Hearing Liu Fei'er's words, Li Yundong couldn't help but have an idea. He thought, "She's right. Anyway, I've already been exposed. Why not stay with Cao Kefei with this name and stay for the ride, so that it's convenient for me to deal with it."

Thinking of this, Li Jiandong nodded with a wee smile. "Well, I'm afraid I'll disturb you."

Liu Fei'er was overjoyed and subconsciously wanted to raise her hands to cheer, but as soon as she raised her hands, she felt a studden sharp stab of pain in her arm. She snorted in pain, covering her arm, and almost sat down. Only then did she remember that her arm was still dislocated. She was so nervous and scared that she had forgotten about it just now!

Li Yundong held her quickly and checked her arm. Then he gently pinched her shoulder and asked, "Does it hurt?"

At this time, Liu Fei'er was all relieved. There was no more worry and fear in her heart. For a moment, she felt that this kind of pain was simply irresistible. Cold sweat rolled down her forehead and she nodded with difficulty.

Li Yundong said softly, "Don't be afraid. I'll help you locate your arm."

Liu Fei'er's face was pale and said, "Will it hurt?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "No, you just need to cooperate with me." As he said this, he slowly lifted Liu Fei'er's dislocated arm.

Although Haikou was late winter, the temperature of the weather was still very hot. At this time, Liu Fei'er was wearing a long skirt with sleeveless which is made of silk, and it was clean under the armpit. Although this was not a private part of a person, Liu Fei'er still felt inexplicably shy. Her cheeks were red and her heart was beating wildly. She didn't know what the boy was going to do.

Li Yundong seemed to know what Liu Fei'er was thinking. He smiled slightly and said, "Don't be nervous." As the same time, he raised Liu Fei'er's dislocated arm, and the other hand flicked gently on the hot spring acupoint under Liu Fei'er's skin.

Liu Fei'er just had her bones been dislocated, however, her meridians and Qi and blood had not been removed. Therefore, Li Yundong's shot immediately made her shiver. It was as if she had been struck by lightning. Her body almost lost consciousness in an instant. She felt numb all the way from the acupoint of Jiquan of her body to the Chongquan point of her feet.

After Li Yundong flicked, he immediately grabbed Liu Fei'er's shoulder and put her arm into the joint. With a click, he sent Liu Fei'er's arm in the right place..

Hearing this terrible voice, Liu Fei'er was about to shout when she saw Li Yundong say to her with a light smile, "How is it? Does it hurt?"

Liu Fei'er was surprised to find that her arm had recovered. She waved her arm and said exaggeratedly, "It doesn't hurt. You are so good! How did you do it just now? You seemed to press me, and then I can't feel anything. Is this the immobilizing skill of the immortal skill? Or the paralysis skill of the magic?"

Li Yundong was unable to stifle a laugh. "You've watched too many movies. Don't guess optionally. This is a traditional Chinese medicine method. Any Chinese medicine practitioner can explain it to you."

The acupoint of Jiquan was one of the major acupoint of the human body. It was located at the top of the armpit.There were the ulnar nerve,the median nerve and a large number of nerve veins of the internal nerve nerve of the forearm around the acupoint of Jiquan.It could be said that this was the central channel that connected the human body and arms and it was an extremely developed and sensitive place. If an ordinary person touched it slightly, there would be a sour and numb feeling. If he hit it hard, it would lead to a person's shock and death.

At this time, Li Yundong could already be a great cultivator of the cultivation. He used his powerful and condensed Zhenqi to touch Liu Fei'er's Jiquan acupoint. It was as if he had used a golden needle to prick her acupoint. As the saying went, a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole. As soon as Li Yundong pricked her, the Zhenqi immediately flowed to all parts of her body, controlling her nerves, making her instantly feel numb and painless.

Liu Fei'er widened her eyes as if she didn't believe Li Yundong's explanation, but she couldn't find a better way to explain it. What did she only to do is to sigh in her heart.

