Revolve - Chapter 45

Tessa silently looked at leaving Rey. Right now, she was in the strangest situation in her whole life. Her face was completely red either because of anger or embarrassment. There could be seen an indescribable pile of emotions.

‘Asshole. Do you honestly think I’ll let you do something with me!?’

Upon making a decision, Tessa gritted her white teeth and collected the remains of her weapon from the ground. After that, under strange glances of the mercenaries, who knew nothing about this part of the argue, she walked away.

Having reached her small tent, Tessa did not intend to sleep. Her heart was composed with a strong resentment and, what is even much worse, with a feeling of self-loathing for being ready to break her own word. Until now, Tessa was always loyal to her principles. However, remembering these damn words ‘your ass will be mine’, she wanted to cut off his genitals. And this she was going to do tonight.

‘This ignorant lout. Thinking only about how to put his dick somewhere.’

With these thought in her head, Tessa suddenly felt a strange tingling between her legs, making her desire to punish Rey even stronger. She sat down and put her hands around her knees, trying to get rid of the gaze of this son of the Forest, which appeared in her head. However, after she managed to chase away this image from her head, another one instantly appeared there...

Upon losing her temper, Tessa quickly got up and hit her own sleeping bag made of soft fur.

‘That’s simply impossible to happen! Never!’

Continuing to unleash her emotions by hitting the poor and innocent sleeping bag, Tessa took a predatory look in the direction where Rey was supposed to be. There could be seen a killing intention in her eyes, as if she was trying to make a hole in his tent with just her gaze.

Suppressing a strong desire to go out and give an order to kill Rey, she sat down once again and, after taking few deep breaths, made her mind to think more or less straight.

‘I’ll do it by myself. I can’t ask for help. Just need to wait until he falls asleep. And his panther can’t guard him forever.’

With a light in her eyes, Tessa was about to leave when she suddenly heard a voice coming from outside the tent, “Tessa? I’m going in.”

“Wait!” all her confidence immediately disappeared.

She wanted to get some weapons, but did not even have time to move, because at this moment Rey entered the tent. He was still dressed in his armor, but his hood was not on head.

Suppressing her desire to run away, Tessa tried to speak as calm as possible, “What do you want?”

She knew that there were not any chances for her to defeat him in a direct collision.

“Seems I’ve overestimated myself. I thought I could hold out another day, but nope. I probably haven’t been with a woman for too long, so let's accomplish our deal tonight,” his voice was cold as always. It felt like he was talking about weather instead of Tessa.

After looking into his emotionless eyes, she unexpectedly felt fear, which she had never experienced before.

Rey, who was not really worried about her condition, started to unceremoniously remove his armor. He had already pulled off his boots, when Tessa came back to her senses.

“Wait! Have you gone completely insane!?’ she screamed, involuntarily moving away from Rey.

Looking at her, he calmly said, “You gave your word, Tessa.”

Upon hearing this, she bit her lip. But she was not going to give up.

“I can pay you. Ask everything you want, money, weapons, provision. I’ll definitely give a decent trade,” Tessa spoke quite confidently. However, Rey only shook his head in response.

“You can't offer weapons better than mine. I'm not really interested in food. And I don’t know the price of the money you have…” as if he was already tired, Rey sighed and continued. “Enough. Take off your clothes.”

“I said no. If you dare to touch me even with your finger, you’ll be very sorry about this,” she tried to speak confidently as possible, but there was still a slight tremor in her voice. And this drop of the tremor even spread through her body, when she saw Rey’s frowning face.

“Are you going to break your word?” his voice sounded gloomy, and it made Tessa to move even closer to the opposite wall of the tent.

“Don’t tell me that you’d really give me Cess in case of my win!?”

Rey clenched his fists after hearing this miserable excuse, but calmed down very soon.

“You don’t have rights to judge, because you are the looser here. And if you are so interested, I indeed was ready to give him to you. He was only needed to accompany me in the Forest. Although I became slightly attached to him, I’d still keep my promise.”

His words were like a knife for the girl’s squeezed heart. She understood that he was right. Moreover, she herself was disgusted by the fact that she decided to break the promise. However, she also did not want to give her body to just anybody.

“If you don’t leave now, I’ll scream and the whole camp will attack you!” this was the last argument she had, and she was completely sure that it would work.

However, upon hearing her, Rey did not even frown. Rather quite the opposite, his face softened a little. For a moment, Tessa even thought that Rey liked such an outcome even more. And her thoughts were confirmed by his following words.

“I don’t mind at all. Moreover, I assure you that it’s not worth it. Even at the our very first meeting, I said that I could kill everyone here like cattle. And after fighting your ‘second strongest warrior’ I can say this with even greater confidence.”

Rey obviously had a reason to act so confidently. And it was not because of Cess, and even not because of his specializations, but because of the second green soul, which was in his inner space.

Tessa refused to believe his words, but Rey’s eyes, which at this moment looked just like during their fight, simply did not give her an opportunity to doubt it.

“Rey, please. I…” the feeling despair, which filled Tessa's mind, did not allow her to end the phrase normally.

“Don’t exaggerate. After all, I'm not going to kill you. And nothing will happen to you after one night. At that moment, Rey noticed tears appearing in the corners of her eyes.

“Don’t say that you are still...” he spoke, but the girl interrupted him.

“What? You thought I’m a whore, since there are so many men everywhere!?”

“Tsk. No, I just hoped that you had some experience at least. And now it turns out that you haven’t slept with anyone in your years. You probably can't even satisfy me normally.”

Tessa did not even know what to think. Right now, she only hoped that Rey would have mercy on her. However, his next phrase fully erased her fading sparks of hope.

“So, choose. Either you undress right away and I’ll try to be gentle, or I’ll take you by force, but then, since you threatened me, you won’t be able to ride for a couple of days.”

Few tears rolled down from her eyes, but she still forced herself to remove a small chest bandage.

“You are the worst!”

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