Revolve - Chapter 32

After passing through the body of the disgusting creature, the arrow stuck into the ground. Seeing that the scolopendra did not hurry to die, Rey took out another arrow and shoot.

And after the second arrow, the creature, which meal was interrupted so unceremoniously, started to shake its whole body madly due to the pain from the twice shooted head. Its rage did not last long, and after few seconds the scolopendra fell on the ground.

Rey did not dare to come closer until he saw a small gray haze above the body of this creature. Upon absorbing its soul, Rey stretched his hand to the arrow’s nock with feathers. It was the only visible part of the arrow, because the rest was inside the not very strong body of the scolopendra. However, when he was about to touch it, it just fell on the ground.

Right now, under Rey’s feet there was laying only one small part of what used to be called an arrow. A hissing sound was coming from one of the ends of the piece of wood, indicating that the arrow could not be used again.

Looking at the first arrow, which passed through the creature’s body, Rey noticed that it was also partly melted and could not be reused.

Sighing with displeasure, he walked around the skolopendra’s corpse and simply went forward. He was not going to use this body, because it was too fragile. Though for most residents of the Forest, meeting with such a creature would be a complete nightmare, since it was a creature that couldn’t be attacked in close combat.

Remembering the remainings of the wolf, which the scolopendra was eating, when he interfered, Rey imagined what would have remained of a poor man bitten by a scolopendra.

‘It really becomes much more dangerous,’ upon thinking about it, Rey decided to make some preparations. Taking out from his Inventory two small wooden containers with the size of two fingers, he put both of them on the ground.

Back then, during his battle with the pack of wolves, he spent a lot of time mainly due to the fact that he could not kill one beast with one arrow. Most of his shots simply were not fatal, because of the great mobility of the wolves. That is why he wanted to simplify his future life in case of such encounters.

Upon hiding all his armor in the Inventory, Rey turned into a Snow Snake. Having moved his head to the containers on the ground, he bit each of them with his fangs, filling the containers with his poison one by one. The whole process lasted almost ten minutes, until poison in his body came to end. But even so, the gathered amount of the deadly poison was more than enough.

Turning back into a Forest person, Rey put on his armor and continued moving to the west. Along the way, he managed to find a big concave piece of bark, which could be used as another container.

Upon reaching the river, he carefully poured all the gathered poison into the container made of bark.

‘Let's start with a ratio of one to five.’

Rey slowly collected water with the same captivities and then poured it into the piece of bark. Afterwards, he took out three dozen arrows from his Inventory. Rey did not know a proper way how to make such arrows, so he simply made few small notches on the arrow’s tips, subsequently placing them into the poison.

After testing the poison in the work, Rey returned to the river and reduced its concentration to one to twelve, since the previous one was still too strong.

The next test showed almost the same effect, but now a wounded deer had lived for almost ten more seconds before falling dead. Having decided that this was enough for him, Rey continued to move through the Forest, slowly making new poisoned arrows.

By the next day, he collected another portion of poison, with a concentration of one to six. This poison was prepared for more dangerous opponents.

Feeling satisfaction, Rey started to move forward much more confidently, and by the end of the fifth day he noticed that the Forest became denser. The realization of this fact came to him rather unexpectedly, because the change was very smooth. However, after a hundred kilometers, amount of trees in the Forest doubled.

At that moment, Rey understood Theia’s words about impossibility of survival in this direction. If earlier he rarely met new types of animals, now the situation was quite the opposite. He even missed a bit wolves and boars, which had already become familiar to him. Instead of them huge insects and reptiles of all kinds predominated here.

On the morning of the sixth day, he started noticing rare white threads with the thickness of a little finger. And after about three minutes, he witnessed the creature, which weaved all these threads.

Before his eyes was an unimaginable scene: the spider reached eight meters in length. Without hesitation for a second, Rey ran away, trying not to touch pieces of the web here and there.

Having spent another three days to do a circle, he just could not regret that he was lucky enough to see only shadows of those huge creatures, because even the very first meeting with such monsters could end with his death.

As he moved deeper into the Forest, atmosphere became quite oppressive. Animals here seemed just insanely strong, making every hunt extremely risky but worthy.


Name: Rey???

Race: ???

Race features:


[Master of Souls, 3 level]

[Multifaced, 3 level] (Gsarh, Heavenly Tildas, Human, Kuring, Representative of the Faros Forest, Snow Snake, Sun Devourer)



[Archer, 4 level] (Shooting Range Increase 1.5x, Strengthened Shot, Trajectory Correction)

[Daggers, 2 level] (Retreat)

[Hunter, 4 level] (Animal Detection, Damage to Animals 3x, Trap)


Just like Rey initially thought, [Multifaced] really leveled up with the advance of his Human soul. Right now, according to his feelings, his inner space could fit at least a thousand gray souls. And such a good upgrade would completely solve his problem with the supply of souls, if it were not for the appearance of another problem: the further he moved, the fewer animals there were.

On the other hand, current amount of animals in the Forest was compensated by their strength. After all, the stronger an animal was, the more energy its soul had. However, Rey still felt a lack of souls.

Another interesting moment was that his hair and eyes in the forms of a Forest person and Human turned green, just like color of his soul. For a moment he even thought about coming back to the Town of the Forest folk, since now his appearance was almost identical to usual forest people. Although this idea was very tempting, because he could live there in peace, Rey quickly put all the thoughts about it to the side. It was partly due to the fact that he felt guilty about this folk, but the main reason was that he really liked the feeling which did not leave him for a moment in the Forest.

Hard to say what exactly it was. Maybe a desire to explore the new and unknown world that was not available to him in the past? Or maybe excitement from the danger, which constantly followed him, made his heart tremble? It could also be a feeling of satisfaction from hunting... and from killing.

The only thing Rey knew for sure was that this feeling became stronger and stronger as he moved deeper into the Forest.