Zhao Yougen, who wanted to leave as soon as possible, clearly heard Liu Fei'er say the criticism of him after he went out. He stopped for a moment and listened. It was okay if he didn't listen, but when he heard it, he was ashamed and angry. He was so angry that his face alternated between green and white, and he wished that there was a crack on the ground to let him get in.

There was nothing more to fly into a rage out of shame than "a beautiful woman hitting himself in front of a man" in the world.

Zhao Yougen's original fear turned into anger. He rushed out of the hotel gate and felt as if there was a raging fire in his chest. He wished he could find someone to vent his anger on.

"why do Li Yundong have to go wherever I go? Why does he have to make things difficult for me?"

Zhao Yougen was humiliated, so he subconsciously transferred this anger to Li Yundong. However, he couldn't defeat this boy. Last time, the painful lesson of the Disanxian was still fresh in his memory. Who dared to touch a person who could talk to the top leader of the country? Was he tired of living?

While he was in a state of agitation, he suddenly heard a surprised voice from the side. It was a woman with a strong London accent. She said in English, "Ah, Mr. Zhao, how are you? I can't expect to see you here!"

Zhao Yougen turned his head and saw a sexy woman about 1.7 meters tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, deep eyes, and a high nose. She was looking at him with a smile, and her eyes were full of seduction and ambiguity.

Zhao Yougen knew that this woman was called Kesting and she came from London in England and graduated from a second-rate university in England. Although Kesting came from a poor family, she had a hot Hollywood dream since she was a child. At the age of 16, she went to the UK to pursue her dream of a movie.

However, Hollywood didn't lack beautiful Gold buyers and Dream pursuers. During Kesting's ten-year wandering in Hollywood, she had played a lot of small characters, but she still couldn't get a chance to get the upper hand.

Women from the western countries would mature early and age quickly. Even though a twenty-six year old woman was at her peak, the nosie of vanity fair made her look a bit tired, and as a result, a strange type of fear and fear rose in her heart.

Just as she was feeling anxious, she heard her friend talk about the distant red country in the east. She couldn't help but think of an idea:although the starting point of this red country was late, it had developed rapidly over the years. Its annual film box office was already ranked fifth in the world, and its development was extremely rapid. It would definitely surpass Japan in less than two years, and it would be the second largest film company in the world.

In this case, why don't I go to this distant country first and try my luck? All over the world said that Chinese people are rich all over the world. Many of my friends who once went to China to look for gold have also sent me text messages, saying, "Silly people, rich people, come quickly!"

Kesting was a woman who would do whatever she wanted. She immediately packed up her luggage and came to this country that she knew almost nothing about.

When she arrived, she found that she almost didn't know anything. Originally, she was going to put on a big show, but her dream of making a fortune was suddenly out of reach. Even after being deceived several times by the entertainment business in the film and television circle, her three meals became a problem.

In this case, she accidentally received a TV series project that Cao Kefei was operating. Although many actors had always despised filming TV series, and many Hollywood actors were unwilling to turn back to the TV series after they became famous in the movie. Although Kesting was not a big star, she had a movie as a decoration in her resume. Although it was a small role and a supporting role, no matter how small the supporting role was, it was still a supporting role! Don't think a supemumerario is not a star!

But reality was cruel. Her heart was higher than the sky, but her life was weaker than paper. Being forced by the current situation, she obediently restrained her arrogance and began to shoot TV.

But even so, there were still so-called big shots of her in the crew from time to time. It seemed that the third-rate actors from Hollywood were also a little higher than the first-rate actors in this country.

Because of this, many people in the crew didn't like this foreign girl. But because she was from Hollywood and her good acting skills, they all pinched their noses and endured it.

After acting for a while, Kesting found that the one who could really speak in this crew was a woman who was so beautiful that she could make one's blood boil. The men's martial arts that she had learned in the Hollywood vanity fair were useless here!

