Just as Liu Ye arrived at the Qing Ming Shen Club, in the royal courtyard of Mount Koya, which was located in the Zhenyan Tantrism, a score that had alarmed the entire Japanese Cultivation World was about to begin.

Because it took a long time for settling a score, and all the famous figures from various sects were gathered together, even the Mikado -- the emperor of Japan and his wife were also watching the score in the tall buildings. Therefore, it was impossible for them to stand up and fight like gangsters on the street, nor could they fight with each other immediately without saying a word like ordinary cultivators.

Before settling a score, Zhenyan Tantrism and the Ju family were going to hold a long and complicated ritual-related affair.

After a group of monks of the Zhenyan Tantrism in the field finished reciting Buddhist Scripture for a while, Masako Tachibana held the bell in one hand and a gold and silver fan in the other. She slowly got on the stage of Shintoism and show divine music dance in the field, which was unique to the Taoist priests.

Her daughter, Tachibana Wakako, was also dancing with Masako Tachibana. Both of them were wearing goddess clothes, white clothes and red skirts. They had the same black long hair. Because they needed to dance, they did not wear wooden swayed. Their feet were covered with white cotton socks. Since Tachibana Wakako was quite mature, although her age was not big, she was tall. Like her mother, her long black hair was like a waterfall. Therefore, when they stood together, they looked no different from sisters.

Although Li Yundong was in a tiger's acupoint, he was not afraid at all. He saw the monks around him were holding sticks with both hands and beating the rhythm of the drum in a clear rhythm. And Masako Tachibana and Tachibana Wakako were dancing in the beat of the drum. Even Li Yundong, who was hostile to them, had to admit that the dance the mother and daughter jumped out of the drum was beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

The cultivators of various sects and schools around saw Li Yundong standing in the field and watching for a while, so they simply sat down with their legs crossed. They looked at the divine music dance of Masako Tachibana and Tachibana Wakako with great interest. They clapped and laughed with great interest. They praised him loudly as if they were at home and did not feel like they were in a tiger's acupoint at all.

Although these cultivators had different opinions about Li Yundong's way of hurting people at Mount Koya, they saw that Li Yundong was still so composure in such a situation, as if there was no one else. His temperament, calmness, and courage were really beyond the reach of ordinary people. They couldn't help but praise him in their hearts.

The middle-aged man of Ise Shinto sighed softly and said, "This person must be the best in the Chinese cultivation world! He is really amazing. He has the courage to rush to the Solitary Machete Club alone. He is a real hero!"

Chu Yun, who had always been cold, also nodded slightly and said, "If he is not as crazy as a steel pipe, he must be a fool!"

The middle-aged man sighed, "We have to find a way to save him later! Such a hero, we can't let him die here!"

While they were talking, Masako Tachibana and Tachibana Wakako had already finished dancing. They saluted and stepped down gracefully. Although there were many hostile cultivators from the surrounding sects, they still applauded politely and praised loudly.

Before stepping down from the stage, Tachibana Wakako quietly stole a glance at Li Yundong, only to find that Li Yundong was nodding at her with a smile, and his eyes were full of praise, as if there had never been a grudge between them.

Tachibana Wakako's face turned slightly red, and she couldn't help but take two steps forward. After she and Masako Tachibana walked to the backyard of the stage, she turned back and whispered to Masako Tachibana, "Mom... Can you..."

When the words were about to come out of Tachibana Wakako's mouth, she could not help but hesitate. She bit her lips lightly, as if she did not know how to say the following words.

Masako Tachibana said coldly, "Do you want to plead for mercy for him?"

Tachibana Wakako looked at her mother and asked, "Can't I?"

Masako Tachibana snorted coldly and said, "Childish!" After that, she walked into the backyard room without looking back. As if pushed by a pair of invisible hands, the door slammed shut automatically.

Tachibana Wakako looked disappointed. She turned her head to look at Li Yundong on the scene and sighed secretly. At this time, a soft voice came from beside her. "What's the matter? Does Tachibana Wakako still insist on doing it?"

Tachibana Wakako turned her head and saw that Tsuruko Tachibana was talking to her in a low voice with a worried face.

