Revolve - Chapter 25

Several wolves chased him for some time, but it wasn’t hard to get away from them. After all, these beasts couldn’t fly. However, he had to stop his hunt, because the pack of wolves was now on guard. After thinking for a while, Rey decided to return to the town because dawn was already pretty close.

Moreover, Rey wanted to test the skill, which he got with the advance of [Archer], so he immediately headed to the shooting range. Since Rey realized the uselessness of self-training, he was going to practice much less with daggers now, only continuing to spar with Arvus from time to time.

Even though trainings bore fruit by improving his overall coordination and reaction, Rey was already satisfied with his current condition. His body in the form of a Forest person was quite developed due to its innate abilities and the energy, which he used to upgrade the soul. However, further growth of the soul seemed to be just too insignificant and slow.

Upon weighing everything once again, Rey decided that he should focus on shooting for now. Thanks to the ultra-sharp vision of a Forest person and game mechanics, he had almost unlimited growth potential in this sphere.

Rey entered the shooting range and took one of the longbows, which were stored there. Hunters usually used shortbows and other less powerful versions of bows because there wasn’t much need for a long-range bow in the Forest. But Rey simply liked this type of bows more, so he chose it.

In his Inventory there was another longbow, which he picked up from the body of the same elite hunter. Both limbs of the bow were covered with atanite, and its handle had a hole for an arrow. Even though the bow looked pretty ordinary, it undoubtedly was much better than the bows, which Rey saw in the arsenal. In fact, he had already seen such a bow. Siare had almost the same bow behind her back.

Standing next to two men, Rey aimed at a distant tree. He didn’t hope to hit the target on it and nor the tree itself; he had another goal. The tree was only a mark for the shooting direction.

Back then when he tried to shoot from this bow, Rey didn’t manage to reach the mark of 450 meters, though his result could be already considered as excellent. The bow was made of very hard wood, so it was hard even to simply pull the string. That’s why if a shot was made at big angle, an arrow could fly much greater distance. However, such a shot wouldn’t be accurate at all.

But Rey was interested in shooting at angle close to zero, because the accuracy was the highest in this case. Slightly lifting the training bow, Rey aimed at the last of the targeted trees and released the string.

Just like it was written in the description of the skill, the arrow reached the tree, which was located at the distance of 600 meters away from him. The arrow hit the very edge of the tree trunk, somewhere about three meters above the target.

‘One and a half times further, right?’

Filled with satisfaction, Rey continued to shoot. But now he aimed at the targets that were closer to him.

After few shots, he learnt another feature of specializations. The advance of the level didn't affect his own abilities: Rey still couldn’t accurately hit the target at a distance greater than 100 meters. On the other side, if the target was only 70 meters away, he could hit its very center.

‘Trainings are still important, though it’s even good. An experience that came from nowhere cannot be considered real.’


“They are back!” someone happily shouted. Probably it was one of those people, who had been waiting for the return of the hunters for all this time. Joyful and excited cheers immediately filled the town.

It was already midday when several green silhouettes appeared between trees in the distance. It could be seen that the group lacked four hunters, to much sadness of the Forest folk.

Just as before, Arvus was in front of the whole group. His armor was covered in blood, but judging by his confident gait, the blood didn’t belong to him. Moreover, there could be seen carcasses of animals on backs of the hunters. Seemingly, they killed them already on the way back.

Although the group hadn’t reached the town yet, number of people was already enormous. And Rey, who was forcefully brought here by Theia, was also among the crowd.

“Not everyone has returned…” the worried voice of the girl perfectly showed the crowd’s mood.

Upon hearing this, Rey didn't say anything, though he knew that she was wrong. After some time, his guesses were confirmed by the first of the hunters, who said that they didn’t have any casualties at all. The missing four hunters remained to guard the carcass of the beast, which was just too huge to bring it without necessary equipment.

This matter was quickly solved. Dozens of hunters and ordinary men immediately went to help with the carcass of the huge beast, while the others continued to congratulate and thank the heroes. The Forest folk even planned a celebration in honor of such an event.

Rey didn’t really care about everything happening; he wanted to take a look at the beast's carcass. And since it still wasn’t brought here, he said goodbye to Theia, who hurried to greet her brother.

The Gsarh was brought only by the evening of the next day. But such a delay was completely justified, because looking at the body of this creature, only one thought came into mind, and Rey wasn’t an exception.


Even in the lying position the beast’s carcass was three meters in height. And that was truly incredible; the beast was almost twice the size of an elephant. Its claws, which left deep tracks on the snow, looked like swords. The Gsarh’s muzzle was covered in dried blood and decorated with cuts. There was a complete mess instead of its eyes, which were pierced with arrows. The whole body of the beast was tightly tied with ropes, by using which it was also brought here. And its black fur in some places stuck to the skin, due to the blood leaked from the wounds.

The overall scene was very unpleasant and very few people came to take a look at the beast, to much Rey’s surprise. Most of the people here were hunters interested in the look of the great predator. Today’s number of people couldn’t even be compared with yesterday’s crowd. Rey himself couldn’t really understand the cause of this.

‘Maybe the beast will be put on display for everyone somewhere in the city. Or they were only worried by the condition of the hunters? And the beast itself is nothing for them...’

