Revolve - Chapter 23

While aiming at a small boar, Rey's hand didn’t flinch. Before releasing the arrow, he had remembered an advice of one of the hunters.

‘Watch an animal for a few moments, and then choose a spot in its path where it’ll be easier to shoot. You shouldn’t hurry, otherwise you can lose your prey.’

The beast was about forty meters away from him. Thanks to his improved vision, Rey could easily count the number of eye blinks of his prey even from such a distance. Therefore, the shot shouldn’t be difficult. But he still decided that it's better not to rush.

Upon choosing an open space between two trees, where the animal should be after few more steps, he patiently waited a couple of seconds. Afterwards, Rey gently and very carefully released the string, which had already begun to quietly crack because of the tension. The arrow left the bow, but there weren’t any painful squeals. No, Rey didn’t miss. The arrow successfully hit its target. The boar just instantly died, even without a chance to realize the cause of its own death.

“Right in the eye. Not bad,” a quiet voice came from behind Rey. It was Vern, who slightly lifted his hood and smiled.

During previous two days of hunting, Rey learned that this hood was a symbol which meant that its owner was recognized as one of the most experienced warriors. In the town, there were less than four dozen of them, and Vern was one of them, as well as Siare.

Looking at this hood, Ray remembered that he had one of them in his Inventory.

‘So that Forest man was one of the elite. Thinking about it, he was stronger than the others, so it’s most likely this case.’

Having nodded to Vern, Rey went to the animal’s carcass. Rules of the hunt were very simple. The right to kill an animal belonged to a person who noticed it earlier. However, all load was divided equally among everyone but a leader, who led a whole squad and had responsibility for the safety of others.

This wild boar was killed by Rey, so, without asking, he went to its carcass. However, when the carcass was very few meters away from him, Rey stood still.

During the time he spent in this world, Rey developed the habit of constantly checking his Status, looking for any changes. And now, at this very moment, he noticed the difference. [Archer] advanced to the second level. And this wasn’t all. Quickly looking at another change, he came back to his senses and hurriedly went to the carcass of the dead animal, the soul of which he had already absorbed. As it turned out, in the form of a Forest man he could also absorb souls. Such an invention was extremely convenient.

They killed almost fifty animals for these two days. Although large beasts could be counted on the fingers, Rey’s inner space was already filled with souls to its maximum. That’s why he broke every soul, which he couldn’t keep for later, and fed the soul of a Forest man. However, after absorbing energy from seven broken souls, it also stopped becoming stronger. Though Rey didn’t notice any differences. Neither the perception nor the body changed, so he came to a dead end once again. The soul of a Human still was brighter and lighter than the soul of a Forest man, but Rey couldn’t really understand why it was considered better.

Since all of his souls but a Human soul was upgraded to its limit, Rey decided to use the rest of his extra souls and energy to strengthen it. However, even after absorbing three souls, it hadn’t been satisfied yet. Rey didn’t think to give up, so he also broke the boar’s soul and directed the energy from it to a completely white Human soul.

‘That was the fourth. By the way, the soul of a Forest man has consumed only ten souls... Let’s see how much of energy this one can fit,’ thinking about it, Rey simply hanged the boar's carcass on his back and went forward.

The hunters moved in the same formation as the group which he killed back then. But due to the fact that they weren’t going to return in the town yet the distance between each one of them was much larger. Vern moved slightly ahead of the whole squad, scouting the situation. Rey, for his turn, was right behind the leader; there was about fifty meters between them.

Upon taking his position, Rey hit a tree with his fist twice, letting the others know that they could continue. In the meantime, he opened his Status.


Name: Rey???

Race: ???

Race features:


[Master of Souls, 3 level]

[Multifaced, 2 level] (Gsarh, Heavenly Tildas, Human, Kuring, Representative of the Faros Forest, Snow Snake)



[Archer, 2 level] (shooting range increase 1.5x)

[Daggers, 1 level]

[Hunter, 1 level]


‘Hm, that’s strange. Actually, I’ve spent much less time shooting from a bow than training with daggers.’

Rey continued to move into the same direction while thinking about the reason of such a fast level up, ‘I can’t say for sure upon which advance of specializations depends. Maybe it’s some kind of a especially of [Archer], or it’s about my predisposition to it…’

‘Or it’s just result of my hunt…’

During these two days, Rey himself managed to kill six animals. His fellows specially left animals, which were surrounded, to him so that he could get some real experience. That’s why this hunt was pretty easy to Rey so far. And during their hunt, Rey made only six shots. It’s needless to say that this number of shots couldn’t be compared with several hours of training with Siare.

‘I doubt that it’s just a coincidence. Anyway, it's pretty easy to figure it out,’ his thoughts were interrupted by three consecutive thuds. That was a stop signal.

‘Another one? So quickly? Though the previous boar died silently…’ Rey ducked down and crouched straight ahead; the sound came from there. After few moments, he saw Vern, hiding behind a tree. Upon noticing Rey, Vern gave a signal to stop.

Rey had already got used to such a system of communication. Following the instructions of the squad leader, he hid behind a large tree.

Although their green clothes slightly contrasted with the snowy forest, the hunters could still move imperceptibly and silently.

After a couple of minutes, Rey noticed that Vern came out and gave another signal, which meant a general gathering.

Rey was the closest to him, so he approached Vern first. Without saying anything, he silently waited for the rest of the hunters. As soon as he came closer, the reason of the stop became obvious to him.

There were footprintsthat Rey knew very well. In some way, he could even leave behind himself the same footprints. Though he really rarely used the form of a Gsarh, he could easily recognize the footprints. However, there was one problem. Despite the fact that his soul of a Gsarh had already been upgraded, his footprints in the form of this beast were almost two times smaller than these.

Trying not to show his surprise, Rey waited until the last hunter appeared. Everyone looked at the footprints of the size of a one-year-old child.