Revolve - Chapter 18

It was already late night, but Rey still was standing in the middle of the training room with two daggers in his hands. Upon showing him several techniques and giving a brief explanation, Arvus had simply left. Rey wasn’t surprised by his attitude. After all, he was aware of the teacher’s character from the very beginning.

Feeling himself quite tired, Rey faced with the problem of the lack of souls. Without energy from destroying and absorbing souls, his body and mind couldn’t endure nearly a dozen hours of continuous trainings. Even though his body of a Forest person was physically stronger due to the few upgrades, it also had its limit.

At this moment, Rey decided to stop the training. And so he went to the house allocated to him. The house was small, but quite cozy. Such an attitude towards a foreigner was actually surprising. It seemed that the cohesion of the Forest folk far exceeded his original assumptions.

Rey sat on a bed and thought about his future course of action, ‘The easiest way would be to kill someone here, but it would also draw unnecessary attention. If someone figures out that deaths are connected with my arrival... Moreover, I need far too many souls.’

After thinking about it, Rey went outside and turned into a Snow Snake. Nighttime was a great opportunity to quietly leave the town. Even though streets were almost empty, he still tried to avoid places with some heat spots. Upon reaching the wall of the town, Rey made sure that there wasn’t anyone around once again.

After a moment, a four-winged bird had already landed on the top of a tree outside the town. Descending to the ground, Rey turned back into a snake and rushed forward. He really missed these feelings the last few days. He just couldn’t explain why he felt himself more comfortable in the form of a snake than in the body of a Forest person.

After three hours, Rey came back to the town. He decided to hunt during this period of time in future. This amount of time was enough to catch several animals and return before the sunrise.

Instead of going to his new house Rey went directly to the training field. Just like before, there wasn't anyone around. He calmly continued to practice different techniques with his daggers. And after some time, Rey realized that it became easier to do strikes. Moreover, it even felt as if the daggers obeyed better to him now.

Upon making few strikes, he immediately noticed that even feelings were different now, comparing to the moment when he took the daggers with his hands for the first time.



Name: Rey???

Race: ???

Race features:


[Master of Souls, 3 level]

[Multifaceted, 2 level] (Gsarh, Heavenly Tildas, Human, Kuring, Representative of the Faros Forest, Snow Snake)



[Daggers, 1 level]

[Hunter, 1 level]


'Hmm... Although Arvus didn't really teach me, specialization still has appeared. Probably, that's why it became easier to wield.'

At this moment, Rey noticed another strange detail, 'But why doesn't [Hunter] grow? I killed a lot of animals during this time. Hmm...'

Thinking about it, Rey made few strikes. Trying to recall the moment when he got his first specialization, he figured out the possible reason of this, 'Maybe it's due to the form. I haven't hunted in a Human form, since I got this specialization.'

He ended his attack on an imagined opponent with a thrust strike of both of his daggers, 'But it seems that I also can receive specializations in the form of a Forest person. I need to try to absorb a soul with this body. If my guesses are right, then it'll be perfect. It's slightly uncomfortable to turn into a Human each time I need to absorb a soul, and the body of a Forest person has sharp reflexes and quite developed sense organs.'

Trying to repeat Arvus' moves, which he clearly remembered, Rey made few more strikes, 'The Forest folk formally differs from animals by the developed intelligence. I wonder if intelligent animals can also receive specializations?'

Having made a mistake, Rey got slightly angry. He looked at the far wall and threw his dagger into it. However, after turning several times in the air, the dagger hit the wall and fell on the floor.

"Tsk. Quite a bad result. It seems that I need to train more," humphing, Rey went towards the dagger to pick it up. Suddenly, he heard a sound. Rey was always on the guard, so he instantly turned around. Without time to understand anything, he received a strike to his stomach.

"Don't dare to spoil anything here. If you want to play, then play outside.”

Rey straightened and saw Arvus, who was staring at him with displeasure in his eyes, "My fault."

The gray-haired man watched as the young guy picked up the dagger. Even though the blade of the dagger was blunted, it still left a mark on the wooden wall due to the great force of the throw.

'He has noticed me before my strike...' Arvus thought with a note of approval. Afterwards, he asked, “Have you been here during the whole night."

This question slightly surprised Rey because Arvus was a taciturn person, "Yes. Is it allowed to be here only during the day?"

Arvus didn't reply, continuing to look at him with the same stern gaze, "In an hour you'll have another lesson. Your teacher will be waiting for you outside. As for my instructions... For now, try to master the techniques that I have already shown to you."

Having nodded, Rey took up the stance again and continued to train the strikes.


"Hey! Come here!"

When Rey went outside, he noticed several young men, whom he had already seen yesterday. However, a sweet voice wasn't their. The sun began to rise only recently, so it was still half-dark. But for the sensitive eyes of a Forest person there wasn’t much difference.

Turning his head towards the voice’s direction, Rey saw a woman. The first thing he noticed was a big breast. It seemed that her clothes could break at any time because of the size of her breast.

Raising his head up, Rey noticed that the face of the woman was also very sweet. Upon involuntarily rating her, he silently moved forward.

“I'm Siare,” the woman smiled and came closer. “Your teacher must have talked about me.”

“Nice to meet you. You can call me Rey,” hecouldn’t help but have a look at her breast, which slightly jumped right before his eyes.

The woman turned her back on him, “Let’s  have a look at you.”

Silently following her, Rey noticed a shooting range ahead. There was a narrow natural alley between trees. On the trees all the way along the natural alley were carved many targets. Rey was quite surprised by the fact that there were targets even on the trees which were about 500-600 meters away.

Taking a huge longbow from her back, Siare asked, “Have you ever used a bow?”

"Nope”, Rey shook his head. “I'm not even sure how to hold it properly.”

His answer left the woman very pleased for some reason, “Then you must be happy that I’ll teach you archery and not Arvus. Maybe I’m not as good as he at shooting, but I’m sure that I also can show you some interesting things.”

After saying this, her face became serious. Siare took out an arrow from her quiver and placed it in her bow. Her movements were comparable to lightning. Rey thought that if he blinked involuntarily, he could have missed everything.

“Watch closely,” Siare said and released the string. With a loud sound, the arrow left the bow. Although Rey didn’t expect this, he still automatically turned his head to look at the arrow. That were the reflexes of a Forest person.

The arrow hit one of the distant trees. It landed right in the center of the target.

Looking at Siare, on whose face there was a friendly smile again, Rey changed his mind about her. The woman clearly downplayed her skills.


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