After Li Yundong felt the aura of the mysterious fox, he immediately stopped walking. He was not sure how to deal with this matter for the time being, and he didn't know who was watching Cao Kefei in the dark, so he decided to hide in the dark, so that it would be much easier to protect Cao Kefei.

Xia Yu, who was standing to the side, looked at Li Yundong in surprise. "Don't you want to go up and say hello to Mr. Cao? Don't you have something urgent to discuss with her?"

Li Yundong's mind was like lightning. He quickly thought of an excuse and said to Xia Yu with a mysterious and serious face, "In fact, I have one thing that I haven't told you."

Xia Yu asked in confusion, "What is it?"

Li Jiandong said very seriously, "I heard that someone was going to hurt Mr. Cao, so I came here in a hurry. Now that she is fine, I am relieved for the time being. But I don't know that no one will hurt Mr. Cao in the future, so I want to secretly observe and protect Mr. Cao for a period of time. I don't want to appear around Mr. Cao, so as not to alert him."

Xia Yu immediately became excited. "Wow, it's so exciting! Is someone trying to assassinate Mr. Cao? Is it love? Hatred? Or some kind of spy case? Wow, is Mr. Cao a big spy? You can't be a spy, can you? Yes, I think you must be a spy. Otherwise, how did I see you so powerful last time? It's almost like an act! You must be a trump card agent, right?"

Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He held back his laughter and said to Xia Yu with a straight face, "Comrade Xia Yu, I have something to tell you. Please keep it in mind!"

Xia Yu was so excited that she couldn't stop herself from saying, "Say it quickly. My memory is the best and my mouth is the most tight. I promise I'll remember it in a hundred years. I promise I won't tell anyone else!"

Li Yundong said with a serious face, "That's to say, don't watch more Hollywood movies in the future! You can almost be a screenwriter!"

Xia Yu's face suddenly fell, and she muttered, "Isn't that the case? What's the reason?"

Li Yundong shook his head and ignored her. He still looked at Cao Kefei.

At this time, Cao Kefei didn't know about these things. She was now struggling with all kinds of problems in the secular world. When she walked into the hotel, Liu Fei'er, who was not far from the door, quickly followed her and whispered, "Sister Cao, Sister Cao! Did that annoying guy leave?"

Cao Kefei sighed in her heart and rubbed her temples with a painful face. "Yes, unfortunately, he will appear in two days. Fortunately, we have two peaceful days!"

Liu Fei'er also sighed and said sympathetically, "Sister Cao, you should have told me earlier. If I had known that you were so short of money, I could have helped you!"

Cao Kefei shook her head and said, "Forget it. You're an actress. Don't get involved in this kind of business relationship. It's so messy. Besides, it's not easy for you to make money."

Liu Fei'er asked again, "What about Mr. Yin? Isn't she your good friend?"

Cao Kefei sighed and said, "Her? Don't you know about the recent financial situation? The government's suppression of the house price has never been harsh, and it's not the harshest, only the economic situation. Her current real estate company has lost its capital chain a long time ago. If it weren't for her uncle, Shen Wancai, who was helping her, I'm afraid she wouldn't have been able to hold on any longer."

Liu Fei'er was from a well-off family, so she didn't care about the people's livelihood. She blinked her eyes and said, "Is that so? Didn't you go to find Zhou Qin?"

Cao Kefei smiled bitterly and said, "Her? Ever since she became the disciple of that little enemy, she has become the same as her master. She is very mysterious. The last time I went to the courtyard to look for Zhou Qin, the other side said that she had not returned home for more than a month, as if she had gotten married!"

When Li Yundong was mentioned, Liu Fei'er's eyes suddenly lit up. After she and Cao Kefei entered the elevator, she said with excitement and gossip, "By the way, where is your little enemy, Immortal Li? Why hasn't there been any news about him recently?"

Since attending the opening ceremony of the Earth Three Immortals last time, Liu Fei'er had given Li Yundong the title of an immortal in the world. She had worshipped him so much that she had shouted more than once that she wanted to learn from him.

However, after Cao Kefei went to the Three Immortals on several occasions but didn't find any trace of Li Yundong, there was no news of Immortal Li for a long time. Liu Fei'er's passion to worship him gradually cooled down.

Seeing her mention Li Yundong, Cao Kefei's face suddenly fell and she said with resentment, "How would I know? This guy is so hateful. Last time, there was news of him. I thought that after opening a shop, even a monk can't run away from the temple. I didn't expect that this guy was so cruel that he didn't even manage a new shop and went missing all day! Damn it! I'm so angry!"

Liu Fei'er covered her mouth and said with a smile, "I think it's you who can't stand it. You're alone, and your heart is moving, isn't it?"

Cao Kefei's face turned red. She glared at her and said, "What nonsense are you talking about? Aren't you afraid that reporters will eavesdrop on you? Will there be gossip news another day?"

Liu Fei'er giggled and said, "Well, it's a good opportunity to hype up. Maybe you will become famous, Sister Cao. You might as well change your career and become an actor. You are so beautiful, and you will definitely become famous when you become an actor!"

They were talking with a smile. Unconsciously, the elevator had arrived at the fourth floor. When the elevator door opened, the two men at the door saw Liu Fei'er in sunglasses and the beautiful Cao Kefei. They couldn't help but be stunned, especially when their eyes fell on Cao Kefei. It was as if iron had met a magnet, and they couldn't move their eyes away. The two men stood at the door in a daze and couldn't walk. It wasn't until Cao Kefei and Liu Fei'er walked past the door with their heads down that they could no longer see each other. Only then did they come to their senses.

But when they turned around, they found that the elevator had been closed. They woke up as if they had just woken up from a dream and pressed the button of the elevator in a hurry.

