Revolve - Chapter 15

The room was so dark that Rey could rely only on his internal clock to realize that evening had already come. Thinking over everything once again, he slowly opened his eyes. To his surprise, the room looked pretty neat. The interior was made entirely of wood, and the room, where Rey was located, was around ten meters in length. Turning his head, he noticed several more similar beds.

Looking down at his belly, Rey saw only the thick layer of white bandages, which covered his entire torso. His body looked pretty athletic in this world, but right now he could be mistaken for a fat man.

Without thinking about it for a long, Rey continued to look around. After a while, he realized that he was the only one person in the some kind of a hospital. Such a set of circumstances was quite fortunate for him, since it slightly simplified his plan.

Seeing that there was nobody around, Rey decided that he shouldn’t miss such an opportunity. That’s why he immediately directed the energy from the broken souls to his stomach to heal internal injuries. With disappearance of unpleasant itch, Rey felt that the pain decreased a bit, but he still couldn’t move.

The whole process lasted less than five minutes. In fact, Rey could have done it even faster, but he didn’t want to waste any bit of soul energy because it was impossible to recover it in his current state.

As soon as he finished, the door directly opposite his bed had opened. A girl dressed in ordinary, from the point of view of Rey, and almost completely green home clothes entered inside the room. The only thing that drew his attention was that she didn’t have any weapons with her. On the other side, the fact that she was also very beautiful Rey unwittingly ignored.

Upon noticing that the guy woke up, the girl ran up to him and started saying something. Unfortunately, Rey didn’t understand a single word. That’s why he needed to use his already weak acting skills at the maximum right now.

When the girl came closer to him, he tried to move away from her, showing sincere fear. Rey didn’t pay any attention to the severe pain in his stomach. Having fallen from the bed, he hit a wall with his back.

Protecting his face with his hands, he quickly glanced at the worried face of the girl, continuing his little performance. Surprisingly, without knowing what to do, she knelt near him and raised her hands.

‘What a sincere girl,’ Rey mentally chuckled, noticing that the pain was increasing.

At this moment, with posed caution, Rey lowered his hands. The confused girl continued to say something, not knowing how to make contact with him. For a moment, her pleasant voice even managed to distract Rey. However, when she moved to him and stretched out her hands, wanting to help him to get up, he closed himself with his hands again.

’Isn’t she too kind with a stranger? Strange people…’

Having calmed down, Rey lowered his hands and laid down on his bed. He felt that blood started flowing from his wound, which opened because of the sharp movements. However, he didn’t know how to say about it, so he simply squirmed and grasped his stomach with his hand.

Upon noticing that the edges of the white bandages became red, the girl got scared and ran off somewhere just to come back with a woman.

It was obviously that the woman, who had just entered in the room, was much elder and more experienced. Having taken a bunch of the same bandages from a shelf, she approached Rey and, with her seemingly not too sharp claws, tore the bandages which was covering Rey’s stomach. At this time, Rey tried to portray a sincere fright and pain while watching the scene before his eyes.

Only now, he was able to witness that his wounds were covered with dark gray substance, which had already slightly hardened during this time. The woman turned to the girl standing at the door and called her. After a while, Rey noticed that his opened wound was sewn up with thick threads.

‘Oh, it’s so interesting,’ Rey didn’t know about this method of treating wounds because in medicine, with which he was familiar, there were used only nano-machines.

Although his stomach looked awful at this moment, Rey wasn’t worried about it at all. He was busy playing fear and pain.

The woman picked up from somewhere a hank of threads and silently began to sew up another wound. Even though this pain was nothing for him, Rey still made a painful expression on his face, as if he was trying to hold a scream.

The woman-doctor was pretty experienced and very soon all his wounds were sewn up. The woman said few words to the girl, and the girl run somewhere. Afterwards, the woman started talking with him. Rey couldn’t answer anything, so he just looked at her with a sincere confusion in his eyes.

Upon noticing that her patient remains silent, she stopped asking questions. After a while, the girl returned to the room with a large bowl filled the same gray substance. With agile movements, the woman-doctor covered his belly with a new layer of the strange substance, wrapping up his wounds with new bandages.

Having checked her work done, she said few words to the girl and left the room.

The terrible itch, which started for the second time during this day, interrupted his conversation with the girl. Although it was difficult to call it a conversation, she was the only one person talking there. Rey just continued silently looking at her.

‘It’s better to say something; otherwise she can think that I’m mute.’

His thoughts were understandable because the girl became more and more confused. Raising his hand, he pointed to his chest and tried to spell his name distinctly, “Rey.”

The girl's eyes lit up. Following his example, she pointed to herself and said, “Theia.”

After Rey repeated her name, her mood had improved significantly. She started talking again but livelier now.

‘Damn. She is talking too quickly, Now, it’s even difficult to differ separated words,’ having looked at her, Rey shook his head from side to side, expecting that she would understand such a gesture.

And to no surprise, Theia frowned and slowed. Now, she spoke just too slow...

’She is spelling each character... It’s even worse now.’

Trying to hide his dissatisfaction, Rey focused on the study.

A few hours passed. Rey repeated words after the girl, so she could understand that he listens carefully to her.

After some time, the girl started talking less, rarely looking at the door. Realizing that she wanted to leave, Rey grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly. He couldn’t directly ask her to stay here for little longer, so he tried to say it with his eyes.

Surprisingly, the girl understood everything and continued to talk with him patiently, freeing up her hand. Upon noticing this, Rey cheered up. He was afraid that his amnesia might arise some suspicious. But on the very first day, he managed to find an inexperienced but very persistent teacher.

‘This is going to be a long but very useful night,’ thought Rey while spelling another complicated word, meaning the gray substance on his belly.