Just as the mystical silver fox was released, Zi Yuan, Su Chan, and Zhou Qin were about to start their great plan. However, as soon as they moved, Su Chan's figure suddenly froze on the spot. She looked in the direction of Jingdu with a blank and surprised look.

Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin both stopped and looked back at her in confusion. Zi Yuan asked carefully, "Su Chan, what's wrong? What's wrong with you?"

Su Chan only felt that her heart was beating violently. There seemed to be a very familiar aura in the distance. This aura might be very strange to ordinary people, but for Su Chan, it was extremely familiar, because this was exactly the unique aura of a fox spirit!

"Where did the fox spirits come from? Their aura is so strong. Why is it so strong?" Su Chan looked over and saw that there seemed to be a very faint dark cloud in the distant sky. Obviously, this strong fox spirit aura had attracted the heavenly thunder. The little girl looked at the distant sky in surprise and thought to herself, "Is it my master? No, even my master doesn't have such a strong aura! How strong can the fox spirit aura pass to me?"

The little girl's eyes were fixed on the distance, and she was lost in her thoughts for a while. Suddenly, four words suddenly popped up in her mind: Mystical Silver Fox!!

By the way, it must be the Mystical Silver Fox!! Only the aura of the Mystical Silver Fox was so strong!

This thought scared Su Chan. Her face was pale, and she immediately took a few steps back subconsciously. She cried out, "No, it's impossible!"

Although the little girl was sometimes stupid, at the critical moment of life and death, she was often very clever. Especially after the taoist assembly, the little girl naturally knew what it meant for the Fox Zen School to resurrect the mystical silver fox, and what it meant for Li Yundong!

"One point, then one point!"

An extremely terrifying thought suddenly flashed through Su Chan's mind. She immediately jumped up and said to Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin in horror, "Oh no, let's go quickly. Yun Dong is in danger!"

As she spoke, she took the lead and rushed forward.

Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin were at a loss. They looked at Su Chan suspiciously. Zhou Qin couldn't help but caught up with her and asked, "Su Chan, what's wrong? What happened?"

Su Chan was very anxious. She didn't dare to say her guess out, so she had to say, "Don't ask so much now. Hurry up and carry out our plan. Let Li Yundong get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be too late!"

Zhou Qin became more and more confused. She wanted to ask again, but when she saw Zi Yuan, she said firmly, "Don't ask. Listen to Su Chan first. Let's go!"

Seeing this, Zhou Qin didn't say anything more. He nodded and followed quickly.

The three of them rushed to the royal courtyard, only to see that the Japanese reporters who were guarding at the door had already been excited. Having witnessed the previous strange fighting, they thought that Masako Tachibana had won the last victory. They were so excited that they wished they could rush inside and take a picture.

For the reporters, these monks of the Zhenyan tantrism kept them outside, which was really a great torture to their curiosity!

Zi Yuan saw that the three monks at the door were also looking in the direction of the courtyard curiously. She lowered her voice and said quickly, "I'm in charge of the one in the middle. Su Chan, you're in charge of the one on the left. Zhou Qin, you're in charge of the one on the right. Do you have any objections?"

Zhou Qin and Su Chan nodded at the same time, and Zi Yuan also nodded. She raised her hand and quickly threw small earth magic behind these Japanese reporters.

With a rumble, the Japanese reporters were so scared that they immediately fell to the ground with the machines in their arms.

Zi Yuan gritted her teeth and immediately said, "Go!" After that, with a flash of purple light around her, the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk flew out quickly, and her figure disappeared in an instant.

The Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk was like a huge net, covering all the monks in an instant. Although the monk struggled desperately and roared loudly, his voice was firmly trapped in the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk. The whole body was wrapped like a mummy, and his body fell straight down.

The two monks next to him were attracted by the magic of Zi Yuan. They looked at the direction of the sound with vigilance. The one in the middle was hit and fell backward, but they seemed to be unaware of it.

At this time, Zhou Qin's whip broke through the air. The head of the whip was like a viper sticking out its tongue, accurately hitting the Danzhong of the chest of the monk on the right, making his Qi and Blood boil. He couldn't even shout for help, and his body couldn't help bending.

Then, Vulcan's Whip in Zhou Qin's hand quickly wrapped around the monk's body. Zhou Qin shook his wrist and pulled him to his front as if he was pulling prey. She stretched out her hand and poked the monk's body with her fingers quickly. The monk did not say a word and fainted without saying a word.

Although Zhou Qin didn't let the monk make a sound this time, the sound of Zhou Qin's whip breaking through the air and pulling people attracted the monks on the left to look at them.

As soon as the monk turned his head and saw the scene in front of him, he was about to cry out in surprise. But as soon as he opened his mouth, a beautiful girl appeared in front of him in an instant. The girl held black hair in her hand and touched the monk's neck. He immediately felt that his whole body was stiff, and his voice disappeared when it reached his throat. He lost control of his whole body and tilted to the side.

At this time, Zi Yuan also appeared in front of the fallen monk in the middle and caught him before he fell to the ground. Zi Yuan and Su Chan looked at each other and nodded quickly. Then they dragged the two monks to enter the jungle quickly.

Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and Su Chan stirred up trouble three times, as fast as lightning. Before the reporters at the door found anything unusual, they had completed everything.

When these reporters stood up in shock again, they were surprised to find that the three monks at the door disappeared!

