Revolve - Chapter 20

A loud sound and another step on a wooden floor. The silence, which filled the dark training room, was completely broken by a heavy sigh.

Rey stood up and lowered his hands with the training daggers.


He quickly checked the familiar information panel and sighed with displeasure. Nothing had changed there since yesterday.

‘It’s really hard to develop these specializations…’

After making sure that nothing had changed once again, Rey raised his hands with the daggers in front of him. When he made a slash there could be heard a sound of cutting air.

Five days had already passed since he started training there, but [Daggers] still remained at the first level. Though Arvus had already shown him quite a few ways how to strike, parry, and evade...

‘I feel like I’ve mastered the moves, which he taught me, quite well. I should talk with him about this.’

Rey had returned from a hunt not long before dawn. Currently, he was training and awaiting for his so-called teacher, who always came to the training room quite early. And Arvus also didn’t disappoint him today. However, this time his appearance was slightly unexpected: Arvus attacked him.

Blades clashed with a dull sound, which was slightly different from a clash of metal weapons.

“Pay attention to my every move. You must always be focused and ready to parry or evade,” without wasting time on greetings, Arvus immediately got to the point. He made three steps back and raised a pair of training blades, which were blunt but still could hurt.

Rey also wasn’t going to beat around the bush. Having fastly shortened the distance, he made a strike with both his hands.

At some point, when Arvus kicked him in his stomach, sending him a few meters back, Rey even thought that he noticed some kind of a smile on Arvus' always displeased face.

“Get up,” actually, there was no need in these words. Because Rey wasn’t worried about pain at all. Without any problems, he got up on his feet and made an oblique downward strike with his dagger in his right hand.

‘This time…’ such words flashed in Rey's head. He didn’t dare to look anywhere but at Arvus’ dagger, which blocked his strike.

Deciding to continue, Rey was about to strike with his second dagger and try to defeat Arvus with his advantage: physical strength.

Rey noticed a smile on Arvus’ face once again. Though this twitching of the corners of his mouth could hardly be called a smile. Rey’s thoughts was interrupted by a coming elbow strike, which Arvus made by turning his whole body.

‘Too fast.’

Rey couldn’t say for sure why he didn’t manage to react. He saw his teacher began to turn his body, but for some reason he wanted to see finish of this attack. The movement was so graceful and smooth.

“Get up,” Arvus repeated again, moving away from his student stretched out on the floor.

As if he was encouraged by these words, Rey sharply got on his feet. Several light but quick consecutive strikes came into Arvus’ body. However, Arvus didn’t stand still. He quickly retreated from the raging young student.

Only after he did fourth step and dodged seventh attack, Arvus suddenly stopped and parried the next attack on the right side. Grabbing Rey's left hand, he twisted it out and immediately kicked him in the left side of his chest.

*Crunch.* Such a sound could say a lot to a Forest person with a sensitive hearing.

"Two ribs are broken," Arvus was about to release Rey’s hand when he realized that the young guy didn’t stop his attack. Despite the all received injuries, Rey’s second hand with a dagger in it rapidly moved to Arvus’ neck.

Quickly releasing Rey’s hand, Arvus leaned his whole body back and dodged the dangerous attack. However, in order to make this move he had to broke his stance, and now he was opened for the next attack. Rey didn’t dare to miss such an opportunity. Simply turning the dagger in his left hand, which was still stretched out after being released, he brought it to Arvus’ chest. There were no chances to dodge this attack from such a distance.

With a dull scratching, the dagger tore Arvus’ clothes, showing a chain mail underneath. Arvus didn’t give his student the opportunity to finish the series of attacks. He knew that Rey’s body was much stronger than it seemed. With a flash of dark green light, he moved a meter back.

‘He doesn’t feel pain?’ Arvus wondered while looking into the cold gray eyes. ‘This complicates everything. I need to be more careful to not to kill him by accident.’

While Arvus was thinking about something, Rey stood still. Confused, he still hold the dagger, which should have hurt his opponent at least. However, his teacher stood a meter away and only his clothes were torn.

“How?” Rey mumbled. 

Upon hearing the mumbling, Arvus understood that his young student was fine. As far as a person with a couple of ribs broken can be...

“What did you just do? This move... How is it?”

“It’s just a skill,” Arvus said. “You’ll learn it too over time.”

Having heard the answer, which was pronounced as a well-known fact, Rey became surprised.

‘A skill? Does he understand how it works?’

“What do you mean? How do you use it?”

Arvus frowned and replied, “This is an ordinary movement. There isn’t any warrior in the town who can’t use something like this.”

“How did you learn this?”

“I’ve already told you,” Arvus continued. “As soon as you master your movements with daggers, you will be able to do it too.”

‘Probably, I shouldn’t ask him about this anymore...’ Rey clutched the training daggers harder and turned to Arvus, “Let’s continue.”

Arvus thought for a moment, looked at Rey's chest with a skeptical look, and, without saying anything, also raised his weapons.