These three people were none other than Su Chan, Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin!

According to the plan of Zi Yuan, the three of them secretly followed Li Yundong to the Mount Koya, and then disguised themselves as sadhus of the Pure Land School.

Ascetic monks had to travel all the way around to beg for alms on foot, so they all wore bamboo hats which can protect them from the wind and rain, and hold Zen sticks which can help them to surrender demons and ambush demons all the way. At the same time, in order to sharpen themselves, all ascetic monks wore straw sandals on their feet, and no one wore cloth shoes like the three of them.

With the meticulousness of Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin's shrewdness, they naturally thought of this. But when the three of them put on their straw shoes, they found that the six feet in the straw shoes were delicate and white, as white as jade. They didn't look like the feet of sadhus at all!

In particular, Su Chan's fingernails took on a charming pink color. Even though she wore simple straw shoes, the fingernails still looked like ten small pink petals.

The three peerless women looked at each other's feet and had no choice but to find three pairs of cloth shoes with a wry smile!

Other people could not see these details, but how could the monks guarding at the gate of the courtyard not see these details? The sadhus of the Pure Land School can't wear cloth shoes.

The three monks stared at the cloth shoes on the three men's feet with suspicious eyes and fixed their eyes on them for a moment.

Su Chan, who was walking in the middle, stood up with cold hair all over by the people around her, and could not help whispering: "Sister Zi Yuan, we seem to have been discovered, and we can't get in. What should we do?"

Zhou Qin, who was behind her, immediately poked her gently under the cover of his body and whispered, "Don't talk!"

Zi Yuan also sent a transmission, "Don't talk! Follow me!"

Zi Yuan walked at the front, still with its head down and the hat pressed low. suddenly, it took a turn in the sight of the people, and went to another stone road, walking toward the other direction of the royal courtyard.

Su Chan was about to breathe a sigh of relief when she saw a Japanese reporter pounced on him and yell at him.

Su Chan was dumbfounded. She didn't understand Japanese, so how could she know what the other party was talking about? Li Yundong could take the translator with him and put the headset into his ear, but they couldn't!

Where did the sadhu from the Pure Land School of Japan put his headset in his ears?

Not only Su Chan, but also Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin also didn't understand Japanese. Their bodies suddenly froze and they became highly alert.

Zhou Qin subconsciously touched the Vulcan's Whip that was hidden at his waist. His whole body was covered with Zhenqi, and it was about to burst out at any time.

At this time, the attention of the three monks at the gate of the royal courtyard was focused on the three of them. As soon as Zhou Qin mobilized his Zhenqi, they also felt an inexplicable danger spreading in all directions, and they couldn't help but get nervous.

Seeing that the situation in front of her was on the verge of breaking out, Su Chan suddenly had brainwave. She pointed to herself with an affectation. Then she shook it again, turned around, and urged in a very light voice that could only be heard by Zi Yuan, "Sister Zi Yuan, leave now!"

Zi Yuan didn't dare to stay and continued to move forward.

The Japanese reporter watched as they left, but he didn't stop them anymore. Instead, he showed a look of sudden understanding.

At this time, a female reporter beside him came over and asked curiously, "Aoki-kun, why don't these monks speak?"

Aoki smiled proudly and said, "I asked them which sect of monks they were. The monk in the middle pointed his finger at his mouth and then shook it. Do you know what that means?"

The female reporter asked, "You mean, she is dumb?"

Aoki laughed and said, "No! She means that she is a person who practices Silent zen!"

The female reporter said with admiration, "So it is. Aoki-kun, you really know a lot!"

Aoki said with a smile, "No! What I'm curious about is that... people who practice Silent zen usually prepare a small wooden tablet with the words 'No Words' and 'No Words' written on it. Once someone talks to them, he will take out the wooden tablet. But... why haven't these people?"

The female reporter laughed. "Maybe are they newcomers?"

