Revolve - Chapter 2

Although it was sad, Rey quickly realized that just wanting to be stronger wasn’t enough to get rid of the current problems.

During the whole night he didn’t close his eyes even for a minute, because he understood that falling asleep in the current situation equals to suicide.

Darkness gradually retreated due to the sun rising from the forest. And the beast under the tree lazily stretched, as if it was teasing the half-dead man.

Calling him half-dead wasn’t an exaggeration at all, even quite the opposite. During the night, Rey was tired and frozen so much that he already started thinking about enduring the pain of death, but every time he recalled that feeling, when his mind was being torn from the unbearable torment, he stopped himself.

Having glanced at the sun with his tired eyes, Rey looked around. Light had become brighter, but the landscape remained the same: everywhere were wide-spread crowns of huge trees, and below was the predator waiting for him. It seemed that it wasn’t so important for the beast to eat him; the beast just really wanted to kill him. The beast wanted to kill him not for surviving, but for killing.

‘Probably, I shouldn’t have teased him all night...’ Rey sighed heavily. During the night, when it had become completely dark, making sure that its prey wasn’t going to go anywhere, the beast boldly stretched out its huge paws and lied on the grass, showing that it was going to sleep.

Rey couldn’t stand such an impudent behavior, that’s why he plucked some leaves, crumpled them up and threw them into the beast’s head. The projectile was going to miss, but the monster, which was relaxed a moment ago, instantly had gotten on its feet and torn up the “gift” even before it touched the ground.

On his already frozen back ran goosebumps. Rey could only nervously and hopelessly laugh at the reflexes of the beast. He hadn’t any chances.

‘But it doesn’t mean that I’ll give this trash time to shamelessly sleep,’ Rey thought, clumping up another ball of leaves in his palm. ‘We will suffer together.’

At some point, the apparently smart predator simply stopped reacting to the balls of leaves, making Rey have nothing to do but to throw down broken branches. The beast for some time was angrily growling, while the branches were falling nearby, however, after a few minutes, the beast simply walked ten meters away from the tree, showing the winner in this little game. And then, the beast lounged on the grass once again and “fell asleep”.

Needless to say, Rey didn’t even think about trying to go down. He could try to climb another tree, but it was too dark to do it without falling down. One careless movement could result another death.

But during the night, he managed to explore a solid part of “his” tree, staying close to the trunk where the branches were large. Maybe because of this or maybe because of the fact that daytime had come, Rey noticed something interesting. Back then, when he was walking through the forest, he didn’t find any animals, apart from rarely flying birds in the sky, but right now he noticed a small nest.

And during the night, somehow he managed to climb even higher than the animal, which made its home there. The creature inside the nest was clearly not a bird.

Resisting to fatigue, Rey climbed to the needed part of the tree, wanting to satisfy his interest.

‘The cub?’ inside the too large nest was laying the creature with a very short brown fur. The pair of tiny eyes didn’t open even, when Rey gently poked his finger at the... ferret? Rey took a closer look and realized that the little animal barely breathes. ‘You must be frozen? And for some reason your parents aren’t here... Maybe that beast caused this?’

This option looked quite possible in some way. It’s unlikely that the older ferrets were killed exactly by this beast, but, anyway, the nest couldn’t appear here just by itself. And it’s unlikely that this small animal would be able to build something that big.

‘No, for sure, that’s the cub. I’m sure that I’d be able to identify an adult ferret. Probably...’ Rey shivered from the next gust of wind.

Thinking about all sorts of things and showing bare ass towards the beast under the tree, he spent almost a dozen minutes.

‘Can this cub be considered truly alive?’ the animal didn’t react at the next finger poke at all. Having emboldened, Rey gently took the small wooly ball. The cub didn’t show any signs of life.

‘Huh, still alive,’ noticing how the little animal pulled its paw, he seemed slightly happy. However, after that, the cub completely froze.

“Hey. What’s with you?”

Rey was already thinking about poking the animal once again, but suddenly a cloud of gray haze rose from the body of the ferret.

Surprised, Rey almost dropped the ferret. The guy took a closer look and realized that it wasn’t the haze. The almost transparent haze hid within itself the small silhouette of the animal that had just died. The only difference was that earlier the ferret was slightly bigger.

Rey touched this substance with his finger just to pull his hand back immediately. However, it was too late; the cloud of the haze soaked into his finger. Passing through his arm, it entered in his shoulder, then in his chest and stopped somewhere there, based on the pleasant coolness.

‘Hmm?’ touching the place where the gray haze had disappeared, Rey realized that he himself didn’t seem to be dying.

‘And? What was that?’

Was that due to the luck or not, but the answer was found in his head pretty quickly. He just needed to check his Status.

Seemingly, he just saw the soul of this little animal. He became pretty confident in such an incredible fact, after all, this was just a game, too realistic game.


Name: Rey???

Race: ???

Race features:


[Master of Souls, 1 level]

[Multifaced, 1 level] (Human, Kuring)



Placing the body of the clearly dead for now animal back, Rey started thinking. Strange, but the death of this animal didn’t move him much. Probably, that was because of the knowledge that everything around him not real.

His own Status looked much more interesting.

‘Kuring... This explains the meaning of “Multifaced”, but how to use it?’ mindless thoughts were useless. He simply didn’t know other game commands, apart from the three main ones. Sadly, Status gave very small amount of information.

Gladly, the soul of the Kuring helped him to distract from his own poor condition. Not even the soul itself helped him, but finding a way to use this skill. Even the name of the ability ‘Multifaced’ itself hinted at the effect, making it quite attractive.

Rey had already tried everything. Starting from the pats and strokes on his chest, where, seemingly, were the souls, and ending with shouting the name of the animal, which he learned from Status.

