Revolve - Chapter 37

With obvious difficulty, a great monster ripped the web, which covered its body, and roared, saying to its offender that revenge was not far at all. But there was no point in this. The hunter once again looked at the huge tree, real wooden monster, the height of which reached six meters, and silently hid his face under a green hood.

The huge tree, which he managed to lure into this trap of threads, roared with all its might. It was not afraid of drawing attention of other wild creatures, because right now it was the only one king of this part of the Forest, which came out to deal with a small fly that dared to interrupt its rest. It seemed that this monster simply did not know the meaning of fear.

Clumsily getting through trees, which constantly hit it with branches due to its jagged body, the ancient tree heard a roar coming from somewhere ahead. It looked like the giant tree understood this sound somehow and roared in response, continuing to look for the enemy that seemingly was not going to appear.

At this moment, the hunter came out from behind a tree that was located behind the monster. There could be seen two daggers in his hands. Moving forward, he did not touch a single leaf lying on the ground. His silent and smooth steps made it possible for him to reach the back of the monster in a matter of minutes.

The loud roar repeated once again, but this time it sounded much closer. Anticipating the incoming fight, the ancient tree took a step forward. At the same time, the hunter jumped up on one of the monster’s leg, rapidly climbed up on its back, and plunged one of the daggers in it without waiting for a counter reaction.

Only after receiving the first ten of blows, which partially mutilated its spine, the ancient tree roared and started to tremble fiercely, releasing poisonous spores from its back. The hunter expected this, that is why he immediately closed his eyes and held breath, continuing to attack and expand the hole in the wooden back.

The monster obvious did not like this; its long arms changed shape and stretched to its back. However, at the same time, the huge black cat jumped from behind a nearby tree and crashed into the ancient monster at full speed, plunging sharp claws into its body.

The ancient tree started to shake furiously, releasing even more poisonous spores around itself. At this moment, two shadows leaped in different directions. One of them was the same big panther, who waited for a new command, and another one was the hunter with a longbow and green arrows in his hands.

The hunter swiftly landed on the ground, creating a small cloud of dust that instantly cleared up because of the speed of the just released green arrow. As if there were no other factors except for the hunter’s will that could affect flight of the arrow, it plunged right into the hole on the back of the ancient creature, forcing it to emit the most piercing roar. It was clear that this roar was neither filled with anger nor with thirst for battle. There could be felt only strong pain caused by the arrow that got right into its core.

Upon realizing that its death was already very close, the monster decided to perform the last attack with remaining power in hope to kill the offenders. It gathered all the essence of the Forest and then threw out countless long spikes in all directions.

Seeing the attack, the panther merely snorted and with one of the paws easily blocked a one and a half meter spike flying into its muzzle, while the rest of spikes simply did not get through its skin due to strong muscles, leaving only small scratches and cuts.

At the same time, the hunter's body glowed with green and his movements became three times faster. Quickly taking out daggers, he reflected all the dangerous spikes within two movements, remaining untouched. Afterwards, with another flash of green light, he appeared one step away from the fallen ancient tree and with the glowing daggers in his hands crashed its head almost in half.

Even though this attack could not kill the already dead ancient one, it was his way to take out a part of anger, which was squeezing his heart with a cold grip. And after the final attack, the hunter pulled out the daggers from the head of the ancient tree, breaking several branches.

At this moment, the panther walked up to him from behind, gently poking his back with its muzzle. Having turned around, the hunter looked into the green eyes of his fellow and and patted its head, taking the huge core from the panther’s mouth. As soon as he touched the core with his hands it shattered into countless small pieces.

“Let’s go, Cess,” a slightly rough and non-confident voice sounded from under the green mask.

Cess rubbed the owner’s shoulder with its big head and followed him, just like hundreds of times before.


Four people were sitting in a huge hall. Three men and one woman. Every one of them was dressed in luxury clothes. Also there could be seen few bodyguards standing behind them. It was quite obvious these people had far from a simple position in a society.

“There is nothing to talk about. What is done cannot be undone. We have already attacked them. And now, we just need to finish what we started,” a gray-haired old man, with a sharp, piercing gaze, which was filled with arrogance, turned to his colleagues.

“It was not we who attacked, but you. It is only and fully your fault,” a beautiful woman with long black hair and the same arrogant look replied.

“You should not say this, First. We all serve the same nation; that means that the problems of the two of us are everyone's problems,” followed an answer of the man, who was sitting next to the gray-haired old man. His posture was very straight and firm. But there was nothing strange in this, because this person was Second Minister and also the leader of the Royal Guard.

“That is codswallop. Why must the whole country suffer because of the desires of two self-righteous bastards!?” the woman furiously answered and made a questioning look while staring at the fat man, who was sitting next to her. This fatty was Third Minister

“I could not disagree with the opinion of First. This war will certainly bring us only losses and casualties. This Forest is not worth it,” Third Minister answered slightly stammering seemingly because of the incredible amount of fat; then he sighed in relief, leaning back on his chair.

“It would be strange to hear something else from a merchant,” upon giving a scornful comment towards the fat man, the old man stopped talking.

A moment of silence that appeared after such a statement was interrupted by First Minister.

“Anyway, we are not going to support you. You will be personally answering for all the consequences with your own head. Council meeting is over,” saying these words, she got up. The knight standing behind her bowed and followed her, as if he was her real shadow.

The next person who left was Third Minister. Though, if it was not for his guards, then he would not even be able to get up.

Second and Fourth Ministers, who were still in the room, looked at each other and remained in their places.

“It was very predictable. However, you can’t leave everything like that. The Forest folk have a new ruler. We can wait no longer; this is the only one our chance,” Fourth Minister’s voice became calm. It looked like he was talking with an old friend.

“Your words are true indeed, but with only two of us it’s impossible to convince this old fart to mobilize the whole army.”

“Tsk. If it wasn’t for this whore... Why is the king listening to her like that?”

“Hmm… Third isn’t so important, but Lifina cannot be removed. She is loved not only by the king; people also love her. And that’s the problem. She treats this country the same way, not wanting to make sacrifices for the best future and continuing to look at everything through her rose-colored glasses.”

At that moment, an evil light appeared in the eyes of Fourth Minister, “Though, thinking about this, there’s something that she values ​​more than this country…”

With an understanding look, Second nodded, “Well, so be it. Although it’s slightly disgusting to me, we simply don’t have other options.”