Everyone saw that Masako Tachibana's figure was instantly swallowed up by Li Yundong's Light Gathering Buddha's Top Mahamudra. Then there was a loud bang on the ground. The ground of the royal courtyard was like a carpet that had been shaken by someone, causing a sudden wave.

With this shock, even the tourists at the foot of the mountain felt a tremor, as if an earthquake had occurred.

At the gate of the royal courtyard of Mount Koya, the Japanese reporters looked at the strange scene in the golden radiance in the sky in shock and explained loudly to the camera.

The three monks guarding the gate also turned their heads at the same time and looked at the golden radiance falling from the sky in surprise. They whispered to each other about the origin of the golden radiance, and their eyes were full of strong yearning.

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin, who were hiding in the dense forest of Mount Koya, also felt that the two powerful auras had reached out to each other. Su Chan raised her head and said nervously, "I don't know how Yun Dong is doing. Sister Zi Yuan, hurry up and practice Magic!"

Zi Yuan quickly took out a colored glaze mirror covered with cracks from her sleeve. It was the jade mirror that she had used to help Li Yundong ward off the divine punishment.

Although the jade mirror was smashed by the power of the divine punishment and almost lost all its spiritual energy, it still had some special abilities, such as peeping at the nearby scene with the help of people who practiced Magic.

Zi Yuan wiped her hands on the mirror, and waves of white mist immediately surged out of the jade mirror. In the white mist, a blurred scene gradually appeared. It was the scene of Li Yundong and Masako Tachibana settling a score.

Zhou Qin's eyes widened and said, "That's Master! Where's Masako Tachibana? Why doesn't she show up?"

Su Chan said in surprise, "Could it be that Yun Dong has already won? The Mantra Mahāmudrā was amazing just now!"

However, Zi Yuan shook her head and said, "If we can defeat Masako Tachibana in this way, then the Cultivation World in Japan will become a big joke!"

As soon as the voice of Zi Yuan disappeared, she saw that in a roar of smoke, the figure of Masako Tachibana gradually appeared. Her whole body was surrounded by boiling white air, and her long black hair was like a upside-down waterfall rising to the sky. Her originally dark eyes had also become incomparably red.

Obviously, Masako Tachibana was irritated by Li Yundong's attack. Her angry voice shook the sky. "You wanna die!"

Masako Tachibana's voice sounded as if countless people were shouting at the same time. The whole Mount Koya suddenly trembled. Then, colorful clouds in the sky and hidden Yin Qi in the mountains and forests quickly rushed toward Masako Tachibana, as if she had become a huge whirlpool, sucking the surrounding aura into her body.

Soon, one vapor after another was slowly gathered in the front of Masako Tachibana. From top to bottom, it surrounded Li Yundong densely.

Mount Koya was one of the two great divine mountains in Japan. It was full of the spirit of heaven and earth. After being influenced by the incense of the Zhenyan Tantrism for thousands of years, it was even more spiritual. At this time, Masako Tachibana mobilized the Spiritual Qi of Mount Koya and Mother Nature's Qi of the sky. The two auras gathered together, and each of her doppelgangers looked majestic. An aggressive pressure came over her face and could not be stopped.

These Masako Tachibanas were holding all kinds of weapons. Some of them were holding Vajra, some were holding canes, some were holding alms bowls, and some were holding banners, the Yin-Yang Principle Fan, and other powerful magical weapons of Shintoism. In an instant, they rushed toward Li Yundong from all directions!

Li Yundong only saw the clones of Masako Tachibana in all directions, and the power of each avatar was no less than that of her true body!

He immediately shivered inwardly. He knew that this was precisely one of the great characteristics of the jinshen score!

The jinshen masters had already comprehended the truth of cultivation and reached the cultivation of harmony between man and nature, so they had broken through the limits of nature in settling a score. They were able to borrow the power of the five elements of heaven and earth and even thunder and lightning in an instant. In the blink of an eye, they formed a situation of fewer and fewer, and killed their opponents with the power of thunder and lightning in an instant!

If the opponent was not a master of the jinshen, or had not comprehended the mystery of the jinshen Battle, they would instantly fall into an extremely passive situation. Even if they had the Yang Spirit body with superhuman powers, they would not be able to resist such a violent attack. Even if the Yang Spirit Master wanted to fight desperately and directly attack the opponent's true body, because the opponent had the protection of the jinshen, his magic spells and powerful magical weapon might not necessarily be able to cause a fatal blow to the opponent. Therefore, "it can't be broken and can't be defended". This was why "even ten Yang Spirits can't defeat a jinshen".

At this moment, Li Yundong had already understand the secret of the jinshen Battle. His zhenqi surged without a hurry, and the Yang God instantly broke out. In an instant, countless Yang Spirit clones were formed, and he pinched Fixed Fundamental Palm with his hands. Every Yang Spirit was shining with golden radiance. Li Yundong seemed to be surrounded by a golden city wall in an instant, which firmly protected Li Yundong's true body. His body was as solid as golden soup, dripping water from the south, east, north and west!

Masako Tachibana's clone of anger generally collided with Li Yundong's clone of eyes, and the white aura and golden aura suddenly squeezed into a ball.

Countless avatars of Masako Tachibana were crowded together at this time, and they couldn't tell their specific figures at all. Even their facial features and limbs were blurred, as if they had merged into a huge white air mass, madly shrinking and squeezing toward Li Yundong!

