The young man heard a man and a woman whispering under them. After the two people left, he raised his head and whispered to Xiangtian, "Qianbei Xiangtian, what's going on? Is there really any other inside story behind the post of the chief executive of Zhenyan Tantrism?"

Xiangtian said with bright eyes, "Maybe it's true! The NHK Group has its own way of getting internal information. There's nothing strange about that!"

The young man asked in confusion, "But... why did they settle a score with a Chinese?"

Xiangtian gave him an angry stare and said, "Who knows that? Hurry up and keep an eye on these two guys. At that time, we can follow them secretly."

The two of them discussed it for a while. It was not until the end of the debate of Buddhist doctrine that they slipped down from the tree and quietly followed the group of people from the NHK TV station.

After the national Buddhist doctrine debate ended, the staff of the major TV stations were busy packing up the machines and then got in the cars to leave. However, Xiangtian and the young man found that many TV stations had left some of their stuff behind.

These staff members looked like they were going sightseeing, but in fact, there was a pinhole recording machine in their bags and chests. Obviously, they had received some inside information.

Seeing this, Xiangtian and the young man became more and more excited. The two of them also hid the machine, quickly found a miniature camera from their cars and carried it with them. They pretended to be travelers and followed these reporters of the TV station, looking around.

They passed through the golden hall of Mount Gaoye, passed through the Yuying Hall, and then entered the Okunion in the hinterland of Mount Gaoye. After entering the Okunoin, they passed through a small bridge and arrived in front of the lantern hall. They saw a group of people gathered at the gate of a distant courtyard and shouted something.

Xiangtian and the young man quickly walked over and took a closer look. They saw that the two leading reporters were from the NHK TV station. They were the man and the woman who had whispered to each other under them and they had a super friendship. There were about a dozen men and women next to them and all of whom were reporters from other TV stations.

The leading NHK reporter pointed at the courtyard angrily and shouted, "We are reporters and have the right to do business. Why can't we go in for an interview?"

Since the Meiji Restoration, Japan announced that it would leave Asia and enter Europe. It has been learning from westerners everywhere. It has always boasted that it is a free capitalist country with freedom of the press and everything.

But in fact, Japan was the only country in the world to legalize gangster society. This country was controlled from top to bottom by large wealthy families, political families, and the gangster. Black money politics was everywhere. The so-called freedom of the press is just a whitewash.

After the earthquake in Japan, there was a nuclear leak incident. The United States sent a messenger to the prime minister's mansion to give orders. This was tantamount to sending a retired emperor into the core domain of the Japanese political circle. It was a great shame for a single country. However, the Japanese country was submissive, and no one had ever reported anything about it. It could be seen that the so-called press freedom in Japan was just a joke for the privileged class.

It was also because of this that the monk guarding at the entrance of the courtyard seemed a little arrogant. He pointed to a sign at the door which said "authorized personnel only" and said, "Did you not see this sign?"

Obviously, the female reporter didn't expect to be stopped outside. She shuddered at the thought of the annoyance of the section chief when she could not finish her task. She shivered and couldn't help saying angrily, "What's wrong with this brand? We also have a brand!" Then she raised her reporters' card.

The reporters of other TV stations also imitated. For a time, the gate of the courtyard was full of people, and everyone was holding up the reporters' certificates in their hands.

The monk at the door was a little impatient. He said angrily, "This is the royal forbidden area specially guarded by His Majesty the Mikado. No one else is allowed to enter!"

Although the power of the Milkado is not as high as it was before World War II, it can lead to the death of countless Japanese nationals in one word, but since the Mikado was not pulled down from the altar, the Mikado still had a very high prestige.

In a word, the journalists, who had been in a state of excitement, all stopped talking and looked at each other face to face.

Only the leading female reporter straightened her neck unwillingly and said, "I've even interviewed His Majesty the Mikado. I've also entered His Majesty's resting palace. Why can't I go in here?"

The monk was already very annoyed. He simply closed his eyes, put his palms together, and stood in front of the door like the door god. No matter what people said, he didn't open his eyes or make way for them.

The female reporter wanted to say something more, but was stopped by her male companion. He shook his head and said, "Liu Miko, don't be impulsive. Let's think of another way!"

Reporters from other TV stations saw that NHK was failed, and they were all dejected and stopped shouting. However, they were all gathered at the door and refused to leave. Some smart reporters simply started to take photos of the Exterior to see who would enter this closed courtyard from here.

The young man from the He Ge Mountain TV station looked at his Qianbei helplessly, "Qianbei Xiangtian, what should we do now?"

Xiangtian had been dreaming of digging out a big piece of news in her mind and getting a raise and promotion after going back, but the cruel facts at the moment made her dream disappear in an instant. She glared at the young man angrily and said, "How would I know? Didn't you see that even NHK can't help it? "

The young man muttered with some grievance, "Didn't you just say that the NHK Group is nothing special?" After he said that, his eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "By the way, Qianbei Xiangtian, why don't we climb over the wall and go in secretly?"

The young man pointed at the white wall which is not high in the courtyard and said excitedly.

Xiangtian glared at him as if he was looking at an idiot. "Are you crazy? It's a felony to offend His Majesty the Mikado!"

The boy looked disappointed. Just as he was about to speak, he saw a monk wearing a bamboo hat and holding a Buddhist cane in one hand and an alms bowl in the other.

