Revolve - Chapter 28

As it turned out, Arvus was alone. At least Rey did not notice anyone else spying on him. After an hour, there was less than a kilometer from the town. Having stopped, Rey eased the rows, which tied the carcass of the deer on his back, so he could drop the carcass at any time.

Coming closer to the gate, Rey silently walked by two guards, waiting for their reaction. However, upon looking at his green armor and carcass, they stopped paying attention to him.

‘So Arvus was really alone?’ he was truly glad that his former teacher acted so myopic this time. ‘Though he could allow himself to be confident. Or maybe he just wanted to revenge by his own hands?’

Leaving the carcass near the guards, Rey nodded to one of them and walked into the town. His guesses were confirmed once again, because he did not notice anything strange along the way.

‘This place is pretty nice. Although I’ve stayed here only for a bit, I’ve already got used to it. It would be a pity to leave this place. I still can learn a lot of things here.’

After thinking for a while, Rey decided to go to his house. Currently, he had quite a gloomy mood and the fact that no one in the town knew about happened did not make the situation easier.

Upon entering the house, Rey fell on the bed with his armor on.

‘Why do I feel sorry for this man? Why did I save his sister?’ such pitiful thoughts seemed so unusual to him, but he could do nothing with them.

‘I could have died trying to save her.’

Staring at the wooden ceiling, Rey raised one hand and looked at his own claws.

‘I’m not one of them. They aren’t even humans… Thinking about it, is there anything left of a human in me?’

‘Maybe I really should…’ a fleeting desire to remain among this folk was broken by appearance of the familiar silhouette, which was fully covered with bandages, in his head. At this moment, Rey involuntarily shivered and raised his arm. He continued to stare at his palm for another second, and then tightly clenched his fist

‘No. I can’t forget this.’

‘I have to get my revenge. I'm not going to stop until the creature, which made this to me, won’t be dead. With my own hands, I’ll rip out its eyes and tore its body into pieces.’

‘And until this moment…’

Upon getting up, Rey headed towards the door with unprecedented determination in his eyes. These memories still were so clear that it would seem his torture had stopped only yesterday.

‘I have to become stronger.’

Taking out his anger on the door, he hardly pushed it just to immediately close it back, while covering his own face with another hand

An arrow pierced the atanite bracer, which was on his hand, leaving only a small cut on his cheek. Looking at the door, where already could be seen dozens of arrowheads, Rey rushed towards the far room. The house had only one exit. And there were not any windows.

“Come out and accept your death!” upon hearing the angry voice, which was unfamiliar to him, Rey thought for a moment.

He still decided to ask, “What happened!? Why did you attack me?”

‘So Arvus told someone about me. And now it's much harder to escape, because I’m in the town… I need to play for time.”

Having broken the arrow, which was sticking out of his hand, he instantly pulled it out.

“How dare you to betray your own people! It is your last chance to die quickly!” the same male voice approached Rey's ears.

“I don't understand. Explain what you are talking about.”

‘And now…’ Rey looked at his injured hand and turned into a snake. At this moment, his clothes fell on the ground, and he crawled out of them. Then, the body of the snake quickly increased in size, because Rey took the form of a Forest person again, hiding his belongings in the Inventory.

Rey stood completely naked in the far corner of the room close to the tree, on which this house was built, when he heard that the door was broken down with a loud noise.

Several warriors entered the doorway, holding a large piece of wood in front of them to protect themselves in case of a sudden attack. However, nothing like that happened

Upon looking around, they realized that the room was empty. Still holding the improvised shield in front of themselves, two of the warriors went deeper into the house, because they knew that Rey could not escape anywhere.

The house was surrounded and there was only one exit. That is why every one of them had been already anticipating the moment of execution of the traitor. But…

“Where is he!?” barked one of them.

The house was quite small, so it did not take long to search it. There was not any place where a mature man could hide.

Currently, Rey was sitting in the crack located between the main wall of the house and the large tree. He had not used the form of a Kuring for a long time already, but this is exactly what saved him this time.

Having broken one of souls, Rey healed the wound on his front paw and continued observing. However, this performance did not last long. After searching the house for another minute, the hunters ran outside, trying to find him there.

Even after sitting there for almost an hour, Rey did not hurry to leave his shelter. He could hear some noise coming from outside the house, so it was clear that the Forest folk still looked for him.

‘What a restless guys.’

After another two hours, the panic, which covered the town, started to gradually disappear. Upon realizing that he does not hear troubled voices anymore, Rey got out and turned into a snake. Afterwards, he carefully looked around, confirming that there were not any heat spots nearby.

Upon transforming into a Kuring once again, Rey quickly left the house through the empty doorway.

‘Since I cannot stay here, it would be foolish to leave empty-handed,’ with such a thought in his head, Rey moved to the arsenal. However, as soon as he reached the building he immediately noticed the difference: there were four guards standing near the arsenal. Back then, it stood there without any security, because the Forest folk would not steal anything from its own people.

‘Their reaction is commendable; they did everything so quickly... It is unlikely that I’ll be able to kill these guys silently.’

While Rey was thinking about ways to sneak into the building, an idea came to his mind.

‘If all goes well, then it’ll be perfect. If not… well, I still can get close enough so they won’t have enough time to react.’

Upon turning in a Forest person once again, he took out a hood and set of green armor from the Inventory.

‘His name was Corvus, right?’ Rey chased away the melancholy, which seemed to appear from nowhere, and hurriedly equipped the green armor, pulling the hood down on his face to hide his gray eyes. Having made a confident look, he moved towards the guards.

As the moment the guards saw Rey, they got alerted. But after noticing that the man, who had approached them, was one of the elite, they immediately parted.

‘I guess they cannot be blamed for such carelessness. After all, they lived all their lives with a thought that every one of them is their relative,’ pondering this, Rey freely entered the arsenal.

‘I must act quickly.’

Within few movements, he hid in the Inventory three huge bundles of arrows, with which the town’s hunters could make at least thousands of shots. Afterwards, Rey went to the part of the arsenal, where sets of armor were stored. He already had several sets of the same armor, but only two of them were his size. And he had five more now. He also took there some whetstones, extra sheaths, quivers, ropes with hooks, and few more things, greatly cleaning the arsenal. Among other things, he took three best longbows and two pairs of daggers, similar to those he used himself.

Satisfied, Rey took one of the bows in his hand and headed towards the exit. After all, he just could not enter the arsenal to leave it without anything in his hands.

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