After Cao Kefei and Liu Fei'er entered the room, Liu Fei'er suddenly burst into laughter. "Sister Cao, look at how charming you are! Those two guys can't move at all! You can act. You are bound to be the first sister of the Chinese film and television circle. Even if it's Li Bingbing or Fan Bingbing, you have to give in!"

Cao Kefei said with a wry smile, "Don't say that! It's hard enough for me to be a producer. If I become an actor, won't I be abused to death? Do you think I'm like you? I can do whatever I want. Even if I don't want to do anything, no one can do anything to you."

Liu Fei'er stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, "No! Sister Cao, you can't be an actor if you don't want to. I just think that your life is too hard for you!"

Cao Kefei fell headfirst onto her big bed. Her jade pillow was pressed against her forehead as she moaned, "That's right. I've been dreaming for the past two days!"

Hearing this, Liu Fei'er cheered up. With her eyes shining, she sat down next to Cao Kefei, shook her arm, and urged, "Hey, Sister Cao, what did you dream of? Did you dream of a dream that is not suitable for children?"

Cao Kefei angrily put down her arm and reached out to pinch Liu Fei'er. She said angrily, "You d*mned girl. It was you who fell in love with me, but you put the blame on me!"

Liu Fei'er giggled and dodged Cao Kefei's hand. "Say it, what's there to be embarrassed about?"

After playing with her for a while, Cao Kefei seemed to be very tired. She continued to lie on the soft bed and said faintly, "Alas, I've been dreaming that I'm a carefree little fox in the forest these days. I don't have to deal with any random people. If I'm thirsty, I'll drink spring water in the mountain stream. If I'm hungry, I'll eat fruit falling from a tree. I don't need to worry about food and clothing. I have nothing to ask for! Alas, how good is this kind of life? Where is it like now? For a little money all day, I beg grandpa to tell grandma. Any man wants to take advantage of you!"

Liu Fei'er lay prone on the bed, holding her chin with her hands. Her two slender calves were raised high and swaying. She listened attentively and said slowly, "When you are thirsty, you can drink the clear spring of the mountain stream. When you are hungry, you can eat the fruit falling from the tree... Oh, life is so good, just like a paradise! Hey, Mr. Cao, if you go to live in seclusion in the forest, take me with you!"

With this, she thought for a while and said, "By the way, Sister Cao, I don't think you're a little fox. You're a big fox and have become a demon! Otherwise, why are you so beautiful?"

Cao Kefei couldn't help laughing. She slapped Liu Fei'er's butt and said, "Don't flatter me. I don't give you any pay to flatter me!"

Liu Fei'er giggled and said, "No, I don't. Sister Cao, don't you think that you have become more and more beautiful these days? You look like a completely different person. Your skin is getting better and better, your face is glowing, and you are extremely beautiful!"

Cao Kefei laughed and scolded, "No way! I'm about to become an old woman! Don't mess with me here. Go do what you should do!"

However, Liu Fei'er rolled on the bed and said with a smile, "No, I'll stay here tonight. It's so boring for me to live in such a big room alone. I'll talk to you in private tonight!"

Cao Kefei had a very close relationship with Liu Fei'er. Otherwise, she would not have taken Liu Fei'er with her when she went to the opening ceremony of the Three Immortals. When she saw that Liu Fei'er insisted on staying, she smiled helplessly and said, "It's up to you. I'm going to take a shower. I don't care about you anymore. I'm so tired after taking a day's sea scene today. I smell like the sea!"

Seeing Cao Kefei talking while walking, Liu Fei'er put her curly long hair on her head. She raised her upper body and said loudly, "Hey, don't close the hot water, and don't close the door. I'll wash it later!"

Cao Kefei laughed and scolded, "You little girl, don't push your luck! Do you want to take advantage of this when you are taking a bath?" After that, she slammed the door. As if she was deliberately angering Liu Fei'er, she deliberately slammed the door lock and said proudly, "Humph, now you can't get in, can you?"

Liu Fei'er pretended to be angry and said, "Well, Sister Cao, you are too much! You don't believe me! Be careful that I will secretly take pictures of you with my mobile phone when I sleep at night, and then send the photos to the Internet!"

Cao Kefei laughed and said, "Let's take photos. You can also take photos of people! Do you think you're the only one who has a mobile phone?" After that, she turned on the tap and was ready to take a shower.

Cao Kefei stood in the spacious bathroom, taking off her clothes while looking at herself in the mirror on the dressing table. She saw that the beauty in the mirror was really charming. Her oval face was small and exquisite, especially her bright and moist lips and neat white teeth. Her lips were really red and her teeth were white. She smiled and looked very charming.

Cao Kefei looked at it dazedly for a while. Her fingers reached in front of the mirror and gently touched herself in it. She sighed faintly and said, "You don't look worse than others. Why do you like me? I don't like you. I don't like you. I don't like you."

Cao Kefei sighed softly, bit her red lips lightly, and complained with a resentful face like a resentful woman, "You're so annoying. Where did this little enemy go? He didn't even greet me. He has no conscience at all, causing me to be bullied all the time!"

Cao Kefei felt sorry for herself for a while. She walked to the tap and took a shower with hot water. She sighed to herself, "Alas, it's so boring to be a human being! It's better to be a free little fox!"

As soon as she finished her words, she suddenly heard a gloomy voice beside her. "Is what you said true? Do you really want to be a free little fox?"

Cao Kefei was shocked when she heard the voice. She hastily wiped her face with her hands, trying to wipe away the water on her face.

After she wiped her face, she reluctantly opened her eyes and saw a vague figure standing in front of her, slowly reaching out to her.

This scare was not a small matter. Cao Kefei was so scared that she screamed. She only felt a gust of bone-chilling cold air coming at her. Her eyes went black and she fainted without saying a word.