Revolve - Chapter 34

Rey sat and watched the sun come up, wiping blood stains on his armor with a piece of snow. Even though bodies of players and inhabitants of this world could not get dirty, this did not affect clothes. Having finished cleaning the armor, he got up and looked around.

Nine Zurds, which seemingly died not so long ago, laid near him. In Rey’s inner space there were left only seventy souls, because the rest he used for recovery. Although claws of these creatures could not penetrate his armor, their blows were still pretty tough. They managed to get him only four times, and that happened only due to the fact that he decided to face them in close combat.

As a result, [Daggers Mastery] advanced to the third level, unlocking a skill named [Cleave]. Rey had already tested the new skill and was quite impressed, when he managed to literally chop body of one of the creatures in half. And because of this he had to wipe off his armor from a large amount of blood now.

The skill had a cooldown of forty seconds, but actually there was no point in using it against Zurds. These creatures already seemed quite weak to Rey, much thanks to [Hunter], which strongly increased damage dealt to animals.

Right now, he was standing in front of a small tree, holding the bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Taking a step to the side, he looked at the mark, which was carved on another tree.

Moving away from trees forty meters, Rey stood in front of them, so they were in one line with him. Upon raising his bow, he aimed slightly to the right from the center of the first tree. Remembering the proper position of hands, he released the string.

Leaving behind itself the familiar green trace, the arrow, with the blink of an eye, flew forty meters. And as soon as the arrow almost reached the first tree, it turned to the right.

‘Hm. It’s still very hard…’

Walking up to the trees, Rey realized that although the arrow hit the tree, it was ten centimeters away from the mark. The skill named [Trajectory Correction] was very hard to perform, because it had to be used while an arrow was still in the air. And reflexes of an ordinary person would not be enough to do something like this.

However, Rey was far from an ordinary person. Thanks to his reflexes in the form of a Forest person, he could even use [Trajectory Correction] and [Strengthened Shot] at the same time.

Having pulled out the arrow from the tree, Rey noticed that there was no tip on it: the tip stuck in the trunk. Sighing, he threw it away and took out a new arrow.

He had to wait three minutes before he could use the skill again, so Rey had some time to think.

‘It’s definitely worth staying here to completely eliminate Zurds. Who knows how the overall situation can change with time. After all, things can become much worse, and these extra souls can save my life.’

‘Moreover, that’s a good way to level up my skills.’

‘And maybe I should destroy small squads only in melee?’

Holding the arrow in his hands, Rey looked into his inner space. Most of all he was interested in his Human soul, which strongly differed from the rest, because it was the only one completely green soul. However, Rey himself did not notice changes in the body of a Human, except for the color of hair and eyes.

‘Well, the fact that [Multifaced] grows with its progress makes this soul very useful.’

‘Hm, probably it’s better not to waste souls on it for now. My current inner space is vast enough for me. These reserved souls can help me in a difficult situation. And anyway, if there will be no need for them, I can always use them to upgrade souls.’

Thinking about this, Rey looked at the soul about which he had already forgotten. The small gray soul of a snake was still slightly unclear, and Rey did not know the reason for this. On the other hand, there was nothing strange in his ignorance, given the fact that he found the egg, which contained this soul, in the strange and unnatural place.

‘Maybe it’s like this because I had killed the animal inside the egg before it was even born?’

Rey really did not like this feeling of incompleteness, that is why he broke one of the souls of Zurds and moved the fresh energy directly to the soul of a Sun Devourer.

It was difficult to predict the result; initially Rey though that this amount of energy would be enough for the soul, but after a moment, he realized that he was wrong.

Having frowned, Rey broke two more souls, but result was the same. One, two, three... only after the ninth soul the image of a Sun Devourer became clear enough to match the rest of his souls.

‘What a gluttonous little snake,’ Rey removed his armor and turned into a Sun Devourer, which body became significantly larger.

The length reached one and a half meters now, and its size was comparable with the size of an adult’s hand.

‘Not bad, but it still has no poison. And its growth just ruined such an inconspicuous body,’ turning back into a Forest person, he mentally scolded himself for such a haste. After all, he could feed souls consequently; there was no need to go all in at once.

‘On the other hand...’ Rey became a snake again and quickly crawled towards the pits of Zurds.

Upon approaching one of the holes in the ground, he carefully examined everything and noticed small spots of heat far ahead.

‘Its vision is truly much better than that of a Snow Snake.’

After a while of thinking, Rey decided not to go deeper. Even though it would be easier to kill Zurds during their sleep, Rey simply did not want to lose such a great opportunity to practice in combat.

Having climbed to the surface, he decided to hunt other animals, as he knew exactly when Zurds would wake up.