Aoki looked at the background of the three Su Chan, shook his head and sighed, "maybe they are. Three female monks travel ascetically."... It must be very hard! " After that, he turned away and stopped looking at Su Chan and others.

Even when the three monks of Zhenyan Tantrism at the gate of the courtyard saw Su Chan's movements, they dismissed their doubts, turned their heads and stopped looking at them.

Su Chan didn't know that her original intention was to pretend to be mute, but she accidentally made the other side think that she was a sadhu who practiced the Silent zen. And among all the Buddhism schools in the whole world, the Silent Zen of the Pure Land School was the most famous.

Great Master Lotus Chi of the Pure Land Sect, an eminent monk in the ancient times, said in the "The still of the bamboo window with a brush", "As the ancients said, if you haven't spoken for 20 years, you can't help it even if you don't speak to the Buddha behind."

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin walked far away and came to a remote place where there was no person. Su Chan patted her chest and said, "I was scared to death. I thought Yundong hadn't started yet, and we were going to be trapped!"

Zi Yuan couldn't help but praise, "Su Chan, you did a good job just now. Even I didn't expect to avoid the other party's conversation and inquiry in the way of Silent Zen. This is also my mistake. Thanks to your quick response! "

Zhou Qin couldn't help but tease her with a smile, "Su Chan, you're great! Usually silly do not show the mountain without dew, the critical moment can be relied on ah!"

Su Chan had her nose in the air as listened to the praise of Zi Yuan. But after listening to the first half of Zhou Qin's words, his face immediately collapsed, and his eyes immediately laughed into a crescent moon when he heard the latter half of her words.

Su Chan said with a smile, "Actually, I want to say that I'm dumb and can't speak!"

Zi Yuan was startled: "Didn't you think of hiding in the past by keeping your mouth shut?"

Su Chan was also surprised and said, "I don't have a small wooden card with me. How can I pretend to be silent?"

Zhou Qin was unable to stifle a laugh: "Originally I wanted to boast that your response was quick and keen to see the opportunity, but I didn't expect you to be a blind cat and run into a dead mouse!"

After Zhou Qin finished his words, Zi Yuan also couldn't help laughing. "What good luck. If those monks come to question us, we will be in trouble! We should be careful next time. It's impossible for our luck to be so good all the time! This is the General Mount of Zhenyan Tantrism. If we are careless, we will be doomed eternally!"

Su Chan has no consciousness of going deep into the tiger's den at all. Her eyes were full of excitement, and she said with a cheeky smile, "It's okay, it's okay. Yun Dong said that I'm stupid and blessed!"

Zhou Qin pointed at Su Chan and said with a laugh, "You finally admit that you are stupid?"

Su Chan stamped her feet and said angrily, "You're so annoying!" The little girl didn't want to be entangled with Zhou Qin on this topic, so she changed the topic and turned to Zi Yuan and asked, "Sister Zi Yuan, what should we do now? It seems that things are not part of the plan now."

Zi Yuan thought for a moment and said, "Now it's also part of the plan. I was just testing it to see the attitude and vigilance of the monks at the door. Now it seems that their vigilance is very high, so we'll wait here. I don't believe that the score will start to strengthen in a while. Their vigilance is still so high! "

Zhou Qin also nodded in agreement. "That's right. Who doesn't want to watch the duel between the two top masters? All the masters in the Cultivation World in Japan have come, let alone them?"

Su Chan was also a little excited and said, "We'll take action after settling a score!"

Zhou Qin laughed and said, "Su Chan, did not expect to come before you said 'three cobblers top Zhuge Liang', this is really true! "

Su Chan made a face at Zhou Qin and said, "They are three light-skinned craftsmen!"

Zhou Qin laughed. Zi Yuan smiled and said in a low voice, "Stop laughing, keep a low profile, and don't attract other people's attention. There are still a lot of monks patrolling the mountains here."

Before she could finish her words, two monks came from not far away. The two monks saw the three of them at a glance and saluted from a distance. Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin also bowed back. Then they kept their hats low and soon hid their bodies in the thick fir woods.