According to the script prepared by herself, it would be: she would bear with the fact that she would shoot one or two TV series first, and then seduce one or two rich and powerful Chinese wealthy people, so that they would be willing to invest in her to shoot a movie. Maybe she would become famous because of her appearance and strength.

But if the person she seduced was a woman who was much more beautiful than her, what should she do?

A lesbian? A lily? Or a lace?

Her normal sexual orientation made her both depressed and angry. The boss of the crew was a woman who was even more beautiful than herself. This was really intolerable!

But fortunately, the crew soon became short of funds, and the plot that Kesting dreamed of finally appeared: A rich man finally arrived!

Since the appearance of Zhao Yougen, she had been approaching him unintentionally. It was true that Kesting's heart towards Zhao Yougen, but his hot blood poured toward Cao Kefei. Unfortunately!

Even so, Kesting still did not give up. With the spirit of international mistress spirits, "As long as the hoe is properly waved, there is no wall that can't be dug out", she showed love to Zhao Youmu one after another.

Of course, Zhao Yougen also knew the idea. At this time, he was full of anger. When he saw the tall woman who kept showing off to him, he couldn't bear. He thought, "Cao Kefei, the delicious beauty, can't get her. It seems that it's not bad to satisfy his appetite with this tall woman."

Thinking of this, Zhao Yougen couldn't help but smile and replied in English, "So it's Miss Kesting. What's wrong? Have you just finished shooting?"

Although Zhao Yougen's honesty was not very good, he used to be an overseas returnee with an MBA. Although he spoke in English with heavy Chinese accent, it was still not a problem for him to communicate with other people.

When Kesting saw Zhao Yougen look at her, he was a little different from usual. There was something unique to men in his eyes. As a woman who had been in the vanity fair for a long time, she naturally knew what he was thinking. She was delighted, and her eyes became more and more charming. She said, "Yes, it's really hot. Mr. Zhao, why are you here? Do you want to have dinner with me?"

Zhao Yougen said with a smile, "Okay? I also want to have a romantic dinner with you."

When she saw that Zhao Yougen emphasized the word romantic, Kesting immediately knew that the big fish was going to bite the hook. She was overjoyed and said with a face full of surprise, "Oh my god, it is really the best news I've heard after I came here! It's really an honor for me to have dinner with such an elegant man like you!"

After listening to this compliment, Zhao Yougen suddenly felt proud. The anger he suffered from Li Yundong, Cao Kefei and Liu Fei'er seemed to disappear in an instant. He had his nose in the air pretended to be modest and said, "Don't say that. It's also my honor to have dinner with such a beautiful and sensible lady like you!"

After two people with different ideas and hypocritical politeness, a pair of concubines rushed to a nearby French restaurant.

After Kesting sat down, after a short while, she opened her mouth to speak. She kept complaining about her miserable experience in China and her rough fate. She kept crying as she said that, which made herself look pitiful.

Zhao Yougen listened patiently and pretended to comfort her. But when he heard the words from Kesting, he immediately pricked up his ears and hurriedly asked, "What did you say just now?"

Kesting used a silk handkerchief to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes. She raised her head in a somewhat vacant manner. "Which sentence?"

Zhao Yougen leaned forward slightly and said with a serious face, "You said you don't want to work anymore?"

Kesting immediately complained. "That's right, anyway,I am a Hollywood actor, so how could I act in such a low-class TV series in such a place? Even though I am the main character, there are so few scenes! This production team is just too trash. From the producer to the director, my god, for the sake of God, even if I say they are trash, that is a type of praise. They are simply useless! If it wasn't for your timely appearance like a savior, this production team would have even fallen apart!"

Zhao Yougen's heart skipped a beat. He slowly leaned back on the chair with a malicious smile on his face. He couldn't help but turn his head and look in the direction of the Xinguo Hotel. He sneered and said, "Hum, Cao Kefei, Liu Fei'er... and Li Yundong. If you don't let me go, I won't let you go either!"