Revolve - Chapter 29

After Rey get out of the town, he went deeper in the Forest. Currently, it was night, and it was the best time for hunting. This activity allowed him to forget about everything.

Upon thinking for a bit, Rey turned into a snake. Any hunt in this form gave him the greatest pleasure. Silent, swift, and fast body. Poison that was so dangerous that even he himself sometimes shivered when he watched as a bitten animal died in seconds.

But the most pleasant part was the moment of a bite. Every time he plunged his fangs into a prey... This brief moment felt truly unique. Perhaps Rey liked it because of the feeling of power. Power over life and death.

And now, after around ten minutes, he had already noticed a small heat spot in the distance. The little heat spot which fate was to disappear tonight...

Upon absorbing the soul of the just killed animal, Rey immediately broke it, enjoying the waves of warmth spreading through his body. This flow of energy calmed down his mind a bit.

In the form of a Forest person his whole body could fully feel the winter air which gradually cooled his passion. Leaning against a tree trunk, Rey turned his head towards the town.

‘Maybe I should stay near the town and kill everyone who comes out of there?’

‘Although it’ll take some time, I’ll be able to revenge them for that.’

After pondering this thought, he smiled bitterly, ‘To revenge…’

‘I’m the only murder here, who took lives of their fellows. Why should I revenge them?’

Being angry at himself, Rey punched a tree with his fist. He put so much force in this punch that there was left a stain of blood.

‘I didn’t want to become such a person!’ the cry, which broke the silence of the night, rather resembled a howl of a beast.

‘Why!? Why!?’ with each word he punched the same tree again, leaving more and more bloody marks.

Rey had continued to hit the tree till he could not move his fingers. At this moment, the face of the young girl, whose brothers he had killed, appeared before him.

‘And now she’ll be sad again. She’ll hate me…’

Looking at the hand injured to bones, Rey thought, ‘Maybe I should stay in this Forest? How such a person can live with someone, apart from beasts?’

Rey stood and watched the drops of blood that were rolling down his hand. At some point, first rays of the sun broke through tops of trees, forcing Rey to turn his head.

Theia’s silhouette appeared before him once again. The girl was telling him another story, while he was lying on a bed, unable to move.

“Our capital is located far to the southeast. Even though I have been there only once during my childhood, I remembered this city as a truly beautiful place. And the most memorable thing was the palace of the king. The majestic building constructed around the huge tree; it looked like a mountain protecting all of us.”

“How are rulers chosen?” asked Rey.

“My brother told me that there were times when the strongest of children of the Forest became our king. But now, our ruler is the one who managed to earn respect of all the Forest folk due to his wisdom.”

Although it looked like the girl was telling a fairy tale to a child, Rey did not care about this at all. He listened to her carefully, trying not to miss anything important.

“The only thing that remained the same all of the time is the royal emblem: six-winged sunny Tildas. Despite the fact that Tildases are quite rare nowadays, I heard that there are several of them in the palace all year round.”

Upon noticing that Theia started talking about unnecessary to him things, Rey asked another question, “What part of the Forest are we in?”

Having put her finger on her chin, Theia thought deeply, “Probably we are in the east part. If you pass by the capital, then in a few days you can reach the end of the Forest. However, to get out of the Forest by going towards the south, you’ll have to travel much further.”

“And what about the west and north directions?”

“Well, there are very few sources of water in the west, and most of them are located underground. That’s why our folk never lived there. This is what my brother said; I myself don’t know how far the Forest extends in this direction.”

While listening to her, Rey remembered the small wooden house and clenched his fist, trying not to show anger on his face.

“As for the north,” Theia continued, “if our part of the forest is still suitable for life, then in the north there are too many extremely dangerous creatures and plants, so it’s impossible even for us to survive there.”

At this moment, Rey came back to his senses and sighed, breaking one of the souls inside him. The energy from it slightly restored the sensitivity of his wounded hand, while he himself looked at the rising sun and turned his head to the left side.

‘North, right?’

Upon breaking few more souls, he brought his body frozen to the bones to a capable state. Rey was still naked, and the night forest in the middle of winter was far from the most pleasant place. He took out Arvus' armor from his Inventory. Once again looking at this armor, he noticed several stains of blood left on it. Having taken a bit of snow in his hand, he squeezed it and easily wiped the dried blood from the smooth surface of the armor.

Slowly equipping the armor, Rey made sure that he can easily move in it. Even though this armor was heavier than the standard one, which he used earlier, Rey practically did not feel the difference.

Upon taking out Arvus’ gray daggers, he looked at them as well. The surface resembled polished marble to the touch, but it did not reflect light. Moreover, it was stronger and sharper than daggers made of atanite. Throwing both of the daggers in the air, Rey easily caught them by the handles and put into the sheaths hanging on his belt. The balance of the daggers was also magnificent.

Afterwards, he took out the bow taken from the arsenal just to put it back after some thoughts. The bow was too long, making it hard to move with it on his back. It was easier to take it out from the Inventory in the moment of need. The same situation was with arrows. Having untied one of the bundles, he could just take arrows from there now.

After checking everything for the last time, Rey glanced at the sun, which was to his right, and moved ahead. He did not move too fast because there was no need for hurry. He was not limited in time. The journey promised to be very long. But it was even better; Rey needed time to think about many things.