Faith is a kind of power!

When the believers of Tibetan Buddhism faced the Randeng Buddha, they burned their little fingers with sincerity, burning them as offerings to the Buddha, and forcibly burned their little fingers! During this process, they endured the pain that ordinary people could not bear, but their faces were brimming with happiness!

He destroyed himself and abused himself only for the sake of worshipping God! This is the power of faith!

In the extremely poor people's homes, the situation was precarious, and even the next meal was about to starve to death. However, the devout believers still served in front of Buddha respectfully as life-saving rations, even if they starved to death, they had to worship Buddha!

To sacrifice one's life just for Buddha! This is the power of faith!

For thousands of years, the gods and Buddhas of the Shingon had been enjoying such devout beliefs and offerings. The spiritual forces condensed by countless believers were entangled on this divine mountain, forming a huge and amazing power of gods and Buddhas.

That was exactly the reason why Masako Tachibana was so powerful!

At this time, she chopped down with the Vajra Wisdom Sword in her hand. The long sword was filled with the powerful and horrible faith power of the thousand-year-old Mount Kōya!

This power almost tore apart the sky. In an instant, Mount Kōya became covered in dark clouds, as shrouded in the people's head, the dark sky was about to collapse at any time!

This dark cloud almost covered the whole sky, so that more than half of the towering cloud Dharmakaya of Masako Tachibana was covered. At the gate of the royal courtyard, the Japanese reporters, who had been reporting on the scene, saw dark clouds rolling over their heads. However, the dark clouds was quickly torn apart by a dazzling golden radiance.

Although they didn't know what had happened, they knew that it must have been caused by settling a score in the courtyard. They were stunned and stared at the scene in front of them in a daze, a word couldn't say.

When Zi Yuan and Su Chan saw that Masako Tachibana's sword was coming down, they were so scared that their hearts were hanging in their throats. When Zhou Qin heard their shouts, he couldn't help but exclaim, "Vajra Wisdom Sword? Is this the magical sword of the Immovable Wisdom King?"

Zi Yuan's eyes were fixed on the colored glaze mirror, and her face was nervous. She unconsciously clenched her fingers, and her knuckles were so hard that they were a little pale, but she didn't know it at all. She said, "Masako Tachibana is serious. She has already used the faith power of the Shingon! This power is the power of the Sovereign of Mount Kōya, the Immovable Wisdom King's power!"

Zhou Qin couldn't help but ask curiously, "But... wasn't Master the incarnation of the Immovable Wisdom King?"

Su Chan and Zi Yuan were stunned by his words. They raised their heads at the same time, one full of surprise and the other seemingly lost in thought.

Su Chan burst into wild laughter and said, "That's right. How did I forget about this? It's okay that Masako Tachibana didn't use the power of the Immovable Wisdom King! But she used the power of faith of the Immovable Wisdom King to deal with the reincarnated Wisdom King. Isn't she asking for trouble? Haha, there's going to be a good show!"

The more the little girl spoke, the more excited she became. The worry between her eyebrows was gone. Her two glasses were narrowed into a line, and her face was full of satisfaction.

Although Zi Yuan's eyes were full of undisguised joy, she still said cautiously, "Don't be careless. Don't be careless; see what happens!"

When the cultivators of the various sects, who were watching the battle with their own eyes, saw the Vajra Wisdom Sword coming out, they immediately looked serious and hid their fear. Many of them were defeated by the Vajra Wisdom Sword of Masako Tachibana!

But Masako Tachibana's sword was aimed at Li Yundong. Although there was a loud bang, the tip of the sword was still three inches away from Li Yundong's top of the skull, so it couldn't fall again.

Masako Tachibana was startled in her heart, but then she became furious. She raised the giant sword in her hand again and chopped it down with force!

The power of this sword was even stronger than before. The long sword almost cut through the air. When the edge of the sword made contact with the air, there was a thunderous roar, which was horrible and suffocating.

But this sword still fell on three inches above Li Yundong's head again. No matter how angry and forceful Masako Tachibana was, the bat in front of Li Yundong was like an invisible wall, blocking the terrible Vajra Wisdom Sword in front of him.

Masako Tachibana was both shocked and angry. "That's impossible!"

The wisdom sword in the Immovable Wisdom King's hand could cut off everything in the world. Even if it was a flowing river, when it went down, the river would flow in reverse and the waves of anger would freeze! Even if it was the most righteous love in the world, the wisdom sword could cut off all love and hatred with it!

For more than ten years in Japan, there had never been anything under the wisdom sword that could not be cut. How could it not cut off the head of this young lad?

Masako Tachibana was so angry that she shouted loudly. In an instant, all the palaces, statues, Buddhas, and even lanterns, which were painted with the image of the Immovable Wisdom King, began to dance as if they were alive. Wisps of white light gathered toward her.

Masako Tachibana's Cloud Fashen gradually gathered together and turned into a raging flame Vajra that was surrounded by flames. This Vajra stared at everything in front of him with angry eyes. As the incarnation of the Buddha, as soon as he appeared in the world, he made people feel a horrible sense of anger.

