As Zhao Yougen was about to play a dirty trick, Cao Kefei had already woken up.

The beautiful woman groaned, and her eyelashes trembled slightly. Cao Kefei opened her eyes and asked, "Where am I?"

"Cao, are you awake?" Liu Fei'er was overjoyed. She quickly rushed to the bed and looked at Cao Kefei with her eyes wide open.

Cao Kefei looked at Liu Fei'er and tried to support herself to sit up with her hands. She forced a little smile on her face. "It's you. What's wrong with me?"

Liu Fei'er quickly helped her up and said quickly, "Oh, Cao, you fainted when you were taking a shower. It's so dangerous. I thought you had a heart attack at that time."

Cao Kefei said blankly, "Ah? I have a heart attack again? It is impossible, I have medicine today."

While she was talking, Cao Kefei heard a familiar boy's voice beside her. "You didn't faint because of a heart attack..."

Cao Kefei turned her head and saw that Li Yundong, whom she had been missing day and night, was standing not far from the edge of the bed and staring at her. Cao Kefei was surprised but delighted, and said, "Why are you here?"

Before Li Yundong could speak, Liu Fei'er said with a smile, "Cao, if it weren't Li Yundong, you would be in danger again! He saved you again! Hey, Cao, you didn't see Li Yundong almost tear down this building in order to save you! The manager of the hotel came to apologize to us and change the room with us. Haha, it's so funny! Hey, Cao, I'm talking to you, Cao!"

Cao Kefei was still listening to Liu Fei'er's words, at first, but gradually her attention was focused on the boy in front of her. She suddenly had a feeling that as long as she encountered difficulties and dangers, the boy would appear. He was like a cloud floating in the distant sky. From the beginning, she could still touch him, but slowly, he floated higher and higher and became more and more untouchable.

Cao Kefei saw that there were concern and worry in Li Yundong's eyes, and there was even a trace of hidden vigilance. Especially when she saw Li Yundong standing two steps away from the bed and did not approach. Although she did not know why Li Yundong was wary of her, Cao Kefei, who was good at observing people's expressions, felt sad. So the joy of seeing Li Yundong eased a lot. She forced a smile to Li Yundong and said, "Sorry to have caused you trouble again. I'm really sorry."

Li Yundong shook his head and said with a slight smile, "Don't say that!"

Liu Fei'er raised her head and suddenly asked curiously, "By the way, Li Yundong, I haven't asked you yet. Why are you here?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "I can predict the future. I felt that something bad might happen to Mr. Cao, so I came here."

Liu Fei'er covered her mouth and exclaimed, "Is it so exaggerated? Are you really a Demigod?"

Cao Kefei looked at Li Yundong with a complicated look in her eyes and said faintly, "He is not a Demigod. He is obviously an immortal, an immortal who has transcended the supermundane world. When he is in a good mood, he will descend to the human world to meet us mortals. When he is in a bad mood, he will go to a free and easy place."

Liu Fei'er heard the strong resentment in Cao Kefei's tone. She stuck out Cao Kefei's tongue secretly and didn't dare to answer. Instead, she looked at Li Yundong and laugh at his troubles and wanted to see how he would deal with it.

Li Yundong was in a wry smile. He did not answer Cao Kefei's question. Instead, he changed the topic and asked, "How are you feeling now? Is there anything wrong with you?"

Seeing that Li Yundong didn't answer her, Cao Kefei felt even more bitter. She couldn't help but complain, "I'm fine. Go back to your world of immortals. It's very dangerous in the human world. It's not safe for you to stay here!"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "How do you know that the immortal world is more safer than the human world?"

Cao Kefei glared at Li Yundong. "If that wasn't the case, why would you be so far away from me? Could I eat you?"

From the moment Cao Kefei woke up, Li Yundong had been carefully observing her. He wanted to see if she was really Cao Kefei or the Mystical Silver Fox. But after observing for a long time, he found that Cao Kefei's words and behavior were the same as before. Her voice and smile were no different from before, and she didn't seem to have lost her soul at all.

Li Yundong couldn't help but wonder. He knew that if Mystical Silver Fox had already entered Cao Kefei's body and robbed her soul, then the one who spoke at this time should be the one who pretended to be the Mystical Silver Fox. But no matter how similar a person was to her, it was impossible for her tone and expression to be exactly the same. Besides, the Mystical Silver Fox had been sealed for nearly a thousand years. How could it be able to pretend to be a modern person as soon as she came out?

Could it be that the Mystical Silver Fox did not possess Mr. Cao's body?

Li Yundong thought privately. He took a step forward with a smile and said to Cao Kefei, "Mr. Cao, you're so funny. I've booked a room near your room. If you feel uncomfortable or have something to do, call me. I'll come with you." As he said this, he fled from here as if he were running away.

