Revolve - Chapter 14

Rey mentally breathed a sigh of relief, when he felt himself being lifted. To Rey, lying down on the cold snow wasn’t problematic. But, upon inspection by the woman he cursed to himself for looking at her albeit unwillingly. Fortunately, the woman failed to notice Rey’s conscious behavior.

The hunters spoke in the background but Rey was unable to understand their speech. Though for the moment, Rey’s main focus was to keep from moving a single muscle in his body. Being covered in snow for the better part of an hour benefitted the task greatly as his body was nearly frozen and past the shaking stage.

Rey was confident in surviving in the snow. Having discovered an ability using souls to recover his wounds on the evening of the same day he had discovered the town. Rey spent three days in preparation in order to heal his wounds and survive.

Before [Master of Souls] rose to the third level, the energy from the destroyed souls would fill his his whole body, and now he could direct the energy to specific parts of his body. After some experimentation, Rey discovered the healing qualities of this energy. Though the rate of recovery was not dramatic, he found it better than a natural recovery.

Having discovered this new trait granted by the third level of [Master of Souls], Rey slightly changed his plan once again to make it look more believable. Having collected the soul-energy from twenty-eight animals he had hunted in the past 3 days, he put his plan to action. Lying down, focused on healing his abdomen. Rey wasn’t sure how much energy would be enough to heal his wounds, but he was sure it was enough to prevent him from dying.

He discovered that the current limit of the number of souls and energy that he could store inside himself three hours ago by failing to absorb the would be twenty-ninth soul from a boar. Rey was slightly frustrated by the fact that he didn’t know how to raise [Multifaced]. His best guess was that [Multifaced] advances with the level of a Human soul, but this could only be confirmed by observation.

‘Or maybe to raise its level, pain must be endured?’ thought Rey.

Interrupting his thoughts, Rey began to focus his attention to the Forest people. Listening to the conversation of the Forest folk, for whom he had been spying on the past few days. This group, as Rey observed had left town every day at dawn to return to town at noon, only to leave again returning only at nightfall. After three-days of spying, Rey chose this group to enact his plan. The snowfall, which had begun in the morning, greatly simplified his work. Though his preparation had gone awry as the group had chosen to return to town using a different path on the way back. Fortunately, the hunters were still able to find him.

The wounds covering Rey’s stomach were self-inflicted in his Gsarh form. Then he simply transformed into a Forest person with the wound transferring to his new smaller body proportionally leading to smaller claw wounds. In this condition he let himself lie on the ground face down while slowly healing his body until the hunters found him.

The plan seemed simple, but it was dangerous and there were few gaps. The biggest of which was the lack of footprints which could’ve been noticed by the hunters leading them to suspect the scene. Fortunately, the snow blanketed the scene removing suspicion.

The next problem was the language barrier. Rey planned to connect his inability to understand with memory loss. Though this would raise suspicion, he couldn’t think of any other method to overcome this barrier.

Upon hearing the loud sound of the gates opening, Rey remained vigilant. He suppressed his breathing and calmed his heartrate. While it was pretty easy to control his breathing, it required extreme concentration to control his heart rate.

The hunters were quick to take Rey to town while carefully carrying him. The arrival of the group caused some noise in the town. After a while, Rey felt like he was placed on something like a stretcher. From there the hunters continued to carry him.

A few minutes later, Rey stopped feeling the wind and the snow which likely meant he was now inside of a building. He was placed on a soft surface, judging from the height and softness he was placed on a comfortable bed. Rey heard chatter from several surprised and worried female voices. It’s a pity that he could only understand their emotions.

‘I hope their language will be as simple as it sounds,’ he thought as he was interrupted by a flash of pain in his stomach from the disinfectants.

Another problem Rey had was trying to endure the pain inflicted without making a sound, while simultaneously lying motionless with his muscles relaxed.

Rey’s stomach was painfully punctured multiple times leaving him confused. Even though the pain from multiple punctures was pretty strong, it was still within his pain tolerance limit. He then felt his two large wounds which provided a frame view of his stomach slowly begin to narrow.

‘What is happening?’

Resisting his curiosity, Rey didn’t dare to open his eyes. The same happened with his other wounds. Afterwards, he felt a thick and warm substance smeared on his torso.

Two soft and gentle hands lifted and turned Rey around. Concentrated, Rey managed to endure the pain while the hands bandaged his stomach and covered him with a blanket.

While lying, he silently listened to the conversations around him. Though this way of learning the unknown language was far from the easiest, Rey’s memory in this new world was impeccable. Perhaps a favor from the developers of the game Rey wanted to use this to his advantage. After some time, he was able to differentiate words although he was unable to place any meaning to them. Understanding the language would only be a matter of time.

Nearly five-hours had passed since Rey had been laying down without budging. Rey quietly sustained himself with soul-energy, while remaining completely still. Though he thought it wouldn’t be strange if he blinked or had a muscle spasm while maintaining this state.