Revolve - Chapter 10

Even though a wild boar had a good hearing, it didn’t notice a small snake, crawling from the other side of a tree.

‘It has become too easy.’

In order to fight with his boredom Rey begun practicing various ways of killing animals. And right now, he was testing another one way.

Having crawled out from behind the tree, he intentionally made a hissing sound to attract the attention of the boar. However, the boar didn’t even manage to turn back because by that time it had been already turned into a bloody mess by the enormous paw of a Gsarh. The blood and remains of its inner organs covered all the surrounding, but Rey just calmly watched the soul leaving the boar’s carcass.

During the two previous days, he got used to this activity. Rey hadn’t been feeling hunger or fatigue for a long time already, but he still continued hunting creatures inhabiting the forest. This freshness, which filled his body in the moment of absorption soul energy, pleased him very much. Rey even noticed that different souls had different tastes; this boar, for example, had pretty good taste, but a carnivorous deer was still slightly better. As about Kurings, he didn’t hunt them at all; not because he decided to leave poor animals alive, just the quality and quantity of energy in their souls was very low.

Despite the fact that the night was already about to end, Rey still didn’t sleep. After his new “birth”, Rey had never slept at all. Even at the very beginning when he was exhausted due to the lack of food, Rey didn’t rest. Maybe he was still afraid that his next awakening would be accompanied by such a hated light. And now, since energy from absorbed souls could also help him with fatigue, the need for sleep disappeared by itself.

Having finished absorbing the soul of the boar, Rey turned into a bird and soared.

‘It seems that the forest is much larger than I can imagine. I have been moving to the east for quite a long time already, but there is still no end, just like on the west. Moreover, even from such a height I can see almost nothing due to the winter.’

On the other hand, the problem of being stuck in the forest didn’t bother him much. This place was perfect for power growth. And Rey had no idea whether he had already met all animals’ species in this forest.

It was dawn already, and Rey was still in the air. He didn’t let his guard down for a single moment because a Tildas was quite weak and any attack from other birds would be very unpleasant for him in this form. That’s why Rey managed to notice a small object, approaching to him from afar at great speed. Almost instantly he identified the object.


Having glanced at the place from where the arrow was shot, Rey flew down. It was an extremely rare opportunity, which he couldn't just miss. In a moment before reaching the ground, Rey turned into a Gsarh, literally “blowing up” the snow lying on the ground. One quick move with all his limbs, and the huge body of the animal made the strongest dash forward. After the dash, he changed his form to a Snow Snake and, without slowing down, moved in the direction, which seemed to him right.

Within two minutes, Rey noticed some heat spots ahead. Still with the same speed, Rey had shortened the distance, until he saw six humans. At least, at first he thought that those creatures were humans. But the next scene he saw completely changed his mind. The creature in the hood, which was in front of the whole group, almost instantly turned to him and aimed exactly in his direction.

Having noticed this, Rey froze.

‘They are definitely not humans. There is more than forty meters between us, such a hearing is abnormal.’

Surrounding trees and his white body saved Rey from being completely detected. In fact, it was his own fault that he was noticed due to the haste, but in the end, he got lucky once again. After waiting for the group of strange hunters to continue moving, he silently crawled after them. Right now, Rey didn’t have to worry that he would miss them.


Four hours passed, and Rey learned few things about these humanoid creatures. First of all, he almost immediately understood the fact that they were more or less intelligent, but after some time, Rey realized that he greatly underestimated them. Everything hinted about their intelligence: great clothes and weapons, a perfect body type, and, most importantly, an actual language, which Rey, unfortunately, had never heard before.

The fact that they weren’t humans Rey could understand from their excessive sharp perception. During the time he was following them, he witnessed several moments which proved that all the senses of the creatures were very developed.

Currently, Rey was in the form of a snake about twenty-five meters away from them. He didn’t dare to come closer because from such a distance there was a chance that he wouldn't be able to evade a sudden attack. Snake’s vision wasn’t good enough to notice small details of the bodies of the creatures, but they resembled ordinary humans by the overall shape of their bodies.

Rey also noticed that almost all members of the group had carcasses of animals on their backs. During these four hours, they killed even several more animals.

‘They are already returning. They can’t move quickly with all these carcasses, and that means they are hunting not far away from their settlement. Looks like I just need to follow them and I’ll find this place.’

‘However, if they won’t be there by nightfall, I’ll need to correct my course of actions a little bit.’