The blue flames burning behind the Immovable Wisdom King were like a sea of fire in hell. They swore that they would burn everything in this world!

A blue sea of fire was boiling in the sky. In the eyes of the people, half of the sky on the Mount Koya mountain had become a strange dark blue, and the surrounding air had become scorching hot. The leaves on the Mount Koya mountain withered and withered quickly, as if they were being burned by the terrible high temperature and were rapidly losing moisture.

This blue flame quickly spread in all directions, and soon the whole sky turned into a blue sea of fire, with only a black Immovable Wisdom King standing in the sea of fire. The two sides of King Ming's mouth showed ferocious teeth, and his face was twisted with anger. He was bare-chested, his shirt was tilted, and he was wearing a skirt. He was holding the Vajra Wiadom Sword in his hand, which had been held by Masako Tachibana. He was lifting the sword in his hand little by little, as if he was going to cut it down in the next second, and completely destroy the world!

Some of the less composed cultivators in the royal compound were so frightened that they stood up. They wished that they could immediately flee far away.

Some of the cultivators who had suffered a defeat in the hands of Masako Tachibana were even paler, and their eyes showed the fear that they could not look back.

The middle-aged man in the Ise Shinto looked at the Immovable Wisdom King that was summoned by Masako Tachibana in horror. He said in a hoarse voice, "The Immovable Wisdom King, the king of all Wisdom Kings, the leader of all Wisdom Kings! I haven't seen him for a long time!"

Chuyun, who had been expressionless, also looked at the Immovable Wisdom King, who was powerful enough to destroy the world, in horror. She whispered in a low voice, "Is this the power of the Immovable Wisdom King? It's really powerful! Uncle, no wonder you told me that Masako Tachibana was invincible in Mount Kōya since I was a child! It's really like this!"

At this time, Masako Tachibana summoned the Immovable Wisdom King. The rolling dark clouds in the sky were also scattered by the blue flames of the Immovable Wisdom King. The people of Mount Kōya looked up with their mouths wide open. Looking at the furious Wisdom King in the sky, they didn't move at all, as if they had been scared out of their wits.

Especially when the intelligent sword in the Immovable Wisdom King's hand was raised to the highest point above his head, time seemed to have stopped moving and the air seemed to have frozen!

Immediately after, the Wisdom King's Vajra Wisdom Sword in the Immovable Wisdom King's hand fiercely chopped down!

He didn't need any tricks, or magic powerful magical weapon. As the embodiment of Buddha's power of anger, the Immovable Wisdom King's power had already surpassed everything else. He didn't need these fancy things to display his incomparable power anymore!

This ordinary sword strike had already surpassed all the dangerous fighting methods before!

When the people on Mount Kōya saw the sword falling, an idea suddenly came to their minds: "It's over. The world is going to be destroyed by Buddha!"

No one knew who was the first to make a heart-wrenching shout. Suddenly, almost all the people in the world screamed and fled wildly in all directions, like small animals who fled in all directions before the disaster came.

At this time, Masako Tachibana had completely lost her senses. For the victory in front of her, she had forgotten everything. In her mind, there was only one thought: "I can't lose, I can't lose! Immovable Wisdom King, help me destroy the guy in front of me who is blocking my way!"

Looking at the horrible sword falling toward Li Yundong, Masako Tachibana's figure was instantly swallowed up by the huge sword. At this moment, she was so happy that she raised her head and laughed out loud.

This burst of laughter was full of arrogance. In addition, Li Yundong's position had been instantly swallowed by a blue flame, which made him look superior and proud.

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin looked at the scene in the mirror and were stunned. The three of them were speechless for a while. After a long time, Zhou Qin suddenly became furious and said, "That's impossible!"

The little girl was also shocked. Somehow, she couldn't help but shed tears. She said in a daze, "Impossible, Yundong, he, he can't be like this..." At the end of the little girl's words, the two ominous words were about to come out of her mouth, but she couldn't say it.

Zi Yuan buttoned her lip. Her snow-white teeth bit her lips tightly, and her whole body was trembling. This fairy, who was usually very calm, seemed to be pulled out of her back in an instant. Her whole person became light and she couldn't stand still!

Although there were some cultivators from various sects in the cultivation world who admired and respected Li Yundong, this battle involved the cultivation world of the Middle Sun. The Japanese cultivation world could not afford to lose. Therefore, when they saw Li Yundong being swallowed by the flames, many people couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. Some sects that were very close to the Shingon even cheered.

The three monks who had been guarding at the gate of the royal courtyard could also tell the outcome from the changes in the scenery in the sky and the Aura in the courtyard. They could not help but cheer.

Those Japanese reporters, who had always disliked Li Yundong's high-profile behavior, saw them cheering and clapping their hands to celebrate.

But just as the Japanese were celebrating, a soft sneer suddenly came from the boiling blue flame.

Although the voice was soft, it clearly reached the ears of everyone in the Royal Family's courtyard for settling a score.

They only heard the voice full of sarcasm saying, "You Chinese like to read the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms', but haven't you read the 'Water Margin'?"

While speaking, within this blue flame, a male slowly walked out, with an impressive presence, but unscathed!

It was none other than Li Yundong!!