The news of the resurrection of the Mystical Silver Fox made all the cultivators in Japan feel as if they were soaked in an ice cellar with a chill runing down their spines.

Although nearly a thousand years had passed since the demon-sealing battle, the horrible memories of the Japanese cultivators were still there. They dared not imagine what kind of disaster would be brought to the Japanese and Japanese Cultivation World after such a big devil was released.

Kaisai Hikariuni was the first to recover from this terrible news. He opened his eyes widely to the reporters around him and said with curiosity, "Amitabha, please go to the front hall to have a rest. After a while, the Zhenyan Tantrism will hold a press conference. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us on the conference. Please leave now."

These reporters looked at each other and had to leave under the guidance of the other monks.

After the reporters left, the other cultivators immediately shouted, "Kaisai Hikariuni, what happened? The Mystical Silver Fox was sealed in Kyoto. With the Yin-Yang Master of the Yin-Yang Sect and the monks of the Tiantai Sect in charge, why did they escape?"

The master of Yin and Yang of the He Family, who had been hostile to each other for a long time, also said coldly, "Abe Right, isn't your family responsible for guarding the soul of the mysterious fox with the Luck of heaven? Why is there such a mistake?"

Abe Right is a middle-aged man who looked very dignified just from his appearance. He said in a low voice, "Someone must have taken advantage of the opportunity to enter! We have two members of our tribe. I and Qing Sen came to the Mount Kōya, so the Qing Ming Shen Club is empty!"

The Master Yin-Yang of the He Family sneered and said, "Why don't you be fully prepared? Don't you know the terrible consequences of letting the Mystical Silver Fox have the Luck of heaven escape?"

"This must be a conspiracy. He transferred us to this place, and then took advantage of the opportunity to sneak in and let go of the Mystical Silver Fox with the Luck of heaven! He Maochang, our family has been guarding the Mystical Silver Fox for nearly a thousand years. The price you paid is well-known in the world. It's not up to you to talk nonsense!"

He Maochang sneered and didn't say anything else.

At this time, an eminent monk of the Pure Land School said slowly, "Amitabha, please calm down. There's no way to blame her now. Let's figure out the whole story first! By right, it's impossible for the Mystical Silver Fox to escape with her own strength. There are not only guards of the Abe family home, but also people of the Yanli Temple on the rooftop. Even if she can escape, she will be quickly sealed back. But since she has escaped now, it's very likely that someone is secretly waiting for her, or maybe someone is plotting to release her!"

The monk's words made everyone nod in agreement. Kaisai Hikariuni turned to the messenger and said, "Did you make it clear who let go of the Mystical Silver Fox with the Luck of heaven on the rooftop?"

The monk shook his head quickly. "No!"

Kaisai Hikariuni pondered for a while, then suddenly raised his head and said to the crowd with a glint in his eyes, "Everyone... I think we may have fallen into a trap!"

Everyone was shocked and asked , "What trap?"

Kaisai Hikariuni said slowly, "This Li Yundong, who came to settle a score, is very likely to be a pretense to attract our attention!"

The crowd was shocked again. They looked at each other in dismay, but soon nodded and said, "Yes, it's possible!"

"That must be the case! Seize this chink and force him to ask about the whereabouts of the Mystical Silver Fox!"

Immortal Ise Shinto's Goddess Chuyun frowned slightly. Suddenly, she said softly, "This is just a deduction. There is no evidence."

Although her voice was soft, it carried a lot of weight. It could be said that Masako Tachibana had lost her reputation in this battle. It could be imagined that the Ying family would fall into a decline because of this, and Ise Shinto would definitely rise again. The Goddess would be an important role in her career. Therefore, as soon as she spoke, all the cultivators around her looked at her. Although some people did not take it seriously, they did not refute it due to the influence of the Ise Divine Sect and the face of God Lady Chuyun.

Kaisai Hikariuni said, "There is indeed no evidence, but let's think about it. Why did the Mystical Silver Fox not run away earlier or later, but run away at this time? When Li Yundong was about to leave, these reporters who were originally blocked outside rushed in? One thing is a coincidence, two, three? What's more, the current situation is related to the life and death of our Japanese Cultivation World. If we follow the rules to pursue evidence, it will be a terrible disaster! How to save this terrible situation is the justice!"

Kaisai Hikariuni's words were forceful and his tone was heavy, which was moving. The goddess was stunned when she came out of the clouds. She was a real cold and silent woman, and she was not good at debate. Kaisai Hikariuni, a great monk, was often arguing with people about Buddhist doctrine, so his speech was incredible. If it was a fight, even a hundred out of the clouds couldn't beat this old monk.

