Revolve - Chapter 19

“It’s your turn now,” upon giving him a bow, Siare pulled out several arrows from her quiver and plunged them into the ground.

Rey, with an obvious skepticism, took the arrows and the bow. He just preferred a melee weapon to which he had already managed to get used.

“If you watched carefully, then repeat my stance.”

Without any efforts, Rey recreated in his memory a fresh image of the scene, which happened few seconds ago. He lifted the bow and slightly turned his body.

“Good. Let me help you a little bit,” Siare said slightly ambiguously and walked to Rey from behind. Pressing to him with her whole body, she grabbed his hands. However, Rey was worried about another thing. Right now, his whole back felt incredible softness. Softness of the fifth size approximately.

‘Is this some kind of a test?’ such idea seemed quite possible to Rey. That’s why he tried not to pay attention to the woman, who for some reason was suspiciously active rubbing her chest against his back while correcting the position of his hands.

Although the weather was pretty cold, bodies of the Forest people were more adapted. And currently, Rey strongly regretted that this body had such advantage. Because of this advantage Siare was wearing only thin linen clothing.

Upon noticing that the guy didn’t even turn red, the woman slightly got upset. Even though Siare’s actions looked quite childish right now, Rey just couldn’t forget the scene of her shooting.

‘Probably, someone who meets her for the first time may not notice a predator in her because of this behavior,’ throwing these thoughts out of his head, Rey pulled the string, which was unexpectedly tight. Remembering how easily Siare used her bow, he confirmed his assumption once again.

‘Although my body is much stronger than body of an ordinary Forest person, I still need to make an effort to fully pull the string. This woman isn’t that simple,’ Rey nodded to himself.

But the sweet voice coming from the side distracted him, “You are quite strong. I like strong men.”

However, Rey remained unshattered, like a thousand-year-old boulder, though there were several “cracks” already. Enduring the already almost unambiguous Siare’s words, he didn’t answer. Slightly correcting the position of his hands, Rey took one of the arrows. As soon as he placed it into the bow, the woman quickly hugged him again, helping to properly place the arrow.

Suddenly, she whispered with a gentle tone, “At first, you should close one eye. Later, when you understand the basic principle, it won’t be necessary any longer.”

Rey felt that he had begun to be excited, yet the charm and perseverance of this hunter deserved praise. But he didn’t want to fail this little test. At this moment, he didn’t want to think about anything else. Cooling his mind, Rey aimed at the nearest tree and released the string.

The arrow hit the target closer to its edge. As Rey himself thought, his result wasn’t bad for the first try because the target was at a distance of thirty meters.

The unsuspecting guy almost instantly found himself in the strong arms of the woman. It seemed that Siare didn’t even look at the place where arrow had landed. She appeared near him just too quickly, “What a talented student.”

Even though it was impossible to interpret her gentle whisper in any other way, Rey still remained calm. Well, almost calm, “Yes. Thank you.”

Suddenly, as if she was offended, Siare pushed him away and said with a no less sweet tone, “You should have said that you have a good teacher!”

Rey couldn’t be blamed for the fact that his apatheticity had being cracked when he noticed the gaze of this strange and at the same time seductive woman. Wrinkling her nose and clenching her fists, Siare looked at him with far from a teacher's eyes.


‘It's hard to say whose lessons are harder. Why couldn’t they give me ordinary teachers?’ Rey returned to the room where he was practicing with the daggers. Currently, he felt himself pretty exhausted, mostly mentally exhausted. After a three-hour workout, Siare took pity on him and left.

‘Though both of them, according to Theia, can be considered best in their business, so it's worth it...’ reassuring himself, Rey took the daggers from the weapon stand. He didn’t dare to use Inventory because he just couldn’t know how others would react to it. Most likely, there were no such things in this world. As for players, Rey hadn’t any ideas whether local people know about them or not.

Upon taking the usual stance, he continued to practice with the daggers.

With the coming of midday, two problems had appeared: Rey was tired and all his souls had almost ended. During the previous night, he killed eight animals, but he was also forced to break two souls during the hunt. Therefore, the remaining six souls won’t be enough to hold out without sleep and food until the evening. Deciding to stop his practice and restore energy in another way, Rey left the training room.

He headed to his home, intending to eat. However, he stopped halfway, remembering that there was no point in going there. Back then, he ate only in the hospital. He didn’t have anything at his home to cook it. Moreover, he didn’t know how to cook even basic dishes. In his world, automatic machines were doing most of processes, and cooking was one of these processes. And here, food was actually cooked on an open fire.

‘And what can I do? Maybe I should go hunting right now?’

‘No, it’s too risky. Someone can notice my disappearance.’

His thoughts were interrupted by the sweet voice, which was familiar to him, “Rey, how are you? I hope my brother isn’t going too hard on you?”

Turning his head, Rey noticed the girl, who was hurrying to him, “Hi, Theia. I'm fine,” suddenly, he realized that he had just found what he was looking for. “By the way, can you help me please?”

Having slightly tilted her head, Theia asked with curious, “Of course. Help with what?”

“I wanted to eat, but, I didn’t know where I can get some food. To be honest, I even don’t know how to cook.”

Upon hearing his words, Theia seemed to be surprised at first. But after few moments, almost crying, she started to apologize, “Sorry! I’ve completely forgot!”

“Don't worry so much,” Rey said with a soothing tone, trying to calm her down. However, it didn’t seem to work. Or maybe Theia just didn’t hear his words.

“Have you eaten anything at all?” there could be seen tears in the girl’s eyes already.

Grabbing Rey's hand, Theia led him somewhere. They moved pretty quickly, and after five minutes, both of them entered a spacious house. Based on the local interior, Rey realized that this was some kind of a dining room or cafe. There was a small bar, where could be seen a middle-aged woman. And almost all tables in the room were occupied by visitors.

“I’m really sorry. Here you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day,” Theia’s expression looked truly guilty, but Rey was interested in something else right now.

“And is this okay? After all, I’m not even working anywhere…”

As far as he knew, the Forest folk didn’t use money or anything like that. An exchange system didn’t even exist there. All resources were publicly available, but everyone took exactly as much as it was needed and no more. In addition, they didn’t have such thing as unemployment. Everyone was busy with something for the sake of their settlement.

To Rey, such a structure seemed too utopian, and therefore impossible. At first, he thought that Theia was looking at the world through rose-colored eyeglasses, but now he saw everything with his own eyes.

“It's nothing, you were injured. Moreover, if you are so worried about that, you are preparing to become a hunter. And this is also a very difficult job,” lifting a finger, Theia said.

“Well, you're probably right,” Rey agreed. Since it doesn’t cause any suspicion, there is nothing to argue about.

Theia smiled and replied, “Of course I am right. Let's go. I'll feed you by myself.”

Rey followed the happy girl and thought, ‘They are so similar to humans and at the same time they are completely different from them. What a strange folk.’