At this time, an uninvited guest came to the Qing Ming Spirt Club in Shang Jing District of Kyoto, the capital city of Japan.

Liu Ye slowly got off the Japanese bus and arrived at his destination, the "Evil Bridge" bus station. At a glance, he saw that the famous "Evil Bridge" was an extremely ordinary highway bridge. The water under the bridge had dried up, and only the railing at the head of the bridge is written in Chinese characters.

Liu Ye couldn't help sighing in a low voice. "The well-known residence of Abe Fair in the past has become this now! I don't know if there are any Shikigami hidden by Yin-Yang Master under this violent bridge."

After the death of the famous Yin-Yang Master, Abe Fair, he moved to the place, which was the intersection between the Imperial Palace of Peace County and the West Cave Road at that time.

Liu Ye looked around and found that it was the "Zhen" position in the northeast of the inner part of the city, which was also commonly known as the "Ghost Gate". As a professional Yin-Yang Master, he moved here to cooperate with the "Yao" temple in the northeast of the whole Kyoto, which was located in the Rui Mountain, to prevent the invasion of demons and to suppress the threat of demons breaking through the seal.

Liu Ye had a chuckle. "Good trick, good trick! I was wondering why you hid the soul of the Mystical Silver Fox here. I see! I see! Abe Fair, although you didn't seal the Mystical Silver Fox, you... you're really a far-sighted person! Have you predicted that there would be such a disaster in Japan in a century, so you moved your residence here?"

Liu Ye seemed to be full of pride that he was about to make a great contribution. He whispered to himself, and the Japanese passing by saw him whispering to himself. They thought that he was a neurologic patient. After giving him a strange look, they avoided him as far as they could.

Liu Ye didn't mind. As he looked at the scenery around him, he walked slowly to the Qing Ming Divine Club.

In Liu Ye's view, compared with many of the Japanese divine society, the Abe Fair divine society was extremely small. Next to the divine society was even an ordinary residential residence. There was only a stone tablet and a stone archway at the entrance of the divine society. On it were written four Chinese characters: "Qing Ming divine society".

After entering the Qing Ming Shen Club, he saw a very small stone bridge in the courtyard. It was called a cruel bridge, but it was just a miniature bridge outside. Beside the small bridge, there was even a white folding screen for tourists to take photos. The screen was painted with the scene of Qing Ming driving ghosts. The round hollow part of the face was deliberately made. Some tourists were gathering behind the folding screen to show their faces, pretending to be Qing Ming or Imp, to take photos and have fun.

Compared with some ancient divine society, this divine society, which had existed for nearly a thousand years, looked brand new and clean everywhere because it had been modified. It did not have the slightest sense of historical antiquity. On the other hand, some Japanese and classical snack shops added a special charm to the divine society.

Liu Ye walked to the Qing Ming Shen Club and came to a stone tablet, which was neither too big nor too small, in a corner. This stone tablet was ordinary, but there was a deep and bright five-dimensional pattern engraved on it. This was also the unique pattern of Yin-Yang Master, which was used to subdue demons and monsters!

Liu Ye looked at the bright red pattern of the Five-horned Star on the big stone tablet and said with a chuckle, "Who can imagine that... in such an inconspicuous place, nine-tailed celestial fox has been sealed for thousands of years?"

At this time, behind Liu Ye, some tourists from other countries and other places were still happily taking photos of various small groups of the Qing Ming Divine Club. They were gesticulating at the surrounding scenery. Some snack shops enthusiastically invited guests to come and go. The fragrance from the shops wafted out, lingering around the Japanese lanterns at the door, revealing a kind of peaceful and festive atmosphere.

But none of them knew that soon there would be a demon in front of them, no matter in China or in Japan, who had stirred up huge waves and was about to come back to life!

A foul wind and a rain of blood was coming from the China-Japan's Cultivation World!