Revolve - Chapter 17

After Theia arrived, Rey and she went to the training field, which he had already saw earlier during their previous walk.

“Just don't worry,” Theia wrinkled her nose. “My brother is slightly weird... though you two even look alike.”

Upon nodding to her strange comment, Rey had followed Theia, until he saw about three dozen training young men.

Everyone was doing something different, starting from shooting and ending with hand-to-hand combat. However, after noticing Theia’s arrival, everyone stopped and began greeting her. On the other hand, Theia just awkwardly waved to them and walked in a large wooden building.

Maybe someone in Rey’s place would make fun of the girl’s popularity, but he just silently followed her. He came here only to learn how to fight. Soon they entered a large room. The room looked even bigger inside due to the fact that it was completely empty.

A middle-aged man with short gray hair was sitting in the far corner. He was carefully polishing a solid dagger made of a dim-gray metal, which Rey hadn’t seen before. The blade of the dagger was so dim that it almost didn’t reflect light falling on it.

“Arvus, we’ve come!” Theia said loudly, though there was no need in this. The middle-aged man knew about them coming long before their arrival.

Closely looking at Rey, the man turned to Theia. At this moment, there were so much warmth and care in his eyes.

“Theia, I’ve never taught anyone before, you know,” Arvus said while still polishing the blade. His hand moved up and down along the blade.

Naturally, Theia knew about this. She just thought that Rey’s training could distract her brother from fruitles searchings. He couldn’t accept the loss of the younger brother, and Theia couldn't look at him in such a state. That’s why when Rey said that he wants to become a warrior, she decided to kill two birds with one stone.

“I'm sure you’ll find a common ground. Both of you are not only chosen by the Goddess, but also…” Theia didn’t have time to finish her sentence because Arvus interrupted her.

“The fact that he is marked doesn’t mean that he is good for something. If he is useless, I won’t teach him.”

“But you promised me!” Theia resented sincerely.

“I only promised that I’d have a look at him today,” Arvus replied, turning his head to Rey. “And I'm here, so don't disappoint me.”

Rey calmly but confidently said, “I’ll do my best.”

“Only efforts may not be enough, you also need talent,” saying this, Arvus took several wooden balls with a diameter of about one and a half centimeter. Taking three in each of his hands, he threw them high in the air. Without much effort, he caught all of them with a couple of agile moves.[1]

There were three balls in each of his hands. Theia enthusiastically watched the scene before her eyes, though she didn’t really understand why her brother did it. But Rey understood everything.

Arvus put the balls back in his bag and threw it to Rey, “Repeat this.”

Without hesitation, Rey took six balls from the bag. Upon noticing that there were more of them, he smiled inside himself and took out four more balls. Arvus remained silent, continuing to watch the arrogance attempt of the young son of the Forest. Though Arvus had already understood that this method won’t be enough to get rid of his sister’s request.

Taking five balls in each hand, Rey sharply threw them in the air. The fact that he was ambidexter was known to him from a young age, when his grandfather just begun to teach him music. His skilled hands coupled with the perception of the Forest person allowed Rey to be self-confident. He was absolutely sure that catching five balls in each hand won’t be a problem for him.

Rey quickly stepped forward and raised both of his hands. Another step to the side and step back. Afterwards, he stretched one of his hands with a half-opened palm and slightly bended down to the ground to catch the last wooden ball.

Breathing out, Rey straightened and opened his hands. There were five balls in each of them, just like it was at the very beginning.

“You cannot refuse him now. Rey did even better,” with a satisfied face, Theia looked at her brother, who was solemnly thinking about something.

“So you are a handyman type...” saying this, he looked at his sister again. “I’ll try to teach him something, but don’t blame me for expelling him in case if he turns out to be useless.”

“You are always like this,” Theia demonstratively turned away, but after a moment she said with the same cheerful tone. “Though I’m sure that everything will be all right. Good luck! I got to go!”

When Rey was left alone with Arvis, he felt a little awkwardness. Arvus just stood still and stared at him with a sullen expression.

“Theia told me she had to spend several nights almost sleepless because of you”, Arvus said. His tone was rather threatening.

‘I'm pretty sure that she meant not a complaint…’ Rey thought. He patiently endured the pressure of the warrior staring at him.

“I will definitely apologize to her,” Rey tried to defuse the situation. And, seemingly, it worked.

“Let’s go.”

Leading Rey, Arvus suddenly began to talk, “Being a hunter is an honorable mission. Not only you help others to find food but you also protect ordinary civilians. If you are not brave enough to look into the eyes of danger, then it’s better for you to stop right now. After all,” turning to Rey, Arvus looked into his eyes, “if you show your enemy your fear, you will became a prey, not a hunter.”

Arvus didn’t say anything more. He just continued moving forward.

‘Good words. However, I have nothing to fear,’ Rey thought, looking at the back of the strange man. If Theia was telling the truth, then Arvus’ hearing was much better than hearing of Rey’s current form. Though, seemingly, it was some kind of mutation the usefulness of which was quite questionable and obvious at the same time.

“Since I am your teacher, you will practice dual wielding,” Arvus said, taking two green daggers from a stand and handing the weapons to Rey. The daggers were slightly longer than Arvus’ ones.

Rey didn’t reply anything. He had no idea which type of a weapon suits him better, since during his entire life in his past world he had never hold blade weapon in his hands, except for the kitchen knife. Taking the daggers in his hands, he looked at them and realized that his blades were blunted. ‘Training weapons.’

“Hold the daggers tighter. Let's start with your stance.”


  1. ^ This test is a reference to the world called "Forgotten Realms", which was created by R. A. Salvatore. Drizzt Do’Urden, the main character of his novel, passed the same test.

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