Liu Fei'er, who was outside the door, heard a cry of surprise from the bathroom. She suddenly shivered and hurriedly jumped down from the bed. She shouted to Cao Kefei, "Miss Cao, Miss Cao! What's wrong with you?"

Liu Fei'er shouted nervously outside the door, but nothing was stirring in the bathroom, which scared Liu Fei'er. There had been many accidents with Cao Kefei before. With such an affair, Liu Fei'er did not dare to be careless. She immediately rushed to the door and slapped hard on the door of bathroom, shouting, "Miss Cao, can you speak?"

She shouted and found that there was still no response inside, so she put her ear to the door and listened carefully. But she only heard the sound of water coming from inside, and there was no more.

Liu Fei'er gritted her teeth and quickly rushed to the bedside to pick up a blanket to wrap her body and head. Then she took two steps backward, shouted, and quickly slammed into the bathroom door.

However, the bathroom door was extremely firm, and Liu Fei'er's figure was thin and slim. With a bang, the door didn't move. But she stumbled and took two steps back. She sat down on the ground, feeling as if her whole body had fallen apart.

The sharp pain only made Liu Fei'er's tears swirl in her eyes, but she quickly gnashes her teeth in anger and stood up. She pretended to be righteous and tried to kill him. Then, she screamed and slammed toward the door.

"Dong!" This time, Liu Fei'er's body was stuck on the door, but the damn door still didn't move!

Liu Fei'er leaned against the door and sat softly on the ground. She covered her soft and drooping arms and the very painful shoulders with her hands. Looking at the door that seemed to be about to be divided into the Yin-Yang Principle, her tears fell down. She sobbed and said, "Help! Who will help us?"

She failed to hit the door twice and her arm was unlocated. She was anxious and scared. She couldn't help but cry out loud. After crying for a while, she suddenly remembered that she had to call the police!

Liu Fei'er seemed to have forgotten the pain all of a sudden. She quickly stood up and threw herself to the bedside. The remaining arm that could move quickly grabbed the phone and dialed the number in a flurry.

But her hands were shaking so hard that she couldn't press the button of her mobile phone. The more nervous Liu Fei'er was, the more scared she became. Now she didn't know how Cao Kefei was. She was in a state of fear almost collapse.

After she pressed the button for a while, even the most simple 110 could not press out. So she gave up the button, rushed to the gate, opened the door, and shouted, "Help!Help!"

Liu Fei'er was a professional actor originally, and her basic skills were very solid. Her shout was so loud that almost the whole building heard it. Everyone in the left and right rooms who heard the voice poked their heads out. Two waiters quickly ran over and asked nervously, "What happened?"

Liu Fei'er pointed to the bathroom and said with tears in her eyes, "Miss Cao is inside. She didn't reply when I called her. I don't know what's wrong with her. Please open the door quickly. I'm afraid that something bad will happen to her. She has a heart attack!"

When two waiters heard this, their faces turned pale. Hotels were most afraid of such things. Moreover, who lived in such a hotel and in such a luxurious suite? Which one of them was easy to deal with? If there was something wrong with them, it would be a big problem!

A waiter quickly picked up his walking device and talked to the receptionist, asking her to call the police immediately. The other waiter rushed to the door quickly and tried to lock it with his hand, but found that it did not move at all. He immediately hit the door with his shoulder and found that it was not like a door, but a wall or a mountain!

The waiter covered his shoulder and grimaced in pain. He shook his head at the other waiter.

At this time, a lot of people were attracted to the corridor to watch the fun. Some men saw Liu Fei'er crying and wanted to be kind to her. They couldn't help but want to show some. They took the initiative to ask, "I'll do it, I'll do it!"

They rushed to the door of the bathroom like soldiers, but all of them were hit so hard that their heads were heavy and their feet were light. It was as if they were stepping on cotton. They couldn't even stand steadily and staggered as if they were drunk.

Seeing this scene, Liu Fei'er cried in despair. At this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar voice. "What's wrong?"

Liu Fei'er was startled. She raised her head and saw a boy with dark eyebrows and bright eyes standing in front of her,and he was looking at her with concern and nervousness.

"Isn't, isn't this Li Yundong? Why is he here?" Liu Fei'er's mind was ringing sound and she thought subconsciously.

But soon, Liu Fei'er came to her senses. She couldn't help but feel her heart beating wildly. She didn't know where the strength came from. She stood up and unconsciously grabbed at Li Yundong. "Why are you here? That's great. Please save Miss Cao. She, she..."

As Liu Fei 'er spoke, her words had said not to go down, but her tears kept falling.

Li Yundong nodded and said to her in a deep voice, "Don't worry, I'm here!"

