The voice of Mystical Silver Fox shook the sky, and the whole capital city was shocked. Many citizens looked up at the sky, and the pedestrians stopped walking. The drivers chased after them one after another, and the busy cross streets were blocked for a while.

Abe Su Qian trembled from head to toe as he looked at the countless shattered pieces of gold powder falling to the ground. They slowly piled up, and then a person slowly stood up from within.

The person's body was blurry, as if he was a combination of countless tiny golden light spots. Her whole body was a little distorted, but it could be vaguely seen that she was a woman with a slim figure. Her appearance was a little blurred. At first, she didn't even have any facial features, but in the twisted golden halo, she became clearer little by little, and her nose and eyes slowly appeared.

Just as her appearance was about to take a shape, Abe Su Qian suddenly let out a scream of despair. His entire body emitted a blinding black and white light. With a furious shout, he turned into a cannonball and charged at the Mystery Silver Fox.

After releasing the Mystery Silver Fox, Liu Ye slowly returned to his human form. He watched as Abe Su Qian rushed over, but he didn't stop him at all. Instead, there was a hint of mockery on his face.

Abe Su Qian was burning his own life at this time. He rushed toward the Mystery Silver Fox with the spiritual energy, trying to destroy her when she showed up.

But as soon as he rushed to the front, the Mystical Silver Fox suddenly stretched out her hand and hovered in front of Abe Su Qian. Abe Su Qian's fierce momentum, like a cannonball, suddenly stopped, and the rolling black and white Qi around him also solidified in an instant.

Liu Ye sneered and said, "Stupid guy!"

Just as Liu Ye placed a bet on Abe Su Qian's foot, the Mysstical Silver Fox suddenly clenched her fists. In an instant, the black and white Qi all over Abe Su Qian's body exploded in all directions. The ghostly Qi from the Yin and Yang worlds met the nine-tailed celestial fox. It was like a fierce beast meeting an even more ferocious monster. Subconsciously, it fled in all directions.

However, when the Ghostly Qi dissipated, it tore Abe Su Qian's old body into countless pieces. In an instant, the old man in the Onmyodo turned into a cloud of blood fog, which shocked the people around him and made them scream in horror.

Some of the ordinary people near the Qingming Shrine were so scared that they scrambled away. Some were so scared that they hid behind obstacles and shivered. Some were hiding in the corner and secretly took out their mobile phones to take photos of what was happening in front of them.

When Abe Su Qian was seckilled, an angry roar came from the roof next to the Qingming Shrine. "Demon Witch, quickly kill him!"

When Liu Ye heard the voice, he turned his head and saw two monks with buddha bead on their necks and canes in their hands standing on the roof. The two monks were wearing yellow cassocks and half of their arms were exposed. Their muscles were so developed that they were like steel bars and iron bars that wrapped around their bodies, like an iron tower Vajra.

Liu Ye frowned slightly. He knew that they were stronger than the guardian Vajra of Mang Mountain. He was good at fighting, and everyone's strength was close to the Golden Body Realm. He began to worry. "He's faster than a bunch of charlatans of Mang Mountain!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw countless figures jumping from the roof of the house in the direction of Mount Hiei, rushing toward them.

Liu Ye's heart trembled and he looked anxiously at the Mystical Silver Fox. However, he did not dare to urge the Mystical Silver Fox. He knew that it was time for the Mystical Silver Fox's soul to be reconstructed, her memory to recover, and her strength to awaken. If he disturbed it, it would cause great damage to the Mystical Silver Fox.

At this moment, the monk on the roof next to him shouted loudly. He swung his monk staff at the top of the Mystical Silver Fox's head like a meteor falling from the sky.

It seemed that the Mystical Silver Fox had not seen it. But when the cane was about to hit her head, she suddenly raised her head and screamed.

Veins stood out the Mystical Silver Fox's neck, and her mouth was wide open. A fierce sound that seemed to pierce through the sky and tear the earth bursts out from her chest!

This roar caused the surrounding air to shrink suddenly. Following which, a buzzing sound rang out as if the air had shrunk and then started to surge rapidly. It spread in all directions. This shocking wave caused the ground to crack and crack. Countless cracks spread out in all directions from the feet of the Mystical Silver Fox. The glass of the surrounding houses was instantly shattered into pieces. Many wooden houses even collapsed from the shock and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Some ordinary people who were close to him immediately bled from their seven apertures and fell to the ground without saying a word. No one knew whether they were alive or dead. The two powerful monks who were the first to bear the brunt of the attack seemed to have been hit by the Immobilizing Skill, and their bodies froze on the spot. After a while, blood slowly seeped out of their skin and pores, and the whole man slowly turned into a bloody man. Their bodies were soft and fell to the ground.

Liu Ye knew that the Mystial Silver Fox's roar had caused the Qi and Blood in their bodies to lose control. They fled in all directions, and all of their blood vessels exploded and they died!

Although the two monks were not difficult to deal with, Liu Ye had been worried about whether the Mystical Silver Fox would be able to revive after being sealed for nearly a thousand years.

However, the Mystical Silver Fox merely let out a fierce roar and killed the two mountain-protecting Guardian Deities. Its might was no weaker than it had been in the past!

"I'm the Mystical Silver Fox, who can stop me!" Even if the Mystical Silver Fox only had one soul and two souls left, even if she had been sealed in a five-star talisman formation for nearly a thousand years, once she showed up again, her sharpness was still not something an ordinary person could resist!