For a moment, these reporters blankly looked at the open door and looked at each other. They couldn't wait to rush in immediately, but the law and discipline of the Japanese had been deeply rooted in their bones and blood. Although there was no one guarding the door, no one rushed in for a while.

But at this moment, they saw the three sadhus of the Pure Land School walking slowly toward the royal courtyard.

As they saw the three monks entering the courtyard, their minds suddenly became lively. They looked at each other. At this time, a journalist's sense of curiosity and responsibility finally defeated everything. With a shout, they rushed into the courtyard like bees.

Both Masako Tachibana and Kaisai Hikariuni knew that the Mikado--the emperor of Japan was also in the courtyard, but there were many masters from various sects and schools in the cultivation world of Japan, so naturally, no one could reach the Mikado--the emperor of Japan. Therefore, most of the monks of the Zhenyan Tantrism were placed outside the periphery of the Gaoye Mountain and the royal courtyard to prevent outsiders from attacking.

The monks who were arranged in the courtyard were all paying attention to the situation in the field. How could they notice the situation around them?

When these reporters rushed into the field like a tide, it was too late for them to stop them.

Just as the Japanese cultivators in the cultivation world were making trouble for Li Yundong, the Japanese reporters rushed in, and afraid that the world would be in chaos. For a time, the cameras and vidicons were flying, and the cameras were flashing the same color.

Li Yundong was going to fight with these Japanese cultivators, but when he saw this situation, he was also stunned. Just as he was in a daze, a voice came into his ears and said quickly and anxiously, "Li Yundong, let's go!"

This voice was clearly heard by Li Yundong. It was the voice transmitted by Zi Yuan to him.

"Why is she here?" Li Yundong couldn't help stunning.

Li Yundong was not a reckless person. He knew that even if Guan Yunchang who went to the meeting alone finally escaped, he had to hold Lu Su hostage, let alone himself.

If he didn't take advantage of the chaos at this time, when would he do it?

While the army was in chaos, Li Yundong took advantage of everyone's distraction and disappeared in an instant.

In the courtyard, these reporters rushed in. They were so excited that they looked like sharks who had smelled blood. They asked in a loud voice, "Mr. Earth Immortal, why did you come to Mount Koya this time?"

"Master Kaisai Hikariuni, I heard that there is a real settle a score here. Is that true?"

"Miss Chuyun, what happened in the sky just now? Can you explain it to us?"

Although the Japanese cultivators in this battle had seen a lot of ups and downs, they could not help but be dumbfounded when they saw this situation.

Some cultivators fly into a rage out of shame and shouted at these reporters, "Who are you? Who let you in?"

"Throw them out!"

"Shut up! Don't you see that they are taking photos? Do you want to be taken?"

The monks of Zhenyan Tantrism looked at these reporters helplessly. Although they were strong cultivators, they didn't know how to deal with the situation in front of them in the face of the cameras of satellite live streaming and these ordinary mortals.

Kaisai Hikariuni was very unhappy, but he still said to these reporters with a kind face, "Amitabha, everyone, please behave yourself. The Mikado--the emperor of Japan is upstairs!"

The Mikado's power was extraordinary. The reporters on the scene immediately quieted down and stood solemnly, no longer making any noise.

At this time, a figure stood up from the half-covered window upstairs. The figure flashed by the window and slowly went downstairs.

The faces of the cultivators from all sects and schools on the scene were very bad. In front of the emperor, the Japanese cultivation world had been slapped in public!

Some of them quickly came to their senses and looked around for Li Yundong. They were searching around when they heard a loud laugh in the air. Li Yundong stood in the clouds and said with a smile, "The Great River has gone to sea waves, leading these dozens of people to ride a small boat and a leaf. It's not like the Nine-Heavens Palace, but it's a ten-thousand-foot-long tiger's den. A man's heart is apart. I'm looking forward to seeing this one-handed knife like a mountain village club. What a good sect!"

After that, Li Yundong laughed three times and disappeared into the sky.

The Japanese cultivators were furious. Almost all the Japanese men read Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and these cultivators were extremely knowledgeable. They naturally knew that Li Yundong was singing Guan Hanqing's One-blades Society, which satirized them like clowns in the River East.

A few cultivators bellowed angrily, "Damn it, let that person escape!"

"Bastard, how dare an ignorant junior laugh at us!"

"Damn it, go and catch him back!"

Although they shouted fiercely, they didn't take any action. On the one hand, there were reporters on the scene, and on the other hand, the previous fighting had really shocked them. This young man was actually the reincarnation of King Ming. It was really terrible!

The most admirable thing in Japan was the Immovable Wisdom King!

Just as these cultivators were arguing, suddenly, a monk almost scrambled to the front of Kaisai Hikariuni and whispered a few words.

Kaisai Hikariuni's originally calm and peaceful face suddenly changed. He said with a twisted face, "What did you say?"

The monk whispered again. This time, Kaisai Hikariuni's whole body trembled.

The reporters around looked at Kaisai Hikariuni curiously. They didn't understand why this big monk, who didn't change his expression when Mount Tai collapsed in front of them, was so frightened with his paled face.

Although they didn't hear what he said, the cultivators of the various sects and schools heard the sentence with their super strength: "Mystical Silver Fox, reappear in the human world!"

In an instant, all the Japanese cultivators in the royal courtyard of the Mount Gaoye fell silent, then a terrible and solemn atmosphere shrouded the field.