Tachibana Wakako shook her head and said, "Mom has been blinded by anger and can't persuade her anymore!"

"Alas! She always thinks that we are angry with an outsider, but what she doesn't understand is that we are helping her! Have you told her that Li Yundong was Wisdom King who had the reincarnation ?"

Tachibana Wakako nodded and said, "Yes, I did!"

"So didn't she have any reaction at all?" asked Tsuruko Tachibana with a surprising look.

"She doesn't believe me at all. What can I do? She thinks I'm trying to find an excuse!" Tachibana Wakako said with nervous expression.

Tsuruko Tachibana let out a long sigh, shook his head and stopped talking.

About ten minutes later, Li Yundong saw Kaisai Hikariuni came up with a scroll in his hand and said in a low voice for a while. Before long, Masako Tachibana slowly came to the center of the field and stood about ten meters away from Li Yundong.

After Kaisai Hikariuni, Li Yundong, and Masako Tachibana bowed to each other, Kaisai Hikariuni slowly retreated. The cultivators who were whispering in the surrounding sects and schools also quieted down. They knew that an amazing score was about to begin.

Li Yundong saw that the courtyard was suddenly so quiet that he could hear a pin drop. Masako Tachibana stood quietly opposite him, with her hands clasped in her sleeves and her eyes drooped, as if she didn't take Li Yundong seriously at all.

It was extremely quiet in the courtyard. Only a gust of wind blew in, and a scarlet maple tree in the middle of the courtyard made a strange rustling sound of leaves.

Around Li Yundong, a faint golden radiance that could be seen with the naked eye was slowly released. This golden radiance shrouded Li Yundong's whole body, making him look like a shining golden Buddha.

A stream of strange white radiance slowly flowed out of the long sleeves of Masako Tachibana. This white light covered her like smoke, and her figure was looming.

Both of them were very cautious at such an important moment, because they were both great cultivators with extremely high cultivation quotient. Even if there was no one around to watch them, once they made a mistake, they would be doomed eternally. What's more, this score was a battle that Li Yundong and Masako Tachibana couldn't afford to lose. They could only win, they couldn't lose!

It was also because of this that the two of them were locked in a stalemate in the field. They were ten meters away from each other and were motionless. Only their zhenqi continued to flow out of their bodies and slowly extended toward each other.

Their zhenqi, like their tentacles, slowly extended to each other's domain. They tried to probe each other bit by bit, looking extremely cautious.

The Japanese cultivators from various sects and schools did not feel bored. Instead, they widened their eyes and watched the white aura and a golden radiance slowly approach each other. They knew that once these two auras came into contact with each other, they would immediately be in great waves, and the sky would be filled with wind and clouds!

Li Yundong's golden radiance and Masako Tachibana's white radiance were like two snakes of different colors, swaning. When they were about to climb to the maple tree in the middle of the courtyard, Masako Tachibana's white radiance suddenly moved. She suddenly shrank back, just like a viper about to attack. She tilted her head back, and then shot out like a sharp arrow!

When Li Yundong saw that Masako Tachibana's aura was shrinking back, he immediately understood the intention of his opponent, and suddenly rushed forward fiercely without warning!

Masako Tachibana's cultivation quotient was higher than Li Yundong's, and the fight between masters was just a hair's breadth. Although she shrank back, the sudden burst of speed still gave her the first chance. Her aure immediately passed through the maple tree and rushed toward Li Yundong like raging tide.

As soon as her aura passed through the maple tree, the scarlet maple tree suddenly became withered yellow, the maple leaves withered, and even the trunk began to wither, making creaking sounds, as if the torture of this aura is unbearable.

Due to the loss of the opportunity, Li Yundong's golden zhenqi was surged by the raging aura of Masako Tachibana. Immediately, he retreated one step at a time, as fast as retreating tide.

Although he was taken advantage of by his opponent, Li Yundong did not panic at all. When he saw the white aura approaching quickly, especially when he was two meters away, the white aura suddenly surged up like a huge wave and rushed toward Li Yundong like tsunami!

The crowd could vaguely saw numerous ghostly faces roaring in the tsunami. Countless dead souls instantly let out earth-shattering roar, shaking heaven and earth!