Watching Li Yundong run away in a panic, Cao Kefei was so angry that she picked up the pillow by the bed and threw it at the door. "Don't come anymore. Go ahead with your work! You're so annoying!"

Liu Fei'er looked at Cao Kefei with a strange expression and said with a smile, "I used to look forward to him, but now I want to drive him away. Cao, if he really leaves soon, where you are going to cry!"

Cao Kefei reached out to pinch Liu Fei'er's waist and said angrily, "It's none of my business where he will go and do. Who is he to me? Why should I worry about him? There are so many women around him, and it's not up to me to worry about him!"

Liu Fei'er was pinched by Cao Kefei and begged for mercy. She giggled and said, "My sister, stop it. It's so itchy! Yes, you can't worry about it, but it's not that you don't want to worry about it, it's that you can't!"

Cao Kefei was furious. "You damn girl. If you don't fight for three days, you'll have to go to the upper room to remove the tiles, won't you?" After saying that, she pounced on Liu Fei'er.

Liu Fei'er was shocked. She quickly raised her hands and said with a smile, "Cao, you have just recovered from a serious illness. Be careful of your body. Don't make a scene!"

Cao Kefei stopped and glared at Liu Fei'er. "What do you mean that I've just recovered from a serious illness? I don't think I'm sick. On the contrary, I think I'm in good health. And I've never been in such a good condition before!"

Liu Fei'er knew that Cao Kefei's Nine Yin White Bone Claw was very powerful, and she knew that she couldn't do any violent exercise, nor could she be emotional, Liu Fei'erdidn't dare to provoke Cao Kefei anymore. She said cautiously,"Cao, don't force yourself. If you really feel uncomfortable, just say it. When your fairy and enemy is still there, or he will really disappear after our crew has finished filming."

Cao Kefei said casually, "Humph, who cares? He has no conscience, treating me like..." But soon Cao Kefei came to her senses, and her eyes widened. "What? What do you mean by saying that when our crew finished filming, and did he disappear again?"

Liu Fei'er asked for credit and said, "Hey, Cao, don't you know that when you were in a coma, Zhao Yougen came again. As a result, when this guy saw Li Yundong, he was immediately scared away! I saw that your little enemy was more useful than the Door-God, so I asked him to come to our crew to help us to block this kind of monster. Haha, am I very smart?"

Hearing this, Cao Kefei couldn't help feeling happy. But as soon as she raised her eyebrows, her face immediately fell again. She said yes and mean no, "Hum, what's there to stop? You are playing these useless tricks. Who will pay for them? You or me? The crew is so short of money now. Where can I find the money?"

Liu Fei'er saw that Cao Kefei's eyes were full of uncontrollable joy, but her words were very tough. Liu Fei'er laughed and said, "Do you still have to pay for ordering your little enemy? It's okay. Just order him and I promise he'll be fine. In the future, if the crew has any physical work to do, give him everything!"

Cao Kefei's brows immediately furrowed. "Have you taken the wrong medicine? Why do you think you're using him as a tool?"

Liu Fei'er immediately fell onto the bed with a giggle. "The fox's tail is exposed, yet you're still so stubborn! I think you're more nervous about her than anyone else!"

After saying that, Liu Fei'er jumped up and hid aside, for fear that Cao Kefei would come to torture her later. However, although Cao Kefei pretended to be angry, her first reaction was to touch her back, as if she wanted to see if her fox tail was exposed.

Liu Fei'er immediately laughed and said, "Don't worry, I was just having fun. You didn't expose your fox tail!"

Cao Kefei was startled and rushed over with both embarrassment and anger. "You wicked girl, if I don't teach you a lesson today, you won't know who I am!"

Liu Fei'er screamed and ran away in a hurry, and then she played hide-and- Previously with Cao Kefei in the room.

After the two of them laughed and laughed, and soon the previous disturbance calmed down. The next day, Liu Fei'er woke up in a daze and looked at the time. She suddenly jumped up from the bed and shouted, "Oh, it's over. I'm going to be late. And the director is going to scold me again!"

She was about to wake Cao Kefei up when she saw that Cao Kefei's bed was empty. Then she rushed to the bathroom and saw that Cao Kefei had already put on her clothes and was drawing makeup in front of the mirror.

Liu Fei'er looked over and saw that Cao Kefei's eyes were painted with eye lines, which particularly outlined the charming lines at the corners of her eyes, making her look extremely charming. Particularly, her small and red lips were covered with a layer of crystal-clear lip color, which made her lips look like a ripe cherry. Even a woman like her wanted to take a bite of it.

Cao Kefei was a naturally and exceptionally beautiful woman. It could be said that she was born with beauty. Usually, she almost never put on makeup, but today, she unexpectedly began to draw makeup.