In a trance, Liu Ye seemed to see the majestic figure of the Mystical Silver Fox in the battle with Xu Ye.

At this moment, Liu Ye's whole body was burning with blood. He had planned for decades and finally succeeded. The Fox Zen School could finally regain its majestic spirit!

However, not long after he was happy, he heard an angry roar that shook the sky. "Get into formation! Demon-subduing!!"

Liu Ye looked up and saw that the roof of the surrounding houses was full of monks, and there were no less than five or six hundred people. These monks quickly stood with their hands clasped together, or sat cross-legged with Buddha beads in their hands, reciting scriptures in unison.

These chanting sounds shook the heaven and earth, revealing an extremely powerful Buddhist power, which made the Mystical Silver Fox scream in pain. Her body, which had become clearer and clearer, became distorted and blurred again.

Among these monks, the leading monk was wearing a red cassock, and his whole body was shining with amazing golden light. Looking from a distance, he was an old monk in his 70s. Liu Ye was shocked and said in a low voice, "The head of the Tiantai Sect was Imagawa Kouun!"

The Tiantai Sect was an extremely powerful force of Buddhism in Japan. Although it was not as powerful as the Warring States period, and it had suffered from disasters three times, falling from the clouds to the bottom, its hundreds-legged insects were still alive. So far, there was still an amazing number of martial monks in the Yanli Temple of Mount Hiei.

When these monks quickly formed the demon-subduing formation, the power of the formation was so powerful that it immediately attracted dark clouds in the sky. The thunder clouds were rolling, showing signs of the end of the world. With Liu Ye's abnormal strength, the eight-tailed Fox even felt a sense of fear that she didn't want to take another look at him.

Looking at the rolling thunder and lightning above his head, Liu Ye ground his teeth in anger and said, "The Extermination Array of Fa Hua!"

In the battle against the Mystical Silver Fox, it was the cultivators of the Tiantai Sect who sacrificed their lives to use this formation to attract the Divine Punishment. The Mystical Silver Fox was busy dealing with the Heavenly Thunder, so she was nailed to the ground by many Japanese warriors who flocked to her with the tactic of " ants biting the giant elephant".

Obviously, the master of the Tiantai Sect realized what had happened in the first place, so he made an amazing decision in an instant: to launch the Fa Hua Extermination Formation again and seal this terrible demon again!

These monks obviously knew that once the array was activated, most of them would become sacrificial offerings to launch the divine punishment, and then they would die. However, none of these monks were timid. Their faces were full of the expression of death, and their voices which were reciting the scriptures and incantations were not trembling at all.

Soon, the rolling divine thunder in the sky became more and more fierce, and the roaring thunder and lightning around were so bloodcurdling.

Liu Ye secretly gritted his teeth. He quickly took out a talisman from his bosom and recited the incantation at the same time.

Just as he was reciting the incantation, there was a loud rumble, and the rolling thunder and lightning around him fell in an instant. It seemed that countless divine thunders gathered together, forming a shocking torrent of heavenly thunder, rushing toward the Mystical Silver Fox.

The Mystical Silver Fox's and Liu Ye's figures were instantly engulfed by the blinding white light. For a moment, the sky was bright, and their eyes were as wide as a blind eye.

After a while, the surrounding light slowly returned to normal. The master of the Tiantai Sect, Imagawa Kouun, spat out a mouthful of blood. Many monks around him also fell to the ground. One of the monks leaned over and immediately struggled to grab hold of him. He gasped and said, "Master Xingyun, we made it!"

Imagawa Kouun took a look at the field, only to find that the original Qingming Shrine had almost disappeared. There was a huge deep pit on the ground, and the houses around the shrine had become ruins. It turned out that there was no trace of Liu Ye and the Mystical Silver Fox. There was not even a trace of ashes.

Imagawa Kouun brows were tightly furrowed. After he took a deep breath, he let out a long sigh and said, "No, we failed!"

The monk next to him exclaimed, "How could it be? Didn't the Heavenly Thunder hit her?"

Imagawa Kouun said bitterly, "At the moment when the Heavenly Thunder fell, they ran away!"

The monk was bloodcurdling. "Run away? What, this Mystical Silver Fox actually ran away? Buddha, such a terrifying demon actually escaped in front of us!! Who was the one that let him go?!"

After all, Imagawa Kouun was the Sect Master of the Tiantai Sect. He quickly expelled his dejected mood of failing to seal the demon. He slowly stood up and said in a dense tone, "Find out, immediately find out who let the Mystical Silver Fox go! Find out where the Mystical Silver Fox has escaped to! Even if we have to go to the ends of the earth, we will still kill her!"

The monk next to him whispered, "But... Master Xingyun, who can bear the responsibility of hunting down the Mystical Silver Fox?"

Imagawa Kouun said coldly, "When the soul of the Mystical Silver Fox was reorganized, we interrupted that. Now she must have scattered her soul and gone to find other souls. Therefore, she is not a big threat now, but we must find her and kill her before she finds the other souls! Otherwise..."

He didn't finish the rest of the sentence, but the monk next to him could guess what he was going to say. "Otherwise, once the Mystical Silver Fox recovers all its power, it will be an unprecedented catastrophe in the cultivation world of Japan!"