Liu Fei'er nodded and wiped her tears. She didn't know the reason that as if the boy in front of her said "I'm here", she felt extremely safe and secure, and her panic gradually disappeared.

The man who had knocked on the door and injured himself tilted his head and looked at Li Yundong disapprovingly. He thought to himself, "There are so many of us, and some of us are stronger or taller than you. If we can't hit the door, can you find a way?"

Li Yundong walked to the door and reached out to lock the door. As soon as his hand touched the handle of the door, he felt a piercingly cold evil aura. He immediately retracted his hand and frowned secretly. He thought to himself, "Oh no, has the Mystical Silver Fox already taken back her soul?"

Li Yundong took a deep breath and exerted a little strength. He tried to use his pure and vigorous Yuanyang Zhenqi to test the Yinqi. As soon as he tried to test it, there was a loud bang, and Li Yundong was forced to take three steps back.

Li Yundong didn't expect that the rebound force would be so strong. Although he didn't use all his strength, he was shocked that he was forced to take three steps back.

As soon as Li Yundong lowered his head, he saw that his palm which was holding the handle, was covered with a layer of frost. Obviously, he had been frozen like this by the cold air just now. He thought to himself, "This Mystical Silver Fox is really smart. When others are strong, she is strong and when others weak, she is weak. When ordinary people went to open the door before, she used ordinary forces to block the door. Now I was the one who opened the door, and she was blocked by the cold air! Humph, she does have some skills, but can she stop me ?"

Some of the men around saw that Li Yundong also suffered a loss on the door. They immediately sneered and laughed at other's troubles. But as soon as they laughed out loud, they saw Li Yundong taking a deep breath and walking to the door again. But this time, Li Yundong didn't push the door, but push the wall next to the bathroom door.

Everyone was shocked and frightened. They thought to themselves, "Is this guy crazy? Does he think he's the Terminator Schwarzenegger ?"

But as soon as this idea flashed through their minds, they saw that when Li Yundong's palms touched the wall, the wall suddenly rumbled. The wall was like a piece of tofu made of flour, and there was a big hole with a crash.

Everyone was struck dumb. They couldn't speak for a long time. They watched as Li Yundong quickly opened a door on the wall next to him with his bare hands. Then, he rushed into the bathroom.

As soon as Li Yundong rushed into the bathroom, he saw that Cao Kefei's eyes were closed and nobody know if she was dead or alive. She leaned against the glass wall of the bathroom and was naked. Her body was curled up into a ball. Although her hands and feet covered her vital parts, her pink body was as delicate as a piece of porcelain, which was extremely attractive and made people want to vomit blood.

Li Yundong quickly moved his eyes away and cautiously searched around the bathroom. After quickly confirming that there was no aura of the Mystical Silver Fox, he took off his upper clothes and gently picked her up.

When the two of them were on a blind date, Li Yundong used the aura in his body to test Cao Kefei's blood vessels, only to find that Cao Kefei's body was no different from an ordinary person's. However, the condition of the loss of Essence in her body had improved greatly, which made Li Yundong stunned.

Logically speaking, Cao Kefei was a woman with a lack of soul. She only had soul, Tianchong Soul, Linghui and Zhongshu , which are the one transcendent component and the human soul. As a result, she was congenitally incomplete, which led to her lack of Qi and Blood. It was absolutely impossible to make up for it.

This was the same as a woman having five punctures . If one didn't improve all of them to cultivate, then they definitely wouldn't succeed.

However, at this time, Cao Kefei's whole body was full of Blood and Qi, as if her soul had been restored. However, if the Mystical Silver Fox had already entered Cao Kefei's body, she should have been full Zhenqi at this time. It was impossible for her to be like now, without Zhenqi at all!

Li Yundong frowned and thought to himself, "This is really strange! It doesn't make sense!"

He took Cao Kefei out of the bathroom and was thinking about something when he saw Liu Fei'er hurriedly wiping her tears and coming up to him. She asked nervously, "How is it? Are you all right, Miss Cao?"

Li Yundong nodded and said with a strange look on his face, "It seems that nothing will happen, but..."

Liu Fei'er hurriedly asked nervously, "But what?"

Li Yundong looked down at Cao Kefei and saw that the beauty in his arms was sleeping with her eyes closed. Although her body was covered by her clothes, others still stared at the place covered by her clothes, as if they wished that they could have a pair of eyes that could see through her and see what kind of amazing beauty was hidden under the clothes.

Li Yundong put Cao Kefei on the bed and covered the bed sheet. He stared at Cao Kefei's beautiful and quiet face and fell into deep thought. He thought to himself, "But I don't know whether she is now Cao Kefei, President Cao, or the Mystical Silver Fox !"