Li Yundong looked at Zi Yuan and Su Chan in confusion and asked, "How do you two know where the Mystical Silver Fox is?"

Zi Yuan and Su Chan looked at each other, and Su Chan said, "Sister Zi Yuan, come on." Unexpectedly, Zi Yuan said at the same time, "Su Chan, tell me."

As soon as the two of them finished speaking, they looked at each other and smiled. Li Yundong said helplessly, "You two don't have to be modest at this time. Su Chan, you go first."

Su Chan nodded and said, "Yundong, do you still remember Mr. Cao?"

Li Yundong was stunned for a moment. “President Cao? Cao Kefei?"

Su Chan said, "Yes! When I saw President Cao for the first time, I felt that she had a very familiar aura. Not only me, but also other people of the Fox Zen School also felt that her aura was very familiar when they saw her, just like seeing a fellow from the same sect of the Fox Zen School. Yundong, don't you think it's strange?"

At this time, Zi Yuan said, "And when I saw her for the first time, she only had one soul and two souls. Logically speaking, a person should have three transcendent components and the seven material components of the human, but her soul was incomplete..."

Li Jiandong was frightened and said subconsciously, "Is it really her?"

Zhou Qin was tongue-tied, as if he couldn't believe Su Chan and Zi Yuan's words. Cao Kefei was a celebrity in Tiannan City, a famous strong woman in the business world. She also had a private relationship with Zhou Qin. But how could she imagine that such a beautiful strong woman was actually the reincarnation of the Mystical Silver Fox?

Zhou Qin said, "Master, do you know President Cao is Mystical Silver Fox?"

Li Yundong's face was very ugly, his brows frowned: "The last time Yan Fang wanted to kill Cao Kefei in a sneak attack, I had already thought about this question. Why would Yan Fang prefer not to use Liuhe Sword and kill Cao Kefei? And, there are 10,000 ways to kill Cao Kefei. Why did you choose to expel her soul? I had guessed a little at the time, but I couldn't believe this fact."

With this, Li Yundong took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "It seems that Cao Kefei should be the soul of the doppelganger of the Mystical Silver Foxx!"

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong worriedly and said, "Yundong, what should we do now?"

For some reason, Li Jiandong suddenly felt irritated and his mind was in a mess. "I don't know what to do either!"

If Cao Kefei was really the Dark Fox of Heavenly Secrets, what should he do? Kill the Dark Fox of Heavenly Secrets? Or watch the Dark Fox of Heavenly Secrets merge with Cao Kefei's soul? If so, wouldn't Cao Kefei die?

Li Yundong knew that Cao Kefei had a good impression of him, so he had been avoiding her. But deep in Li Yundong's heart, he remembered Cao Kefei's kindness in his heart.

"As the saying goes, a drop of water should be returned with a spring. I haven't repaid Cao Kefei yet. Why do I have to watch her die?"

How could this be?

However, if Cao Kefei was really the remnant soul of theMystical Silver Fox, she would definitely become the target of the cultivation world. Everyone had to get rid of her as soon as possible. Even if the Mystical Silver Fox did not come to retrieve her soul, the other cultivation sects would not let her live.

It could be said that Cao Kefei was already a person who would die without a doubt!

But if he wanted to save Cao Kefei, he would be the enemy of the entire cultivation world. It could even be said that he would be the enemy of the Heavenly Mystery Fox and all the cultivation sects in the world at the same time!

Even if he obtained all the powers of the Immovable Wisdom King, he would not be able to challenge all the cultivators in the world and the Mystical Silver Fox at the same time!

However, did he have to watch Cao Kefei die without doing anything?

Li Jiandong's face turned blue, and he clenched his fists. He couldn't speak for a long time.

Zi Yuan was very clear about Li Yundong's worries. She thought for a moment and persuaded him softly, "Li Yundong, don't worry. In my opinion, you have a good relationship with Cao Kefei anyway. You can contact her privately as a friend, and then act according to circumstances. What do you think?"

Li Yundong sighed and said, "What you said makes sense, but this is just a temporary solution, not a long-term solution. If Cao Kefei's identity is really exposed and others find out, she will die. Even I can't protect her from death!"

Zhou Qin said, "Since the Mystical Silver Fox escaped from Japan, in my opinion, she is very likely to be the former Yu Caiqian. If it is really Yu Caiqian, then it will be too much trouble. The Japanese cultivation world will definitely kill many countries to find the whereabouts of the Mystical Silver Fox. If it is true, then... the pressure will be greater!"

Li Yundong's face became more gloomy, and he frowned. After a long while, he said, "Let's do what you said in Zi Yuan first. I'll go to find Cao Kefei and President Cao..."

Su Chan asked in a hurry, "What about us?"

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan and forced a smile. He took out the medicine king tripod from his arms and said, "The three of you have been together for a long time. No one will dare to provoke you. So you are responsible for returning this medicine king tripod to Mr. Shen Wancai and Mr. Shen."

When Su Chan saw that Li Yundong refused to take her with him, she was disappointed and said with grievance, "Ah? You want me to return the medicine king tripod? Sister Zi Yuan and Sister Zhou Qin can go there! Didn't you just say that you would take me wherever you go? Why didn't you fulfill your promise so soon?"

Li Yundong sighed softly and gently patted Su Chan's head. "Silly girl, if you follow me, you will attract too much attention. At that time, it will attract other people's attention. If there is only me, it will be a little better. The chance of being discovered will be much lower."