While the carcass of the beast was transporting through the town’s gate with great difficulty, Rey managed to get closer to it. Next to him was Theia, who also decided to get closer and take a look. But in her eyes there could be seen fear instead of enthusiasm, like it was with Rey. Although he noticed this, he still continued moving forward to the dead beast. The men, who were transporting the beast’s carcass by using ropes, decided to turn it sideways, because it wouldn’t simply get through the town’s gate in its current position.

After some of the ropes were removed from the carcass, they managed to turn the beast sideways, with the efforts of almost two dozen men. Rey watched the scene with much interest, noticing that the front of the Gsarh’s body was also badly wounded.

Upon coming closer to it, he touched the black fur of the dangerous predator with his hand. Slowly moving his hand down, Rey realized that it was actually quite pleasant to touch such a soft fur. However, he stopped touching it after a moment, realizing that it was slightly inappropriate.

Having turned around, Rey saw Theia, who like a child, wanted to follow his example and tried to touch the body of the beast with her trembling hand. However, she didn’t have a chance to finish her movement not because of the fear, but because of the noise, that came from the mouth of the Gsarh.

‘Is it!? How is it possible?’ upon taking a few steps back, Rey noticed that all the men, who were around the beast’s body, also got alarmed. However, they simply continued to look at the lying beast, not believing in what they had just heard.

Very soon they realized their mistake. Currently, the Gsarh was lying on its left side and its right paw, as if it didn’t feel any resistance from the ropes at all, smashed a row of the men, who stood next to the beast.

One of them was simply cut into pieces. The other two also almost instantly lost their lives, because of very deep wounds.

At this time, four arrows flew from the walls and got right in the predator’s head. However, it seemed that they did nothing but angered the beast. The Gsarh easily broke the rest of the ropes and started getting up.

Rey, who was watching this scene, didn’t have any doubts about his further actions. That’s why he had already taken several steps in the opposite direction. He didn’t have any equipment with him. And even if he had something with him, he didn’t want to risk and fight against such a monster.

When he was about to turn around and run, his eyes laid on the young girl, who was still on her knees next to the gradually getting up beast. She was in the same place, where she stood before. Theia just couldn’t make her body move, watching the black “mountain” slowly rising in front of her. Her eyes were filled with fear and tears.

“Help…” having squeezed out a barely audible word, Theia closed her eyes, not willing to see her own death.

Rey continued moving back. However, he moved slower and slower with every step.

‘Heck! Why I can’t just leave!?’ Rey absolutely sincerely couldn't understand why his own body didn’t obey to him. He didn’t realize that he had already attached to this little girl, who had been feeding him for days with such a joyful smile on her face.

“Ugh...” Rey gritted his teeth and took out the daggers from the Inventory, hoping that no one would notice this because of the happening.

‘I’m just returning the favor and that’s all,’ after a second of hesitation, Rey remembered how much Theia had done for him just because of her own kindness. It seemed that the time spent among the Forest folk strongly influenced his hardened mind, because he had just forgotten for a second that he had been only lying to her...

Squeezing the handles of the daggers in his hands, Rey bit his lip and rushed towards the Gsarh, which, fortunately, still hadn’t managed to fully get on its feet. And since the beast was blind, it couldn’t react to Rey’s approach.

‘One random hit and I'm done,’ upon looking at the huge paw of the beast, such thought flashed through Rey’s head.

Having chosen a goal for himself, Rey put all his strength in his legs and jumped, attacking the beast’s back with both of his hands at the same time. Even after all upgrades his body of a Forest person couldn’t jump for four meters. And Rey knew this, so he immediately released one of the daggers and, grabbing the second one with both hands, threw himself higher.

Rey was lucky, and he managed to pull the dagger out of the hard skin of the beast. Now he was right on the Gsarh’s back. Perhaps, the guy was still alive due to the fact that he approached the Gsarh from behind, or maybe the beast just ignored him, because it was distracted by the shots of the town’s guards, who aimed right in his muzzle. Grasping the Gsarh’s dense fur with one of his hands, he climbed towards its head, which already looked like a pillow with needles.

‘How can this monster be still alive with such wounds!?’ Rey froze up for a moment and then plunged the dagger right into back part of the beast’s skull. Although the dagger entered into the skull right up to its hilt, for a moment Rey thought that he hit a piece of steel. He felt echoing pain in his hands.

‘Good thing that I’m much stronger than an ordinary Forest person.’

Having received such injure, the beast, as if it was a rag doll, fell to the ground, scattering huge clouds of the snow around itself. Rey still held the handle of the dagger sticking out of the creature's skull with both of his hands. Only when he understood that the Gsarh wasn’t moving at all, he heavily sighed. With the help of one of his feet, Rey got out his weapon from captivity.

‘What nonsense is that? How could this beast be still alive?’ not paying attention to the looks directed either to him or to the beast, Rey jumped down and pulled the second dagger out of its carcass. Upon glancing at Theia, who was unconsciously lying on the ground, Rey turned back to the beast again.

He patiently waited for ten seconds and seriously frowned. The body of the Gsarh didn’t leave its soul for some reason.