Revolve - Chapter 21

With a loud bang, Rey fell on the cold wooden floor once again.

“That’s all for today. If you still will be able to fight, then we’ll continue tomorrow,” Arvus sheathed his daggers and turned to the exit.

Getting up on his feet, Rey argued, “I still can...”

However, no one listened to him: the Forest man had already left the training room. And only when he was about to make a step, Rey understood the reason because of which Arvus had stopped the training.

'My leg is numb... Did I stretch it?' during the training, Rey didn’t even notice that he stretched his leg.

He sat back on the floor and examined the injured limb. However, Rey didn’t manage to find visible causes of numbness, so he simply changed his strategy… One by one breaking eight souls, which he saved for later, Rey healed his leg and internal injuries: six broken ribs, slightly damaged liver, and minor internal bleeding.

Fortunately, these souls were enough to completely remove the blood from the abdomen and restore the organ. However, his ribs remained in the same bad condition. Rey could only put them together and hold for a while, but any attack would break them again.

It would seem that he should be hurrying to the hospital right now, but no... At this moment, Rey was completely absorbed by thoughts. He didn’t have much time to ponder a lot of things during the training.

‘I began to forget that this is a game and there can be something like this. And Arvus considers this as an ordinary trick, not as a game skill or ability. He also said that everyone can use this; not only players...’

‘How curious... So inhabitants of this world will be on an equal footing with players. And given the fact that most of new players will be unprepared, then one Arvus, with his eyes closed, can kill several dozens of people, who hold weapons for the first time.’

‘Though it doesn’t really matter. Right now, the important thing is that I know how to get new skills. However, even after practicing for days, I still haven’t managed to level up the specialization. Either the developers went too far with realism, or I’m simply doing something wrong.’

‘Most likely, it’s the second one option... Seems like real practice is much more useful for me, comparing to the results of my five-day long training.’

Rey didn’t exaggerate at all. Learning Arvus movements and techniques from the side was much less productive than doing it while standing with him face to face.

At some point, Rey realized that Theia was telling him truth, calling her brother one of the best warriors of the Forest folk. For the whole fight, Rey managed to touch his teacher only once and only by accident.

Arvus was really strong, extremely strong. His movements, reaction, and even overwhelming gaze resembled not a warrior but a war machine. But Rey wasn’t going to give up. Watching him, he understood a lot of different moments. All the injuries were absolutely worth it. After all, the closer a battle to a real one the more valuable experience it gives.

Right now, Rey was surfing through his memories, learning the whole battle from beginning to end. He was noting his own mistakes and admiring one of the strongest Forest people.

Rey looked at his leg again. The numbness was slowly passing away, when he thought about strange but interesting game detail, ‘So bodies of the Forest folk are also made according to ideals of the real world.’

He didn’t pay much attention to this earlier, but now he noticed that there wasn’t any hair on his leg and on the rest of his body at all. After a while, he realized that in the form of a Human he also had hair only on his head.

Even without understanding a reason of his curiosity by himself, Rey began to delve deeper into the memories. Suddenly, he realized that all of the Forest people had the same feature.

‘That’s so thoughtful of the game’s developers. Even inhabitants of this world were made due to an ideal, though not all of them can be considered handsome.’

Realizing that he lost in thoughts and relaxed too much, Rey got on guard. He didn’t dare to forget about the purpose of his arrival here even for a second. And even if he wanted to forget, he hardly could do it.

Rey got on his feet and limped to the exit. He still had another one training today.


“Sorry, but no hugs today. Some of my ribs are damaged,” stopping Siare[1], who was rapidly approaching him, Rey took a step back. Her hugs were just too tight, and it was far from an ordinary greeting...

After some time, it became obvious that the woman’s behavior on the first day wasn’t a test. Even after Rey learned how to shoot by himself, his each successful shot was followed by her hugs and frequent kisses, sometimes on the cheek and more often in the corner of his mouth.

Siare was definitely attractive. And since Rey was a man, he couldn’t help but feel himself attracted to her. In his head, he had been saying to himself that this would only distract him from his main task. During the short period of time that he spent among the Forest folk, Rey noticed that his desire for revenge, which was carved deep in his chest, began to fade away. Very slowly, but still... This folk was just too peaceful and united. And he didn’t like it at all because the object of his hate could appear before him at any moment, if he would carelessly close his eyes.

And now, when he told Siare that he was wounded. Rey noticed a strong concern in the eyes of the woman. Upon approaching him, she carefully examined his chest. Too gentle to be hands of a warrior, her hands didn’t hurt him at all, when she carefully touched his chest. Sighting, she said with a bitter smile, “Don’t blame Arvus. He doesn’t know how to teach someone. I’ll definitely talk to him.”

“You shouldn’t,” Rey shook his head with a serious expression. “Such fights are much more useful. After few more lessons, I’ll get used to his tempo."

Rey perfectly knew the reason why Arvus could surpass him so easily. In addition to many years of experience, technique, and innate reflexes, he had one more overwhelming advantage over Rey. Rey wasn’t a real warrior.

Although he wasn’t afraid of weapons and injuries, his mind still wasn’t adapted to battles. He extremely needed to get experience so that his subconscious itself got used to how to defense and attack.

Rey had a strong body, sharp perception, and developed thinking. Even though he was a novice in the martial arts, he still could look at an arrow in the air in details, thanks to his dynamic vision, upgraded to its maximum in the form of a Forest man with the help of soul energy.

The same was with Arvus’ strikes. Rey could clearly see his approaching blade and he knew that he needed to do something to defend himself. However, he lacked combat experience.

Rey understood that until he learned how to properly control his own body and got some experience, he wouldn’t be able to resist Arvus in a normal battle. And the only way to change this was his fights with Arvus. That’s why he didn’t want Siare to interfere in his plans.

Looking in the cold white eyes, the woman nodded, “Well... Then today we’ll take a break. Anyway, you have already advanced a lot.”

Rey couldn’t not to agree with her. Even though his specialization [Archer] was also at the first level, there was nothing strange in that, since he spent less time shooting.

“Let’s go, I’ll patch you,” saying this, Siare turned towards the exit from the territory of the shooting range.

Rey didn't argue and followed her. After a couple of minutes, he realized that they were moving not in the direction of the hospital. He asked, “Where are we going?”

“Hmm? To my house, of course. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you.”

Noticing strange glitter in her eyes, Rey thought for a moment. However, he didn’t refuse, although he understood about what kind of care she was talking.

‘Anyway, it’s impossible to train properly in such a state.  Moreover, how much time have passed since the last time I was with a woman?’ he lowered his head and looked at Siare’s pretty legs. ‘Only once and only because of the wounds…’


  1. ^ The woman-archer's name was changed to Siare.