The cultivators' strength from various sects who were familiar with Masako Tachibana's strength immediately changed their expressions. They said sternly, "It seems Masako Tachibana really wants to win this battle! She actually used her ultimate move from the very beginning!"

Ever since the Ju family had established an alliance with the Zhenyan Tantrism, they had been able to summon ghosts and gods with the help of their own possess supernatural powers. And in the entire Japan, there was no more place concentrated than the Zhenyan Tantrism. Moreover, the hundred thousand ghost that had accumulated over the past thousands of years were so terrifying!!

Each and every one of their faces were the ghost that had been worshipped in this Mount Koya for thousands of years. Any side of their bodies would be turned into dregs, and they would be devoured until there was not a single speck of ash left!

It was unknown how many experts of the cultivation world had been defeated by this skill of Masako Tachibana!

When the crowd saw this move, they couldn't help but look at Li Yundong. Many people had already regarded him as a corpse because they didn't believe that a Chinese cultivator like Li Yundong could survive under such a horrible move!

Li Yundong saw the tsunami-like dead souls pouncing in front of him. Although there was no threat from his left, right, and back directions, he could dodge this extremely fierce attack with a slight flash. But Li Yundong knew that this was a trick of Masako Tachibana!

Competing with each other, the masters could lose their advantages, but they couldn't lose their momentum!

Even if he lost the first opportunity, he could still win later!

But once he lost his momentum, he would be doomed eternally!

As the saying goes, three armies can win the general's position, but an ordinary man can't win his ambition. That's the reason!

You're ruthless! I'm even more ruthless! You're fierce! I'm even fiercer!!

Li Yundong's eyes suddenly widened, and he put his palms together humbly. The nails of the second ring finger and the second little finger were put into his palms. The second index finger was attached to the back of the second middle finger, and the thumb was held up, forming the shape of the three eyes. In an instant, they formed into the big Buddha's mahamudra, which symbolized the light of the Buddha, which could see through the darkness of all living things, break through all obstacles, and drive away the ghost that were difficult to hide!

Li Yundong glared angrily at the sea of ghost in front of him. He recited the mantra and shouted, "Momo! I didn't carry you on your back for more than three days! Mingling! The Emperor's Confucianism! The Emperor's Manor! The Emperor's Manor! The Buddha's Manor! The Emperor's Manor's Manor's Manor! The Emperor's Manor's Manor's Manor's Manor is full of people!"

The mantra came out of his mouth at a high speed, and each word spewed out an extremely powerful Buddhist doctrine. As soon as Li Yundong's Light Gathering Buddha's mahamudra was cast, a flash of golden radiance shot out from the top of his head. The golden radiance rushed straight to the sky, and then quickly shot from the sky to the ground, instantly enveloping Li Yundong and the sea of ghost in front of him.

When these hundred thousand ghosts were illuminated by the golden radiance that had descended from the sky, they immediately howled in pain. In an instant, they turned into countless black smoke and fled in all directions.

Seeing that Li Yundong easily dissolved Masako Tachibana's unique skill of defeating countless masters with a loud shout, they couldn't help but burst into an uproar and exclaimed, "Mantra Mahāmudrā? Who is this person?"

But as soon as they finished their words, they saw that the golden radiance on the ground quickly turned into a real golden palm and slammed toward Masako Tachibana!

This palm seemed to be a huge meteorite falling from the sky. It moved so fast that flames appeared on the edge of the palm!

The Japanese cultivators present saw that Li Yundong's palm strike was terrifying extremely. It was so powerful that it made them feel suffocated. It was as though this palm strike would turn the courtyard into ashes!

They immediately stood up in shock. Although many people had a grudge against Masako Tachibana, this score was not only a fight between the Zhenyan Tantrism and the Chinese cultivators, but also a score between the Japanese Cultivation World and the Chinese Cultivation World. If they were knocked down by this Chinese person, it would be a great shame for the whole Japanese Cultivation World!

When they saw that Li Yundong's palm fell from the sky in the blink of an eye and swallowed up Masako Tachibana in an instant, they couldn't help but be shocked. "Masako Tachibana couldn't have been defeated like this, could he? How could this Chinese be so powerful?"