This gorgeous beauty keeps improving one make-up, the effect really has the extremely strong lethality, is Liu Fei'er such big beauty all saw stupidly.

She saw that Cao Kefei's skin was white with red, and there was a healthy red color in her delicate snow-white skin. It was completely different from the sickly white in the past. This kind of red made Cao Kefei look particularly full of vitality. She was so charming and made people unable to look straight at her.

Liu Fei'er couldn't help exclaiming, "Cao, you're beautiful enough. You don't need to make up anymore. If you do makeup again, won't you let us live?"

Cao Kefei turned around and smiled sweetly. "Am I very beautiful?"

Liu Fei'er nodded quickly like a chick pecking rice. "You're so beautiful that every like you! Don't put on makeup, or the king of the mountain will take a fancy to you and take you away to be the hostess of the village. You'll be crying all day!"

Cao Kefei rolled her at Liu Fer'er and said, "Nonsense. Have you lost your consciousness after taking a picture? Don't you know what era you are in?"

Liu Fei'er hurriedly urged, "Stop talking. You're going to be late. Cao, don't make up any more. You're already very beautiful. Our driver, Wang, is a pervert. Do you want him to peek at you and get into a car accident when he's driving?"

Cao Kefei raised her eyebrows. "If he doesn't want to lose his job, he would better behave himself."

Liu Fei'er pulled her out of the bathroom and said, "Okay, you're showing off your power and beauty. Okay? Get out of the way. I'm going to wash up!"

After the two of them struggled for a while, they hurried downstairs. As soon as they arrived downstairs, Cao Kefei suddenly thought of something and said, "Oh, I'm afraid that Li Yundong doesn't know when we will go out? I have to go back and tell him."

Liu Fei'er was well aware of this. She giggled and said, "Didn't you want to drive him away yesterday? He left last night. As you wish!"

Cao Kefei's face turned pale. "What?"

Liu Fei'er saw Cao Kefei's face change dramatically. She was afraid that Cao Kefei would have a heart attack again, so she quickly pointed to the door of the hotel and said, "I lied to you. He has been there for a long time!"

Cao Kefei looked over and saw Li Yundong and Xia Yu who are in her compony standing at the door and whispering something. Cao Kefei's heart finally fell back to her stomach. She glared at Liu Fei'er angrily and said, "You wicked girl, I remember it!"

Cao Kefei walked out of the elevator. Her amazing beauty immediately attracted the attention of almost everyone in the hall. When they saw her, everyone's eyes were tightly attracted by her like a magnet. There was only one thought in their minds: Is there such a beauty in the world?

Everyone was so attracted by Cao Kefei's beauty that they couldn't speak. For a moment, the hall became silent. Li Yundong, who was standing at the door, saw that the hall behind him was suddenly so quiet that he could hear a pin drop. He turned his head in surprise, but he was also stunned.

Even though Li Yundong was used to seeing Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin, he was still shocked by Cao Kefei's breathtaking beauty. He was stunned and looked at Cao Kefei coming out of the hotel. The reincarnated Wisdom King, who had beaten the most powerful Japanese expert to vomit blood and be in a coma, was shocked by a beautiful woman with no strength to tie up a chicken. He lost his ability to think in an instant.

When Cao Kefei walked up to him and smiled sweetly at him, Li Yundong's soul returned to its original position. He looked Cao Kefei up in surprise. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Cao Kefei snort at him like a child. Then she raised her chin, like the general who had won a victory and returned to the court, and then she got into the van that had been waiting for him at the door for a long time.

Li Yundong looked at Liu Fei'er in confusion. And then he pointed at Cao Kefei and asked, "What's wrong with her?"

Liu Fei'er chuckled and said, "Are you going to ask Cao Kefei yourself?" As she spoke, she also got into the car.

Li Yundong looked at Xia Yu strangely, and said, "What happened to her?"

Xia Yu also shrugged his shoulders with a strange expression. "I don't know!"

Li Yundong couldn't help it. He shook his head and followed her into the van.

Fortunately, the carriage was quite spacious, so it was not crowded when four people got in. On the way, Cao Kefei deliberately didn't look at Li Yundong and pretended to be a gentle lady and smiled but revealed her teeth, and she didn't speak loudly, which made Li Yundong more surprised.

But when they were about to reach their destination, Cao Kefei suddenly received a phone call. At first, she could still answer the phone calmly, but after a few words, her tone suddenly raised, and she said with shock and anger, "What? Say it again!"

Li Yundong looked at Cao Kefei curiously, only to find that she had an uncertain look on her face after hanging up the phone. She was so angry that her eyebrows were knitted together. He asked, "What happened?"

Cao Kefei couldn't hold her anger and scolded, "Damn it, our second female lead has been canceled!!"