Li Yundong's words were sonorous and powerful, which mercilessly said that Masako Tachibana wanted to use the power of defeating Li Yundong to frighten the other cultivation sects. Moreover, there was no dirty word in Li Yundong's words, but every word was like a throwing dagger, and every sentence was like a knife, so sharp that no one could resist it.

Even people like Masako Tachibana, who had been used to suffering the big wind and big waves, turned pale for a while!

She secretly gritted her teeth and glared at Chang Sheng, who was from the West Garden Temple. In her heart, she could not wait to grind this guy's bones to dust. "Why didn't he tell me about this?"

In Chengya Zi's view, since LiJiandongg was able to beat up ChangShengg of the West Garden Temple so easily, who obviously an extremely powerful opponent. However, if the opponent was only good at martial arts and his mouth was not strong, then she could make use of the strong advantage of the home court to exert strong psychological pressure on the opponent in terms of words and urge him to make mistakes in the following fight.

Although Masako Tachibana was arrogant and conceited, she was not easy to defeat. She knew very well that she could not lose this battle. Otherwise, the Ying Family might be doomed eternally!

But Li Yundong's sharp words made Masako Tachibana give up the idea of bickering with him in an instant.

Masako Tachibana said with hatred in her heart, "Li Yundong's disciple was also a sharp-tongued person before. I didn't expect that his master was also a sharp-tongued person! Da*n it! If you lose the battle later, you will lose all your teeth!"

Although many Japanese in the surrounding, who couldn't understand Li Yundong's Chinese. but, they saw that one of them was self-righteous and the other was angry. They couldn't help but be full of doubts and whispered.

"What happened between them?"

"Could it be that MasterTangerine Masako has really done something shameful?"

"B*st*rd, does MasterTangerine Masako need to do such a thing?"

"Then... why it would be this?"

"I...How would I know ?"

Standing next to the Ise Divine Lady, the middle-aged man took advantage of the situation and said with a chuckle, "It turns out that you are so generous, Tangerine Masako. Amazing, really amazing! You are worthy of being a traitor. An apostate is capable of anything!"

Masako Tachibana was in a towering passion. She glared at the middle-aged man fiercely. A sharp light also flashed in the middle-aged man's eyes. Suddenly, there was a "boom" in front of them, as if a bomb had exploded out of thin air. A wave of air spread out in all directions, causing the surrounding reporters to take a few steps back in horror.

At this time, Masako Tachibana was in an awkward position, but she heard a kind and solemn voice coming from behind. "Amitabha! It's time to seek revenge for each other. It's better not to make enemies!"

The crowd looked in the direction of the voice and saw an old monk wearing a gold-rimmed red robe walking out slowly. He was Kaisai Hikariuni, the great monk of Zhenyan Tantrism Sect, who was at the 413rd position.

Kaisai Hikariuni kept a low profile and had high prestige in Japan. As soon as he came out, the reporters around him saluted him one after another to show their respect. Even the Goddess and the middle-aged man, who were in the Ise Divine Sect, bowed slightly to him.

Kaisai Hikariuni returned the greeting to them one by one. He put his palms together and said in Chinese, "Zhenren Li, even if there is a grudge, why don't you solve it in the next fight? As the saying goes, one will repay the other. Chang Sheng has already been beaten like this by you. Even if there is a great sin, it should be offset by each other."

Li Yundong sneered and said, "Where's the Medicine King Tripod? Give it back first!"

Kaisai Hikariuni hesitated for a moment and did not speak. Li Yundong seemed to know what he was thinking. He sneered and said, "Don't worry. Since I'm here, I must keep my promise and fight with you to let you know if there are masters in the Chinese cultivation world! However, before that, you have to return the Medicine King Tripod to me first! Because it should be a magic treasure of our country!"

Kaisai Hikariuni nodded slightly and turned to a monk beside him and said, "Let's go to Chang Sheng's room to have a look."

When the monk saw that Kaisai Hikariuni had listened to Li Yundong's words, he couldn't help but be anxious. He said, "Great monk! How can you let a..."

Before he could finish his words, Kaisai Hikariuni glanced at him. Although his eyes were not sharp, the monk did not dare to say anything more. He glared at Li Yundong with hatred and turned to leave.

Not long after, the monk came with a purple-golden furnace tripod.

Kaisai Hikariuni took it from his hand. With a smile, he held the king medicine tripod in front of Li Yundong and said, "I'll give it to you. Please rest assured, Zhenren Li!"

Li Yundong didn't stand on ceremony. He took the medicine king tripod and stuffed it into the colorful sachet on his waist. The medicine king tripod, which was as big as a human head, immediately disappeared. The surrounding Japanese reporters widened their eyes and exclaimed. They stared at Li Yundong's waist as if they wanted to see what was there.

Ge Xiguang saw Li Yundong accept it. He made a gesture and said, "Zhenren Li, please come in!"

Seeing that the other party was polite, Li Yundong also politely made a gesture and said, "Great monk, please!"

A moment of false civility between the two. If the people around had not seen what had happened between the two sides before, they would have thought that they were a pair of good friends who had not seen each other for a long time!

Kaisai Hikariuni led Li Yundong into the courtyard. At this time, the reporters behind him were all buzzing at this point."We want to go in, too!"

"Yes, let's come in together!"

"Why can Chinese people enter our country? However, why can't we go to our own country?"

Kaisai Hikariuni frowned slightly. As he led Li Yundong into the courtyard, he said to the monk next to him, "Go and seal the door. Don't let them in."