Xiangtian suddenly became excited. She quickly patted the young man on the shoulder and said, "Look, look, this is monks of the Pure Land School! It seems that the rumor is true. Even the monks of the Pure Land Sect are here!"

The young man quickly adjusted the angle of the miniature camera hidden on the needles on his chest and took photos of these monks. He saw that the bamboo hats on the heads of these monks were so low that he could hardly see their faces clearly. However, he found that the last monk was slender, with a small chin, and his skin was as smooth as silk. He did not seem to be a man.

The man couldn't help but ask, "Qianbei Xiangtian, that seems to be a woman?"

Xiangtian looked very knowledgeable and said, "What's so strange about that? Some monks in the Pure Land School have a family!" But she soon said angrily, "Damn it, they can bring a family member in. Why can't we?"

While she was complaining, the peers next to her exclaimed, "Ah, the head of the monastery of the Fa Hua Sect is also here!"

"That's right. I've heard that he is an eminent monk before. Now I see that he is really dignified!"

The monks of the Fa Hua Sect were much more generous than those of the Pure Land School. Their abbot was leading the way. He was dressed in a gold-rimmed red cassock, with one hand in his palm as he chanted Buddhist scriptures. When he reached the door, he bowed to the monks at the door, and then slowly walked from the way of giving way.

"Fahua Sect is also here. Is there any other sects?" Xiangtian couldn't help but get excited. As soon as she finished speaking, she saw two people coming slowly from a distance.

The two men walked side by side. The leader was wearing a black high hat and a white long-sleeved robe. On the right side of the two stood a man of about 40 years old. He was dignified and handsome. He bowed his hands and arched in front of him, walking step by step. Beside him stood a young boy of about 15 or 16 years old. He was also wearing a high hat and a long robe. Because he was short, although he followed his father's example, his wide sleeves hung on the ground and dragged forward.

Xiangtian and the young man widened their eyes instantly. The young man said in surprise, "Am I seeing it wrong? Is it Yin-Yang Master?"

Xiangtian's face was full of fanatical worship. She said excitedly, "Oh my god, it's Abe Right, the head of Abe family home. He's too handsome. It's better to meet him than to be heard of! The young patriarch is also very handsome. He's my cup of tea!"

Although the Abe family home changed its surname to Tuoyumen in the Shiyamachi era of Japan, it has been used to this day, but the Japanese folk and spiritual circles still habitually call the Tuyumen family the Abe family home, in order to express their respect for the Abe family home, which has made great contributions to the Japanese Cultivation World and even to the whole country of Japan.

After the patriarch and the young patriarch of the Abe family home entered the courtyard, they soon disappeared in the sight of the public.

Some reporters from the Japanese TV station were like the Star Chasing Clan, their eyes chasing after the Yin and Yang masters of the Abe family home. They couldn't help but sigh with the young man from the HeGeshan TV station. "It turns out that the Abe family home has always been there. I thought it was made up in TV series!"

Xiangtian sneered: "you guy who broke you head in university. Listen to me! After the Abe family changed its name to tuyumen, under the protection of the Tokugawa shogunate in the Edo era, it established the "tuyumen Shinto" and has always held the real power of the Yin Yang division group. However, after the Meiji Restoration, the new government deprived the tuyumen family of the monopoly right to make calendars, and even abolished Yin and Yang.

"Fortunately, there were many other branches of yin and Yang at that time, led by the tuyumen family, and secretly formed the" tuyumen Shinto Tongmenhui." In 1952, according to the draft constitution on freedom of religious belief drafted by General MacArthur, tuyumen Shinto became a formal religious legal person and continued to inherit the unique knowledge of Abe family under the name of "family learning."

When the young man heard this, he was stunned. When he was about to speak, he saw some men in the clothes of the master Yin-Yang walking over slowly. He couldn't help but ask in surprise, "Are they also from the Abe family home?"

Xiangtian took a look at them and shook her head. "No, they're the Yin-Yang Masters of the Hemao Family. They're the mortal enemies of the Abe family home."

The boy looked at these Yin-Yang masters slowly passing through the road with awe. He sighed and said, "It's really an eye-opener. I didn't expect that the contents in the TV were all true!"

Xiangtian looked at him helplessly. "Shut your mouth. You really make me lose face! Open your eyes and watch carefully. This is a grand gathering in the Japanese cultivation world, which can be comparable to the Heroes' meeting in the Three Kingdoms period!"

It seemed that in order to prove Xiangtian's words, not long after, the Shintoism in Japan, the Black God Sect, the Taoist sect, the Taoist sect, the Chuyun Sect, the Japanese Sect, the religion of God Sect, the religion of God Sect, the religion of God Sect, the religion of Golden Light, the religion of Great Completion, and other sects, as well as the Goddess of the Magus Sect, came one after another. Seeing this, the reporters around the gate of the courtyard were all stunned, exclaiming and sighing.

When the last cultivator entered, Xiangtian could not help but stand on tiptoe. She looked inside and sighed softly. "I really hope I can take a look inside!"

The young man couldn't help sighing. "Yes, I really want to know what the Chinese who fights against the Shingon secretly looks like. Isn't he afraid of fighting with others alone in front of the whole Japanese cultivation world?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a young boy walking slowly in front of him. The boy was dressed in a Tang suit, and his ears were full of earplugs. He asked with a smile, "Excuse me, why would he afraid?"