Revolve - Chapter 26

‘What's happening? Is it still not dead?’ Rey stepped away, still holding the daggers in his hands.

At this moment, Theia opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was the Gsarh's huge carcass. Fear filled the girl’s heart once again. Without getting up from the ground, she started to crawl away, but after noticing that the beast wasn’t moving, she looked around.

Dozens of people stood still and looked dumbfounded at the beast’s body. The atmosphere was very oppressive, and the air was heavy, but no one decided to break the silence, hanging in the area in front of the town’s gate.

At this moment, Theia smelt blood. Looking in the direction of the distinguish smell, she noticed few bodies. No… it would be better to say that Theia saw only pieces of formless meat. Just few moments ago, there were her brothers. And now there could be seen only separated limbs and the snow covered with warm blood. Even though Theia had been helping in the hospital for a long time, she still threw up from witnessing such a scene.

Theia took her emerald eyes off this scene and noticed Rey, who stood near the beast. Blood was still dripping off of his daggers onto the snow.

A loud shout came from behind the gate, but the girl with her blurred mind couldn’t understand a word. On the other hand, Rey instantly turned his head towards the town.

“Theia! Theia!” looking in the direction of the voice, the girl finally noticed her brother, who rushed to her with two daggers in his hands. His whole silhouette was shining with a dim green light.

The girl herself could not understand why tears had been streaming from her eyes, until she found herself in the tight embrace of her brother.

Upon looking around the surrounding area, Arvus frowned and asked Rey, “What happened!?”

“The Gsarh wasn’t dead,” Rey replied calmly, as if he was not in the middle of the bloody pool right now.

“What are you talking about!? I’ve finished this beast with my own hands!”

“I don’t understand it either. I don’t believe that you didn’t manage to notice that the beast was still alive; even if you wanted to, you just couldn’t. Moreover, the Gsarh have been being transporting for the whole day…”

Having heard Rey’s weighted reply, Arvus slightly calmed down and started remembering all the details of the “successful” hunt. After a few seconds, he calmly said, “It's impossible. We’ve killed it in the Forest for sure.”

Rey simply shrugged his shoulders, “It changes nothing. You can see everything for yourself.”

While they were talking, more and more people gathered in the square. Arvus asked, “Is the Gsarh certainly dead this time?”

“I’ve pierced its skull with daggers,” Rey continued, raising his hand with the dagger, “but I'm not sure about its death.”

Leaving Theia to the few approaching hunters, Arvus came up to the beast’s carcass and put his hand on it. Upon removing his hand from it, he raised his head and said, “Blood isn’t circulating in this body, and its heart isn’t beating. There is almost nothing left of its head... Why do you think it’s still not dead?”

Having heard such a question, Rey hesitated for a moment. He could not say that his doubts was due to the missing soul of the Gsarh, “I thought the same way when this beast was brought here, but then it got up. Though I’m ready to swear that its heart wasn’t beating at that moment either.”

After looking at Rey with a thoughtful look, Arvus simply left. On the other hand, Rey did not notice strange and very angry light in the eyes of his teacher.


Rey was laying on his bed and thinking about everything happened today.

Three dead men were officially buried. And the body of the Gsarh was burned because it was recognized as cursed; after all, something like this had never happened before.

His only worry was that this beast did not have a soul. All the creatures, which he had killed in this world, had a soul. Even very small worms had a soul, though such a soul would disappear even before he managed to absorb it, but still...

‘Maybe it’s all about power? Is it possible for me to be too weak to see a soul of such a strong beast?’

‘Or is it because this Gsarh was different from other Gsarhs?’

All these ideas had some point. However, Rey did not really care about loss of this soul. Yes, such a powerful form would certainly be useful for him, but he could do nothing with this.

It was already night, and Rey was about to go hunting. The Forest folk presented him a set of equipment as a reward for killing the beast, so now he did not see the point in hiding when leaving the town. He could explain his night actions by the fact that he cannot sleep and hunting is simply a way to kill some time. However, now he had to bring few carcasses with him back, and it was slightly uncomfortable.

During the previous night, Rey did not manage to level up any of his specializations, although he killed about twenty animals.

Moreover, he faced several interesting moments. His soul of a Human still continued to develop even after absorbing energy from twenty average souls, and that was a problem. After all, the more souls he fed to it, the more space it took. And his internal space was not so big...

Additionally, it seemed that some part of energy that contains in a soul disappears after he breaks it. He could keep about twenty five average souls in himself earlier, and now this number decreased to twenty. Given the fact that he strengthened not only the soul of a Human, but also the soul of a Forest person, then the leakage of energy was really huge.

‘So it turns out that I get only a fifth of the original energy, the rest simply disappears…’

‘Although I could be wrong because I don’t know much about this.’

As soon as he finished equipping his gear Rey left the house. At this moment, he noticed that someone was standing near the door. Turning his head, Rey saw his teacher, who was dressed in gray armor, which looked quite threatening because of its strange design. At some point, Rey realized that Arvus also had his daggers and bow with him.

“Going somewhere?” Arvus asked, looking at his student.

Rey was a bit surprised by the sudden appearance of the man. Something like that had never happened before, so Rey involuntarily became alerted, “Yeah, I wanted to hunt.”

“That's how. I was just about to call you there... Let's go.”

Without saying anything else, Arvus went into the south direction: straight to the town’s gate. Rey had already got used to such a taciturn behavior of his teacher. That is why he did not say anything either. Rey only wondered why Arvus decided to call him this time.

‘Looks like Theia told him that I’ve saved her. Maybe that’s his strange way to say thanks?’

In about five minutes, two hunters left the town walls, heading towards the Forest. The night was foggy and unsuitable for hunt, but it did not stop them.