“Sheng Sheng, Director Zhong called me just now and said that the female protagonist for “Proud Sun” is set for a rookie. Didn’t the director of the movie determine that it was you back during your audition? Why did the decision change?”

Shi Sheng was looking at the woman grumbling before her, her expression dumbfounded.

She had no idea what the woman was talking about.

“What are you in a daze for?” the woman panicked.

New Year’s Film?

Is this the entertainment industry?

Shi Sheng shut her eyes and said, “I want some time alone.”

She had to receive the plot from the System first to understand what was going on here.

The woman noticed Shi Sheng’s sour expression. Such a big thing happened. She must have felt bad.

“I’ll go take a call. Don’t think too much about it. The press conference is not set yet, so nothing is set in stone.” the woman tapped on her shoulder as she walked out of the room with her phone.

Shi Sheng got up to lock the door before the plot began its transmission.

It was a revenge tale based on the entertainment industry.

The female lead, Wen Qiao thought she had married the right man and devoted everything to his husband and gave up everything for him.

Unfortunately, she only figured out just what a scum he was when she died.

When she got reincarnated into the entertainment industry, she vowed to reclaim herself and stand at the peak of the industry.

With the knowledge from the future, she managed to hoard a large number of resources. And with her perfect acting capabilities, she quickly became famous.

But during her celebratory party, she was drugged with an aphrodisiac and set up to meet the president of her entertainment company, Su Mu Yuan. Naturally, the two made out together.

Their relationship was revealed on the news after that.

The male lead was convinced that this was all a plot set up by the female lead and disliked her from the start. But gradually, he got attracted by her charms.

However, even with him backing her up, it was still hard for her to reach the peak of the industry.

Shi Sheng’s current body, Lan Sheng was the successor of Lan Industries and had been in the entertainment industry since a young age. The classics she was involved in numbered in tens!

She even got the Movie Queen award at a young age!

Originally, she was meant to star in the New Year’s film ‘Proud Sun’ this year to further her career.

But the main cast position was stolen by the Wen Qiao!

Lan Sheng lost her opportunity, as well as her best shot to develop overseas.

For celebrities like Lan Sheng, they had to pick and choose movies to cast in.

But each time she chose one, it would be taken away by the Wen Qiao. During that period of time, Lan Sheng did not have much choice and had to take up the supporting roles as well!

She did not have much of a temper, but after countless recurring events, she obviously could not take it any longer and started to trouble the female lead.

But each time Wen Qiao was suppressed, the stronger she got back.

Although Wen Qiao felt troubled with it, she did not complain. After all, her future was boundless and her progress was soaring smoothly.

However, Lan Sheng got depressed due to the existence of Wen Qiao. That mentality affected her acting performance and her acts lost its charm. Eventually, her fame fell to the pits.

At the peak of their battles, Lan Industries faced a cash flow problem.

For her company, Lan Sheng tried to hook up with the male lead, Mu Yuan.

But do you think the female lead would let her go for doing that? Of course not! She immediately turned on her bitch mode and began to burden Lan Sheng. 

The panicked Lan Sheng got even more pissed and that took away her concentration, causing her to fall down and sent to the hospital.

During her hospitalization period, the female lead announced her engagement with the male lead.

At this point, there was nothing else Lan Sheng could do anymore.

In the end, she was married off to a scum. But the Lan family did not escape their series of bad luck with that. Lan Sheng’s only brother, Lan Ching sped and died in a car crash.

Lan Sheng had a difficult delivery after that and died as well. On the day she gave birth, coincidentally the female lead was giving birth as well. Besides, they were sent to the same hospital!

But there was only one doctor that day who could operate.

With his influence, the male lead naturally got the doctor to operate on his wife.

When he was done with Wen Qiao’s surgery, Lan Sheng could not hold on anymore. She died on the vivisection table and the baby did not survive too.

[She had two wishes when she died.]

[One is to protect Lan Ching. And the other is revenge.]

Wen Qiao is too much! It was so obvious that Lan Sheng got into the surgery room first. But with just one order from the male lead, she has cast aside for hours! Shi Sheng took a breather when the transmission cut off.

This plot...

There are too many plot holes in it.

Was there only one hospital in the entire city? There are so many other hospitals, did she have to give birth at that exact hospital?

Even when the male lead cast her aside, can’t she just head over to the other hospitals?

Were everyone’s brains eaten by zombies?!

Just to make her die horribly, the female lead was indeed brutal.

Back onto serious matters. It should be the key moment for the female lead to steal away the main cast role for the ‘Proud Sun’ now. 

Wen Qiao could only get this role because she got in touch with the legend scriptwriter, Ai Wei Si beforehand.

It’s not impossible to get the role back, just that…

Never mind.

The manager for Lan Sheng was Chen Yuan, who was renowned as the Golden Finger. She had been the manager for Lan Sheng since the beginning of Lan Sheng’s career.

Many people were amazed at Lan Sheng for getting such a good manager.

And Chen Yuan was kind to Lan Sheng too, and even helped her out when she got into trouble.

But when Lan Sheng offended the male lead, there was nothing she could do to save her from it.

Lan Sheng sat for another while and eventually got out of the room.

Chen Yuan was talking on the phone outside, her movement evidently showing her nervousness. Suddenly she threw it on the ground in rage.

“...” Shi Sheng was speechless.

Yep… She’s good in every way. But her temper… That was even her favorite phone...

Chen Yuan normally had to buy three or four new phones each month.

“Sheng Sheng,” Chen Yuan tried to force a smile, but her expression was still grim. “There’re a few more movies recently. I’ll go talk to them and check if they suit you.”

Lan Sheng just nodded, “I’ll just follow you, Sister Chen.”

Chen Yuan knew that Lan Sheng had a mild personality, but this time she could not hold it any longer.

But when she saw Lan Sheng’s expression, she gulped her words down.

‘Proud Sun’ was a major production film. Even the supporting cast was tier two actors!

But somehow, a rookie managed to secure the main cast! Who would have believed it?!

“Sister Chen. Do you have something to eat?” Shi Sheng rubbed her stomach.


How could this woman still act so nonchalantly!

Chen Yuan ordered someone to buy her some rich. And when Shi Sheng was eating, she began to contact other people once more. [TL: When did she get a new phone though?]

Ah! The troubles in the entertainment industry!