Everyone watched helplessly when "Changsheng Vajra" of Zhenyan Tantrism was slapped to the ground by Li Yundong. Although he was still struggling, even a blind man could have seen that if Li Yundong wanted to, he could slap this so-called "Changsheng Vajra" into meat paste with one palm!

Saionji Tsunekatsu was one of the best among the young and strong sects in Mount Koya. He won the trusted ally of Masako Tachibana and Kaisai Hikariuni because he was smart, capable, bold, and courageous. But neither Masako Tachibana nor Kaisai Hikariuni had expected that the most trusted young and strong sect would provoke a terrible devil. What was even more unexpected was that their Chang Sheng Vajra had been made to kneel on the ground in front of the public!

What a great embarrassment!

All the reporters present were shocked and angry, roaring one after another. Some female reporters also showed an expression of pity on their faces and said, "Stop fighting. Stop!"

The male reporters all roared, "Asshole, are you looking for death?"

"Stop! He's dying!"

Li Yundong looked at the handsome face of Saionji Tsunekatsu in front of him, which had become horribly twisted. He bent down slightly, stared at him with gloomy eyes, and asked in a cold voice, "When you fought for the treasure on the ground of our country, did you ever imagine today?"

Li Yundong's voice was not loud, but it was clearly heard by everyone. Although many Japanese present didn't understand what he had said, they could feel a murderous aura from his tone!

Saionji Tsunekatsu's face turned purple, and he didn't dare to speak. He was afraid that as soon as he said something, he would lose all his strength. Once he lost his resistance, he would definitely be smashed to minced meat by the madman in front of him!

It was not a big deal for him to die. For a monk who believed in Samsara, death was just the beginning of another kind of life. However, as a young monk of Mount Koya, he would be smashed into meat paste by a man at the gate of the royal courtyard. The shame was something that he would not be able to get rid of even if he died 10,000 times.

It was also because of this thought that although the bones of Saionji Tsunekatsu's calves and knees were almost completely broken, he was still struggling to hold on. His entire being was in a state of vague consciousness. Only the conviction that he couldn't admit defeat was struggling to support his subconscious and physical body.

Although Li Yundong hated that Saionji Tsunekatsu was surly and arrogant, and that he had stolen the Medicine King Tripod under his nose, when he saw Saionji Tsunekatsu still struggling to hold on when he was about to collapse, he could not help but secretly sigh at his willpower.

When Li Yundong saw that Saionji Tsunekatsu was unwilling to agree, he had to sneer and said, "Unwilling to say? Then I'm sorry!"

After that, he pressed his palm down hard again!

"Crack, crack, crack, crack!" Saionji Tsunekatsu's bones sounded like firecrackers. The crowd felt as if someone had placed him in a cage as his bones cracked under the pressure. Although they did not see so much as a drop of blood, the sound was more terrifying and bloodcurdling than seeing a whole red sea of it!

Everyone covered their faces and didn't dare to look at him anymore. Saionji Tsunekatsu also let out an extremely pained roar. After that, his whole being fell to the ground softly, like an animal without any bones.

As soon as Saionji Tsunekatsu fell, a group of monks in purple cassocks hurried to the gate of the courtyard. The leading one had wrinkles on his face and looked quite old. It was the monk who had dealt with Zhou Qin under the main tower. When he saw Saionji Tsunekatsu, he immediately widened his eyes and exclaimed, "Chang Sheng!"

The eyes of the old monk seemed to be spitting flames. He roared at Li Yundong, "What did you do!?"

When the other monks saw this scene, they were furious. They drew their powerful magical weapons and surrounded Li Yundong one by one. If the old monk gave the order, they would rush forward and chop the audacious murderer into pieces!

Li Yundong glanced around unsympathetically and sneered. "Do you want to fight now? Okay!"

With a stir of his mind, the Fan of Seven Treasures and the Liuhe Sword instantly jumped out of the colorful brocade pouch on his waist. The Liuhe Sword split apart in an instant, looking as fierce as a tiger.

Seeing this, the reporters on the scene were full of a murderous aura. They were shocked, and the innate instinct in their bodies suddenly ignited. Many reporters began to shoot their cameras at the scene in front of them crazily. Some even started to comment.

The old monk frowned and yelled at the reporters, "Assholes, what are you doing?"

How could ordinary people calmly watch such a scene? Even if they lived a few lifetimes, they might not be able to see such a thing again!

The reporters' eyes were shining at this time. Even if the Mikado - the emperor of Japan - came, they may not have stopped filming immediately. Why should they listen to him?

The old monk was furious. He poured all his rage out at Li Yundong. He pointed at Li Yundong and shouted angrily, "Catch the murderer!"

"Yes!" The monks surrounded shouted in unison.

Just as they were about to step forward, they heard a loud laugh coming from not far away. "Oh, it turns out that there is a good show going on here! I almost missed it!"

Hearing the voice, the crowd looked to the man subconsciously, but they only saw someone coming from not far away. He was about forty years old, wearing a rather sloppy barbarian suit. He folded his hands in front of him and came over with a casual look, talking with a cheeky smile on his face.

Behind the man stood a long-haired woman dressed in a white goddess uniform and a long red dress. Her lips were painted with red lipstick and her face was daubed with white powder. Although her appearance was a little strange with the makeup, from her facial features it could be vaguely seen that she was a very beautiful girl. However, her expression was indifferent and her eyes were cold. She looked at the scene in front of her like a superior God looking down at the common people.

A well-informed reporter saw a family rune on the sleeve of the goddess's clothing. He couldn't help but exclaim, "It's the Ise Shinto's goddess!"