The middle-aged man next to her knew that Kaisai Hikariuni's words obviously occupied the commanding height of morality and righteousness, but Kaisai Hikariuni took this opportunity to divert everyone's attention and spearhead, so that he could quickly get rid of Shingonfrom the failure in the settle a score just now, so as not to avoid being investigated by others.

After all, it was a great shame to be defeated by a Chinese in front of the the Mikado -- the emperor of Japan!

But the most important thing at the moment was to hunt down the Mystical Silver Fox with the Luck of heaven!

The middle-aged man said at this time, "What Master Kaisai Hikariuni said makes sense. We should immediately hunt down the Mystical Silver Foxwhile she has not fully recovered!"

Kaisai Hikariuni looked at the middle-aged man with some surprise, as if he didn't understand why the Ise Shinto would help him. However, when he saw that the other side handed him an olive branch, Kaisai Hikariuni quickly caught it. He said, "Amitabha, Lord Shenguang is right! This is the moment for us to unite and defeat the disaster!"

Divine Light smiled slightly and said, "What Master Kaisai Hikariuni said is right. However, who will take the responsibility of hunting down the Mystical Silver Fox?"

Kaisai Hikariuni was stunned. He glanced at the divine light, only to find that the divine light's smile was full of meaning. He was furious. He thought that the other party had given him an olive branch, but who knew that it was a straw!

Kaisai Hikariuni cursed in his heart, "What a cunning guy! How dare he try to take over the leadership of the Japanese cultivation world at this time!"

Where there were people, there was Jianghu. Where there was Jianghu, there were fights.

Even if the united foreign countries were to fight for power in the face of fame and wealth, they would still not be able to get out of this cage. Now that Masako Tachibanahad fallen, who wouldn't covet the throne of the Heavenly King Mountain?

Kaisai Hikariuni knew that whoever took the responsibility to hunt down the Mystical Silver Fox would be able to take over the dominant position, and whoever took the dominant position would be able to stand at the commanding heights of the Japanese cultivation world, just like what the Shingon had done before, to "take the emperor hostage to order the feudal princes".

Kaisai Hikariuni wanted to oppose it, but he racked his brains but could not refute the words of the Divine Light, because the other party also stood from the point of view of righteousness. Moreover, it was even more impossible for him to recommend the Shingon to stand at the top of this storm. Who would believe a sect that had just been defeated in the fight?

However, Kaisai Hikariuni was not an ordinary person. He quickly thought about it and said, "The Mystical Silver Fox is a powerful demon that has been seen for thousands of years. If we want to catch her, one or two sects can't succeed. We should unite and do it together."

Sacred Light secretly cursed in his heart, "a bunch of charlatans, knowing that I can't oppose my words, he simply proposed to let all the major sects share the leadership. Damn it!"

Divine Light smiled slightly and said, "Although what Master Kaisai Hikariuni said is right, if we don't have a leader, we will fall into a situation without a leader. Maybe we will be defeated one by one by the Mystical Silver Fox with the Luck of heaven!"

Some sects who were closer to the Ise Shinto responded one after another. The other sects were naturally not stupid. Some were opposed to it, some were reprimanded loudly, and some were thinking with their heads down.

Tachibana Wakako walked to the backyard holding Masako Tachibana and carefully wiped the blood from the corners of her mother's mouth. She raised her head and looked at the cultivators who were arguing in the courtyard. She said with confusion, "Are they all crazy? Why are they still quarreling at this time? Why can't they be more united?"

Tsuruko Tachibana knelt on the couch, took the blood-stained towel from her hand and washed it in the wooden barrel beside her. She sighed softly and said, "Child, when you grow older, you will understand!"

Tachibana Wakako shook her head and said, "If I have to understand these things when I grow up and become the same as them, then I would rather not grow up!"

Tsuruko Tachibana smiled and caressed Tachibana Wakako's long black hair. "I hope you will remember your words in the future, baby! Don't waste your life on fame and profit, and don't do the same thing to me again!"

Tachibana Wakako seemed to have grown a lot in an instant. She looked up at her grandma and nodded hard. "Okay!"

Tsuruko Tachibana smiled with relief. She looked up and worriedly looked at the cultivators in the field, who were making noise, without saying a word.