‘Couldn’t they just leave a hint…’ dissatisfied, he sighed. Once again he tried to imagine how he overgrows with fur and, without waiting for the effect, he leaned against the trunk. The bark pierced his skin, but during the night, he already got used to it somehow.

However, “get used to” didn’t work with thirst...

Tiredly closing his eyes and forgetting about the danger under the tree, Rey relaxed for a while.

After a second, his eyelids, that didn’t have enough time to close tightly, opened in surprise. And there was the reason to be surprised

He just saw a strange… something like a space? It looked like Inventory. The black space without any other colors. Almost without any colors… Because there were two souls. And those souls were familiar to Rey.

Obviously, the Human soul belonged to him. And the second soul was the soul of the already familiar to him Kuring. Both of the souls were gray. But the Human soul was just slightly brighter.

‘Finally,’ satisfied, Rey nodded to himself, ‘I was afraid that I won’t have enough time to figure it out.’

Rey mentally touched the soul of the animal. It felt like nothing happened. But he didn’t have time to get upset: the branch under him became just enormously huge.

‘Good. Just don’t hurry,’ Rey was so scared that he couldn’t even think about doing any moves. Noticing that his field of view became much wider, he slightly turned his head. However, the picture itself before his eyes was blurred. He could clearly see only a few branches before him.

Having stopped turning his head from side to side, Rey looked down and saw two paws with claws.

‘This game is just something!’ the attempt to speak turned into some funny hiss. And it also became clear that Kuring didn’t have teeth...

Having tried to move every part of his body, Rey realized that he faced some problems with the tail. Even though the new furry part of his body was causing some discomfort, it almost didn’t hold down the overall mobility. At least, Rey didn’t face with any problems climbing a branch.

After a few moments, he was already climbing up a trunk of a tree with his claws. Surprisingly, but climbing was pretty difficult. However, the reason of this wasn’t the claws; they were properly and firmly clinging.

Suddenly, incredible fatigue fell on him. And hunger came back, and thirst. After a moment of thinking, Rey realized that those problems didn’t disappear; he just got too carried away.

At least, cold disappeared. The fur was doing its job.

Frustrated, Rey pierced with his claws deeper into the tree bark, giving himself an opportunity to think. Right now, food was the main problem, and he already knew a solution to this. Stretching out his paw, the Kuring grabbed a small leaf with his claws and put it in his mouth.

‘Since I don’t have teeth, this animal must be herbivorous,’ his thoughts were true. The taste of leaves was so fresh. Strange, but it didn’t feel like the taste of leaves, but of some delicious cold dessert.

‘I think there must be more Kurings in this forest,’ Rey thought busily, eating another leaf. ‘With such a color I could barely notice them earlier.’

Having climbed almost to the top of the tree, Rey felt that his new body was quite nice. He didn’t stop chewing leaves for a single moment all this time. By the way, leaves helped not only with hunger, but also with thirst. Not a reason for great joy, but still…

However, below him was the completely different case. The hefty beast was making circles around the tree. Having lost the prey, the predator became extremely serious; now, the beast didn’t have even a single chance to capture Rey.

For several minutes Rey was staring at the unclear silhouette of the beast, which forced him to stay on the tree for the whole night.

‘On the other hand, only thanks to this beast I found the Kuring... But I’m not going to thank this beast,’ the smiling Kuring looked pretty funny. It was such a pity that there was no one who could rate this spectacle.

The next though, that appeared in his mind, made him wonder, ‘If I kill this beast, will I get the same look?’

But having looked at the very gigantic figure of the beast once again, he abandoned that idea. In the Kuring’s eyes the beast looked like a mountain.

Anyway, there wasn’t need in this. Either in the guise of a Kuring, either in the guise of this predator, Rey would feel the same. Not to mention that he didn’t have any ideas about how to kill an enemy like this one, but also the guise of a small animal had a number of obvious advantages. And the most useful was available food. The guy's hunting abilities were somewhere at the level of complete absence. And with his current level he could only enjoy leaves. Moreover, eating greens was clearly easier than eating raw meat of other animals. Not to mention the fact that they still had to catch.

At this moment, the Kuring’s smile turned into the funny grimace.

And Rey wasn’t sure about whether this predator was the strongest beast in this forest. What if he had to fight in the guise of this beast? On the other hand, a Kuring was fast and inconspicuous, so he can travel in relative safety.

‘I have decided,’ Rey carefully looked down at the mad beast that had lost its legitimate prey. ‘You can live for now. But I’ll come back and deal with you in the future.’

A bigger branch allowed the Kuring to easily move to the nearby tree. In ten minutes, the little agile animal left the already beloved tree far behind.

He didn’t think much about the direction, leaving the rising sun behind his back. Now, when he “joined” to the forest fauna, it became clear that there were many more inhabitants in the forest than he firstly had thought. Mainly, there were only very small creatures, which were no more than breakfast for the beast that was haunting him. He didn’t find something bigger yet, but he found other Kurings.

‘By the way,’ Rey noted, while briskly moving his paws, ‘we are the same size. But in the nest was clearly the cub... This means that ability doesn’t make me the copy of a deceased creature.’

Nodding to himself, Rey continued his way. He had already come to terms with not getting out of this forest.

But there was one way to quickly travel long distance. And, most importantly, this method could give him an opportunity to spend his last couple of days not anywhere, but in the sky!

Stopping on the next branch, Kuring raised up his head. A lonely green bird quietly soared almost above tops of trees. Even though Kurnig’s eyes weren’t sharp, Rey could still see it.

‘It won’t be easy to catch it. But, perhaps, I have nothing to do more, so I can try.’