They exclaimed and only heard a faint voice coming from the courtyard. "What's going on? Why is it so noisy?"

The crowd looked back and saw a woman wearing a white wide-sleeved shirt and a long, red, pleated dress. She was walking slowly with a wooden staff.

Judging from the woman's appearance, she was about 30 years old. She was quite beautiful, and her eyebrows were full of majesty and tranquility. Every step she took, the air around her seemed to shudder and tremble.

This woman was none other than Masako Tachibana, who was invincible in the Japanese Cultivation World!

Wherever Masako Tachibana went, everyone around would subconsciously avoid her, as if there was an invisible force around her pushing them away.

However, when Masako Tachibana came near Li Yundong, he was like a solid rock, standing firmly in the same place, looking at her with indifferent eyes.

Masako Tachibana’s eyes quickly swept over Saionji Tsunekatsu. She frowned inwardly, but there was no change in her expression. She quickly looked at the woman in the same goddess costume in front of her, and a smile appeared on her face. "It's Miss Chuyun. Come in please!"

Chuyun glanced at Masako Tachibana coldly, a trace of hostility in her eyes. Her face seemed to be frozen, and she didn't show any expression. Then, she quickly shifted her eyes to Li Yundong, as if she was saying, "Another guest is here!"

The Ise Shinto was one of the most powerful sects of Japanese Shintoism. It was precisely because of the strong suppression of Ise Shintoism that the Ju family had been forced to cooperate with the monks of Zhenyan Tantrism. With the help of the power of the Gods’ soul worshipped by the Secret Sect of Truth, they had risen powerfully.

After the rise of the branch of the Ju family, the first thing they did was suppress Ise Shintoism. The power of it came from the gods of Shintoism. Although there were more believers of the gods of Shintoism in Japan than in those of Buddhism, the strongest god of Shintoism, Amaterasu Omikami, was the god of Japan. Apart from the Japanese, there was no one else to worship him. The god that was worshipped by Zhenyan Tantrism was the Wisdom King. These gods were not only worshipped by the Japanese, but also the Chinese, the Indians, and even other nationalities.

As the saying goes, a man should fight for breath, and a Buddha should fight for an incense stick. The reason why people were alive was to fight for breath. In this way, they could prove that they were stronger than others! The same went for the Buddha. This Buddha had one incense stick more than other Buddhas, which meant that the Buddha's power of Zhenyan Tantrism was stronger and his rank of godliness was higher!

It was said that Buddha was merciful and was not angry at all. However, the truth was that the cultivators of Buddhism were more competitive than anyone else in private. Otherwise, why would the Buddhist sect in the Chinese cultivation circles hold a "meeting"? Why would the ancient meaning school and the new meaning school of Zhenyan Tantrism run for the "General Manager"?

It was also because of this. On the one hand, it was the Amaterasu Omikami. On the other hand, it was the Wisdom King. Comparing them, the difference between the two was clear!

This was also the reason why after so many years of fighting in Japan, Masako Tachibana was now invincible. Furthermore, because of this, all the Great Divine Priests and Divine Ladies regarded the Ju family as traitors and viewed them with deep hostility.

Masako Tachibana naturally knew this, so she turned her eyes to Li Yundong and said coldly, "Zhenren Li, I invited you here with good intentions. Is this how you treat us? You Chinese call yourselves people of etiquette. Humph, last time your disciple injured our monks under the mountain gate, and this time you hurt our young monk under the feet of the emperor. Is this your etiquette? Have you forgotten what Saint Confucius taught? It's said that Chinese people have long forgotten their roots, and now it seems that it's true! If you don't give us an explanation today, do you think you can leave?"

In the late Qing Dynasty and the early republic of China, after experiencing the May 4th Movement, the long-year war, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, the essence of Confucianism was almost completely lost. But just like Tang Mi, when Chinese culture was lost in China, the Japanese respected Chinese culture for thousands of years and slowly absorbed it into their own traditional culture.

There were three major beliefs in Japan. The first was Shintoism, the second was Buddhism, and the third was the religion of Confucianism. Even the Kobo Daishi once rushed to the capital city to learn Confucianism. It could be said that mainstream culture in Japan was composed of these three.

Hearing the words of Masako Tachibana, Li Yundong laughed and said, "You're right! Our country does think that we are the country of etiquette. As early as two thousand years ago, our country was promoting etiquette to govern the country and rule the world! It's also because of this that we have such prosperity! But don't forget that there is another saying of confucius on the society of etiquette!"

"He said that 'One day, to repay good for evil'. What's the meaning of this?' 'How can one repay goodness? By repaying evil directly and repaying good with good!'"

Li Yundong showed a sarcastic smile and spoke with confidence, composure and a disdainful expression. He said, "Do you know what this means? If someone bullies us and holds a grudge against us, should we still have to use morality to influence them? Humph, Saint Confucius said, "If they bully us, why should we still use morality to report to them and persuade them? Are you crazy? They have a grudge against us, so we are going to take revenge! If they treat us in a moral way, it won't be too late for us to respond in the same way!"

As Li Yundong spoke, he suddenly changed his tone and shouted in a sharp voice, "Saionji Tsunekatsu used despicable means to hurt the innocent people of our country and steal our most precious treasure in order to force me to come to Mount Koya! Is this your so-called etiquette? Well, I'll tell you!"

Li Yundong pointed at Saionji Tsunekatsu, who had turned into a pile of mud, and shouted angrily, "Blood for blood and a tooth for a tooth! This is our Chinese etiquette!"