Su Chan blinked her eyes, gently pulled Li Yundong's sleeve, and said understandingly, "I know. You are right. I am willful! Then I will go with Sister Zi Yuan and Sister Zhou Qin to Mr. Shen's place. Last time, someone took away the medicine king tripod in front of me. It's so embarrassing. This time, we must not let anyone take away this medicine king tripod again!"

Zi Yuan also smiled slightly and said, "Li Yundong, don't worry. This time, we will never let the king medicine tripod be taken away again."

Zhou Qin said with concern, "Master, you... you must be careful when you are alone. If you really meet the Mystical Silver Fox, don't pretend yourself! Even if the Mystical Silver Fox takes President Cao body, we may still have a chance to save Mr. Cao!"

Li Yundong smiled gratefully at the three of them and said, "I see. You three should also be careful."

After the four of them finished their discussion, they flew back to Tiannan City. After flying to the top of Tiannan City, Li Yundong bid farewell to Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin, and then flew to the building where Cao Kefei was.

Until Li Yundong found a relatively remote place to land, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Cao Kefei's number. However, he called a few times, but Cao Kefei did not answer the phone.

An ominous idea flashed through Li Jiandong's mind. He ran quickly toward the Dongsheng Building.

After entering the Dongsheng Building, Li Yundong went straight to the ninth floor. When he went up to the ninth floor, he rushed inside in a hurry. The receptionist quickly stopped him and asked, "Sir, do you have an appointment?"

Li Yundong kept walking and said quickly, "I'm looking for Cao Kefei. Is she there?"

Seeing that she couldn't stop him, the receptionist quickly stamped her feet and said, "Hey, you can't go in. Security guard, come on!"

While speaking, several security guards rushed out of the office of the inner room. They held the cane in their hands and stared at Li Yundong covetously, eager to have a try.

Due to the previous case of Wang Yong asking for debt from Cao Kefei's company, Cao Kefei fired all the security guards of the company and replaced a batch of them. This time, the new batch of people was no longer useless people who were forced into the company by their connections, but soldiers who had been carefully selected by Cao Kefei to retire from the army.

These security guards were all as strong as bulls and tigers. Each of them was almost half a head taller than Li Yundong, and the tallest one was even 1.9 meters.

Since there was a warm central air-conditioning in the building, these security guards were all wearing camouflage short-sleeved sleeves and tactical vests. The back belt of the vest was hung with a walkie-talkie and an electric baton. They were well equipped. There was an armed belt around their waist and a pair of leather climbing boots under their feet. This kind of boots was hard and thick. When one of them chopped down, it was no difference that an ax hit a person.

These security guards were soldiers who had retired from the army. Their masculinity was so strong that they had nowhere to vent. After coming to this media company, which was full of beautiful women, their hearts were itching. They had long wanted to try their skills and show themselves in front of many beautiful women.

But how could there be so many troubles in the world? After Li Yundong dealt with Wang Yong last time, everyone in Tiannan City knew that Cao Kefei knew a Master named Li Yundong. And this Li Yundong showed up with Zhou Qin on the day when the Three Immortals of Earth opened their business in a high-profile way. Who didn't know that he had an excellent relationship with Zhou Qin?

As for Zhou Qin, who was he? What a joke! Who in the whole Tiannan City didn't know who Zhou Qin was?

In the outside world, people could not know who their parents were, but they must know who those high officials and their children were. Otherwise, if they got used to being arrogant, they wouldn't even know how they would die!

It was also because of this level of relationship that no gangster in Tiannan City dared to make trouble for Cao Kefei.

These days were quiet and peaceful. The security guards had been bored for a long time. At this time, when they saw the movement at the door, they were so excited that they rushed out one by one. They wished they could immediately show their great power.

But they were not fools. For their own livelihood, they didn't act immediately. The leading security guard pointed at Li Yundong's nose with a stick and shouted, "Hey, stop!"

Li Jiandong frowned slightly and took a look at the cane in front of his nose. He didn't want to cause conflict with these secular people, so he took a step back.

When the security guard saw Li Yundong retreat, he immediately turned his head proudly and said to the receptionist, "What happened?"

When the receptionist saw them coming, she was a little relieved and quickly said, "he wanted to find Mr. Cao as soon as he came in. He rushed inside so hard that I couldn't stop him."

The security guard looked Li Yundong up and down. Before he could speak, he suddenly saw a white-collar woman passing by turn her head and carefully look at Li Yundong. She said in surprise, "You are... Li Yundong?"

Li Yundong was stunned. He glanced at the woman and saw that she was dressed in professional women's clothes. Her long curly hair made her look fashionable and sexy. She looked a little familiar. He thought for a moment and suddenly understood. "I remember! You are Xia Yu!"

The woman in front of him was none other than the beautiful white-collar worker, Xia Yu, who had secretly stuffed a note for him after Li Yundong saved Cao Kefei.

After Li Jiandong's refusal, the two brushed past each other. They thought that they would never meet again, but they didn't expect to meet again today.

Seeing that Li Yundong still remembered her, Xia Yu was overjoyed. She reached out her hand and said with a smile, "I didn't expect that you still remember me. I thought that the noble would forget things!" After that, she pursed her lips and smiled.

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Aren't you an employee of Mr. Yin on the 19th floor? Why are you here? Where is Mr. Cao?"