only a faint touch of his palm.

Li Yundong laughed and said to himself, "Mystical Silver Fox Qianbei, I won't leave a word beside your characters to show off! This wall is owned by you alone!"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and was about to leave. But when he was about to enter the tunnel, he suddenly stood still, turned his head back and opened his eyes wide. He suspiciously looked at the wall that his hand had wiped, with a voice buzzed in his mind.

"Although I have practiced the 'Heavenly Jindan Technique' to the ninth stage, I have committed a divine punishment because of it. I'm afraid that I will undergo the catastrophe soon. If fails,my soul will fall apart! Therefore, the 'Heavenly Jindan Technique' will be left here. I hope that in the future, the heirs of my Fox Zen School will succeed, and save my soul which scattered between heaven and earth, so that I could reappear in the world!"

In the Taoist assembly, Yan Fang had vowed to say such a few words, saying that Mystical Silver Fox had left them in the stone cave. But at that time, Li Yundong did not witness these words, so he only thought that what Yan Fang said was slander.

But just now, Li Yundong wiped away the words on the stone casually. It suddenly occurred to him that Could what Yan Fang has said be true? Did Mystical Silver Fox really has left such a message? Or in other words, She did really has left such a message, and was someone deliberately erased her words?

Thinking of this, Li Yundong was suddenly moved. He couldn't help walking quickly to the wall and looked carefully at every corner of the wall.

Because there were so many characters carved on this huge wall before, almost everyone who saw this wall would be attracted by these big characters, the scriptures recorded on the wall, and Mystical Silver Fox who has inscribed these characters. How could anyone pay attention to anything else?

At this time, Li Yundong searched carefully. His hands went back and forth on the wall and touched it carefully. Sure enough, he found traces of wiping by a palm on the lower left side of the large text.

Li Yundong's face changed and he thought to himself, "In the past, people wrote words from right to left, from top to bottom. The Mystical Silver Fox must have written them in the bottom left corner at the end and it had been wiped away. No wonder I didn't see it!"

But, who is the person that erased the words?

Li Yundong couldn't help recalling that he had seen a tall and strong mysterious man in the cave. He thought to himself, "Is it him?"

But Li Yundong soon denied this idea. He thought to himself, "No, I didn't see this piece of text when I first entered the cave, which means that someone had already erased it before he came in! Who is he now? Is it... Liu Ye?"

Li Yundong suddenly seemed to understand something. He was frightened and couldn't help but take a step back. He opened his eyes wide and looked at the domineering words on the wall. He murmured, "Mystical Silver Fox Qianbei... Do you really want to resurrect? Or is there someone really wanting to resurrect you?"

"Is everything that Yan Fang has said right? Is Liu Ye controlling all this in secret? Yes, it must be so. In this way, everything makes sense! Why did the golden snake I buried at that time be stolen? Why did Mei Niang appear in Mount Gezao? I see! Liu Ye, Liu Ye, do you really want to resurrect the Mystical Silver Fox? No wonder Master Puren of the Xiyuan Temple and monastery chair Xin Chen of the Jinshan Temple once asked me, 'If you have a close friend who is an evil spirit who wants to destroy the cultivation world, what will you do?'"

Li Yundong's admiration for the Mystical Silver Fox suddenly dissipated a lot. He said with a sullen face, "Mystical Silver Fox Qianbei, although you have caused a lot of disasters in this world, I respect you as a legendary woman. For thousands of years, no Fox Spirit has done so many earth-shattering things like you. Whether it's good or bad. It's amazing. If you want to resurrect, I don't care about it for the time being. But if your resurrection will get my friends and relatives involved..."

Li Yundong's face changed. He glared at the wall engraved with the characters of the Mystical Silver Fox and shouted, "As long as you dare to get them in trouble... Even if you are the invincible Nine-tailed celestial fox, even if you climb out from the bottom of the 18th floor of hell and come back to life in the human world, I will beat you back to the hell with my own hands!"

Li Yundong's words were sonorous and powerful, and each word was full of a murderous aura. After he shouted, his voice echoed in the stone room.

Li Jiandong glanced at the wall, which was full of handwriting, for the last time. He said coldly, "Keep your handwriting for the moment. If you really get my friends and relatives into trouble, I will not only send you back to hell, but will also wipe out the last trace of you in this world with my own hands!"

With these words, Li Yundong walked away quickly without looking back.

When Li Yundong returned to the balcony of Tiannan City, it was already evening. Li Yundong stood on the balcony and looked inside through the gap of the gauze window. He saw the little foxes at home gathered on the sofa, watching cartoons. Su Chan was sitting on the carpet in the living room, leaning against the sofa and resting her head on Ling Yue's thigh. She was eating snacks while watching cartoons for kids and giggled with the other little foxes.

And in the living room, Zhou Qin was carrying hot dishes with an apron around her waist. She brought out the cooked food from the kitchen.

Although Li Yundong was standing outside, he also smelled a pungent aroma coming from all directions. He couldn't help but laugh. "You don't have to ask. It must be Zi Yuan who is cooking! Only the food she cooked could have such a smell. It's full of elegance and quietness."

At this time, Ruan Hongling was sitting at the dining table and shouting excitedly to the kitchen, as if urging the Zi Yuan to cook quickly.

Cao Yi and Liu Yuehong of the Fox Zen School leaned lazily against the railing of the second floor. The two beautiful women were looking at everything in front of them with a smile, and their eyes were full of gentleness and satisfaction.

How warm and pleasant the scene is!

In an instant, Li Yundong found that his home was so warm and moving. He had never noticed it before! How could he allow someone to destroy such a beautiful and happy life?

Li Yundong smiled slightly and reached out to open the French windows on the balcony. He secretly made up his mind. "Even the king can't destroy the life in front of him. No one can hurt them!"

At this time, far away at Kyoto airport in Japan, Liu Ye who disguised himself as an ordinary person, slowly walked down from the plane. He looked around and saw crowds of people flowing in all directions.

Liu Ye stood in the airport building with a soft voice and sighed. He said, "It's been more than ten years, and I didn't expect to set foot on this land again! You Japanese, your nightmare is coming! On another day, you will be panic and sleepless because of the appearance of the Mystical Silver Fox! When she recovers all her cultivation, you will regret sealing the Nine-tailed celestial fox on this land! The anger of her will devour you... Of course, not only you, but also those cultivation sects who once chased after her and the Fox Zen School, causing us to never live in peace!"