Revolve - Chapter 35

Evening was quite close already, and Rey decided not to hide this time. He was sixty meters away from one of Zurds’ holes, which were located closer to the edge of their small «settlement».

There could be seen a shortbow in his hands and tens of arrows plunged into the ground near him. Upon hearing some noise, he quickly pulled out one of the arrows and placed it in the bow. As soon as a Zurd’s head appeared out of the ground the arrow quickly and silently went through it, instantly killing the creature and forcing it to fall back into the hole.

The Zurds, which faced with their falling from above fellow, screamed loudly, while Rey pulled out another arrow.

Another Zurd appeared from the same hole, and its fate was just like that of the previously appeared Zurd. However, this time the dead Zurd’s corpse did not fall into the hole; it was pulled outside by the enormous stream of these creatures.

Rey took one more arrow from the ground and shoot almost without aiming; he simply could not miss from such a distance. When there were almost no arrows left, Zurds were already pretty close to him, so he quickly hid his bow and started running away. Behind him, Rey could hear countless screams of Zurds, stepping right on the traps, which he prepared and placed there long ago.

Actually, Rey did everything this to check how Zurds would react on deaths of their fellows. And right now, there were few hundreds of Zurds behind him. And they, seemingly, did not care at all that Rey was alone there.

Mentally cursing them for their dumbness, Rey without much effort managed to hide from them, but it was not a complete retreat. Looking at movements of the Zurds, he noticed that they split in many groups and went into the Forest, just like it happened before. Without feeling any danger now, Rey took out his daggers and followed one of the groups.


Sitting on a fallen tree, Rey watched his inner space. Right now, before his eyes there was result of four-day long Zurds’ elimination: more than four hundred souls.

Thanks to this hunt, every of his specialization leveled up and opened three new skills.

[Daggers Mastery] provided him with [Piercing 2x], which doubled damage with daggers. After obtaining this skill, killing Zurds became completely uninteresting, because he stopped feeling resistance of their flesh at all.

[Archer] gave quite useless in current situation [Shooting Range Increase x3], which could stack with the old passive skill, making it possible for Rey to increase his maximal shooting range by 4,5 times.

Right now, he could easily shoot targets located up to 250 meters away from him. However, in such a dense forest this skill was useless.

And the most interesting skill he got with growth of [Hunter]. Right now, there was a Zurd before him, which eyes had green color instead of black. And the most weird thing was that this Zurd even did not think about attacking him.

‘If that’s for forever, then this skill is truly incredible.’

[Submission] – that is how the new skill was called. And just like its name was saying, it allowed him to subdue a creature. But as it turned out, Rey could do it only with one creature. When he tried to use the skill with the subdued Zurd, nothing happened.

Moreover, to subdue a creature he had to defeat it. The Zurd, which sat before Rey, had endured serious beating, before color of his eyes changed to green. And now, Rey was checking duration of the skill. But six hours had already passed and there were still no changes at all.

Upon giving his new pet mental command to get up, Rey watched how the Zurd quickly got on his feet.

‘That’s actually so weird to see such a wild creature obediently listening to my commands.’

Even after such a long hunt, Rey did not feel himself tired at all. While their souls could make him stronger, he would kill them. Moreover, he eventually came up with new methods of killing, and right at this moment another idea came to his mind.

‘Go and bring here several of your kindred,’ mentally saying to the Zurd, Rey watched his new pet run to few holes in the ground.

At the same time, Rey took his bow and prepared to shot incoming creatures. Though, he was not even sure that his pet would be able to bring someone here, but still decided to prepare.

To his surprise, after several tens of seconds, Zurds started to appear from their homes one by one, without giving any attention to the fact that it was daytime.

Having mentally praised his temporary fellow, he shot the closest to him Zurd. The arrow, which he had just launched, without any problems went through the Zurd’s eyes, taking its life.

This actually was another advantage of his increased shooting range, because now there was no need for him to worry about angle of shooting at short distances.

After releasing sixth arrow, Rey noticed that the Zurds stopped appearing. He did not have any ideas how his little pet managed to bring such a small number of Zurds, but he was very satisfied with it. Upon deciding to feed his pet later, Rey continued to shoot the Zurds, which were still on the surface.

After some time, there were very few of them left, so Rey hid the bow, replacing it with his daggers.


Having walked up to the last Zurd’s body, Rey pulled out the dagger, which he had just threw, and pointed at the carcass.

‘Status,’ moving away from the holes, he watched his pet eat the corpse of his brother without any hesitation.


Name: Rey???

Race: ???

Race features:


[Master of Souls, 5 level]

[Multifaced, 3 level] (Gsarh, Heavenly Tildas, Human, Kuring, Representative of the Faros Forest, Snow Snake, Sun Devourer...)



[Archer, 5 level] (Shooting Range Increase 4.5x, Strengthened Shot, Trajectory Correction)

[Daggers Mastery, 4 level] (Cleave, Retreat, Piercing 2x)

[Hunter, 5 level] (Animal Detection, Damage to Animals 3x, Submission, Trap)

[Throwing: Daggers, 1 level]


Upon noticing two changes, Rey’s mood immediately became better, because one of the changes concerned his Race Features.

‘Now I only need to understand what exactly has changed.’

Continuing to watch the Zurd eating the leg of the same body, Rey checked his inner space. Observing it for half an hour, Rey did not manage to notice anything new. And he had no idea what could change. Such a situation was already quite familiar to him, so Rey decided not to worry too much about this.

Looking at the new specialization, Rey took out all the daggers he had in the Inventory. In general, there were seventeen of them, without counting Arvus’ daggers. Almost all had different lengths, but he did not care. Having properly sorted them out, Rey placed the daggers back in his Inventory, so he could easily take them out from there in the moment of need.

Upon giving his tame Zurd a new order, he took out two daggers and followed him. Rey's experience in throwing was close to zero. That is why he was not sure that he would be able to hit something ten meters away from him.

Approaching one of the holes, he waited for the first Zurd to appear and threw one of the daggers in its head. However, the dagger hit its horn, leaving a noticeable notch on it, and simply fell on the ground.

Cursing, Rey waited for another Zurd to crawl out of the hole completely and threw his second dagger, but this time into the creature’s chest.

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