Revolve - Chapter 12

Even though the night was dark, Rey could still see the muddy outlines of the forest, continuing to fly in the same straight direction.

‘If the settlement is too small, I can miss it. Probably, I should continue after the sunrise,’ this thought seemed to him quite logical. Slowing down, Rey landed on a tree.

Having descended to the ground, he took the the form of a Snow Snake. After the whole time he had been spying on the forest people, Rey felt himself very hungry. In general, it was easier to hunt in the nighttime. Although it was winter now and sunlight was weak, it was still quite unpleasant for the sensitive eyes of the snake; moreover, it was very distracting. Rey still had to learn how to see the light itself instead of its heat, so night was the most comfortable time for hunting.

When he was about to begin his hunt, Rey recalled that he had three extra souls of forest people, which were useless for him at this moment.

‘I can satisfy my hunger with it.’

Looking into his inner space, Rey thought about the thing, to which he hadn’t paid attention before.

‘Why three of them didn’t merge into one, like it happened with the other three souls? They didn’t disperse due to the advance of the skill, but when exactly did it level up?’

‘If I remember correctly, [Master of Souls] was at the second level before the attack. So its growth could also stop another automatic process…’

Without any real worry, Rey broke one soul of forest people. And as he expected, the energy after its destruction didn’t immediately begin to fill his body; it remained there as a small cluster of light.

‘Interesting… in that case maybe I also can…’

Having tried to influence this cluster of light, Rey realized that he could move it now. Moving the cluster of energy to the strongest soul of forest people, he watched with a hint of satisfaction how the energy merged with it, making color of the soul even brighter.

‘And how about this?’

Having broken one of the remaining two souls, he moved the energy from it to the soul of a Snow Snake, in the form of which he currently was. He wasn’t sure in this, but, to his own surprise, he realized that the souls had merged.

At this moment, Rey literally felt changes with his body. His snake’s body became one and a half times longer, the same was with his thickness. Moreover, his overall perception strongly escalated. And there was no doubts that his already deadly poison became even stronger.

‘Now, that’s really interesting.’

If the snake could smile, then there would be a very sinister smile on his face. Although it was the only one smile that he could make...

‘It looks like I will be able to take revenge much earlier.’

Without hesitation, Rey broke the last soul, sending it to the soul of a Snow Snake once again, but, unfortunately, the soul of the deadliest of snakes, which poison could kill anyone, collapsed at this moment. After the collapse, the soul split into few energy balls and then merged with the soul of a snake again, leaving one energy cluster to circle around it.

‘So there are still some limitations... That’s slightly depressing.’

Rey filled out his own body with the remaining energy, ‘But why did the soul of a forest man merged with three extra souls, and the soul of a snake merged only with one? The amount of energy was almost equal.’

His confusion became only stronger when Rey turned into a Representative of the Faros Forest, because he didn’t notice any changes at all. He believed that the perception of this body would become even better, as it happened before, but there were no differences.

‘I can understand why my hearing didn’t improve; otherwise it’d be hard to perceive the world normally. But my physical parameters also almost haven’t changed comparing to the improvement of a snake,’ Rey was trying to find the seemingly obvious answer. ‘Then, what’s the matter? If the absence of a snake’s advance can be explained by the fact that its body just reached the limit, then what happened with the energy, which merged with the soul of a forest man?’

Thinking about this matter, Rey took the form of a snake again. Even though the daytime was pretty close already, he still had some time to hunt a little.


A small blue bird soared in the air by the first light. During the previous hour, Rey managed to kill four animals, but he didn’t save the souls for later. Unfortunately, now he couldn’t normally enjoy their “taste” because he wasted all the souls for upgrades.

Having absorbed the last of the captured souls, his Gsarh soul also stopped becoming stronger. But the growth of a Gsarh’s body was quite noticeable: it was larger by almost a third now.

Thinking about the soul of a forest man once again, Rey looked at the soul of a Human.

‘How can I understand, whether is it worth spending energy on a soul or no?’

After thinking for a while, Rey came to the conclusion that energy just can’t disappear into nowhere, so, probably, he simply hadn’t found a way to notice changes yet.

‘Souls become brighter and lighter when they merge with energy. And the closer color of a soul to white, the stronger it is. But my Human form is definitely worse than bodies of those hunters, for example. Their reflexes, senses, and even muscles are better than a Human’s one, but color of the soul of a forest man is still darker. This means that either I was wrong, or there is something else that I didn't take into account.’

Ray continued to fly toward the rising sun while thinking.

‘My soul has become like this after everything that I had experienced. Maybe there is some intelligence growth after physical. No, I'm pretty sure that I didn’t become smarter.’

Rey just didn’t have enough time to find an answer for himself, when he noticed something strange far ahead.

After a dozen minutes, already in a Tildas form Rey was sitting on a branch next to a tall wooden fence. It was built in the form of a thick wall, the upper part of which protruded almost a meter forward to the outside, making it difficult to get through the wall from the outside. Rey was slightly upset; this settlement was bigger than he expected. If it was only a small camp, he could do the same thing he did with the hunters to get even more souls, which could help him to raise his power. However, there must be no less than a few thousand of forest people in the town in front of his eyes.

‘Although the town is quite large, I don’t think that this is main settlement of forest people. After seeing their weapons, I can say that their technologies are too developed for the level of the small town. Or, maybe, there are a lot of more of them than I initially thought.’

Because of trees Rey couldn’t normally check out the town. If it was not for the wall, this city would be same as other parts of the forest.

‘If they live in trees, then their number may be several times more.’

The fact that the settlement turned out to be bigger than he expected disappointed Rey only at first. After weighing advantages and disadvantages, he changed his mind.

‘If I’d destroy even a small village, it’d attract some attention anyway. But this town gives me slightly different opportunity.’

Having glanced at the wall again, Rey started looking for an entrance.

The gates were made of the material similar to that of which their weapons were made. Even though the gates could be described as beautiful, he didn't pay any attention to it. He tried to come up with the plan which would allow him to enter the town. The main problem was that he didn’t know their language. It wouldn’t be a problem to get lost in such a town, but since Rey wouldn’t be able to understand forest people around him, it’d also be quite pointless. He wanted to get in the town only because of information he could get there. Even though he needed more souls in order to better understand his own skill and abilities, it’d be dangerous to kill too many hunters near the town; after all he could end up being a prey himself.

‘I need them to let me get in the town.’

After a while, this idea turned into an actual plan. It was impossible to accomplish his plan at this moment, because Rey needed to know when someone would be on the way to the town. Having turned into a snake again, he went for new souls. Since he could watch the entrances and exits from away, Rey didn’t want to waste his time. It was necessary to know how his Human soul would react to energy.

By the way, Rey really enjoyed hunting in the form of a snake and he wasn't going to deny himself in such a pleasure, even though he knew that there wouldn't be many animals near the town. Additionally, it’d be better to wait for a thunderstorm or a heavy snowfall for his plan.