Li Yundong only felt that this extremely powerful force was pressing towards him, as if it was about to crush him into meat sauce. His true body immediately tied his hands to the outside and his two middle fingers were raised to support each other. His thumb was crossed like a lotus leaf, and he pinched out the most powerful "the Anmitayus Buddha Seal" in the Mantra Mahāmudrā!

The mantra of the Anmitayus Buddha Seal lasted for a long time, but every time Li Yundong recited it, the golden radiance that was surrounded by the white aura became stronger and stronger. The cultivators around felt that although the golden radiance was bound by the white aura, it was like a volcano that was about to erupt with energy at any time. Its power was constantly increasing, and the white aura around was forced to expand in all directions and can't shrink any more.

When Li Yundong finished reciting the last word of the Mantra, he suddenly banged in front of him as if a huge bomb exploded, and a strong shock wave quickly spread around.

The maple tree, which was originally withered in the middle of the courtyard, was immediately uprooted by this force. In the blink of an eye, it flew into the sky. But when it was still flying in the air, it was quickly caught up by a shock wave from behind. The two shock waves were stacked together and instantly tore the maple tree into pieces.

The cultivators of various sects around the courtyard mobilized their zhenqi one after another. They set up a barrier in front of the house in front of them, blocking the terrible aura in front of them.

Masako Tachibana's white aura was also blown apart. But when it scattered in the air, it quickly changed into the shape of an avatar of Masako Tachibana. He glared at Li Yundong with ferocious eyes, as if he had not been damaged at all.

After Li Yundong used the Anmitayus Buddha Seal to break through the attack of Masako Tachibana again, a white radiance flashed on his waist, and the Liuhe Sword instantly came out of its sheath, splitting into countless Liuhe Swords in the air. Li Yundong's Yang Spirit suddenly jumped into the air and also turned into countless Yang Spirit clones. Holding a Liuhe Sword in one hand, Li Yundong fought against the incarnation of Masako Tachibana.

For a moment, the sky above the royal courtyard was in a mess. Everyone felt as if a war had broken out in front of them. Countless people were entangled in the fight.

After Li Yundong trapped the opponent's vast avatar with the same technique, he pointed his hand, and the Bahuang Sword suddenly turned into an indestructible rotating iron lotus throne, and clankly rushed towards Masako Tachibana!

At the same time, he also made three mahamudras at the same time, fiercely blocking all the directions and corners that Masako Tachibana could dodge!

For a moment, all the cultivators stood up in shock. They had never expected that in addition to gaining a little advantage at the beginning, Masako Tachibana had been suppressed by Li Yundong all the time. At present, she was even at a disadvantage!

Not only was this Chinese cultivator's ability to settle a score superb, but his moves were also fierce and violent. His every move was like a thunderbolt or a mountain, which made people have no time to breathe. The onlookers felt suffocated, let alone what's the feeling of Tachibana Masako on the court!

The middle-aged man of Ise Shinto was stunned and looked at the field. He couldn't help but said, "How... how is this possible? Who is this Chinese on earth?"

Chuyun suddenly straightened her back, and a strange light flashed in her eyes. She stared at Li Yundong's figure and said with slightly excited expression, "He is much... stronger than we imagined!"

There was also a group of stunned spectators outside the royal courtyard. Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin were watching the fight on the field with the help of the jade mirror. At first, when they saw the fight between the two sides of the jinshen, they were so nervous that they didn't even dare to breathe. When Li Yundong gained the upper hand, they couldn't help but feel happy one by one. Su Chan couldn't help but said happily, "Okay, we're going to win!"

Zhou Qin clenched his fists and said nervously, "Master, beat her down quickly!"

However, there was a hint of worry between Zi Yuan's eyebrows. She whispered in a low voice, "Something's wrong!"

Su Chan asked in confusion, "Sister Zi Yuan, what's wrong?"

Zi Yuan hesitated for a moment and said, "Although Li Yundong seems to have been attacking fiercely, I always feel that he has no effect?"

Zhou Qin was shocked. "Ah? Master, you won't really show mercy, will you? No! It's like cherishing a snake in your bosom!"

Su Chan widened her eyes. "What is Yundong thinking? There's no need to be so polite with this foreigner. Beat her quickly!"

Zi Yuan pondered for a moment and said, "No, Li Yundong seems to have used all his strength, but Masako Tachibana doesn't seem to use all her strength. Although she is beaten by Li Yundong at this time, she is not in a mess. It seems that she is looking for the real bottom line of Li Yundong's strength."

It's not long after Zi Yuan's voice, she saw that after Li Yundong's fierce attack, Masako Tachibana suddenly stopped. Her two eyebrows stood up, and her eyes were full of murderous aura. She said with a ferocious face, "Have you played enough? If you only have this little ability, today will be your doomsday!"

After that, countless doppelgangers around her gathered together, forming a huge cloud. Then, the countless Buddha statues of the Bodhisattva on Mount Koya began to vibrate. Rays of golden radiance rose into the sky and gathered in a constant rolling cloud layer in the sky. Then, they all fell on Masako Tachibana.

In an instant, Masako Tachibana, an upright cloud was shining with golden radiance, and her whole body seemed to be surrounded by flames. She held a huge golden long sword, raised it high, and then smashed it down towards Li Yundong's head!

When Zhou Qin saw this sword, he couldn't help but exclaim, "Master, quickly dodge!"

Zi Yuan and Su Chan also lost their voices at the same time, "Vajra Wisdom Sword?"