Tachibana Wakako followed her gaze and said worriedly, "How long do they want to quarrel? Grandma, how do you think they will deal with it? Have they been arguing all the time, waiting for the Mystical Silver Fox to regain all her strength?"

Tsuruko Tachibana shook his head and said, "No, they will definitely come up with a solution. And this method is feasible!"

Tachibana Wakako asked in confusion, "What's the solution?"

Tsuruko Tachibana frowned and said, "First, whoever finds the Mystical Silver Fox first wins the dominant position..."

"But the world is so big. Where can we find the Mystical Silver Fox? It doesn't matter if we send fewer people to look for it. If we send a large number of people to look for it, will our hometown be empty and we will be taken advantage of by the mysterious fox?"

Tsuruko Tachibana looked at Tachibana Wakako with admiration. "You're right, so the best way is the second one!"

"What's the second method?" asked Tachibana Wakako.

Tsuruko Tachibana said with a serious look, "Whoever can defeat Li Yundong can win the dominant position!"

Tachibana Wakako was shocked. "Why is that?" As soon as she blurted out these words, she immediately reacted. "It can be said that everything in front of me has an inseparable relationship with Li Yundong. Even in the eyes of almost all the cultivators present, Li Yundong must be one of the participants who released the Mystical Silver Fox with the Luck of heaven. They have the reason and "righteous" to suppress Li Yundong. In addition, Li Yundong defeated OrangeMasako Tachibana in front of the emperor, which humiliated the cultivation world in Japan. If anyone could defeat Li Yundong again, the reputation and reputation he brought would be self-evident!"

Tachibana Wakako was not a fool. She quickly figured it out, but she couldn't believe it. "They won't leave the mysterious fox in the Luck of heaven alone and go to find trouble with Li Yundong first, will they?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, Tachibana Wakako heard a cultivator in the field say loudly, "In my opinion, it's all because of that chink. If it weren't for him, the Mystical Silver Fox wouldn't have escaped! If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have lost so much face in front of the the Mikado -- the emperor of Japan! In my opinion, whoever can defeat chink, we will recommend who will be the leader of the Mystical Silver Fox!"

This sentence stunned Tachibana Wakako. She could not believe that there was really someone who did not care about the danger of the Mystical Silver Fox and went to find trouble with Li Yundong first!

"Are these guys idiots? Can't they even tell what's important?"

However, when the cultivators of the other sects heard this, they all fell silent for a moment, and then nodded in unison.

Ise Shinto's face was filled with a mocking smile as he said: "This is truly a good idea! Go and find trouble with the reincarnated Wisdom King? Who will go?"

Everyone looked at each other. "That's right. The chink is Immovable Wisdom King. He has absorbed so much power of Masako Tachibana. If I go and find trouble with him, wouldn't I be courting death?"

Kaisai Hikariuni said at this time, "Don't worry. The Wisdom King's power used by Masako Tachibana can't be used by Li Yundong. This power belongs to our Mount Kōya. He can use it, but he can't take it away!"

All of a sudden, everyone was relieved. Many cultivators noised, "Go and kill this chink who humiliated us!"

"He must be one of the spies who released the Mystical Silver Fox. He must also know where the Mystical Silver Fox is hiding. Go catch him and force him to find out the whereabouts of the Mystical Silver Fox!"

"Yes, yes! We must take revenge!"

"But if we come to our door, will it cause a rebound in the Cultivation World of China?"

"Humph, if that chink is protecting this guy, then let's declare war! That chink humiliated us in front of the Mikado -- the emperor of Japan, and then took advantage of the opportunity to let go of the Mystical Silver Fox with the Luck of heaven. This is already the biggest provocation to us!"

"Yes! If there is any sect protecting him, let's start a war with them!"

The vast majority of the cultivation sects responded loudly in anger. The emotions on the scene were so intense that it was as if a blazing prairie was on fire.

The divine light of the Ise Shinto and Chuyun looked at the crowd in shock. Both of them wanted to say a few words, but at this time, all the sects and schools in the Japanese cultivation world were excited. The general trend had been formed. If they didn't follow the trend, even the Ise Shinto would be abandoned. Not only would it not gain any benefit, but it would also be regarded as a traitor and an alien in the Japanese cultivation world.

Looking at the crowd from a distance in the backyard, the young girl, Tachibana Wakako, was extremely shocked and said, "Are they all crazy? This will cause a war in the cultivation world of the two countries, the Sun Empire and the Middle Country!"

Tsuruko Tachibana shook his head and lamented, "Child... The war has begun! You and I can't stop it!"