Revolve - Chapter 31

With a painful moan, the great wolf-leader, which body was the size of a horse, fell on the ground, scattering clouds of snow around itself. At the same moment, Rey, who stood near the dead beast, sighed with a relief. This hunt was very exhausting.

Although it was only the second day of his staying in the Forest, he had already faced with a pack of twenty wolves. He did not provoke them, but he also did not manage to pass by them unnoticed. Therefore, Rey had been sitting on a tree and shooting at these agile creatures for the last four hours.

Despite the fact that he could escape by changing his form, Rey decided to remain in the form of a Forest person, because only in this form he could improve his specializations and get some real-battle experience.

Even though this activity took unexpectedly long time, this happened only due to strange actions of the wolves’ leader, which commanded his pack quite well, to much Rey’s surprise. As soon as he killed the first three wolves, the leader, without wasting any time, made a howl, giving a command to the rest of the pack.

Rey was really surprised when he realized that the wolves started to scatter after the howl. At first, he thought that they was about to run away, but they just hid behind several thick trees, making it harder to shoot them. Thinking about it, he had not met such smart animals before. But killing them one by one, he still managed to reduce their number to ten.

At this moment, the leader decided to counterattack instead of retreat. All the wolves at the same time rushed to the tree, trying to get their offender. However, that was a mistake. Although they could climb a few meters, they still could not touch Rey.

After some time, he managed to kill the rest of the wolves. Then he broke the leader’s soul and checked the Status.


Name: Rey???

Race: ???

Race features:


[Master of Souls, 3 level]

[Multifaced, 2 level] (Gsarh, Heavenly Tildas, Human, Kuring, Representative of the Faros Forest, Snow Snake, Sun Devourer)



[Archer, 3 level] (shooting range increase 1.5x, Strengthened Shot)

[Daggers, 2 level] (Retreat)

[Hunter, 3 level] (Animal Detection, Trap)


In addition to [Hunter], which leveled up last night, [Archer] had also just reached the third level.

Rey had already tested the second skill, which appeared with the growth of the first specialization, and it turned out to be quite useful. Now he could set a trap on the ground that was invisible even to the he himself. When someone stepped on this trap, it threw up several green meter-long spikes.

However, Rey managed to test its work only two times on not very big animals, which simply died due to the spikes, so he did not really know if it can stop a strong animal. The skill had a cooldown of ten minutes, while the trap itself remained for an hour. On the other hand, this trap was useless during open confrontations since its installation required some time. But for ambushes it was perfect.

And another new skill, judging by its name, strengthened shots with bow. Rey took out his bow and an arrow from the Inventory. Mentally activating the skill, he noticed appearance of a weak green glow on the arrow. It became much more difficult to hold the bowstring, so he immediately released it.

The arrow instantly flew away, leaving behind itself a barely noticeable green trace. The arrow flew a distance of hundred meters and with a thud plunged into a tree. Looking at the half-plunged into a tree arrow, Rey thought, ‘Wow, it’s probably three times faster… Same with its power. Not bad.’

Releasing another arrow, Rey tried to activate the skill once again, but, just as he expected, it did not work. Then he tried to activate it after ten seconds, but nothing happened again. And only after a minute, the same green glove enveloped the arrow, but this time he did not shoot, simply lowering his bow.

Upon trying to activate the skill again, Rey realized that if the shot was not fully accomplished, he still could use this skill without cooldown.

Having finished his experimentations with the new skill, Rey discovered another problem. Right now, in his inner space there was space only for three large souls. This was due to the fact that a Human soul still continued to absorb energy, just like a bottomless hole. If it was not for its change, he would have stopped feeding it long ago. Back then, when there was space for six or seven souls in his inner space, the soul’s color started to change gradually. And now its color resembled rather light green.

He understood that energy from one of the wolves would be enough to stabilize his state, so all extra souls, including the leader’s one, he used to strengthen his Human soul. Even though its color became slightly lighter again, he did not notice any changes in the Status.

His intuition told him that he was doing everything right, so Rey was not going to stop. Upon looking at the sun, he continued to move into the same direction.

After about ten minutes, Rey noticed a small green spot. This was the effect of [Animal Detection]. The skill allowed Rey to notice animals in a certain radius around himself, but there also were many different important factors, which could influence the work of the skill.

For example, Rey managed to notice this beast only due to the fact that it was not hiding. Earlier he was attacked by a snake that was hiding under the snow. And only the armor, which the snake's fangs could not even scratch, saved him from its poison.

Rey also noticed that the skill worked better, when he was extremely concentrated. That is why he moved rather slow now, carefully observing surroundings.

Upon approaching the animal he found, Rey heard strange clicking sounds, the nature of which he understood only when he saw the creature with his own eyes.

During two previous days, Rey had not met a single animal in the Forest. And now, before him stood the three-meter scolopendra, which slowly piece by piece ate a dead wolf’s corpse with its excessively big fangs.

The creature looked really disgusting, but Rey did not care much about this. Rey knew that this moment was perfect for an attack. That is why he instantly put an arrow in his bow, which just seemed to appear in his hands from nowhere. The arrow shone with green glow and flew right into the scolopendra.