The monk nodded. Soon, two of the monks followed him to the door. After the other two entered the courtyard, the three monks stood in front of the door like city walls. They put their hands together and closed their eyes. No matter what the reporters said, they did not move or listen.

After Li Jiandong entered the royal courtyard, he saw some tall trees were planted around him. Some courtyards were delicately designed into a landscape architecture style scene. Small bridges, flowing rivers, rockery, and strange stones could be seen everywhere. There were stone stools and stone tables with Japanese flavor, as well as shrine statues.

Li Yundong followed Kaisai Hikariuni. After a few turns, he suddenly saw a bright light in front of him and found that he had come to a Japanese building with a back shape.

This building had only two floors, with cornices and eaves, black tiles and red pillars. The upstairs was carved with jade and hollow flower windows. The downstairs was the corridor and the hall where the door was opened. At a glance, many people were sitting on the tatami in each room.

Some of them were dressed in frocks, while others were dressed in Shintoism robes and Goddess robes. There were not less than two or three hundred men and women, old and young.

These people were originally chatting with each other. At this time, when they saw Li Jiandong, they immediately stopped talking and looked at him in unison.

Almost all the elite experts in the cultivation world of Japan were there. When they looked at in union, their pressure was as powerful as Mount Tai. It could be imagined!

However, Li Jiandong didn't notice it at all. With a smile on his face, he looked around in neither a humble nor arrogant way. He saw that there was a half-opened window on the east and second floors. Howevwe, the other windows upstairs were all open, and some people upstairs were looking down through the windows.

Li Yundong pointed at the window and asked Kaisai Hikariuni, "Who's on it?"

Kaisai Hikariuni smiled faintly and said, "the Mikado and his wife!"

Li Yundong was a little surprised and asked, "Did the Mikado of Japan also come?"

Kaisai Hikariuni smiled and said, "What's so strange about it?"

At this time, Masako Tachibana, who had been following them, said, "Will you feel any pressure when fighting in front of the Mikado of Japan?"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "He's your Mikado, not mine! If there's any pressure, it's all yours. What does it have to do with me? But you... Aren't you afraid of being defeated in front of the Mikado, and made in an awkward position? "

Masako Tachibana looked up and laughed out loud. "That's impossible!" After that, she raised her head and walked slowly into the field.

At this time, the middle-aged man of Ise Shinto, who was walking behind them, also said sympathetically in Chinese, "Young man, I appreciate your courage, but you..." As he said this, he pointed to his head and sneered, "I don't appreciate your wisdom!"

Li Yundong asked with great interest, "Oh? Why?"

At this time, the Ise Divine Clan Goddess, who had been as cold as ice, said coldly, "Because smart people will not choose to fight against Masako Tachibana in the main sect of Truth! You are stupid enough to die!"

When Li Jiandong saw the Goddess at first glance, he felt that she was unusually cold. Although she looked young, her behavior and words were like an old woman's, so calm that she was a little coquettish.

Li Yundong asked with a smile, "Why do you say that? Isn't Masako Tachibana very powerful here?"

The middle-aged man laughed and said, "Are you kidding? No one has ever been able to defeat Masako Tachibana in this place! Here, the power of gods that Gaoye Mountain has been worshiped for thousands of years will become her power. Do you think you can fight against the power of faith accumulated over thousands of years? Don't talk nonsense!"

With this, the middle-aged man looked at Masako Tachibana with a complicated look and said with mixed feelings, "This is the home field of Masako Tachibana! Chinese people, it's better to keep a low profile in the away field! I give you a suggestion: you should start the fight later and admit defeat as soon as possible! The sooner you admit defeat, the more likely you will survive! Once you make Masako Tachibana angry and go crazy, your doomsday will come!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "You said that no one has ever won against Masako Tachibana here?"

The Ise Divine Goddess coldly added, "Never! No Masako Tachibana has ever fought with anyone except for the mountains!"

"It turns out to be a ninja tortoise!" Li Yundong laughed and said, "Well, today I'm going to be the first one to defeat Masako Tachibana in her home field!"

Seeing that Li Yundong didn't listen to him, the middle-aged man shook his head and muttered in Japanese, "You're really a stubborn fool! You are beyond remedy!"

After that, he no longer paid attention to Li Yundong. He turned to the Goddess beside him and said in Japanese, "Chuyun, let's go. This guy is already a dead man!! Get off his back!"

At this time, at the gate of the royal courtyard, the reporters of the major Japanese TV stations made a scene for a while, and then they gradually stopped. Some experienced reporters simply started a live broadcast at the door, and introduced what had just happened in a verbal way.

Just as they were talking to the camera, several hosts who were appearing on camera were stunned at the same time and looked in one direction.

The reporter who was taking photos also turned to look curiously, only to see three monks wearing bamboo hats, canes, and cloth shoes coming slowly from behind them.

"I wonder why anyone is here?" Although these reporters were puzzled, they reacted quickly and rushed to the front of the three monks. They asked loudly, "Excuse me, are you here to attend the Grand Meeting? Which sect are you from? Can you bring us in?"

But no matter what they said, the three monks kept their heads down and kept their bamboo hats low, without any word.

The sharp-eyed reporters were keenly aware that there was a faint fragrance coming from the three people, and their necks, which were exposed with their heads down, were as delicate as porcelain.

They couldn't help but be startled. "Hmm? It seems to be a woman! Is she a member of the Pure Land School? But, I've heard that the Pure Land School coming with their female families here! I've never heard of three women dressed like monks coming together!"

"Who the hell are these three guys?"