Revolve - Chapter 9

Two days had passed since Rey obtained the soul of the Snow Snake. He didn’t catch a lot of animals during this time; everything he caught were two Kurings and a small boar. Actually, it was possible for Rey to catch much more animals, but since he could satisfy his hunger with soul energy, he decided to find a better place for hunting in the forest instead of wasting time without any visible results.

Rey didn’t leave a single soul of dead animals to himself; he immediately refined them into energy. And so, his two-day journey bore first fruits.

Before Rey was a gray beast that seemed slightly familiar to him. Digging around in his own memories, he recalled that a similar creature once forced him to sit on a tree for the whole night. Even though these memories seemed so far away, but the grudge didn’t disappear.

Right now, Rey was in the form of a Snow Snake, so the body of the gray predator seemed to him just huge. However, Rey wasn’t scared but amused. He had already decided to kill the beast and take its soul, which was perfect for an open confrontation.

‘But if my fangs won’t be able to pierce the skin, then, most likely, it wouldn’t be that easy to escape; moreover, its fur…’

Although Rey understood that the idea of ​​killing the beast was dangerous, he had already made a decision. Currently, he was about fifteen meters away from the beast, and the wild animal hadn’t noticed him yet. Rey moved extremely careful, trying not to repeat the mistakes of the snake from which he got this soul.

‘Such a predator must have incredibly good hearing and instincts. I’m pretty sure that this beast won’t allow me to bite itself.’

Gradually, a simple but at the same time effective plan began appearing in Rey’s head. He didn’t know how tough and thick the beast’s fur and skin were, so it was necessary for him to bite the less protected place. Having chosen one of the surrounding trees, Rey slowly crawled to the tree. This tree was thick, almost three meters in diameter, and covered with branches along its entire length.

‘This will do.’

Having turned into a Human, Rey confidently walked out from behind the tree. Even though this beast was smart, it was still a beast, so it wasn’t necessary to think something too complicated to kill it.

As Rey had initially hoped, even one step on the snowy ground was enough for the predator to detect him. When the beast was ready to rush in his direction, he immediately hid behind the tree, trembling from fear. At least, the beast, which hadn’t suspected yet who was the real predator here, should have thought this way.

Rey listened to the heavy and fast steps of the animal. Having jumped after waiting a moment, he climbed one of the branches and hung on it. In the blink of an eye, there appeared a white snake instead of the young guy. Rey could dimly see the heat which radiated from the body of his prey through the trunk of the tree.

Having approached the tree, the beast hit it with its massive paw, hoping that the man was still hiding there. Having realized that it was wrong, the beast raised its head and pulled out claws from the tree. The beast instead of its victim saw the head of the snake, which was at a distance somewhere around half a meter. In the blink of an eye, the snake shortened distance between them, but the beast didn’t have enough time to react to this.

‘I need to produce poison before the bite’ he had to make the bite in a very short time; he had less than a second of time. But this second must be fatal for the beast. Rey didn’t have any clues about how snakes usually act when they are making a bite. Probably, they can produce poison even in such a short moment when their fangs are in a victim's body thank to their animal instincts, but Rey found much more easy way for himself: he produced poison in advance.

Having bitten the beast’s muzzle, Rey quickly retreated because this beast was very strong and poison effect may appear with a delay.

After a moment, Rey realized that his worries were unfounded: the body of the huge beast almost instantly fell to the ground.

‘So, the closer poison to a head, the faster death occurs.’

Such an observation was quite logical; after all, organs are connected with a brain. After waiting for a while, Rey didn’t notice a single movement of the beast. Moreover, the gray soul of the beast was slowly leaving its body.


A heavy smash of a huge paw broke a small tree in half. Rey didn't face any serious problems while he was getting used to the body of the beast, which was called Gsarh. The powerful forepaws seemed to be created for the strongest smashes. And given the fact that there also were sharp claws, the Gsarh was literally a killing machine.

Rey's expectations hadn’t been met once again. He believed that his previous experience with a four-legged body would be useful to him, but it turned out to be almost useless. He had to learn how to control Gsarh’s body from scratch. After almost a whole day, he still couldn't run normally. The reason for this was some disproportion of Gsarh’s body structure. Even though its hind limbs were strong, they were still much weaker than its front limbs in terms of muscles, thus creating some kind of misbalance.

‘Why can’t I do it? I didn’t notice any problems, when this beast rushed to me.’

‘Probably, I’m just doing something wrong, but, anyway, I can solve this problem later. And it’ll be more profitable to move in a snake’s body.’

Looking at the broken tree and then at his own forepaws, Rey felt himself satisfied with the new body. Now, Rey felt himself as if he could deal with all the animals, which he had already encountered in this forest.

In the next morning, Rey reached a part of the forest, where he could notice a lot of different animals. Everything was as he originally thought, ‘So the area where I spawn has a form of a circle, and the place where I appear every time is the center of the circle. The further I move towards the west, the more different animals I meet. Thus, it certainly wasn’t a coincidence that I appeared there.’

He had thought about it before, but now he was completely sure about his theory. However, he still didn’t have the answer of why he appeared exactly there; it was still a mystery for him. Fortunately, there was no need to change the goal for him to find out the answer. Such a desired power had to help him in this matter.